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Unlike the weak-willed humans who will worship just about anything that happens along, the Dwarven pantheon more closely resembles that of the Elves. There are natural forces in the Realm which have been personified into the Dwarven legends such as the Earth, Rain, Wind, etc. While it is customary in Dwarven tradition to give thanks to the Earth for the metal which made the axe which just cleaved the last goblin in half, there are not Dwarven "priests" of the Earth that go around performing Earth spells and the like. The more interesting (for purposes of this discussion) part of the Dwarven Pantheon is the Hall of Legends, Hammerheim. Much like the Norse, the Dwarves believe that great warriors, artisans, and statesmen pass beyond mortality to Hammerheim when their physical bodies die. These "heroic" names are often invoked when going into battle, and it is rumored that possession of mortals by the Heroes happens at moments of great trial. Also, artifacts from these heroes (such as Durin's Helm) are often used as symbols of state. But again, there are not really "priests" of Durin. Clerics in the Dwarven society act more as healers and dispensers of sage advice and wisdom than direct channels for their diety (such as Oakentree), although fanatical factions that seek to be possessed by their worshipped "hero" do exist. As a mortal, U-Gene's goal as a fighter is to join the heroes of Hammerheim and become part of the legend of the Dwarves.