Havelock's Keep

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Havelock's Keep
Type Dungeon
Status Explored June 883 TA
Location near the Land of Bogs
and the Little People
Hex 3110
Campaign Dragonsford Campaign
Adventure # 82
Map-land of bogs.jpg


Upon your return to Dragonsford, you head to the Wicked Lady pub for your usual pint and a shepherd's pie. As it is late in the afternoon, the pub is empty. Settling comfortably in the dark wooden booth that has become your second home. The barkeep (Dugald Whistlerock) brings you each a foaming mug of his finest ale. "Complements of Potkin." With a smile the barkeep, turns and trundles off to the kitchen to prepare your meal. "Potkin, the town potter?" "Certainly he can't afford this ale." "And where is he?" Your attention turns to the large wooden post near the small stage where travelling bards and singers ply their trade. There, a large notice has been posted seeking adventurers to rescue Potkin's daughter, Meri, from Havelock's Keep. There are no details on the notice. It simply states REWARD. The fatigue of the previous adventure is quickly forgotten as the talk turns to Meri, the youngest and most beautiful daughter of the town's potter. Many men have fought for her attention, in the hopes that Meri would choose them when she came of marrying age. But alas, no man had yet caught the attention of the youth. It was about this time that the barkeep returned, still smiling, and set several steaming shepherd's pies onto the scarred oaken table. "I can tell by the silly grins on your faces that you have been discussing Meri. Shall I summon Potkin for you?"

Potkin arrives, winded and flushed. In the years that you have known the stout potter, he has never seemed this agitated. Formalities forgotten, he begins.

Three nights ago, I was working late in my shop glazing some pots for the castle, and there was a terrible crash in the back room. I ran into the room, only to find my door splintered from its hinges. And there, in front of me was a large scaled creature. Like a lizard man, but much larger and thicker with talons and the most eerie green eyes. I struck it with my fist. It was like hitting iron. The beast swung and the next thing I know it was morning and Meri was gone. Well, I ran to the castle, but King Goodfellow was gone away on business. His steward, checked with the town guards, but nobody reported seeing anything out of the ordinary. But there were tracks leading from my house, large deep prints. They led north, to where a boat was pulled up onto the shore. There, in the distance is that cursed island, Havelock's Keep. Meri's there. You must help me get her back. You can have all that I have. I will provide you with boats (3 to a boat), rations, and all my savings (240 gold pieces) if you can help me. Please.

As this point, Potkin trails off into a series of whining noises.

Havelock's Keep

Map-havelocks keep.jpg
Havelockskeep01 new.jpg

West Tower

This room is what is left of a soldier's common room. There are several large tables here and a number of broken and overturned chairs. The walls are plain, and a large hole in the western wall allows easy access from the outside. The ceiling of the room is wooden and quite rotted. A smell of dung is strong here. The door in the corner of the room is locked from the inside.

Several large pumas have made their home in this room. They will attack during the day (when they sleep). A stone puma can be found midway up the spiral staircase leading to the room above.

Upstairs, the floor is very rotted and there is a 5% chance each round that the floor will give way and collapse. During melee, this chance increases to 30%.

The walls of this room are covered with racks of weapons. Rusty swords and daggers line the walls. Several suits of armor are piled in one corner. The western wall of this room is collapsed, leading to the outdoors.

This room is the home of two cockatrices. These beasts have made their home in the spiral staircase. They will attack if agitated.

North Tower

The north tower has no upper floor, the whole room being open to the ceiling. The smell of dust and disuse is very strong here. Two long oak benches are centered in the room facing northeast, and it is obvious that once this room was a small chapel. A set of stone steps lead up to a triangular altar in the northeast corner. There, in a niche, is a small stone ledge. On the ledge is a golden chalice which glows slightly, obviously a relic of great value. The tapestries which must have once filled this place of worship are now tattered rags, sooty and ruined. On the western wall hangs a large black tapestry, however, that is intact. Even the torch brackets in the wall are rusted with disuse. There are doors in the southwest corner and on the south wall.

This room is home to a vampire priest who lives in a coffin in the western niche of this room. His coffin contains a silver statue of the sea god, 200 gold pieces and a large ruby gem. He will attack if his coffin is opened, but he cannot go into direct sunlight. He will pursue if the party leads him underground. The only room that he cannot enter is the Cave of Gemstone.

The chalice is the only magical item that can be taken without incurring the vampire's wrath. It is an artifact known as the Chalice of Janvel which works as a staff of healing. It was used by the pirate to cure wounds after raids at sea.

East Tower

The lower chamber of the East Tower is austere and without decoration of any sort. The walls hold racks of padded weapons, similar to those commonly used in weapons practice. The center of the room is dominated by a set of seven hexagons crudely scratched into the floor and painted with some sort of black dye. The ceiling of the room is wooden, and shows signs of recent repair. A small pile of dirty discarded clothing is in the northeast corner, and a large water bucket sits in the southeast corner. A spiral staircase in the north wall leads up and down.

This room in what is called the Champion's Tower has been made into a training room by Ulric the Hunchback, Havelock's champion. Ulric is man of a quite nasty disposition who loves only to fight and his harem of young women which he keeps locked up in the upper chambers. Ulric will only be present in this room during the day. At night, he will be found upstairs. Ulric fights as a 12th level fighter. He wears a magical helmet, magical splinted mail, and wields a magical two-handed sword. At night, the helmet will be on a peg near the door, and it will be indistinguishable from its surroundings.

The upper chamber of the east tower is divided into two sections. The outer room is dominated by a large wooden bed with a mattress stuffed with straw and strewn with blankets. A small chest at the foot of the bed is unlocked. A blanket hangs over a doorway leading into the inner room. This room is undecorated like the others in the East Tower. Against the south wall are three pallets of coarse straw and blankets, and a table leans against the southern wall, one leg missing.

At night, Ulric will be found here with his splinted mail and sword propped up in the northeastern corner of the room. The small chest at the foot of the bed contains some worn, but clean, travelling clothes. The inner room is the home of Ulrics four nubiles: Meri, Devra, Ivy, and Runa.One of the four young women will always be in Ulric's bed. The women will not fight, and Runa will try to convince the party to help rescue her father Branwell the Merchant who is being held in the dungeons below the castle. During the day, there is a slight chance that one of the girls might be in the kitchens below the castle.

South Tower

This room is dark, without windows or torches. It is cluttered with tables strewn with mechanical parts: springs, gears, pulleys, and the like. The room is made of cut stone with a wooden ceiling which is in good repair. A dark blue tapestry on the north wall is the only adornment in the room. Otherwise, the room is simply a large workshop.

If the party enters the room, they will be attacked by the Zachris, a large metal beast which stands in the southwest corner. In the dark, they will see only the Zachris' glowing red eyes. The Zachris fights as a 9th level fighter with AC 2. There are platinum gears worth between 500 and 1000 gold pieces strewn among the junk in the workshop. It would take time to collect anything of value here.

The upper chamber of the South Tower is a comfortable study. A large desk sits against the west wall. Next to it is a locked chest. In the northeast corner is a large overstuffed armchair, worn with use. A simple bed of straw and blankets is in the southeast corner of the room. The walls are hung with red and blue tapestries which have a gold pattern throughout. On the desk is a roll of parchment which shows a series of gears and pulleys that would operate like a human arm.

The chest is untrapped and contains 200 silver ingots, 300 gold pieces, a roll of fine copper wire, a magical ivory wand, and two jars containing three small flies each.

Havelock is an 9th level chaotic evil magic user. He has the standard spellbook and is dressed in standard equipment.

Room 1: Entrance Hall

The floors, walls, and columns of this room are made of the same stone as the rest of the dungeon except that it is highly polished. A closer look shows that it has been neglected for some time, however. This room is dark, the torch brackets in the wall are empty. A set of double doors at the far end of the room are closed, although light can be seen leaking from underneath.

This room is generally empty. If the party has tipped off the inhabitants, there will be two guards (taken from Room 2) behind the last two pillars.

Room 2: Common Room

This room is well-lit, with several dozen torches sputtering in their holders along the walls. There are four large tables here and a number of doors leading to other parts of the complex. The floor, ceiling, and walls are made of rough-hewn stone, and several rugs and tapestries are scattered about. Careful examination shows them to be worn and of low quality.

This room is the nerve center of the entire castle complex. It is almost always occupied by guards and kitchen helpers. It will always be lighted.

The guards each carry 7 gold pieces on them.

Room 3(a-c): Guard's Quarters

These rooms are squalid with six cots in apiece. In addition, there are some old broken chairs and crates scattered about. They are dark, and there are no torches in the brackets on the walls. Each cot is covered with several blankets, and the stale smell of excrement is strong here.

There will always be 1d4 guards sleeping in each of these rooms. If the party has alerted the castle, these rooms will be empty.

Room 4: Captain's Quarters

Like the other rooms in this area, this one is squalid. It has a cot with a matress and several blankets on it. There is a nice writing table in the southeast corner which has been ruined by neglect. The desk contains a deck of cards, two bottles of mead, several lengths of rope. Otherwise, it is empty. This room is dark, but there is a torch in the bracket on the wall. The stale smell of excrement is strong here.

Hidden under the mattress of this room is a small pouch with 10 gold pieces and a small amethyst gem.

Room 5: Prison Cells

The cells along the southern wall of this hallway are austere. Each contains a bed of straw and several blankets. In addition, there are some buckets of fetid water in the corner of each cell. In the end cell there is a man dressed in rags.

The prisoner is unable to fight and will do anything to be set free. He will indicate that Branwell is being held in the dungeon below, and he will answer rudimentary questions if the prospect of freedom is viable.

Room 6: Kitchen

This room is filled with cooking utensils, tables, pots, cauldrons, and the like. The room is unadorned and usually very hot. There will always be a fire going under the large cauldrons in the southeast corner, although the soup inside smells rancid. There are a number of sharp knives and other standard equipment here, although nothing out of the ordinary.

The cooking is done by the nubiles in the East Tower, although a real cook will sometimes be captured and forced to cook before becoming part of the beholder's twisted experiments.

Room 7: Kitchen Storeroom

A small set of stairs lead down to the cool dry cellar room. The walls are made of cut stone, and there are no adornments here. The south wall is piled with neatly organized crates of dried meat, vegetables, and fruit. Four large barrels along the east wall are filled with a surprisingly palatable mead.

Room 8: Conference Room

This room is brightly lit by four torches in brackets in the corners. On the east and south walls are tapestries of hunting scenes. They appear to be of an inferior quality. In the center of the room is a wooden table with nine chairs.

This room is typically empty, but has been used for everything from strategy meetings to card games. The tapestries are worth about one gold piece each.

Room 9: Storeroom

This room is made of unadorned cut stone. It is unused, but there are telltale signs that this room used to be a storeroom of sorts.

Room 10: Storeroom

This room is made of cut stone. It is unadorned and cluttered with boxes of mundane supplies. The supplies will contain everything from shovels to beef jerky. The room shows little use, as the primary storeroom is near the kitchen (see Room 7).

A secret door in the southwest corner lead to a hallway that leads north, made of the same stone as the storeroom. At the end of the hallway is a chest. The chest seems to shimmer slightly.

When touched, the chest disappears, and a 10 foot pit appears underfoot. The pit drops 30 feet into Room 11 (3d6 points of damage) with an angry beholder. If the chest is ignored, a secret door will be found behind it. This leads to a small room containing a large unlocked chest. The chest contains 500 gold pieces and a magical Dagger +1.

Room 11: Beholder's Workroom

This large room is made of roughly hewn stone. It is cold, dark, damp, and unadorned. A smell of death is fairly strong here. The northwestern corner is dominated by a large forge built into the wall. The large iron doors of the forge are closed, and only a small amount of heat emanates from it. There are two large tables in the northeast corner of the room. These tables are cluttered with scraps of leather and metal. On the western table, a large sphere of metal with a number of wires and cables protruding from it sits on a pillow. On the south wall, there are three sets of shackles. In the westernmost set is Branwell the Merchant, barely alive. A series of cuts in a circle around his neck and his general appearance indicate that he has been tortured or experimented on.

The beholder will most often be in his treasure room (Room 12), but he will enter this room regularly (especially if noise is made). If alarmed, the beholder will enter from the secret door just south of the main stairway.

Room 12: Beholder's Treasure Room

This small room is lavishly furnished with rugs and pillows. The walls are roughly hewn and painted with a dark red dye. There are two large chests in the center of the room.

The first chest appears to be locked and has the following verse carved on its lid:


The second chest is very similar in appearance. It has nothing carved on its lid and appears to be unlocked.

The first chest contains 20 pieces of Soulstone (see Room 13), 300 gold pieces, and a magical ring. It can be opened only by solving the puzzle above - by saying the command word DOG (last letter of each line). The second chest is actually a Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound spell. It will animate and attack if touched or the first chest is opened without the command word.

Room 13: Gemstone's Lair

You can hear the whimpering noises of what sounds like a small child coming from the northern passage. A faint steady glow can be seen coming from the hallway.

In the corner of the room cowers a small child clothed in tattered rags covered in dirt and mud. The child is wild-eyed with fear (and will scramble to keep out of the reach of anyone entering the room). The northeastern corner of the room shows signs of very crude excavation. In several places small veins of phosphorescent ore protrude, giving the room its ghostly light.

If the party enters the room the apparition of a screaming elven woman will appear in the northeast corner. She will give a terrifying scream and head straight for the party, attempting to frighten them away. The apparition is actually Gemstone, a very rare female earth elemental, and she is guarding her "children", the Soulstones. Legend hold that every creature of the forest has a soul that is born from these gems.

If the party returns the Soulstones, the following riddle will be given:

When the sun meets the moon,
At the feat of the king,
In the fairest of fowl,
You'll find the earth's ring.

The puzzle will lead the party to Dragonsford Castle, where King Ernie will be holding a celebration at the next solar eclipse. At the peak of the eclipse, the king will drop a game hen on the floor. If the party can get to the point where they can get the hen, they will find a ring inside which holds one each of the ten common gems of the world.


4 pumas
2 cockatrice
1 vampire priest
Ulric the Hunchback (champion)
4 nubiles (Meri, Devra, Ivy, Runa)
Havelock (8th level chaotic evil mage)
The Zachris (mechanical lizard man)
40 troglodytes
Branwell the Merchant (Devra, Ivy, and Ruma's father)
Vidrek the Prisoner


Chalice of Janvel (Staff of Healing)
silver statue the sea god (300 gold pieces)
200 gold pieces
one large ruby gem
Helmet of Illusion +2
Splinted Mail +3
Two Handed Sword +3
platinum gears (1000 gold pieces)
200 silver ingots (1 gold piece each)
300 gold pieces
copper wire
Wand of Animation (10 charges)
Two jars of Dream Flies (3 flies in each)
chest (storeroom)
500 gold pieces
Dagger +1
300 gold pieces
20 pieces of Soulstone
Ring of Protection from Cold
guards 7 gp each x 20 guards = 140 gp total
captain's room
10 gold pieces
small amethyst gem