Ice Caves

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Ice Caves
Type Dungeon
Status Explored March 883 TA
Location Shadowkeep (now Dwarrowdelf)
Hex 2313
Campaign Shadowkeep Campaign #6
Adventure # 70


Beyond the sixth portal, lies the sixth level of the Shadowkeep. Legend holds that three sons and their mother live in Abernix's Ice Curse which some have come to call the Hall of Crystal. Between them, they hold a crystal ball, the ball divided into four parts by their father before his death. He felt that none of them were worthy to know its secrets. Only by cooperation would the secrets of the crystal ball be known. Of course, this hasn't happened and the party must gather the four parts of the puzzle together in order to solve the mystery.

The walls, floors, and ceiling are made of ice. This is very slippery, especially in the presence of warm-blooded adventurers. This will cause a chance of falling when running and in battle. The party must make their balance throw each round while in those pursuits.

The walls, ceilings, and floors of this level of the dungeon are made of ice, except where noted. The ceilings are generally ten feet high in the passageways and twenty or more feet high in the rooms. This level of the dungeon is very dark and very cold.

The three brothers occupy the entire top floor of this level. Their mother lives in the large room on the lower level.

In the walls of this level can be seen the visages of frozen human warriors embedded in the wall. These are actually the bodies of servants interred there until needed. They are brought back to life by melting the walls of the passages and rooms. Once they feel warmth, they will attack at the command of whomever controls the largest ice wedge nearest them. Behind the human warriors, there are ice insects (ala ice devils). They are frozen behind the servants, and can be detected one the humans are released.

The first brother (strong) is a frost giant who lives in the main complex on the upper level. The second brother (smart) lives sealed in his apartments. The walls, being clear ice, are like windows looking into his rooms at the north end of the complex. The party can move around the rooms and try to solve the puzzle of this strange oddity without impunity. Only once the room is penetrated will the trap be sprung. The third brother is actually embodied by the frost flies attracted by the honey pots that are located around the dungeon. This brother's section of the orb can be created by freezing pure holy water - that can't be frozen - into the hollow of the case where the king stored the orb. The frost flies will come to the honey if poured around the orb with the appropriate pieces of the orb already in place. The mother is the darkness, living in the black ice of the lower level. Her throne room is half ice stalactites supported by pillars of ice. Her weakness is vanity, and she may be flattered into erring.

If the rod is put together correctly, it will serve two purposes. It will lead the party to the secret door in the chapel and open it. It will work as a Rod of Cancellation.

Abernix's Ice Curse

The good lord Abernix, we're told,
Was a knight of great renown,
His sword and wit and sight were keen,
His wisdom knew no bounds.

The treasures of this knight were vast,
Beyond the king and queen,
When from this world his life did pass,
Bad fortune on his heirs did beam.

His wife, the peacock Jessica,
Showed vanity from dawn to dusk,
Her wisdom lacked the years she bore,
Her wit was not enough.

The sons who mourned their father's death,
Were strong and smart and light,
Their pettiness drove their demise,
Their wisdom lacked the sight.

And so his Orb of Lordly Might,
Broke into fours that day,
When wisdom joins his rotten heirs,
His fortunes will be gained.

And so the key stays in his home,
His sons and wife do fight,
The answer lies in strong and smart,
In darkness and in light.

Ice Caves: Portal 6, Level 1

Ice Caves: Portal 6, Level 1

Room 1: Entrance Hallway and Cavern

The slide from Level Five will deposit the party in the a long hallway made of ice. It is dark, cold, and very slippery. The hallway opens into a large cavern beyond.

A corpse leans against the wall just outside of the entrance to this room. Now just a pile of bones and shredded leather armor, there is nothing of value on this skeleton. Moving the body, reveals a map case with the poem inside.

A growling can be heard from the far eastern corner of this room, and the smell of dung is very strong here.

Close inspection of the walls shows that eight humans have been frozen into the walls. They are standing upright and their eyes are open. They are dressed in leather armor, for the most part, with long swords. There are no signs of life.

If the party moves to the east of the first pillar, they will be attacked by polar bears coming out of Room 2. These bears have giant silver collars on and will attack relentlessly. They will also wake the son who has been transformed into a frost giant sleeping in Room 3.

Room 2: Polar Bear Den

This room is filled with dung, bones, and scraps of debris. There are twelve sleeping polar bears in this room unless disturbed by movement in Room 1. Each bear is wearing a silver collar.

Close inspection shows that a large number of bones are from large creatures such as cows and small dragons.

Room 3: Frost Giant's Lair

A large pile of polar bear skins are heaped in the northeast corner of this room. A large chest is locked near the western entrance. A southwestern entrance leads to a cavern beyond, and a southeastern entrance has been blocked with a large round boulder. Sleeping on the skins is a huge frost giant, dressed in leather armor. A glowing great axe rests against a nearby wall. A key hangs from a chain around the giant's neck. In addition, the room is strewn with dung, bones, and scraps of debris. Also, a large number of bones are from large creatures such as cows and small dragons. The room is illuminated by a pot of glowing coals along the eastern wall.

Close examination shows that the boulder in the southeast has been moved recently. Most of the giant's treasure is in a shallow pit underneath the skins.

Close examination shows that the pot is filled with a sticky sweet substance which is dark and does not glow. Flying around the pot are a number of small fire flies. These flies give off a pale blue light and if caught will cause icy stings - one hit point each. They will follow the honey pot." Treasure: 600 gold pieces, 3 silver bars, Potion of Persuasiveness, Horseshoes of Speed, Great Axe +4, Slice of Orb.

The chest contains 20 exploding ice spheres which can be rolled or hurled into melee. Upon impact, they send shards of ice in a 20 foot radius doing 10d6 points of damage (no saving throw). They do not affect the bears or wolves.

If killed, the frost giant will revert to the form of the first brother with dead white skin, yellow hair, and pale blue eyes.

Room 4: Winter Wolf Den

This room is filled with dung, bones, and scraps of debris. There are twenty sleeping winter wolves in this room unless disturbed by movement in Room 3. Each wolf is wearing a silver collar.

Close inspection shows that a large number of bones are from large creatures such as cows and small dragons.

Room 5: Rubble Room

This room shows signs of recent seismic activity. A pile of rocks can be seen against both the east and west walls. A hallway to the north is blocked by a large boulder. A hallway to the south opens into a dark cave.

There is nothing of interest here.

Rooms 6 and 7: The White Dragon Den

These rooms are typical of the ice cave formation with one notable exception. The remains of an ancient room can be seen along the north wall. This room has only two walls and a door intact. On the walls, priest's robes hang from crude stone pegs. Sleeping in the two northern niches are small white dragons, each on a small pile of treasure, mostly silver. A large pile of bones are strewn along the northern end of this room.

These dragons come here via the teleport spell that the female knows. They generally sleep, but will attack anyone coming from the north since the frost giant once slew their offspring. The female will sometimes be gone to hunt, but the male is always nearby. They will both teleport if in trouble. Only the female speaks.

Female - late adult: 3000 silver pieces, 100 gold pieces, Arrow +2 (8), Large Helmet +4.

Male - adult: 4000 silver pieces, 200 gold pieces, Quaal's Feather Token, Ring of Delusion.

Room 8: Foyer

This room and the hallways that surround it are roughly hewn and very old. Dust lies thick upon the floor, and the tapestries on the walls are faded with age. There is a serene holiness about this place. Four pillars hold up an arched ceiling. A fountain in the center of the room is frozen. A hallway leading down in the northern wall is blocked by rubble as is the hallway to the east. The southern hallway is intact and ends in a door. The western hallway leads up a set of stairs. A chanting can be heard coming from this room.

There is nothing of interest here.

Room 9: Chapel of the Wailing Priest

This room like the hallways that surround it are roughly hewn and very old. A vaulted roof is supported by six pillars. On the eastern wall in a font filled with holy water (not frozen). Five stone benches are in the center of the room. An altar at the front of the chapel is bare. There is a serene holiness about this place.

A specter appears from the northern wall of this room just above the altar. He is dressed in priest's robes (see Room 6) with white hair and black eyes.

If the party enters the room without using the font, a specter will appear above the altar and attack.

If the party enters the room and uses the font, the specter will appear and motion to the altar, miming that two candlesticks, a chalice, and a cross are missing. He will allow the party to remain only a short amount of time.

Replacing the missing items will cause the specter to disappear. Killing the specter is worth negative experience.

If the orb is touched to the altar, it will move aside, revealing the Seventh Portal.

Room 10: Frost Fly Room

This room is intensely cold. In the center of the room is a large pool of a black sticky sweet substance. This room is also intensely bright with a blue light. Flying over the pool are thousands of frost flies that resemble fire flies except for their pale blue light. Each of the flies also radiates an aura of cold about them.

The frost flies will follow any open container of honey from the room. If an attempt is made to cover the pool, they will attack for massive damage. They will not sting if you cover your hand with honey, merely follow.

These flies are actually the second brother - the light. The flies need to be lured to the mold in order to freeze the holy water to finish the sphere.

Room 11: Kelvin's Ice Pit

Unless the party is running, they will notice that the floor beneath their feet has changed here. The ice has become very thin, and there are carvings in the floor itself.

Careful examination will show that there are numbers carved in the floor. Five hallways converge at one point, and the party will have to choose one route through the numbers (unless they fly over). All will lead to a seemingly maze-like configuration of downward spiraling passages leading to the polar worm pit. If any of the wrong numbers are chosen, the party will fall into the pit. The correct number sequence is 4 (for) - 1 (won) - 2 (too) - 8 (ate).

The pit is sixty feet deep and has a polar worm at the bottom. There is no treasure in the pit.

Room 12: Kelvin's Library

This room is dominated by two large walls of ice. The northern wall has an opening that leads into a central chamber. From the north, the party can make out a dim outline of figures behind the second wall of ice.

A quick wit is all you need,
To solve this riddle with all speed.
Speak the word then break my door,
The captain's name and nothing more.
A mighty ship I now command,
With cargo rare from every land.
No goods have I to trade or sell;
Each wind will serve my turn as well;
To neither port nor harbor bound,
My greatest wish to run aground.

Once inside the second chamber the party will notice several things. A small glass bottle with a cork stopper in it rests against the southern wall. There is no longer an opening in the northern wall. Furry white snakes are pouring out of six holes in the east and west walls. The southern part of the room is now clear. A skeleton sits at a large desk along the southern wall. He is dressed in robes of blue. On either side of him are large bookcases. One is filled with food supplies, frozen but not eaten. The other contains two tomes and a small chest. In the far corners of the room are two stone basins filled with a dark sticky liquid and surrounded by more frost flies.

Sixty giant poisonous snakes will come out at the rate of six per round.

The books are mundane tomes. One is entitled "Minerals and Gems" and the other is entitled "Natural Poisons".

The small chest contains: 500 platinum pieces, Staff of Serpents, Ring of Warmth, Slice of Orb.

Ice Caves: Portal 6, Level 2

Ice Caves: Portal 6, Level 2

Room 13: Jessica's Throne Room

Winding down the stairs, the party will notice that the ice is turning from white to black, slowly becoming dirty and foul. Also, any light will become dim, and the frost flies will retreat back upstairs to Room 10. At the bottom of the passageway, the room opens into an immense cavern. The party will hear the distant voice of a woman singing. Four large pillars of ice support a ceiling filled with icicles.

Halfway across the room, several dozen sheets of ice protrude from the floor. These sheets of ice angled towards a throne at the far northern edge of the room. In either northern corner are banks of thick black fog. The woman on the throne cannot be seen, except her glowing red eyes. Her voice is singing an old children's lullaby.

Close inspection will show Jessica combing her gray filthy hair with a beautiful golden comb as she watches herself in the mirror.

Jessica's Throne Room is filled with a number of traps. She is an 18th level magic user and a bit unstable. Her final resort is to earthquake or fireball the area bringing down the icicles and freeing her servants. A small chest under her throne contains: 300 platinum pieces, Potion of Levitation, a broken mirror, a golden stick (fits in box), a solid wooden box with a recess shaped like a scepter carved into it, Slice of Orb.

The pillars will attack if approached just like a roper. The mists each contain an air elemental.


Polar Bears (12)
Frost Giant (First Brother)
Winter Wolves (20)
White Dragon (male)
White Dragon (female)
Polar Worm
Snakes (60)
Ropers (4)
Air Elementals (2)
Servants (several hundred) - 6th level fighters
Ice Devils (about ninety) - as per MM without spells


Silver Bear Collars (12) - 10 gold pieces each
Silver Wolf Collars (20) - 10 gold pieces each
Exploding Ice Spheres (20) - 100 gold pieces each
Great Axe +4
600 gold pieces
3 silver bars - 10 gold pieces each
Potion of Persuasiveness
Horseshoes of Speed
Slice of Orb
3000 silver pieces
100 gold pieces
Arrow +2 (8)
Large Helmet +4
4000 silver pieces
200 gold pieces
Quaal's Feather Token
Ring of Delusion
500 platinum pieces
Staff of Serpents
Ring of Warmth
Slice of Orb
300 platinum pieces
Potion of Levitation
a broken mirror
a golden stick (fits in box)
a solid wooden box with a recess shaped like a scepter carved into it
Slice of Orb
Rod of Cancellation - if orbs put together.