Land of Izuz

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Land of Izuz
Founded 815 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Independent
Ruler Izuz
Hex xxx

Izuz may be human, or may once have been human, but this is not known for certain one way or another. He has ruled the land at the southern tip of the Wolfshaunt Mountains near the Dragon's Pond for ages longer than any man can live. These lands are steeped in wickedness and evil, so much so that the otherwise fearless bandits pass near the wilds of the Endless Forest rather than enter the merest edge of the Land of Izuz. For a time the land was leaderless, for Izuz himself was missing. For many decades the evil of the place was in relative quietude for lack of evil direction, and the neighbors of good ilk prospered. Izuz had been trapped by a mad wizard, locked away in a strange chamber in the Sands of Time. He was released in 815TA, and once again Izuz rules and his forces gather for fell purpose.