Land of Izuz

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Land of Izuz
Founded 815 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Independent
Ruler Izuz
Hex 7026

The Land of Izuz is the most remote of the minor kingdoms of the Reaches. A small valley at the extreme southern tip of the Wolfshaunt Mountains near the Dragon's Pond, this valley is the only one of a chain of forested valleys that opens to the plains of the southern Reaches.

The land is ruled by Izuz, a mysterious figure of legend. Izuz may be human, or may once have been human, but nothing is known for certain. By all accounts Izuz is a wizard, although his name does not appear in the records of the Collegium Magicium. The earliest legends tell that a man identifying himself as Izuz stumbled into Harrowport in 815 TA, telling a tale that he had just escaped being locked away in a strange chamber in the Sands of Time.

Later that same year, and just two years prior to the siege of Harrowport by the Crown, Izuz made extensive purchases of building equipment and supplies - leaving Harrowport for the wooded valley that now bears his name. Shortly after his departure, a letter was delivered to the Governor of Harrowport declaring the valley off limits to all travel and trade.

Since that time, Izuz has ruled the land seemingly without aging. Izuz is a fanatically private man, and there are no known subjects in the land. The few explorers that have traveled to Izuz report a land steeped in wickedness and evil. Reports of lumber camps and mines filled with the shuffling bodies of the undead are unfounded.