Legend of the Grovewalkers

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The Grovewalkers by Miranda Clear 879 TA

Since the earliest days of the First Age, before the time of the druids, the ents protected the forests of the Realm. Solitary by nature, ents tended to guard local wooded glens and groves. In times of dire need, however, an entmoot would be called - a summoning of ents carried forward by the winds as it rustled through the trees. The ents, hearing the call, would gather for a meeting to address the threat. With great distances to travel, it might take weeks or months for an entmoot to convene.

Myth holds that the ents sought out a more expedient method of travel to and from entmoots. Another race, also of immense age and solitary nature, existed in the Realm. These creatures, also fey in nature, are known as the grovewalkers. Resembling massive slabs of lichen-covered stone, the grovewalkers move only through an innate power of teleportation - moving instantly over tiny or vast distances. It is said that the grovewalkers and ents became allies, in time, and the grovewalkers would use their teleport abilities to carry the ents when great need arose.

Legends tell that, in time, the early elven druids also discovered the grovewalkers. Soon after that discovery, as tales spread, the dwarves and humans of the Realm sought grovewalkers out to understand and control their teleportation powers. Aggressive and unrelenting, a number of grovewalkers were slain by treasure-seekers. In order to protect the stone fey, the druids built large stone circles - with dozens of stones resembling the grovewalkers - in which the solitary creatures could hide. Over time, these standing stones became sacred places for the druids - both in protecting the grovewalkers and providing transportation across the vastness of the Evenwild and forests of the Realm. It is said that today only the highest order druids communicate directly with the grovewalkers.