Matcon 7 Wrapup

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Matcon 7 Wrap-Up

And thus ended MatCon 7. It remained merely to crown a new champion. The victory conditions had been sealed in an envelope for the entire adventure. They were opened, and to the surprise of everybody (including the Dungeon Master) Ernest Goodfellow was crowned champion. But more important than the victory conditions, the characters soon discovered that they had been setup by a living member of their own party. With Sirfexx Ivancevio dead, who could it be? Some said that Sirfexx still lived. Others said that he died setting the party up. Many questions remain, but the party had lost all of its possessions. Somewhere, those possessions are hidden. Where? Only the Dungeon Master knows for sure. The party did manage to escape from the Valley of Mists with thirteen magical items. Not a bad haul, but would it be enough to stand against the Brotherhood of the Seven and the Rise of the Shadowland Empire? Only time well tell for it is here that the past meets the future and the adventure continues....

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