Original Tegel Manor

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Tegel Manor
Type Dungeon
Status Explored First Age
Location Tegel Manor (Teufeldorf Manor)
Hex 0812
Campaign First Age
Adventure # 1

Adventures in Tegel Manor

Tegel Manor lay just outside the walls of the City-State of the Invincible Overlord. Eventually, Tegel Manor would become known as Teufeldorf Manor, and the City-State of the Invincible Overlord would be known as Teufeldorf.

The road between the city and the manor was the scene of the famous displacer beast attack that saw A.B. and S.B.d.B. climbing a tree while the rest of the party (except Gomez who was out on a date) died a horrible death below. This occurred rather late in the adventures to Tegel Manor.

On an earlier note, there was the first encounter with the timid ghost-butler who would ask for your wraps. This may be the first recorded instance of Bill screaming his blood-curdling war cry, "KILL".

Some other long-standing traditions also started in the darkened hallways (and bedrooms) of Tegel Manor. Yes, who can forget JAB suduced by the ever-nubile Succubus demon? It was a scene that would be repeated many times over the next ten years.

The only other memory that comes immediately to mind is that of the gallery of paintings which would come to life if looked upon. I remember clearly the party yelling at Blake, "No, don't do it...." Needless to say, he did it. And Blaker continued to do it for years to come, "I'll cast True Seeing on the cats....", "Zeph will open his cabin door to the young maiden", and "Hi, we're from Wax Abbey."

But alas, Tegel Manor was cleared out and the adventure moved into town and the dungeons below.

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