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Radu is a rogue vampire of great power. Ruthless and capricious, he has been described as the most dangerous personality in the Wolfshaunt. Radu is immortal and unbound. He is currently residing in the southern Hornwood with the Great Grandfather and a recently-turned girl, Aierilia Whitlock, who he captured from the Storm Lord's funeral just before the Wolfshaunt was sealed.

Radu is the son of Grandfather Josiah, a leader of the Wolfshaunt. On his binding day, he challenged his father to a dual of strength, a very rare occurrence among pure-blooded vampires. Using his extraordinary magical abilities augmented by a magical ring and his Staff of Spirit, Radu won his freedom and immediately left the family estate building a castle on a faraway shore. He took little interest in family and house affairs, preferring only visits to the Great Grandfather to play chess and talk of the world outside the valley. Rumors persist of his strange personal tastes and eccentricities. An avid gambler, Radu sought out any visitors to the Wolfshaunt, oftentimes challenging them to outrageous wagers and tests.

Initially attacked during the invasion of the Wolfshaunt, Radu was rumored to have nearly decapitated King Goodfellow in hand-to-hand combat. Eventually, a truce was established between Radu and the Crown. He provided the invaders with information and access to important Wolfshaunt's nobles and locations. In 906 TA, Radu made an introduction to the Great Grandfather leading to a series of events culminating in the sealing of the Wolfshaunt - trapping his father and family. In exchange for his help, Radu was given a number of tokens to travel outside the valley.

Using the tokens, Radu, the Great Grandfather and Aierilia left the valley and established a new home in the Eastern Reaches. Since then, King Goodfellow has forbidden travel in the tangled woods of the southern Hornwood - where the trio reportedly resides.