Rangers of the Wilderlands

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Rangers of the Wilderlands
Domains Nature, Wilderness
Races Any
Classes Druids
Alignments Neutral
Holy Days Lunar
Place of Worship Sacred Grove
Archdruids Falstaff (Book)
Wrenthorn (Staff)
Forestsong (Leaf)
Major Temple The Citadel

The origins of the Rangers of the Wilderlands is tied closely to the organization of the Society of Druids. The rangers certainly date from the early centuries of the First Age. Many scholars are convinced that the Rangers of the Wilderlands were originally organized at the behest of Oakentree to act as the military arm of the Society. While the early rangers were elves, they trained humans and other like-minded individual in their practices. On several occasions, the Rangers were under direct command the Grand Arch Druid - although these were exceptional cases. Early rangers were elves, and they trained the humans and others as the military arm of the Society.

History of the Rangers in the Eastern Reaches

The first human settlers into the Eastern Reaches arrived in the third century TA. These were the Rangers of the Wilderlands. Bound by a secret brotherhood, the rangers trekked deep into Haggelthorn Forest and into the vast grasslands. Stories of a great family of tree ents living in Hagglethorn Forest raised the curiosity of many adventurers in Teufeldorf. Also, the Rangers brought back many strange and wonderous artifacts from their journeys. It seemed to many that the Rangers of the Wilderlands had a secret purpose to their travels. A few Rangers still travel the unexplored areas of the Eastern Reaches, but their purpose is no better known today than it was six centuries ago.