Return to Teufeldorf

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Return to Teufeldorf
Type Dungeon
Status Explored July 885 TA
Location Teufeldorf
Hex 0811
Campaign Three Kings Campaign
Adventure # 91


Six cloaked figures enter into Great Hall of Dwarrowdelf. From around the fire, Ernie and Vince look up, their argument about the merits of dwarven whisky falling silent. Hylax sits in the corner of the shadowy room playing a game of wizard's chess against himself. Fuzzwort is browsing a book from the massive cherry bookcases that fill the large richly paneled room. U-Gene and Falstaff stare at a large map of the Realm spread out over the dining hall table which has been cluttered with matters of war for these past long weeks.

The figures are followed by the Dwarven Lord Chamberlain, Menion, a stout Stone Meadows clansman dressed in light chainmail and a bright blue tunic. Menion smiles, a most unusual site for the normally taciturn fellow. "My leige," he says, "I have a most wonderful surprise for you." The cloaked figures drop their wraps. Slowly, the heroes of the Realm stand, their mouths wide agape. "What the ..." Vince mutters as his glass of whisky drops from his hand.

The six figures, once cloaked, are now revealed. One is a dwarf, dressed in plate, carrying a large axe. His resemblance to U-Gene is uncanny. A tall half-elf in the robes of forestal. A gnome wearing a slightly tattered wizard's robe. Three humans - a cleric and two fighters. Each a striking copy of their more famous counterparts. Menion waits patiently, finally offering a simple explanation.

"When you returned to free Dwarrowdelf last year, I knew that eventually you would return to Teufeldorf to liberate the Jewel of the Western Reaches. Last year, I pressed into service these six brave souls. Their job was to travel between Dwarrowdelf and Teufeldorf, acting as traders. They were to become known to the guards and watchers along the way. For you see, just as Dragonsford was protected by magic, so Teufeldorf is impossible for you to enter by, err, magical means. For the last year, these heroes have created a cover for your return. A simple, obvious plan, but hopefully an effective means to get you into the gates of Teufeldorf. And before you ask, I did not divulge my secrets because I did not want this secret to fall into the hands of the enemy in the case one of you, umm, didn't return from last year's adventure. I hope you will forgive my indiscretion."

Long into the night the thirteen talked.

Teufeldorf is a city in the grip of the most gruesome terror. The city is run by Grim, who lives behind an impenetrable wall of darkness where the castle once stood. The sun has not fallen on that island for almost two years, and all attempts to penetrate the darkness has failed. No living soul that has entered the castle has returned. But the worst part of the castle is the devil's clock, a single thin scream. It swells in intensity and pitch for about thirty seconds, ending in a gurgling yelp. Every hour of every day, it is the same. Sometimes the voices are men and sometimes women. The worst, of course, are the scream of the children.

The city is run nominally by the Council of the Stones, three weak-willed humans led by a man named Volorf, until recently the owner of a large brothel in the poor quarter. The council pays lip service to the rights of the people. To most, they are nicknamed the Council of Bones, as they are puppets for their undead master.

Each dawn finds a number of red cloth hearts tacked to the doors of the townsfolk, the mark of the Dearg-due. Scholars call them vampires or nazgul or vrykolakas, but their name means one thing: death. At dusk, the dearg-due stride triumpfantly from the wall of darkness. Twenty-four of the bastards. Always the same number. Quickly, they move to their marks, violently dragging their victims into the darkness of the castle.

Life during the daylight hours is bearable, but the townsfolk live in the shadow of the hundreds of skeleton warriors that patrol the city. You cannot talk to them, reason with them, or predict when they will suddenly pull their swords and put you to death. Teufeldorf is not as much of a city as a breeding ground for human cattle. The undead are sucking the soul from the land. They must be stopped.

DM's Notes


Crypt Master of Greyheath - this is a logical early adventure before Grim's troops arrive to bolster the position - early March 885.

House of the Death - the party moves to the city to set up their base of operations. This is the residence of Tom Merryearth.

Chapel of Terror - where the party attempts to recover the Sol Bomb in order to raise the darkness for a few minutes. Find the mirror of the Void.

The Cover

The party will travel under the guise of the Dwarrowdelf Gem and Precious Stone Mercantile. The company is led by its president, John Fellstone (Falstaff). With him, travel his current master gemcutter, the gnomish Tash Pyryte and the dwarven masters of mines, Durus. The three travel with two human guards, Immundus (Ernie) and Invictis (Vince) and a priest (Donner) of the Gemma a local goddess of gems.

They will tell the party of the inquisition. Get your story straight and stick with it.

Bone Ring

"It is the night of your return to Dwarrowdelf after your adventures to the Temple of the Amphisbanea. The party has gathered in Great Hall for a simple dinner. Suddenly, a page runs into the room. 'My liege, my liege,' he shouts at U-Gene. Six lichs have just appeared in the inner court. They have some bone giants and zombie dragons with them. They are tearing apart the gate and killing the garrison. Quickly, sir, come help.' Dashing out of the room, the page leads you to the scene of great destruction."

"Near the gate to the inner courtyard, a small circle of Grim's men are fighting with the local garrison. Two bone giants are making quick work of destroying the gate. Two zombie dragons are chewing through the archers on the wall."

Searching the corpses reveals only two items of interest: a small bone ring on the finger of one of the liches, and a coded message in his pocket.

Teufeldorf05 new.jpg
Return puzzle.jpg

"This ring is designed to control U-Gene, King of the Dwarves. Wear it well, but do not allow it to fall into the hands of the dwarf, for by wearing it, he can reverse its power against me. Grim."

After the incident, Menion will mention that the timing of the arrival of the attack from Grim was too precisely timed to be of coincidence. Indeed, there must be a mole. After some work, the party will discover that a dwarven apprentice smith, Dirkin, has been bribed by a traveling merchant to keep him updated on the movements of U-Gene. No other information, only the dwarven king. He has a copy of the code cipher that Grim's spies use.

When the party touches the cipher, a glyph will fire and the party will have 60 seconds to copy as much as they can. After that, the cipher will be destroyed.

Crypt Master of Greyheath

Teufeldorf01 new.jpg
Teufeldorf02 new.jpg


"For an entire year, the battlefield of Greyheath has sat baking under a hot sun and then blanketed by snow. The bones of the dead now gleam white sticking up through the deep green grass. The western edge of the battlefield is dominated by the steep cliff face cut into a hill. It was here that the screaming skull chukkas of Grim's forces rained down mayhem into Lady Laura's elven and human hosts. At the base of the cliff and rimming the north and west of the battlefield is a large grove of oak trees. The field falls off to the south toward the Lesser Farthing Road. At the western edge of the field, smoke bellows from several large holes in the earth. On the battlefield, several dozen work crews with crude wooden wheelbarrows are carting bones, weapons, and armor towards the large holes. Dumping in their cargo, they return for more harvest. Each work crew is comprised of four skeletons, moving slowly and mindlessly about their task."

Several skeletons are hidden in the trees as sentries. They will sound bronze chimes if the party is detected. This will cause the Crypt Keeper to flee down his escape path into the woods.

"The exterior of the work camp is simply a complex of tunnels dug into the ground. Two groups of large holes expell hot smoke. Two shafts are obviously used to dump the bodies and weapons of the fallen. A larger sloping path is the main entrance into the tunnel."

One group of smoky holes has light coming from it with the sounds of hammers beating on anvils. The other is dark and very acidic smelling.

Room 1: Antechamber of Bones

"This room is located about 20 feet below the surface of the ground. The walls have been scooped out in one long boring action. The soft earth is crumbling in places, but the structure seems to be sturdy. Two shafts on either side of the main entrance are surrounded with bones, armor, weapons, and decay. The large entrance in the south leads to the surface, the large entrance to the north leads downwards. A pit in the center of the floor snakes down into the earth. It is partially filled with refuse stripped from the bodies of the fallen."

Room 2: Forge of Bones

This room is DARK.

"This large cavernous room is supported by a number of large pillars in the center. A myriad of small passageways lead out of the room. The western half of this room has six earthen tables about 10 feet long arranged down its center. On the tables are assembled skeletons, many obviously mismatched. Several skeleton workers are dodging in and out of the hallways on the western edge of the room, obviously bringing in new parts to be assembled. A single cloaked figured with gnarled ancient hands stands over one of the tables, incanting a spell in a low voice. As the spell resolves, the bones fuse together and the limbs begin to move. As the cloak figure walks away, the newly created warrior moves to the eastern half of the room standing in formation with his bretheren."

Crypt Master - hollow staff filled with blood.

Room 3: Armory of the Dead

"The eastern half of this large room is filled with rows of skeletons. The front rows are armed with a vast array of weapons. Mismatched shields and armor have been strapped to some of the corpses. Two dwarves are hunched over a crude forge, bending metal to fit their new hosts, sharpening blades, and preparing the warriors for battle. They move slowly, deliberately as if drugged. Two small globes of light illuminate their workplace, and a large pile of recovered weapons and armor lie nearby."

Balgrad Cleaverson and Sturgold Axeworthy were captured in the battle for the express purpose of working as armorers. They know that when they die they will join the legions. They have been drugged and will be very difficult to communicate with. They will know of the prisoner's entrance, but that is about it. One is the nephew of Dugald Axeworthy.

Room 4: The Skull Room

This room is DARK.

"This room is a simple dugout with a number of piles of skulls. These seem loosely to be based on size and race with a sizable human pile and smaller stacks of elves and dwarves. There are two other entrances to this room."

Room 5: The Limbs Room

This room is DARK.

"This room is a simple dugout with a number of piles of bones: legs, arms, hands, feet, and so on. One pile of what looks like giant's bones lies neatly stacked in one corner."

Careful examination shows a carved elephant's tusk amongst the pile of legs. A hole at the top reveals that the tusk was actually a very ornate scabbard. It is worth 250 gp.

Room 6: The Torso Room

This room is DARK.

"This room is a simple dugout with a number of piles of rib bones and spines. One pile of what looks like giant's bones lies neatly stacked in one corner."

Room 7: The Wyrm

This room is DARK.

"A foul acidic smell is coming from this room. Periodically, the sounds of a very large creature can be heard moving around."

A very large purple (?) wyrm can be found here. It has been subdued by the Crypt Master. If he dies, then the wurm will go on a rampage, killing everything in its wake.

Room 8: The Temple

This room is DARK.

"The smell of death hangs heavy in this room. Unlike the rest of the dungeon, the walls are made a rough stone. It is likely that this small cavern existed prior to the construction of the rest of the structure. In the center of the room is a black pool which reeks of decay and evil. On a small island in the center of the room, a human body is suspended magically in the air. Attached to the body are a number of faintly glowing purple leeches. Several are filled with blood while others have burst spilling their contents onto the stone and into the pool below. The body is slowly rotating."

"Careful examination shows a myriad of intricate runes carved into the corpse."

This is where the Crypt Master fills his staff (recharges it). Each night at midnight, a new prisoner is taken down, carved up, and magically suspended to die.

The pool contains thousands of leeches.

Room 9: The Rat Room

This room is DARK.

"A chute pours garbage down into the room where it sits piled against the western wall."

This room has large Sumatran rats super-charged with the blood of evil. Their eyes glow purple.

Room 10: The Cage

A narrow winding tunnel leads to a small rock ledge. Here, the captives are kept in order to feed the pool. They are starving, dehydrated, and on the verge of death. Currently, there are ten captives, mostly human men who were captured off a nearby farm.

Room 11: The Shrine

"A pile of large rocks have blocked the entrance to a small shrine similar to hundreds found throughout the mountains. Obviously, several interlink caves once existed that allowed passage from the ground level to the ledge above. The walls of this shrine are studded with thousands of tiny amethyst gems. A small amethyst statue of a local diety stands in a broken geode. There is a sense of peace and tranquility in this room."

The undead will not enter here. The wyrm can't enter here (it's stone not soil), so the party can rest here fairly safely. The Crypt Keeper will set a trap when they plan to leave, however.

Checkpoint Skellie

"The party sees in the distance that a checkpoint has been set up by the side of the road. A small temporary wooden building has been hastily constructed. Eight skeletons stand at attention on either side of the road. An old man in a brown tattered cloak is talking to some travelers."

If the party tries to skirt the checkpoint, they will be picked up at the front gate.

The old man with rotting teeth and breath that smells of Elderberry wine will talk to the party and ask them questions about their spouses. He will also try to get a bribe (outside of hearing of the guards). If the party gives him money, then he will blow the whistle.

Other checkpoints will verify pieces of information about the party including the front gate.

Inside the building is a bone giant which will storm forward in case there is a problem.

Random Encounters

Fell bats will be spotted at several points along the way.

House of Death

Teufeldorf06 new.jpg

Sending in a party (dwarf, half-elf, gnome, three humans) in disguise to meet Tom Merryearth at the House of Death. Morticians by day, by night the staff members fight a never-ending holy war against the undead. Houses are marked with a red heart when an occupant will be taken. Random each night. Brains used to feed the vampire counts (nazgul). House of Tom Merryearth has been marked. At pub, drunk, going home to await the attack. He is expecting a Dearg-due. The party will meet him at the pub. Tom must be sacrificed or all the city will be on to the Council. Nazgul have bloodlines. Must trace back. Serebriakoff and Quicksilver are Vampire Lords. Tom will tell the party of the Dearg-due.

Room 1: Public Receiving Hall

This is where families bring their deceased.

Room 2: Municipal Receiving Room

This is where city authorities bring unclaimed corpses.

Room 3: Examination Room

The staff uses this room for the public purpose of examining for cause of death. Secretly the staff checks for wounds caused by the undead, or signs that the corpse is undead at the same time.

Room 4: Preparation Room

Here corpses receive the preparations dictated by their religions.

Room 5: Stables

In addition to horses, this area holds two hearses used to deliver the deceased to a graveyard or temple.

Room 6: House Shrine

This shrine to Heironeous sees regular use by the staff.

Room 7: Tom Merryearth's Quarters

Tom Merryearth's quarters include a table and chairs used from small staff meetings and consulations with city officials or families.

Room 8: Daveth Kenley's Quarters

Daveth Kenley's quarters include a small shrine to Heroneous.

Room 9: Staff Dormitory

A section of this room is walled off to provide Cadell with private quarters.

Room 10: Library

This is the house center for information on the undead. This is where the Book of the Cube can be found.

Room 11: Training Room

Used for both physical training and academic education.

Room 12: Pantry

Food is stored here.

Room 13: Kitchen

The staff does its own cooking.

Room 14: Dining Hall

Also used as a briefing room after the evening meal.

Room 15: Armory

The staff stores wooden stakes, holy water, and holy symbols here, as well as arms and armor.

Chapel of Terror

Teufeldorf07 new.jpg

"During the centuries, this building has served many purposes. It has been a brothel and a monestary. Most recently, its use was that of a particularly odious sect of religious fanatics called Etah. Located along the poorest section of the Street of Temples (and located below the streets), the existance of this small chapel is relatively unknown. Twenty years ago, it was discovered that the patrons of this cult were the seeds to heinous crimes against their neighbors, regularly performing ritual sacrifices. City authorities sealed the building by creating a wall of stones across the only entrance. Blessed by the local clergy, it was thought that the Chapel of Terror was finished."

Merryearth: "I have found reference to a single weapon which might aid us in our fight against Grim. It is a silver container, about the size of a children's ball. It has been ominously called, the Soul Bomb and thought to hold the power to disrupt the passage of souls to heaven. My research has shown that the device is actually a Sol Bomb. A device for creating a bright sun burst which will light the night sky for miles for a few moments. Created by some clever gnomish types, it was to be used in a celebration display for King Gregory. However, the Sol Bomb was captured by the Etah. While the sect was shut down years ago, there might be some clues at the Chapel of Terror. I have found some additional evidence that the Chapel of Terror might still be occupied."

Bernhardt: Bernhardt tells the party that a secret entrance into the chapel crypt has been discovered. A stone wall has a number of stones (represented by the blue stones below) that can be slightly pressed. The path into the crypt lies through the stone wall, but the only clue he has is the following verse:


Nineteen are the numbers found
Counting up each one is bound
The sum of rows are all the same
Diagonals too, they are your bane
Solve this puzzle the way is free
Press ten, sixteen, and then press three


DM's note. Etah is Hate. If the party figures this out, they will get the following information.

Many years ago, deep in the Volgran Mountains, the High Wizard of the First Council, Drebb, persuaded (some say through the use of a powerful suggestion spell) his fellow Magicians that the great cities of the Realm were destroying the source of magic from which they all drew power. United and misled by Drebb, the sorcerers created an entity which would cause discord among all organized groups. Drebb miscalculated the being's power, and the creature caused such a calamity upon its creation that Drebb's control over the council was broken. Drebb retreated into the mountains, and the creature, Hate, escaped the wizards into the night. Hate wandered the Realm causing minor treachery until it came to Teufeldorf. There it found a following to carry out its original destiny.

Hate manifests itself as a thick grey fog with a few red orbs resembling eyes. It communicates telepathically with its followers. While few in number, Hate's following is greatly feared for its single-minded purpose--The Destruction of All Civilization.


"Past the wall, there is a very long winding stairway that leads down under the streets of Teufeldorf. The stairs are slick, and the party must move very slowly to avoid slipping. Single file, the party moves several hundred feet into the subterranean lair before the hallway ends in a large room."

Room 1: Outer Temple

"The ceiling of this huge room is a red and black dome rising almost 50 feet above the floor. The walls are covered with large tapestries depicting the destruction of civilization, chaos, and friends stabbing each other. The tapestries are worn with age, but show signs of being of the highest quality. Three passages lead out along the western wall. The main staircase to the north has long since collapsed, but a smaller staircase winds up from the northwest corner. Two large sets of stairs sweep upward along the north wall. Between these two, on the north wall is a huge circular altar set into the stone. Steps lead up to the altar, and standing on top of the altar is a grey-haired man dressed in a red and black cloak with the symbol of crossed swords on his back. The man has swords in each hand and he seems to be in a trance, swaying back and forth. The center of the room is filled with thirty-some worshipers, dressed in cloaks and carrying similar swords. At the base of the southern stairs are two men dressed in chain mail armor and swords."

The man is Harmsman the Treacherous the high priest of Hate.

Guards - treat as standard 30th level fighters. They are wearing chain mail and swords.

Servants - treat as standard 6th level fighters. They are carrying robes and swords.

Worshipers - treat as standard 3rd level fighters. They are carrying robes and swords.

Room 2: Opium Dens

"The smell of opium is strong in the small hallways that lead into this strangely shaped room. The ceiling is very low, and characters must stoop to walk into this room. The many nooks and crannies of this room are filled with large throw pillows and rugs. Three large pillars have hollow cages in them, holding the skeletal remains of small birds. Scattered among the litter on the floor are a number of pipes, empty wine flasks, and a number of human corpses. In the southwestern corner of the room, two men dressed in chain mail with swords."

There are 50 gp scattered around the floor.

Room 3: Chaos Pool

"Black and red tile surround this large pool of bubbling, swirling black goo. This room is filled with mist and the smell of rotting fish."

This is the pool of chaos, and it is one of two places that Hate can take form.

Room 4: Closet

"This plain room is lined with wooden shelves holding towels, sheets, and other cloth items. Several bolts of fine linen are propped up in the northwest corner of the room."

This room contains nothing of interest.

Room 5: Bedroom

"The door of this room is open. This small room has a large bed pushed against the far wall, a small basin on a plain wooden table, and a chest pushed up against the foot of the bed. The walls are unadorned stone."

Careful examination shows that the base of the door has been scratched heavily. A careful character will detect the faint odor of dung here. The chest contains a feather pillow and two wool blankets, both badly deteriorated. This room contains four large rats under the bed who will attack if the room is entered.

Room 6: Guard's Common Room

"This plain stone room was obviously a common room of sorts. A large wooden table with eight chairs is in the center of the room. Five of the chairs contain the skeletons of men dressed in cloaks. The three other chairs are filled by humans dressed in chain mail. In the center of the table is a deck of cards and a small pile of 80 gold pieces. A glowing dagger is stuck in the table near the easternmost skeleton. Two cupboards sit along the western wall, cups and plates stacked neatly on top." Dagger +5.

Rooms 7-10: Guards Bedroom

"This room has two small beds pushed up against the far wall, a small basin on a plain wooden table sits between the beds, and a chest pushed up against the foot of each bed. The walls are unadorned stone."

The chests contains blankets, a set of travelling clothes, and a small leather pouch with 25 gold pieces in it.

Room 11: Inner Temple

"Like the Outer Temple, the ceiling of this huge room is a red and black dome rising almost 50 feet above the floor. The walls are smeared with a dark red substance resembling blood. Along the northern walls are two small bowls just west of the two large hallways. These bowls are filled with gold pieces (40 gp each). Four large square column are placed in the corners of the room. A large circular pit in the center of the room is filled swirling mists. Among these, are scattered a number of human corpses. And, although there are not many items of clothing to be found, those that are show that the corpses are simple commoners. At the far end of the room are four figures cloaked in black robes. A number of doors lead from this room."

Careful examination will show that there are 120 gold pieces spread out amongst the bodies, but it will take 3 full turns to gather it all up.

Room 12: Inner Sanctuary

"Shadows flicker about this large room from two stone urns on a large stone slab at the southern end of this room. Four large pillars hold up the 15 foot vaulted ceiling. The pillars and slab are carved with intricate tendrils each ending in a glowing red eye. Sitting on the slab is a silver tube with rounded ends severel feet in length. In the shadows, several narrow openings lead to rooms beyond."

The device has the following inscription on it:

Brightness: 10
Color: White to Yellow to Red
Delay: 5
Trigger: 7-2-1


Room 13: Empty Cyrpt

"This small rough hewn room is filled with rubble along its western wall from a collapsed ceiling. From all appearances this once was a crypt."

Room 14: Treasure Horde

"This room is plain and unadorned. Its contents are not, however. The room is hosts a large carved rosewood throne, inlaid with ivory and bronze. A fine red and black velvet cloak is draped over one arm of the chair. Standing in the southeast corner is a skeleton dressed in glowing plate mail armor. Three large chests sit on top of a huge pile of thousands of copper and silver coins in the northeast corner of the room."

Treasure: Plate Mail +3, Red Cloak (100 gp), Throne (5000 gp), 20,000 silver pieces, 40,000 copper pieces, Large Chest: 600 gold pieces, 2 medium topaz gems; Large Chest: 800 gold pieces, 3 small sapphire gems.

The third large chest is actually a mimic.

Room 15: Void Portal

"This room is richly covered in fine red and black tiles. A set of crossed swords has been inlaid into the floor. The center of the room is dominated by a large rectangular pool almost twenty feet long and half again as wide. The pool is a mixture of bubbling, swirling black goo. This room smells of rotting fish, and it is filled with heavy damp mists."

This is the pool of chaos, and it is one of two places that Hate can take form.

At the far eastern end of the room lies what appears to be a full length mirror made of a perfectly flat glass and no frame. The glass seems to be filled with a black smoke which swirls around inside.

This is a void portal. If the Cube or Book is brought near, something will happen.

Room 16: Food Pantry

"The hinges on this door squeak loudly when opened, and the room beyond shows signs of recent use. This room is obviously some sort of pantry for foodstuffs. It is filled with fish, loaves of bread, fruit and other common Teufeldorf fare."

Rooms 17-20: Servants Quarters

"This room holds two small beds pushed against the far wall, a small basin on a plain wooden table between the beds, and a chest pushed up against the foot of each bed. The walls are unadorned stone. The chests contain blankets, several plain red and black shifts, and a small leather pouch with 5 gold pieces in it."

"At the end of the hall is a small privy that has not seen use for many years. The smell of dung is very strong here."

Room 21: Wine Cellar

"The door of this room lies off its hinges, propped up against the northern wall. Two large wooden racks reach from floor to ceiling here. Each rack is filled with old bottles of wine, now covered in dust. Some of the rarer vintages can be found, although many have been cracked or broken. There is a musty smell in this room. The walls are unadorned, and it is unnaturally cold here."

Room 22: Kitchen

"The center of this room has been dug out to form a great pit. Across the pit is the suspended carcass of a pig. Three more pigs hang in the northwest corner of the room. A large cauldron sits over a cold fire in the northeast corner, and a large butcher's table in the southeast corner is covered with dried blood."

Room 23: Bakery

"Three large ovens cover almost the entire eastern wall of this room. In front of the ovens are two large tables with large sacks of flour beneath. A large set of shelves in the northeast corner of the room contain jars of yeast, grains, raisins, and other dried fruits."

Room 24: Kitchen Annex

"A large barrel hold water that drips from the roof of this damp room. A table in the center of the room is piled with dirty dishes and mugs. Another table against the east wall holds two tubs filled with stale water and more dirty dishes. A cupboard in the northeast corner is empty."