Rindr's Storm Hall

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Rindr's Storm Hall
Type Dungeon
Status Explored November 907 TA
Location Dragonsford
Hex 7412
Campaign The Siren's Song
Adventure # 131
Map dragonsford.jpg

Dinner with Morgan the Enchanter

Dragonsford Castle is dark - seemingly secured against the storm. The King is still in the Western Reaches dealing with the fall of Teufeldorf. By contrast, the Wizard's Tower is well lit - an inviting yellow light streams through the windows on the first two floors of the citadel.

As usual, you are led into the Audience Hall, a large room reeking of the finest furnishings - burled walnut and copper, thick luxurious carpets and great overstuffed leather chairs. Several tables are set up here with tea services for twenty or more at the ready. Along the southern wall is a small desk with papers, three bookcases flank a double-wide fireplace. The room is warm, cheery and inviting. An iron door in the southwest and an open passage in the southeast complete the room.

Morgan is sitting in his wheeled chair. The wizened elf has a dark green blanket in his lap. He still appears old, although perhaps a bit younger than your last encounter.

Greetings, friends, come sit and take a rest. You have been on quite an adventure. We have a lovely supper of roasted pig with fresh harvest vegetables coming shortly. And, of course, we have some nice roasted coffee beans for you, Java, you most fascinating bird. Ruhks will be so sorry to have missed you. He went off with Rocky and Brightaxe looking for the site of a Bluestone Dwarf tower that was supposedly built in the Land of Bogs and the Little People - got a tip from some travelling gnomes who came through Dragonsford the other day.

Morgan will tell them:

  • Tell me of your adventure with the Great Storm. Did the Storm Staff survive? A pity.
  • Will the party tell of the island, Grixana and the wings on the ship? He knows the information already from the gnomes - Gradbell the Archaeologist (who told Ruhks about the ruins) and Glynis Tew the tinkerer.
  • While the Crown remains neutral to your endeavors, King Goodfellow has allowed me leeway to continue our relationship on good terms - giving him plausible deniability when negotiating with the Storm Crow. It is a tricky business, diplomacy
  • And to that end, I want to offer you a bargain.

I have come into my possession the locations and short-term sailing orders for the Sea Barons. Now, normally, I would hire some buccaneers to stir up some trouble for our wayward allies. But, all the actions around Teufeldorf and the Great Storm have emptied these waters of freebooters.

So, I offer this information to you in exchange for helping me thwart a potential problem before it comes to the castle and this town.

Sit back, and I'll put another log onto the fire - which Morgan does with a wave of his hand - the log landing on the fire with a shower of embers. Soon, the room is warm and filled with firelight.

Morgan huddles close to the fire and speaks in a low voice.

With the armies in the Western Reaches fighting the Old Kingdom for the City-State, the Eastern Reaches is particularly vulnerable. The release of the denizens of the Wolfshaunt has sent many of our scouts and rangers to the south. Now I'm afraid a new, unexpected challenge has befallen us.

With the destruction of the Great Storm - and again my thanks - the maelstrom moved east across the Inner Sea, slowly dissipating. A scout ship watching the edge of the Great Storm, however, reported a single storm cell splintered off moving west against the wind towards Dragonsford. The captain positioned the ship in its path reporting nothing except mundane rain and lightning until the center of the storm was directly overhead.

The last message from the crew was ominous. "Castle floating at center of storm. Rocs with giant riders coming down from eye. Attack immanent."

By my calculations, the storm will be passing over the peninsula that forms the outer edge of Dragonsford Harbor - some twenty miles out from town. There is a small village - actually only a few fishing huts - called Breakwater Edge - which lies directly in the storm's path.

I am imploring you to take the Wanton Wench and use her unique abilities to fly to the castle and stop its progress.

On Sky Giant Castles

The last floating castle in the Reaches appeared in late 828 TA in the Western Reaches. It was called Thunderhold, and it was home to the giant Clouddrifter. Well, the castle was destructive to all the lands it passed over, but eventually the castle was taken down. In fact, Hylax, one our local eccentrics, was on that mission and brought back a few tales and a relic from Thunderhold. His tales are a bit suspect, but here are some facts I gleaned:

  • The key to Thunderhold was an ancient dwarven relic - a series of concentric stone rings which provided the ability of the structure to float in the air. It might also have created the storm that surrounded the castle, although that is less clear to me.
  • And, according to Hylax, the key to the stone rings was a mithral rod about 5 feet long and 2" in diameter. Now, the rod is not magical, but it is worth a fortune - enough mithral to make several weapons or a suit of armor.
  • The mithral rod was carved with a, well, folktale of sorts. It is unlikely this rod will help you, but I suspect that a similar rod might be found in Breakwater Hold - that's the name the men have given the castle.

Morgan pulls from the air about his head a dull, grey metal rod. It has the following inscription on it:

Rindr puzzle 01.jpg

As time winds forward from above, only to trace back once the first glimpse of truth is known, so the pendulum of time moves back-and-forth until the answer is revealed. In Utgard, a wondrous wizard named KILBURN visited the giant king LOR. Smooth-tongued and wise, KILBURN quickly befriended the king and his queen GERD. At the wizard's behest, he became the tutor of the royal twins, BANNA and THOTH. In time, KILBURN turned BANNA against his father with the lure of dark knowledge. Using a spell of PETRIFICATION, the son turned his father to stone ending the reign of LOR.

Morgan will give the party the Thunderhold Rod as payment for taking down Breakwater Hold.

Rindr's Storm Hall Environs

Breakwater Edge

The edge of the bay is defined by a narrow strip of land less than a quarter mile in width. The land is a dark black volcanic rock eroded by the surrounding sea and nothing grows here.

In the leeward side of a large hill the small hamlet of Breakwater Edge has been nestled. A couple dozen small buildings surround a larger hall that clearly operates as the town center. Above the town is a lighthouse, a narrow path winding its way up to the structure. A large dock has been built. A number of fishing vessels are secured to the dock.

The mayor of the town is Sadie Surehook, an aged woman who, despite her diminutive size, appears strong and clear-eyed. The town population is sixty - most of whom are fishermen. Meals are eaten in the common room of the Breakwater Hall.

It is already overcast and raining here. The ships are in.

Map-breakwater edge.jpg

Storm of Vengeance Ritual

A churning storm cloud forms, centered on a point you can see and spreading to a radius of 360 feet. Lightning flashes in the area, thunder booms, and strong winds roar.

  • Round 1: Each creature under the cloud (no more than 5,000 feet beneath the cloud) when it appears must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, a creature takes 2d6 thunder damage and becomes Deafened for 5 minutes.
  • Round 2: Acidic rain falls from the cloud. Each creature and object under the cloud takes 1d6 acid damage.
  • Round 3: You call six bolts of lightning from the cloud to strike six creatures or Objects of your choice beneath the cloud. A given creature or object can't be struck by more than one bolt. A struck creature must make a Dexterity saving throw. The creature takes 10d6 lightning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
  • Round 4: Hailstones rain down from the cloud. Each creature under the cloud takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage.
  • Round 5-10: Gusts and freezing rain assail the area under the cloud. the area becomes difficult terrain and is heavily obscured. Each creature there takes 1d6 cold damage. Ranged weapon attacks in the area are impossible. The wind and rain count as a severe distraction for the purposes of maintaining Concentration on Spells. Finally, gusts of strong wind (ranging from 20 to 50 miles per hour) automatically disperse fog, mists, and similar phenomena in the area whether mundane or magical.

Storm Features

  • Pockets of Acid Fog
  • Cold
  • Altitude
  • Thunderworm


The floating castle appears to be made of a rain-slick, black stone. It shimmers slightly as it moves effortlessly through the clouds. The castle appears to be very stable - moving along a level path unaffected by the maelstrom around it.

From the sides, the castle appears to be about 200 feet wide and 100 feet tall. There are four towers - one on each corner of the castle. Despite it's large size, the structure appears to have only two levels. The bottom level has a number of large openings about 10 feet in width and 20 feet in height. They look like giant arrow slits. The top level has large landings on three sides. These are sixty feet in width and extend to the roof of the structure.

From the top, the castle appears to have a flat roof. The roof is unremarkable except for a large horn-shaped tube some thirty feet in diameter protruding from the roof. The horn appears to be made of the same black stone as the rest of the castle.

From below, the castle is flat on the bottom except for a large 60 foot diameter oculus that is in the center of the structure's floor. The oculus is dark brown in color, in contrast to the shiny black of the other surfaces. Lightning and winds appear more prevalent near this opening.

The Oculus

In the center of the castle is a large circular oculus. It is 60 feet in diameter. Through the oculus, you can see the storm below - although it has a slightly warped appearance as if looking through a bubble. You can see the walls of the storm and the land below. Periodically, a shadow will pass by the storm walls - like a giant fish swimming in the sea.

The edges of the oculus are made of brown stone - polished and ancient. A number of symbols have been carved in to the stone.


DC25: A 2" hole near the southern edge of the stone is empty - although scratches show that it has been used in the past.

The Interior

The interior of the castle is identical in material to the outside. Once you step into the hallways, however, the howling wind stops. The air, while cold, is not unbearable. The scene back through the portals show the howling gales.


  • Rindr, Wardeness of Thunder, Storm Giant Matron
  • Vali, Storm Giant Daughter
  • Cloud Giants - each carries a giant's ring - steer ship, sound alarm.
  • Rocs
  • Servants (Court Poets) - False Storm Wardens

Rindr's Storm Hall - Level 1

Rindr's Storm Hall - Level 1

Room 1: Hall of Thunder

This room is an audience chamber. A large throne sits against one wall. Behind it, an heraldic banner hangs depicting a giant with a lightning bolt in one hand and a greatsword in the other on a background of dark gray. The large skeleton of a giant stands on a wooden stand in a niche. A great sword is clutched in his grip. The skeleton is clearly bone, although it is difficult to say how the bones stay upright. The other furnishings - a hanging curtain, a large rug - appear opulent but somewhat fraying and tattered.

DC 20 - at the base of the stand is the following riddle. Answering it will allow the solver to ask one question of the dead king - Rindr's husbad - Petrik.

It passes before the sun and makes no shadow. A: The Wind

NOTE: The voice will be that of Petrik - which Java can then mimic.

Room 2: Council Room

This room is dominated by a large table and chairs. On the wall are five tapestries all with lightning bolts of different shades of yellow on a black background. The tapestries are slightly faded, and the table is marked with the cuts of blades stuck into its surface.

One wall has two levers. The first is a simple up-down toggle. It is currently positioned at the half-way point. The second is a joystick. Both are massive and made of the same black material as the castle.

NOTE: These control the altitude and direction of the castle. Any player with a giant's ring can move them.

The rings are etched with the phrase: In service to Petrik.

Rindr ring.jpg

Room 3: Dining Hall

This room is dominated by a large banquet table. A number of tankards, pewter plates and cutlery are stacked neatly on one end. In the corner, a large barrel of ale is covered but not sealed.

The barrel contains ale. NOTE: It can be poisoned.

Room 4: Kitchen

This room is clearly a kitchen of sorts. Large sacks of salt, loaves of hard dry bread, and barrels of fish sit aside two large tables filled with sharp knives and other cooking implements.

DC20: In addition to the giant-sized plates and bowls are a set of four man-sized implements. Like the others, they are clean and stacked neatly on one of the large tables.

There are no "cooks", but the humans will sometimes come down for a bite. A cloud giant might also be found here.

Rindr's Storm Hall - Level 2

Rindr's Storm Hall - Level 2

Room 5: Rindr's Chamber

This room is a bed chamber. It would be massive for humans, but it is actually modest when filled with giant-sized furniture. A bed and desk take up most of the room. The furnishings while luxurious are worn. Above the bed hangs the portrait of a storm giant. It is not particularly well done, but it is imposing.


Close examination of the desk shows a 4" plate in the wall - clearly a safe of some sorts. On it, flicker some numbers.


Pushing the squares in the right combination produces a loud click. The end of a 1" diameter rod pushes out of the wall. Pull it out, the rod is carved with runes.

Rindr puzzle 03.jpg

As time winds forward from above, only to trace back once the first glimpse of truth is known, so the pendulum of time moves back-and-forth until the answer is revealed. In Utgard, there lived the great giant DAK and his arch-rival OGDEN. They both loved the fair princess MERI, but DAK loved her more. So, DAK embarked on a great adventure to win the heart of the maiden armed only with his great axe CORWIN. At the Cave of Wonders, he fought the dragon ZANDER in order to take his hoard for MERI. But, alas DAK was defeated and the princess sought solace in DEATH. Thus, the lovers were united in eternity.

Room 6: Storm Giant's Chamber

This room is filled with giant-size furniture arranged for several giants to lounge comfortably. A table has some canvases and paints. The room is tidy but well worn. Several wall have pictures hung on them.

NOTE: These are Vali's paints. She painted the picture of her dad.

DC 20: Under the table is a painting of a cloud giant with a large heart drawn around it. V + B. Vali + Bindur.

Room 7: Vali's Chamber

This room is filled with the same giant-sized furniture, although it appears to be the room of a youth. The walls are covered in paintings - mostly of clouds and dreamy castles and giant knights and the like.

Vali is in love with Bindur. She constantly tries to find ways to get away from her mother and be with him. Bindur doesn't love her back, but he is using her favors to hopefully become the Captain.

DC 20: Vali's love token. A crudely carved stone heart reads To Vali. Forever.


Room 8: Guard's Barracks

This room is utilitarian in nature. Nothing hangs from the walls. Several chests are pushed up between the beds filled with clothing, sheets and other mundane items.

Room 9: Common Room

This room is filled with the implements of war. Shields, armor and weapons - all giant-sized are piled here in various states of repair. Leather, scraps of metal and wood, and tools show that this where the soldiers care for their gear. A small forge in the corner is well maintained. Several ingots of iron are on top of the forge and hammers, tongs and the like are strewn throughout.

Room 10: Temple of the Storm Priests - East

Unlike the rest of the castle, these rooms are proportioned for human occupants.

The outer room contains a table and four chairs. A prayer book sits on an altar nearby. The altar is decorated in carved stone motifs of storms and lightning. The inner room contains two beds under which are stored linens and some clothes.

The book is a prayer book to Few.

The False Storm Wardens will be here.

Room 11: Temple of the Storm Priests - West

Unlike the rest of the castle, these rooms are proportioned for human occupants.

The outer room contains four chairs. Clearly a common area, the only other furniture is a bookcase pushed up against the south wall. PLOT TO ESCAPE!

DC 20: The clothes under this bed are actually parachutes that the four priestesses are trying to sew together in order to make an escape.

Sapphire, Autumn, Circe, and Luna.

Rindr's Storm Hall - Level 3 and Roof

Rindr's Storm Hall - Level 3

Rooms 12-14: Rocs Aerie

These area are filled with large piles of hay, grass and small trees - forming a nest of sorts. Piled in the corner are several riding harnesses, crops and other gear. Several long lances are piled in the corners. The rooms are unadorned but well kept for their purpose.

The lances actually fire lightning bolts - one charge but very powerful.

There will always be one giant guard here.

Rindr's Storm Hall - Roof

Horn of Sounding - A shaft about 20 feet in diameter protrudes from the roof of the castle. It is made of the same black material as the building. At the top of the shaft, four bell-shaped horns points in ordinal directions. The device appears to be shaped from the stone without seams or working mechanisms.

DC 30: A door in the shaft leads to the spiral staircase.