Shield Lands

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Shield Lands
Shield-shield lands.png
Founded early TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Independent
Ruler Unknown
Hex xxx

When the Bandit Kingdoms began to grow powerful, the petty nobles of the Shield Lands banded together in a mutual protection society. The small Earldom of Walworth had the advantage of possessing a sizable island upon which was built the only city in the whole district, so its lord was chosen as Knight Commander of the combined forces of the nobles. A headquarters was established at Admunfort, and a holy order of religious knights begun. The Shield Lands are still ruled by many small noblemen, while the Earl of Walworth is hereditary general of their combined military force. At the southern end of the Shield Lands lie the ruins of Castle Acidwash built in the early years of the 9th century TA by Sir Zachary, Knight of Virtue and destroyed by the Sky Giant Clouddrifter.

Nearby Areas of Interest


These hills have always been a rallying point for disaffected humans, as their remote location and rugged character have enabled their inhabitants to remain free of the rule of the king or his minions. The area is well known for its precious metals and gems, and for this reason it is often raided by forces of the local barons who badly need the wealth thus obtained. Troops probe these hills all too often. Its inhabitants have become battle-hardened veterans because of these continual skirmishes and raids, and conduct their own forays into Guildford and Walworth in reprisal. The independent town of Dullstrand and its environs proclaim neutrality in these matters, but is probable that secret aid is given to the insurgents in the hills. Freebooters certainly find safe haven in the town, and its forges make weapons and armor which are not seen by the king or his men-at-arms.