Stone Meadows Clan

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Stone Meadows Clan
Banner-stone meadows.jpg
Founded early TA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler U-Gene

The Clan of the Stone Meadows is the wealthiest, most politically powerful of all the Shadowyarn clans. Legend holds that when Durin led the dwarves from Thorinshold in the First Age, his search ended in a vast high meadow in the Shadowyarn Mountains just north of the River White. This meadow was strewn with gems of extraordinarily high quality in such vast abundance that the dwarves could not even determine their source. For hundreds of years, Durin and his decendants gathered the gems of the Stone Meadows and mined the nearby hills. The clan controls four mountainholds. The current dwarven king, U-Gene, is a clan member of the Stone Meadows.

Nearby Places of Interest

Pass of Lar

The Pass of Lar has always been the most important feature of this area of the Realm. It provides the only path through the Shadowyarn Mountains large enough for supplies and large numbers of people. For hundreds of years, it has been held by a mysterious group of men known as the Keepers. At the center of the pass lies a large castle. It is said to be unattackable except by the air. Also, a mysterious guardian statue is said to protect the Pass from all unwanted travelers.

The folk of Rivershaw Castle tell a ballad of The Legend of Lar.