Storming of Teufeldorf Castle

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Return to Teufeldorf
Type Dungeon
Status Explored July 885 TA
Location Teufeldorf
Hex 0811
Campaign Three Kings Campaign
Adventure # 93


All eyes dart towards the door, Vince's hand moving quickly to his sword. A nervous serving girl of twelve slowly pushes the door open carrying a large tray of ale tankards. Her eyes wide at the sight of six such imposing figures. Falstaff smiles, "Thank your mistress for the beer. And some food would be most welcome." He hands the youngster a silver piece and turns back to his comrades.

It has been a week since the party entered into the chaos that is Teufeldorf. Progress has been made: the party captured the Sol Bomb and the Bone Ring, they peered into the prisons of Teufeldorf Castle, and they made contact with the resistance leader Tom Merryearth. However, there were many issues unresolved. Most notably, the party did not know how to permanently stop the unnatural darkness that shrouds Grim's stronghold. And what role does the Dearg-due, known in the Eastern Reaches as the Nazgul, play in Grim's plans? With Tom dead, how are they going to contact the resistance leaders? Efforts were slowed by the party's need for secrecy - limiting their spellcasting and requiring them to maintain their disguise as members of the Dwarrowdelf Gem and Precious Stone Mercantile.

There is a soft knock at the door. "Food!" Fuzzwort shouts. The door creaks open. "A gentleman to see you, sirs," a small voice announces. Falstaff notices that the pub, normally bustling at this time of the afternoon, is strangely quiet. "Wait a moment, then show our visitor in," he says. "And bring some food!" Fuzzwort calls out as the door quietly closes.

"Well, gentlemen, it looks like the game is afoot. What do we do?"

DMs Notes

Teufeldorf is a city in the grip of the most gruesome terror. The city is run by Grim, who lives behind an impenetrable wall of darkness where the castle once stood. The sun has not fallen on that island for almost two years, and all attempts to penetrate the darkness has failed. No living soul that has entered the castle has returned. But the worst part of the castle is the devil's clock, a single thin scream. It swells in intensity and pitch for about thirty seconds, ending in a gurgling yelp. Every hour of every day, it is the same. Sometimes the voices are men and sometimes women. The worst, of course, are the scream of the children.

The city is run nominally by the Council of the Stones, three weak-willed humans led by a man named Volorf, until recently the owner of a large brothel in the poor quarter. The council pays lip service to the rights of the people. To most, they are nicknamed the Council of Bones, as they are puppets for their undead master.

Each dawn finds a number of red cloth hearts tacked to the doors of the townsfolk, the mark of the Dearg-due. Scholars call them vampires or nazgul or vrykolakas, but their name means one thing: death. At dusk, the dearg-due stride triumphantly from the wall of darkness. Twenty-four of the bastards. Always the same number. Quickly, they move to their marks, violently dragging their victims into the darkness of the castle.

Life during the daylight hours is bearable, but the townsfolk live in the shadow of the hundreds of skeleton warriors that patrol the city. You cannot talk to them, reason with them, or predict when they will suddenly pull their swords and put you to death. Teufeldorf is not as much of a city as a breeding ground for human cattle. The undead are sucking the soul from the land. They must be stopped.

The party will travel under the guise of the Dwarrowdelf Gem and Precious Stone Mercantile. The company is led by its president, John Fellstone (Falstaff). With him, travel his current master gemcutter, the gnomish Tash Pyryte and the dwarven masters of mines, Durus. The three travel with two human guards, Immundus (Ernie) and Invictis (Vince) and a priest (Donner) of the Gemma a local goddess of gems.

The Storyline

Bone Ring Trap - see if we can get the sword away from U-Gene.
House of the Death - the party moves to the city to set up their base of operations. This is the residence of Tom Merryearth - find the lineage of the vampire lords
Chapel of Terror - where the party attempts to recover the Sol Bomb in order to raise the darkness for a few minutes. Find the mirror of the Void.
Meeting with Daveth Kenley - give the party clues to the entrance to the Chapel of St. Aidan. This gets them across to the island.
The Chapel of St. Aidan - give the party clues about the Valley of Cubes and the order of the Nazgul.
Valley of the Cubes - success will change the creatures going forth to get victims from Dearg-due to evil men. These can be disrupted, and the darkness will eventually fail. Otherwise, a full complement of Vampires is available to fight.
The Gallows - destroy this and the darkness goes away!
Grim's Stronghold - the main bulk of the adventure: seven buildings with fifty+ rooms of monsters and treasure.
Hastur's Rock - here the party must go through the Ceremony of Long Slumber to send Hastur to his sleep. This will break the Sword of the Elder Gods and end the campaign!
Elven Ships - arrival of Falstaff's father, Elven Wizard's council. News of attacks on the Western Empire by creatures from the Void.

Meeting with Daveth Kenley

Storming01 new.jpg

"A slight boy with black hair, black eyes, and white skin dressed in an oversized black cape enters the room. After the door is closed, he waits and few seconds and double-checks to make sure that nobody is listening."

Tells you of Tom Merryearth's death after he came down from the Rope Trick. The Dearg-due carried him off to be tortured. House of Death was closed by order of the council, searched. He met regularly with another member of the order of vampire hunters whose initials were EG. When he was marked, he told me of an entrance into the sewers, under the river, and to a secret research facility inside of Grim's stronghold.

In the common room of the pub are two figures.

"A man dressed in dark blue robes is drinking a beer and facing the private room where the party is staying. He is dark features with several day's growth on his face. Two large hell hounds are asleep at the end of a leash."

Kirith - a bounty hunter. Told that there was a price on your party.

"A blond-haired man dressed in tan robes with a walking stick. You remember seeing him around the pub before. He is eating a bowl of stew and drinking a beer. He is seated at the table furthest from the Hell Hounds."

Barclay - an accountant who is temporarily out of work since his master, the shipbuilder Wheeler, was taken by the dearg-due. He is afraid to return to the docks because of what happens, so he is staying at the pub (in Room 2).

Kirith is a ruse hired by Grim. Barclay is the real spy who will break his staff for a retributive strike and warning when the party enters Grim's castle.

Bartender Templeton will complain about the hell hounds frightening off his guests.

Chapel of St. Aidan

Storming02 new.jpg
Storming03 new.jpg

"The lone island of reality in the glittering bizareness that is Grim's fortress is the small chapel of St. Aidan. Even in the times of King Gregory, this simple church was an ancient site, probably dating from the Second Age. In front of the chapel, a single green tree stands shading the weathered shale roof."

The Chapel of St. Aidan has resisted the dark powers of the undead. In fact, the Cross of Life which sits on the altar of the chapel can be used as a very powerful ward against the undead. When the main church was built on the island for the castle (in order to service the large number of parishioners), it shared crypts with the older Chapel of St. Aidan. Entrance to Grim's stronghold can be gained via this protected subterrainian passageway.

"The chapel of St. Aidan is a simple structure, common of those few Second Age buildings which survive. The nave is a long stone hallway supported by pillars along it length. Simple wooden benches are arranged here. Stained glass windows showing St. Aidan fishing and tending sheep can be seen here. The transept has two small burial shrines with statues of a man and woman whose identity is long-forgotten. A set of stairs near the female statue lead down the the burial crypts that were built under the chapel. The altar is also a simple wooden affair with a wooden bowl, cup, and cross. Near the altar, a simple speaker's podium is situated. The apse has the largest stained glass of St. Aidan standing on a rock and building a church. The church has no interior rooms and would seat about forty at capacity."

The entrance to St. Aidan's is through an ancient sewer system long since abandoned. The sewer is very deep and actually runs under the river. The sewer narrows to several feet in spots, requiring the party to crawl on its hands and knees.

Room 1: Crossroads

"The total darkness of the tunnel, slippery footing, narrow confines, and steep slope make for treacherous going. The tunnel does widen at one point. Several tunnels lead from this crossroads."

This room is always guarded by three dearg-due. While they will not cross the river, two will attack any who enter. The third will use the SE tunnel as a way to warn the castle.

Elvin Goodmorn, a companion of Tom Merryearth, has been taken by the dearg-due. He is now a wight, and he will fight with the vampires. An examination of the body will show ink stains on his right index finger, a broken pair of reading glasses, and a clove of garlic in his pocket.

"Entering into the light causes a overwhelming feeling of good, peace, and contentment."

Room 2: Apse/Kitchen

"This room was obviously not designed to be a kitchen. A massive stained glass window occupied most of the northern wall. The image is that of a saint standing on a rock and building a church. It's construction is very old, probably dating from the Second Age. A tidy kitchen has been set up here. Several long tables have fresh vegetables. A barrel of ale is in the northeast corner, and a pot of stew is sitting in a cauldron over a still-warm fire. There is a set of doors in the south. Around the door is hung cloves of garlic. A number of crosses adorn the walls."

Room 3: Holding Room

"This converted transcept has an ancient statue of a man, possibly a king, dressed in ancient armor from the Second Age. Above him is a stained glass window of a saint fishing in a flowing blue stream. On either side, a temporary stone wall and iron gate have been erected. Two burial crypts have been turned into some sort of stone workbenches. The iron gates are closed and locked. Cloves of garlic have been strung along a thin rope and intertwined in the bars. A number of crosses have been put on the walls of this room. Both 'cells' seem to be empty."

Room 4: Study

"This room is a study of sorts created from the burial transcept of the old chapel. A statue of a smiling woman is well preserved despite a great age. Behind her, a stained glass window of the saint tending sheep can be seen. A large desk in the center of the room is scattered with papers, candles, and writing utensils. Two sleeping pallets have been constructed. Two doors lead to small rooms in the northeast and southwest corners of this room."

A set of keys hang from a nail underneath the desk.

The papers on the desk describe some sort of research on the nature of the Dearg-due, also known as the nazgul.

Apparently, the researchers, TM and EG, have been trying legendary vampiric treatments on a captive Dearg-due: garlic, salt, holy water, crosses, etc. Their notes do not show any success. One page describes a Dearg-due stronghold in the hills east of the city of Teufeldorf in the Valley of the Oracle. Another page has some sort of list of names.

TM- Don't forget your offering. -EG

At the far north end of the valley lies a small cave complex. It is high up on the mountain with the valley floor far below. Rumor holds that the cave contains the Oracle, an ancient device for divining the future. It is here in this grassy pocket between the mountains that Quicksilver has set up his camp. Our scouts have seen the Dearg-due at the cave. It is impossible to tell whether they guard the cave so that other cannot use it, or perhaps Quicksilver uses the Oracle to make his diabolical plans.

Storming04 new.jpg

Room 5: Burial Crypt

"An ancient set of weathered stone stairs lead down to a small hallway. On either side of the hallway are plaques set in the wall. They list the names and epitahs long deceased nobility. With age, the words have almost been worn away."

"Forty feet down the hallway, a snarling can be heard."

A number of wights are waiting just inside the utter darkness.

Room 6: The Altar

"The altar is also a simple wooden affair with a wooden bowl, cup, and cross. The cross radiates a very strong aura of good. Near the altar, a simple speaker's podium is situated. Four statues of ancient kings and priests are in the four corners of the room, weathered and smooth from age."

If the cross is moved, the magic will fade.

Room 7: The Nave

"Gutteral sounds come from the inky blackness that engulfs the southern end of the nave. Litter has been scattered about the northern end of the nave. A wooden choir loft is covered with dust and a statue of an elderly man with a large conical hat is in the corner of the room."

The dearg-due and several wights will invade if possible.

Valley of the Cubes

"As you crest the hill at the southern end of the valley, you are stunned by the sight that opens up before your eyes. The narrow valley, approximately a mile in length, is spotted with several score of the strange black cubes you saw in the ruinous courtyard of Teufeldorf Castle. Each is approximately 40 feet on an edge with one corner stuck into the ground, and the entire structure resting on that point. The grasslands and trees of the valley look shriveled and dying, and their is an overwhelming sense of evil coming from the cubes. At the far north end of the valley, you see a small cave complex. It is high up in the hills overlooking the valley floor beneath."

The Oracle

"You enter into a large cavern which seems to be comprised of a single room. Other than the entrance, there are three large white stone statues carved from the rock in the cave. Each is of a man, approximately 30 feet high wearing robes. The first wears a large crescent moon amulet , the second carries a book, and the third is wearing a crown of laurel leaves. In front of the statues is a large white stone table. It is empty."

"Placing an offering on the table you hear three voices speak:"

"We are the Oracle of the Three Gods. To men, we bring divine knowledge, although the wisdom to use that knowledge rests with you."

One of us is the Truthteller and always speaks the truth. One of us is the Liar and always tells lies. One of us is the Random Man and always answers "yes" or "no" randomly. Each of us knows who the others are.

"Our laws are simple. You many ask three yes/no questions. Each question may be asked only of one of us. Your fourth question will be your last, but it may be for any information that your heart desires."

"Your offering disappears."

Assuming that the party can figure out the yes/no questions, then they will ask which cube belongs to Quicksilver. The oracle will respond by placing the teleport symbols on the table. They will tell the party to press the symbol for Quicksilver (Mercury). However, each will give a different symbol to the party (representing the three gods): Truthteller, Liar, and Random Man. The scenario is II below:

Amulet - Truthteller (mercury) Book - Random Man (saturn) Crown - Liar (neptune)

Storming05 new.jpg

A Solution to the Oracle's puzzle

There are six possible scenarios. Let's call the first man A, the second man B, and the third man C. The six scenarios, then, are:

Follow these steps to determine which possibility listed above is correct:

Scenario A B C I Truthteller Liar Random Man II Truthteller Random Man Liar III Liar Truthteller Random Man IV Liar Random Man Truthteller V Random Man Truthteller Liar VI Random Man Liar Truthteller Ask A, "Is B more likely to tell the truth than C?" If yes, go to step 2. If no, go to step 5.

Ask C, "Are you the random man?" If yes, go to step 3. If no, go to step 4.

Ask C, "Is A the truthteller?" If yes, then scenario V is the case. If no, then scenario II is the case.

Ask C, "Is A the liar?" If yes, then scenario IV is the case. If no, then scenario VI is the case.

Ask B, "Are you the random man?" If yes, go to step 6. If no, go to step 7.

Ask B, "Is A the truthteller?" If yes, then scenario VI is the case. If no, then scenario I is the case.

Ask B, "Is A the liar?" If yes, then scenario III is the case. If no, then scenario V is the case. By following the steps above, you will only ever ask three questions in all, and the answers will determine the identities of the three men.

Quicksilver's Cube

Storming06 new.jpg

"A visual inspection from a distance does not reveal any seams in the building, although an overwhelming sense of evil eminated from the cube."

"This angular hallway has three doors in it, one on each of the long walls and one at the end. Each door has a strange runic puzzle carved on it with eight buttons which can be depressed. A black fire dances around each door, and the aura of evil is strong."

"This oddly shaped triangular room with sloped ceiling and floor is filled with loose earth which is broken and mixed with gold, bones, bits of cloth, and strange items. There is no furniture or any large items of note."

There are fourteen entrances to the cube. The eight corners, four mid-level edges, and a center entrance on the top and bottom. These allow access into the hallways of the cube.

The twelve rooms of the cube are where the twelve Lesser Nazgul live. The reason for their odd appearance is that the entire dungeon can actually be shrunk down to a small cube about two inches on a side. This is carried in the pocket of the Greater Nazgul (Vampire Lord), Quicksilver, to be cast down when needed.

The Lesser Nazgul are required to rest here to regain hit points and mana. They are able to move between the rooms with great speed, although there are rarely more than a few in the cube at any one time.

Missing a glyph will cause either 80 hp of damage or 50 mana lost, depending on class.


Random Encounters in the Valley of the Cube

Werewolves Bats Lesser Nazgul

The Well of the Warden

"Near the castle is a small square of buildings used to house the City Wardens, a benevelent order of men and women that go about the town working for charity and performing acts of kindness for the poor. The order was abolished with the arrival of Grim, although the houses are still used by some of their former occupants."

"Rumor holds that one of the Wardens, a young woman named Zoe Pureheart, was marked by the Dearg-due. A week later, it was rumored that the devil's clock did not sound. In addition, a faint flickering of starlight came through the inky darkness around the castle during that hour. A lone drunk reported seeing the ethereal spirit of Zoe fly into the square, circling it as if lost. Then, she plunged into the well."

"For a few days, the people of Teufeldorf flocked to the Well of the Warden to make wishes and offer prayers to Zoe. Shortly thereafter, Grim dispatched a squadron of wights and ghouls to guard the well. Although they stay a respectable distance away, the wights and ghouls chase away any who try to approach."

The well has been cursed. If the party enters, they will encounter a magical seal about 10 feet down the well. This is actually an En-Cor Trap - all hits go to victim, solve to break the curse!

Zoe will tell them of the Gallows, but she will not leave the well.

When the ring of death is tumbled down, Darkness lifts its mournful frown, My body rests in hallowed ground, And curse and ghost will not be found.

After the Valley

After the party returns from the Valley of Cubes, it is likely that the nazgul will be destroyed. This will be reflected by news getting to the party that the nightly "gathering" is being made by wights. If the wights are disrupted, the supply of humans will get short and the darkness will start to shimmer.

The Gallows

"Near the bridge crossing the river to the city, a circle of black stone has been erected on a pedestal of gold. Hanging suspended in the air is the corpse of a young man, deathly white and obviously newly-departed from this world. The black stone flickers with a eerie purple light which traces itself around a number of runes carved into the gallows strange surface."

Grim's Stronghold

"The small rocky island that once housed the great Teufeldorf Castle, the proud seat of power of the Paladin King Gregory has been radically transformed. The center of the island is dominated by a massive golden pyramid, several hundred feet tall. Gone are the towers, spires, and graceful arches that once dominated the skyline of the greatest city in the Reaches. From the central large pyramid, arms of golden stone snake out, covering what was once the outlying buildings of the castle. These buildings are now covered in gold, looking more like the bulges of rats caught in stomach of a snake. Where the island is not covered in gold, it has been charred black. No plants or vegitation can be seen anywhere."

There is close to 500,000 gp worth of gilding (shielding) on the pyramid. This is the treasure!

Wall of blackness is kept in place by the sacrifice of human blood. Twenty-four dearg-due are sent out each night to gather prisoners. These are taken to the prison for one night. This gives the castle one night's protection from a shortfall. The sacrifices are made every hour (thus 24) in the old public square, now called the Gallows.

"From the wall of darkness that was Teufeldorf Castle, a single thin scream can be heard. It swells in intensity and pitch for about thirty seconds, ending in a gurgling yelp. Every hour of every day, it is the same. Sometimes the voices are men and sometimes women. The worst, of course, are the scream of the children."

The party will be able to triangulate on the screams to get a rough idea of where they occur.

Dearg-due. A dreaded creature of Ireland, whose name means "Red Blood Sucker." An ancient vampire that dates back to celtic times, it is still feared. The only way to curb its predations is to pile stones upon any grave suspected of housing such a beast. The most famous tale of the Dearg-due is the story of a beautiful woman supposedly buried in Waterford, in a small church yard near Strongbows Tree. Several times a year she rises from her grave, using her stunning apperance to lure man to there doom.

Grim's Stronghold has the following areas:

Pyramid Smithy Black Altar Treasury Bone Shop Ambassador's Quarters Laboratory - making the Inferno (creatures that can burn down forests)

Room 1: Central Pyramid

Storming07 new.jpg

"The interior of Grim's Pyramid is a gigantic room centered around a single throne on the lowest level. The walls of this room are the blackest stone, a dull obsidian which is rough and cold to the touch. The air in the pyramid is thick and foul, like the moist breath of a warrior gasping for his final time. Despite being a vast space filled with creatures, there is very little sound here and the occupants move silently about their tasks. Three levels of balconies overlook the central room. On the throne sits a cloaked figure. Supplicants come continously to the figure, giving their reports, getting new orders, bowing, and quickly moving away. Surrounding the throne, several dozen minions sit on the floor waiting to be summoned into service."

If the party has lost the Sword of the Elder Gods, then Grim will be sitting on the throne. Otherwise, the throne will be occupied by Shallowgrave, a liche priest in service to Grim.

Sword of Famine and Plague Ring of Teleportation

Need Shallowgrave's Name Might know if Shallowgrave is really there (Quicksilver's secret) Ivory key, bone key, silver key, gold key, copper key, crystal key.

Room 2: Smithy

Storming08 new.jpg

"This room is filled with the acrid smoke of three large furnaces along the northern wall. Their heat is immense while their light is dim. Three anvils are arranged near the furnaces. Several dwarves are working on forging iron weapons here. They are thin and in very poor health. However, the sound of their hammering can be heard from nearby rooms. Three long tables are piled with bars of metal and unfinished blades."

There are always several wights here guarding the room. They typically hide in the shadows.

Room 3: Prison

"A long narrow hallway has been separated into a makeshift prison by the addition of a heavy iron portculis. Inside, a four dwarves sleep on makeshift pallets of straw and blankets. The dwarves are thin and look badly treated."

A small barred door will allow the dwarves trapped within to crawl out.

Room 4: Storage

"This room is filled with barrels of dried fish, some rancid water, and uncooked meat of questionable quality. The room is in bad order with two exits."

Room 5: Secret Entrance

"This room serves as a common room. A small round table with six chairs is pushed up under a dim light source in the northeastern corner. There are several exits to this room. A trail of blood leads to the southwest, and a trail of black soot leads to the south."

There are always several wights and typically the master Dearg-due here. The Dearg-due will have the key to the prison.

Room 6: Sword Room

"This room has four long wooden racks filled with swords and daggers. Most are hastily made, but serviceable in quality. You would estimate that there are approximately 300 weapons piled in this room."

Periodically, these are taken to the main pyramid when new troops are ready.

Room 7: Leathershop

"This room smells strongly of rancid meat. At the far southern end, a dim light illuminates a workbench over which a dwarf is huddled, wrapping a leather grip on the hilt of a newly-made sword. Near the door, a two large piles of metal bars have been piled. A number of hides are curing on the western wall of the room."

There is always a wight in here lurking in the shadows.

Room 8: Coal Bin

"This plain room is filled with piles of black coal reaching almost to the ceiling. Several shovels and a number of large buckets are piled near the northern end of this room."

Room 9: Quicksilver

Storming09 new.jpg

"This room is completely dark. A pool of silvery liquid lies on the floor, and there are bones piled all around. The walls have a number of ribs that extend from the floor arching across the width of the room. Four wights around the pool are thowing bones into the pool."

"Every few minutes a skeleton rises from the pool, its bones made of a dull gray metal. The eyes of these skeletons glow red as they quickly move into the next room."

Room 10: Ranks of Bones

"This room has a similar architecture to the previous one. Ranks of metal skeletons face towards the next room."

The skeletons will attack if the room is entered or commanded to by the demon.

Room 11: Demon of Animation

"A hexagonal dias fills the center of this room with steps leading up to a very large statue of the two-horned demon. The eyes of the demon glow in a dark burgundy light. Four braziers also glow with the same eerie burgundy light."

When the next room fills with Bone soldiers, the statue will come to life. It will begin a chant that lasts for approximately 5 rounds. During this time, it will be succeptable to damage, etc. If it completes the ceremony, the skeletons will animate and march from the room towards the pyramid.

Room 12: Treasury

Storming10 new.jpg

"A long hallway has sealed portals, each with a keyhole in the center. The doors crackle with blue and red flames. Etched on each door is a phrase:"

a: Tower for a cold queen
b: Death for the donor;
c: Tickled by a master;
d: Wealthy is the owner.

By inserting the ivory key into the doors will open them. Any other key will cause the runes to fire.

a: Helmet of Illusion +2; Plate Mail +3
b: Crown of the Ranger King; Boots of Striding
c: Potion of Flying; Ring of Regenerations
d: Wand of Lightning; Rope of Climbing; Potion of Speed

Room 13: Altar of Few

"This room is completely sealed, and an overwhelming sense of good comes over anyone who enters here. The room has a set of hexagonal steps leading up to a statue of a man dressed in robes, one hand held up to the heavens. The man has long flowing hair, and a stern contenance. Blue fire crackles around outstretched hand."

Good characters who enter here are protected. Evil characters will be constantly bombarded by lightning.

A small drawer at the base of the statue is warded by the following puzzle which is spoken by the statue of Few if opened.

What is it you break even as you name it?

Silence. This will open the drawer revealing three Potions of Grave Healing and three Potions of Mana.

Room 14: Bone Giant Lair

"Two large doors are made of iron and sealed by a large iron bar crossed over the entrance. The sounds of very large creatures can be heard here."

Each room contains several bone giants.

Room 15: Graveyard

"Stone steps lead down to an earthen floor. The archways leading into this room are obviously exits from an older structure. A number of open graves are dug up in the middle of the room. Tombstones have been piled up along the south and east walls. Four crypts have been looted in the western part of the room. There are a number of wights here moving bones from the most southeasterly crypt into the northern room."

Room 16: Crypts

"Small earthen tunnels catacomb beneath the ground, like a grisly mine for bones and remains. The walls are lined with plundered tombs."

Room 17: Zombie Dragon's Lair

"A massive dragon sits quietly in the south of this room. There is a large secret door in the western wall. The stone in the room ends near the northern end of the room, turning to earth. Several passages lead from this room."

Room 18: Priest's Coffins

"This small room has three simple wooden boxes on an earthen floor. There is a strong smell of decay in the room."

This is the sleeping rooms for the three nazgul priests that run the bone shop.

Room 19: Shrine

"This room is mostly filled with refuse, broken stone columns, rotting barrels, and the like. In the center of the room is a marble tomb of a king dressed in leather armor wearing an ancient crown of woven branches."

There is an inscription on the tomb listing the occupant as Woodward Oakenshield, Ranger King of the Wilderlands. The date is from the early Third Age of Man.

Room 20: Storeroom

"This room is filled with large barrels of stale (unholy) water. Many of the barrels are sealed, but an open barrel with a cup sits near the doorway."

It will cause 1d6 points of damage to any good character that touches it.

Rooms 21-38: Prisons

Storming11 new.jpg

"These cells are simple stone affairs with heavy iron bars. The bars flicker with a blue black light."

This is where the townsfolk are brought. Tom Merryearth is in cell 6. Also of note are several elven emissaries (who arrived in advance of the arrival of the Host of the Radiant Dawn). They are in cell 11. They will give Falstaff the following missive.

By the will of the Elven Nation, Long before the Reaches were born, there existed the balance of the Elder Gods. Within this order, the stoic Hastur played his role in the shaping of the land. Even the dwarves digging deep under the mountains invoked the Stone God's name before putting pick to soil. Now, Hastur has been enraged urged on by his sons reborn from the destruction of the Netherworld. It is imperative that Hastur is not slain the Sword of the Elder Gods. Instead, a cleric of the highest merits and strongest constitution bring forward the Ceremony of the Long Slumber. First, Hastur must be summoned. Then, he must be compelled to listen to the Ceremony. You must protect this meeting, for no outside voice can speak for its half hour duration. After this, Hastur will be stilled, slipping quietly into his stony home. While the earth may rumble, his soul will be at rest. Dispose of Grim as well you may. May the blessings of Gaia follow your path.

The note goes on to give the details of a 9th level Ceremony of Long Slumber. This is a cleric incantation which requires absolute silence and concentration.

Rooms 39-40: Guard Rooms

"These simple rooms are more like alcoves with a number of tables and chairs scattered around. Each room has a number of skeleton warriors and ghouls on guard."

A lich runs the prison level. He has keys for all the rooms except Room 21 and the inner Room 22.

Room 41: Treasure Vault

"This room is a simple stone vault. On a pedestal in the center of the room is a blue/black dome of flickering light. There is a strange diagram on the side of the pedestal. The light guards a crystal skull of perfect reflection. A sword may also be found here."

A disembodied voice will challenge the party: Storming13 new.jpg

By your command my undead king,
Our souls have sealed this deadly dare,
The symbol of power can be dispelled,
By simply counting the number of squares.

The proper answer is, of course, 27.

The skull will reflect the time and manner of a person's death (if it will occur in the next twenty-four hours). It is a relic from a forgotten age. The sword is the Sword of the Elder Gods.

Room 42: High Security Prison

"This room has a double set of bars. In addition, the occupant is chained to the wall."

The inner lock is different than the outer one and cannot be opened by the lich's key. There are a number of potential prisoners. Or maybe a fake prisoner will be here.

Room 43: Fell Bats

"This room is more of a ledge without stairs or entrances. The area is almost toxic with the smell of feces. A large number of fell bats can typically be found here. "

This is where the fell bats return to bring their master news of outside world.

They enter and leave by flying through the main entrance (like bats leaving a cave).

Room 44: Entrance

Storming12 new.jpg

"A gold naga sits in the center of this room, watching the three entrances. There are four statues in four niches along the walls and several hallways lead from this room."

Room 45: Guard Room

"This room is guarded by two portculises in the north and south."

There are always a number of wights in this room.

Room 46: Meeting Room

"This room is guilded in gold with a gleaming white marble table in the center. Ornate chairs and a mahogany sidebar and table seem strangely out of place here."

There is a secret door in the southeast corner of this room.

Room 47: Kitchen

"Several cooking pots and a simple table with knives and bowls are strewn about. This rudimentary kitchen seems designed to create simple meals of stew and bread."

Room 48: Common Room

"This room is comfortably appointed with simple rugs on the floor and a large table in the center with a number of chairs around it. Several doors lead from the room. Four pillars of white marble support a ceiling that has been guilded with a gold leaf."

Room 49: Sleeping Quarters

"This room has two rows of simple beds pushed up along either wall. Several long curtains have been hung to afford some privicy to the sleepers. A door in the northeastern corner leads to a privy."

Room 50: Bedroom

"This room has a fine feather bed made of a black ironwood. Several nice tables and a chest are in this room. Several throw rugs and tapestries are worn but of fine quality."

Room 51: Bedroom

"This room has a fine feather bed made of a black ironwood. Several nice tables and a chest are in this room. Several throw rugs and tapestries are worn but of fine quality."

Room 52: Common Room

"This room is comfortably appointed with simple rugs on the floor and a large table in the center with a number of chairs around it. Several doors lead from the room. Four pillars of white marble support a ceiling that has been guilded with a gold leaf."

Room 53: Servant's Quarters

"These rooms have long rows of straw mats pushed up against the far walls."

Room 54: Laboratory

"This odd room is very large. A number of workbenches are filled with vials of liquid of many colors, strange glassware, oil lamps, etc. A very large pile of blackened wood is in the northeast corner of the room. A large fire pit in the eastern end is ringed with blackened stones. A column of fire rises from the pit. A single tree in the southern end of the room has been recently cut and brought into the room."

Room 55: The Inferno

"The outer door of this room is made of stone and is warm to the touch."

"The inner door of this room is also made of stone and it is hot to the touch."

"The inner room is blistering hot and filled with several flaming entities (Blazing Effigies)."

They will move to attack. They are being created to burn the forests.