Tegel Manor

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Tegel Manor
Type Dungeon
Status Explored October 889 TA
Location Tegel Village
Hex 7208
Campaign Return to Tegel Manor
Adventure # 104

History of the Manor House

Tegel Village lies at the far north end of an old merchant road, now hardly more than a path through the darkened hardwoods of Dreadwood Forest. Situated on the rocky coast of the Inner Sea, the village is swept with terrible storms in the harsh northern winters, although the weather is quite temperate in the warmer months, allowing local farmers to grow enough crops to sustain the village.

The village serves mostly as a market for the local farms and fishermen and protection from roving bands of Orcs of the Bloody Claw. Once each year in late October, an armed merchant caravan arrives in town on its last stop of the season. Bringing much-needed supplies of wine, whisky, and books, the caravan also supplies the inhabitants of Tegel Village with news from the outside world. In return, the village supplies its most important export, winterweed. All the local farmland not needed for growing food for the village is dedicated to growing that particular type of smoke weed that only thrives in the dark soils of this area. Large pots of the dried tobacco will undertake the two hundred mile journey south to Haggelthorn, where it will be exported throughout the Reaches with prices in far distant lands reaching exorbitant amounts.

Founded early during the merchant expansions of the Eastern Reaches in the mid-sixth century of the Third Age, Tegel Village was not always known for winterweed. Originally, the fortunes of the founding father, Sir Rumpole Rump, were built on the discovery of mithral in the area and the opening of The Mines. A few dwarven miners were brought in from Balinshold across the Inner Sea to supervise the operations, but a majority of the work was done by human and orcish laborers, both free and slaves. Overnight, Tegel Village sprang up, a ramshackle collection of wooden buildings and huts. Over time, these were replaced with a few stone buildings circling a proper town square.

While the villagers mostly suffered in hard labor, the Rumps enjoyed fantastic wealth accumulated in a very short time. In the months following the opening of The Mines, Rumpole Rump began construction on his magnificent new hall, high on a bluff overlooking the sea. Tegel Manor was spared no expense and subsequent generations have added buildings and created a rambling mansion which may be rivaled only by Henrick Haggelthorn’s ancient manse far to the south. It is rumored that Tegel Manor is still under a powerful protection charm that keeps away the ravages of time and human occupation, including a special fire-resistance for the manor’s timbers. But, as quickly as the mithral was found, the mines played out. Only ten years after the initial discovery, the last major shipment of ore left heading east to the dwarven forges across the sea.

Rumpole was devastated, and he pushed his crews to continue to dig. Rumors hold that he pushed them too hard. One tells of the discovery in the deepest mine of an evil warren which, when the seal was broken, loosed an undead curse upon the area causing all who died within the village to return as ghosts. Another speaks of a great collapse, caused by shoddy, rushed construction. Twenty miners somehow survived that accident, and, following mysterious sounds from their dead comrades - the tommyknockers, the miners miraculously escaped eventually making their way to the surface. They promptly left town, and The Mines were closed.

But the wealth of the Rumps was vast, and it sustained Tegel Village over the last three hundred years. Eventually, the discovery of winterweed brought a decent living to the descendants of those original miners. The hereditary owners of the Rump fortunes, however, have been amiss in their traditional duty of providing protection for the village. Some have said that this failing and their bizarre eccentricities have led to their corruption. Many have found the manor and area around it to be a dangerous place to visit. The manor is currently owned by Sir Runic Rump, Thirteenth Lord of Tegel Manor, and a paladin of questionable merit.

Apart from the single merchant caravan, there are almost no visitors to Tegel Village. Its remote location and the likelihood of attack by orcs keep the town isolated. A periodic fishing boat or wandering fur trapper are about the extent of outsiders coming to the village. Periodic raids by orcs are fairly common and keep the locals wary and alert. Additionally, the town has no stables nor horses. An orc raid almost ten years ago burned down the local stable, killing most of the horses. The farm horses were targeted in later raids and attempts to bring more animals in via the caravan have failed. Highland cows are used to pull plows and perform heavy hauling and drafting of weed wagons into Tegel Village.

In October and November 888 TA, evil swept this area - killing Rumpole Rump, the thirteenth Lord of Tegel Manor. The adventures are chronicled in the Registry by Ronic Rump, now the fourteenth Lord of Tegel Manor, and the sole surviving heir. An Adventure Script also survived.

Tegel Manor Timeline

599 TA

  • A Rooms – Rumpole Rump (1)
  • G Rooms – Lady Rubienna Rump (1)
  • D Rooms – Radu Rumpula (1)

632 TA

  • Playroom - Roderick the Righeous (2)
  • B Rooms – Roderick the Righteous – a little bit less grim (2)
  • M Rooms – Roderick the Righeous (2)

652 TA

  • C Rooms – Rinbak the Rick (3) – burned (by Ransack Roscoe in 686 TA) and rebuilt by Sir Ritark Rump the Rat-Hearted (700 TA) (5)
  • E Rooms – Rinbak the Rich (3) - remodeled by Sir Runic Rump – now in the hermitage
  • F Rooms – Rinbak the Rich (3)

682 TA

  • H Rooms – Sir Rankling Rump – burned (by Ransack Roscoe in 688 TA) and rebuilt by Ritzy Rutorn Rump – party girl (738 TA) (7)
  • Ransack Roscoe the firebug started both the great manor fires in 686 and 688 burning areas C and H respectively. He was killed in the last fire.
  • I Rooms – Sir Rankling Rump – traveler (4)
  • J Roooms – Sir Rankling Rump (4)
  • K Rooms – Sir Rankling Rump (4)

700 TA

  • East Wing – Sir Ritark the Rat-Hearted for his wife Riven Reflective ??? (5)

755 TA

  • Brother’s Tower – Rabury the Recluse (7)

786 TA

  • L Rooms – Ridwick of the Relic (8)
  • Wizards Tower – Ridwick of the Relic (8)
  • Built during the reign of the baby Reveler Rotchar who took over when Rambling Ragnirak died.

686 TA

  • Racy Rawley married Ransack Roscoe. The former was a true romantic and loved the house and history of the Manor. Her husband was very unbalanced and actually grew jealous of his bride’s love of the house. He burned the C section of the house in 686 to get Racy to pay attention to him.

687 TA

  • A minor blaze set in the Corner Gallery did not do any significant damage, but it made a few of the paintings mad.

688 TA

  • Ransack Roscoe again tried to burn down the Manor, this time destroying the H section. This time the house rebelled and killed him. Afterwards, Racy moved to the oldest section of the Manor, spending most of her free time in the Grand Dining Room with her ladies. For the next three years, she also “collected” men from the village and other male Rumps, creating the little black book that can still be fournd in A4.

700 TA

  • Ritark Rump the Rat-Hearted returned from military service and decided to rebuild the C Rooms that had been destroyed 14 years earlier in Ransack Roscoe’s burning binge. He brought a decidedly military flavor to the manor reflecting a soldier’s life.

755 TA

  • Rambling Ragnirak talked his uncle Radbury the Recluse into remodeling a suite of rooms (A19-A22) for his use. Rambling was known as the Master of the Hunt and would have wild parties in the room. In later years, he befriended his nephsew, Ribbonsor, later known as the Rider, as his protégé. This spurred Radbury into building the Brother’s Tower in the same year.

785 TA

  • Rambling Ragnirak died leaving the estate to Reveler Rotchar (then two years old). The Rump family was thrown into a power struggle to see who could win the boy’s favor.

786 TA

  • Rehian the Remorseless, a scientist, took over the southern end of the B rooms (B12-B16) for his experiments with frogs.

Present Day

  • Orcs have tried to get into the house and remains can be found in B8-10 and B19, C15.

The Rump Family

There have been thirteen generations of the Rump family to live in the Manor House. While never prolific, the current family has only three living members: Runic Rump, a paladin of questionable virtue; Ruang the Ripper; and Roughneck Rump. The latter two Rumps are highwaymen and represent the "evil" side of the family tree.

Rump Family Tree.jpg

The Rump Family Portraits

It is a long-standing tradition that the Rumps have a portrait painted and hung within the walls of the Manor. An odd tradition, but one that has been handed down through thirteen generations of Rumps. Many of these paintings have a life of their own which reflect the odd tastes and peculiarities of their subjects.

Rump Family Portraits.jpg
Portrait Name Notes
1 Sir Rumpole Rump Paladin
2 Reckless Rory Haunts U3-27, Pic - Reckless Bravery 2-12t
3 Rialto the Riffraff Zombie 2,8,14 Pic - Infects Viewer with Lice 4 – 24
4 Ranting Rex Haunts C12, Skeleton; Pic - Causes Viewer to Talk in Screams for 2 - 1 2t
5 Rambling Ragnirak Pic - - Pivots to Room Behind
6 Rustrum the Rabid Haunts E5, Mummy; Pic - Causes Viewer to Foam at the Mouth
7 Rank Rumpula Haunts E14 Vampire; Pic - Warns of Werewolves
8 Rae the Rancid Wraith 4, 3, 9 Pic - Causes Nausea 1-8t
9 Raps Redaxe Pic - Offers +2 Axe for the Body of Runic Rump
10 Raw Ribby Pic - Question - Answer +/-1 CON
11 Radif the Reprobate
12 Racy Rawley Haunts A4, Spectre; Pic - Offers Treasure Trove to Race Winner from One End of Master Gallery to the Other
13 Ronahr the Repellent Pic - Compliment Gets Teleport to Library
14 Rackstor the Rash Pic - Rash on Liars
15 Rapid Rithiena Pic - Teleports to E12
16 Retakang Regelot
17 Raving Rindat
18 Rigat the Rabble Rouser Giant; Pic - Offers Viewer 1 GP if He Will Strike His Companion
19 Reot of Raging River
20 Rascal Rowing
21 Reptilakis Rump Pic - Teleports Viewer to Crying Hall
22 Rancorous Rimy
23 Racketeer Retok
24 Rummy Rory Pic - Causes Drunkenness in Viewer
25 Raucous Randel
26 Ranting Redurn
27 Sir Ritark Rat-Hearted Haunts H15 - Horseman; Offers to Teleport Viewer to Spectral Staircase to Prove Their Bravery
28 Rocci the Rogue Haunts EW5 - Painter
29 Rinsel the Ravishing Pic - Raises CHAR + 1 or – 1 Depending on Reaction
30 Retreat Rumplast
31 Reydd the Razor Pic - Map to Dl
32 Ricienna the Ravenous
33 Ready Rhydreg PROB 30% of +1 DEX
34 Risque Roschar
35 Rosienna Romancer Haunts U4-40, Teleports Viewer to B14
36 Reipsik the Rapt Pic - +1 W if Neutral
37 Rozet the Cerebral Pic - Levitates 2-8r
38 Radaw the Rebel
39 Rasping Rashuak PROB 10% of Hoarseness
40 Rushrat the Rainmaker Pic - Miniature Raincloud 2-12t
41 Relang the Racker
42 Rumpus Rundel the Rover Pic - Itching Feet 2-12t
43 Radiant Rivona Haunts the Inner Court, Statue; Pic - Casts Charm
44 Rorkad the Rare Pic - "Beware the Great Hall."
45 Radical Roman Pic - Eyes Follow Viewers
46 Count Radu Rumpula Haunts D5 - Vampire – has backup coffin the Barrows - Pic - Drop Everything Carried
47 Sir Rankling Pic - Answers Question 1/Day
48 Raging Raktor Pic - Enrages Viewer 2-8r
49 Raphod the Reaper Pic - Scythe 1 - 4
50 Roparoc the Raider Haunts M12 - Library Wolf Keep – Wizard
51 Rebounding Rehdahl Pic - PROB 20% Teleport to C2
52 Ramatec Rumpula
53 Roderik the Righteous Pic - Lawful Viewer Enraged
54 Ransack Rosco
55 Radded Rufus Pic - PROB 30% of Ripped Sack
56 Rarin the Rearguard Pic - PROB 20% of Panic
57 Rattlepate Remalda Pic - PROB 20% of Rattling Voice
58 Reldor the Ransomer
59 Railler Rolandil
60 Rodip the Rationalist Pic - PROB 40%
61 Rahad the Random
62 Ricochet Remnar
63 Rellah the Rebuker Pic - Shock 1-3 Pips
64 Rembard the Rake
65 Rongo the Router Pic - Paralyze if Touched
66 Rigorn the Recruit
67 Rebut Roridok
68 Runa the Reviver Pic - PROB 15% Resurrection Spell
69 Ryth the Recanter
70 Retort Rowantor
71 Reciting Ralfrid Pic - PROB 30% of Poem
72 Rufienna the Reckless
73 Rabury the Recluse Haunts the Brother’s Tower – Fifth Floor - Ghoul/Ghast - Pic - Shouts, "Go Away!"
74 Regenerating Rhonda
75 Reeling Rihorn Pic - Spins Viewer Around
76 Rigormortis Rumpula Pic - PROB 26% of -3 DEX 8t
77 Rozetta Rumpula Haunts A18 - Ghoul
78 Lady Rubienna Rump-Rumpula Haunts G6 - Vampire; Pic - PROB 5%/LVL Teleport to Fl
79 Rhian the Remorseless Haunts B18 - Statue
80 Riven the Reflective Pic - Crystal Potion of ESP
81 Reveler Rotchar Pic - Laughs at Viewer
82 Ruang the Ripper
83 Rabrial the Relentless
84 Rudlong the Revenger Pic - Forewarns of Next Encounter
85 Ridwick of the Relic Haunts L6 - Lich; Pic - Moans "Come to the Wizard's Tower"
86 Resplendent Ramona Pic - PROB 67% Blind 3-18r
87 Sir Runic Rump
88 Rinbak the Rich Pic - PROB 40% of Bribe
89 Ribbonsor the Rider Pic - PROB 10% of Polymorph to Horse
90 Restless Ralome Pic - PROB 15% of Stun 1-6r
91 Rickety Ridmand Pic - Knocks Heim off of Non-Viewer
92 Rourdan the Repressor
93 Riddles Rellwood Haunts U4-47 Pic - Ask Riddle Gives 2-12 GP
94 Revlidor the Renowned
95 Ritzy Rutorn Haunts EW8
96 Roughneck Rump the Rotund Pic - Shouts "Stand and Deliver!"
97 Redbud Rump Pic - Invites Viewer to Her Place
98 Raol the Reformer Haunts U2-20
99 Renorak Rump Haunts U2-14
100 Ramshackle Riparian Pic - Offers to Serve writ of Habeas Corpus When Needed

The Rump Curse

In 808 TA, a great party was planned at Tegel Manor with all the Rumps expected to be in attendance. However, something went wrong. The party was sabotaged by two “evil” Rumps. They had made a bargain with an evil spirit to give up all of the good souls (the unbelievers) in exchange for the wealth of Tegel Manor. But one Rump was missing (in town whoring, no doubt), so the pact was void. The evil Rumps are still alive but cursed. They hunt the last good Rump - Runic - in order to complete their bargain.

Breaking the curse requires:

  • All the “glowing gravestones” in Tegel cemetery be turned off by laying the spirits at rest.
  • Any spirits that were brought to unrest must be “fixed”.
  • Ruang Rump and Roughneck Rump be killed. Thus ending the evil Rump side of the tree.

The Unsettled Rumps

The following Rumps are “unsettled”. Their locations are noted below.

Location Portrait Name Form
A4 12 Racy Rawley Spectre
A18 77 Rozetta Rumpula Ghoul
Brother’s Tower Fifth Floor 73 Rabury the Recluse Ghoul/Ghast
B18 79 Rhian the Remorseless Statue
C12 4 Ranting Rex Skeleton
D5 46 Count Radu Rumpula Vampire – has backup coffin the Barrows
E5 6 Rustrum the Rabid Mummy
E14 7 Rank Rumpula Vampire
G1 XXX Vampire – treasure in D8
G6 78 Lady Rubienna Vampire
Inner Court 43 Radiant Rivona Statue
H15 27 Sir Ritark Rat-Hearted Horseman
EW5 28 Rocci the Rogue Painter
EW8 95 Ritzy Rutorn
L6 85 Ridwick of the Relic Lich
M12 50 Roparoc the Raider Library Wolf Keep – Wizard
U2-14 99 Renorak Rump
U2-20 98 Raol the Reformer
U3-27 2 Reckless Rory
U4-40 35 Rosienna Romancer
U4-47 93 Riddles Rellwood

The Rambling Rooms of Tegel Manor

Map-tegel manor.jpg

Having taken the winding road from the village, you emerge from the scraggly wood surrounding Manor Hill to find yourself at the main entry to Tegel Manor. The high-arched portal grants entry to the oldest, original part of the structure, sturdily built of rough dressed stone, cold, dank and uninviting.

A Rooms

Room Al: The Master Foyer

(50'x70'x40'H): The vast chamber which greets the characters is chill and gloomy, its dimness scarcely relieved by braziers spaced along the wall every 20 feet. Twin rows of columns, like great stone trees, recede into the darkness overhead. Family portraits line the walls. Side passages to left and right give entrance to hallways beyond.

As soon as the party enters the room, an initiative is rolled as a ghost appears in the center of the room. The ghost is of an elderly man with flowing long white hair. His head tilted back, he looks down his nose at the party. The spirit of Bertalan the Butler, original chief steward to Sir Rumpole, suddenly appears, looming menacingly in the center of the chamber --then politely asks if he make take the party's cloaks, hats, etc. If refused, he vanishes through the wall with a great display of indignity. If attacked, he simply disappears. Riotous laughter suddenly bursts forth from the doorway at the far end of the foyer. When opened, three moldering corpses fall backward into the foyer!

Room A2: The Great Hall

(150'x110'x40'H): The Great Hall of Tegel Manor is ablaze with light from great candled chandeliers hanging from the cavernous ceiling, and ornate candelabra mounted along the walls. Moldering tapestries and four portraits decorate the walls. Here and there, rat holes have come through the floor. Two fireplaces face one another across the room and the east wall is entirely covered by a grand tapestry depicting the noble exploits of Sir Rumpole. Of more immediate concern are the two great banquet tables stretching down the hall. Gathered at one end of these are 12 skeletons interrupted seemingly in mid-revel over the moldering feast spread here.

The skeletons will react immediately to being disturbed, trying to force party members to join their grisly celebration. There are 30 silver goblets worth 12 gp on the banquet tables-and a huge silver-chased halberd worth 60 gp resembling the one with which Sir Rumpole is pictured, hung above the mantle on the south wall.

  • A false door in the south wall leads nowhere.
  • The rat hole and others like them in other rooms lead to a labyrinth of passages (see the Rat Tunnels).
  • The southern fireplace masks a two-way secret passage to a hidden staircase to Dungeon Level 2, Room 18. It also leads to a secret room (see below).
  • Along the western wall is a secret one-way teleport "gateway" to Dungeon Level 1, Room 2.
  • The tapestry is hiding a two-way secret passage out into the enclosed Courtyard, and a trapped passageway to another two-way passage--G3 is beyond that one. Spear Trap: CR 2; mechanical; location trigger; manual reset; Atk spear + 12 ranged (ld8, spear); Search (DC 20); Disable Device (DC 20).

Room A3: Bedroom

(40'x30'x40'H): This once-richly appointed chamber was evidently intended as a handy place to sleep off the effects of too much revelry. The skeletal remains found here may be deceased merrymakers. There is a faint, flute-like music that is gently echoing in this chamber.

A nest of stirges is in the cozy darkness high above. The faint, flute-like music is their piping song.

One of the crumpled forms lounging amid the cushions and furs that cover this room's stone floor lies atop a sword still in it scabbard with several white pearls inlayed in the pommel worth some 120 gp.

The adjacent chamber, properly appointed with bedroom furnishings more suited to lordly recuperation, has massive oaken doors that let onto the Footsteps Hall, and a smaller door letting out into the Mumbling Hall.

Room A4: Grand Dining Room

(50'x70'x40'H): This room is lavishly appointed with fine silver and rich tapestries, but dimly lit by candles upon the great table in the center of the room. You see sixteen ghosts, obviously high-born ladies who have retired from the rowdiness of the Great Hall, seated at a phantom feast.

These sedate souls rapidly fade from view when interrupted at their table, except for a Spectre (Racy Rawley) seated at the head of the table. What at first seemed a beautiful noble-woman becomes a ghastly fiend as it throws itself at the nearest party member. When the Spectre is dispatched, the finery of the room dulls to moldering hangings, rotting wood, and nary a sign of a dish or goblet beneath the dust and cobwebs. However, there is an iron-bound chest hidden in the hearth with a small amethyst worth 600 gp, a small black book filled with men’s names with stars next to them, and 50 gold pieces. Racy’s book must be buried in her grave to keep her from returning.

Listening at the door, you hear the sounds of mice chittering very loudly, as if they are directly on the other side of the door.

When the door is opened, the chittering stops. This room was clearly a storage room, as a number of chairs that are identical to the ones in the Grand Dining Room can be found stacked here. The legs of the lowest chairs have been gnawed, as if by rats.

Room A5: Kitchen

(50'x30'x40'H): Reeking still of ancient smoke and rancid cook pots, this kitchen (and the pantry beyond) was once a very busy place with its two fireplaces, butcher's-block and work tables, constantly serving either the Great Hall, the Grand Dining Room or the Mead Hall - or all three! Six giant rats are busily dragging their loot out of the pantry toward a rat hole in the corner of the room.

The entrance of the adventurers seems to be a signal for poltergeists to go into their act, as the air is suddenly filled with outraged shrieks as though of an overworked scullery staff, five butcher-knives animate and fly at the party (followed by other cutlery). A complete silver service (with the Rump family crest) is worth about 40 gold pieces.

Room A6: The Mead Hall

(80'x110'x40'H): This vast chamber once echoed with song and blazed with light from the many torches bracketed along its walls. Now, however, it is muffled by the thick cobwebs which dimly filter the light from the great arched windows in the north wall. Great stuffed heads of wild beasts adorn the walls, and there are six statues around the several large banquet tables.

Brave souls venturing into this room will be hampered to half-normal speed by the thickness of the cobwebs everywhere. Six zombies are seated about one of the many tables in the hall, absently pounding a rat upon the table like a gavel, and oblivious to the four enormous spiders busily wrapping them up for lack of better feeding available.

A secret two-way passage in the west wall of the hall enters the back of a wardrobe in room A20.

There are six statues of peasants, each in the garb of serving staff. There is a barmaid, 2 barmen, bouncer, 2 musicians – one playing the fiddle while singing. The other is playing a flute. The statue of the lutist radiates a faint aura of magic. When touched, it will play a drinking jig causing an Aura of Good to surround within 20’. The song lasts for 10 rounds and then is silent for 24 hours.

A deadfall trap is under the window in the northwest corner. CR 3; mechanical; location trigger; no reset; Search (DC 20); Disable Device (DC 23). If the pressure plate is tripped the large heads fall off the wall. They appear to be filled with stone. All characters near the heads on the wall must make a Reflex save DC 30 or be attacked +15 (6d6, stones).

Room A7: Maid's Room

(30'x20'x40'H): An unremarkable room, simply furnished with a wardrobe, chest and bed as though for one of the household servants. Perhaps this was a small suite of rooms for the chief servants of the household. The floorboards here are very creaky.

Searching through the wardrobes and chest at the foot of the bed, one finds a gem-studded silver goblet (worth 30 gold pieces) hidden under a pile of now-rotted clothes.

Room A8: Maid's Room

(30'x40'x40'H): A single lit candle is the only illumination greeting you as you enter this chamber. There are other candlesticks about the room, atop a dressing table, chests by the three small beds, and next to the washstand in one corner.

Every other turn, a young girl will appear in a random corner of the room, scream, and quickly vanish. A search of the room will reveal 60 copper pieces and a silver dagger (worth 6 gp) hidden in one of the dusty beds. The large trunk at its foot has a poison-needle latch. CR 1; mechanical; location trigger; no reset; Search (DC 20); Disable Device (DC 21). Save DC 20 Fortitude or take 1d4 points of strength. Inside are 60 copper pieces, 6 gold pieces and an opal necklace (worth 600 gp) in a velvet pouch. Another velvet pouch is empty. Beneath these lay heavy wool cloaks and robes. And underneath all, the bound corpse of the screaming phantom.

Room A9: Butler's Room

(45'x30'x40'H): This room, while not so rich as a lord's chamber, its simple appointments are yet of quality, befitting a chief steward's status. In the dim candlelight of this room, adventurers will suddenly be startled by a foul blast of musty air, and a belching sort of noise, calling their attention to a gleaming pile of gold sitting amongst a grey pool on the rug near the center of the room. A severed hand scuttles about the floor just beyond the slime, obviously intent upon the treasure, yet avoiding the foul touch of the pool.

This pool is actually a grey ooze. It surrounds a small pile of precious loot: 240 gold pieces and a fabulous opal ring worth 900 gp. The opal ring whose setting matches that of the necklace found in A8.

Room A10: Kitchen

(30'x50'x30'H): This scullery, serving both the Mead Hall and the Great Hall, has a corner fireplace that could handle whole haunches of beast. Its rough stone walls are still stained by ancient grease and blood which has run down the floor to the slop-pit.

Upon entering this stench-laden kitchen, an empty rocking chair nearest the cold fireplace begins to sway back and forth.

Room A11: The Bakery

(50'x50'x30'H): A cold blast and angry growling noise rail out of the chimney of the great brick ovens that dominate this room, and assail you with a moldy stench. Guttering torches provide feeble illumination to the workroom.

Various utensils worth 3 gold pieces hang upon the walls over working tables and a great basin of foul water. What at first seems to be a rolling pin turns out to be a leg bone. Beetles busily feast on a rancid pastry full of dead blackbirds, and the rotting remains of splattered egg, curds and whey upon the floor. A smaller plum pie displays a severed thumb sticking out of its broken crust. Mold covers the loaves still upon the long-handled oven paddles resting in the mouth of the oven.

Room A12: Scullery Maid's Chamber

(30'x30'30'H): This simple room, now dusty and threaded with cobwebs, was obviously once bright and cheerful, if somewhat gaudily bedecked in colorful peasant style. The colors are now faded on the bedding and wall hangings, and the coverings draped over chests and table. The chests contain only simple clothing, trinkets and a few paltry coppers. About the table is set three chairs, and three empty bowls. Over each chair flop piles of clothing--everything down to small-clothes--as though someone had been inside them and vanished. Two sets are identical dresses, and the third, the livery of a page, all bearing the Rump heraldic crest. On the center of the table, perhaps the only clue, a still-warm very large covered crock contains what appears to be a still fresh pudding.

This room was formerly occupied by twin sisters serving the Rump family. The pudding is actually a violet fungus. The party can scrounge 6 copper pieces.

Room A13: Scullery Maid's Room

(30'x25'x30'H): This room obviously belonged to another of the kitchen staff. It is somberly furnished with simple style and dark colors. And lots of portraits drawn on the wall, but there are no faces on the figures portrayed.

A search of the wardrobe finds dull-colored common homespun clothing for the most part, and one better dress. The chest at the foot of the bed, however, has a robe and hood of fine silk hidden at the bottom, and a set of nasty-looking copper knives of strange design (worth 1 gp). A golden whistle is also hidden here (worth 6 gp).

When the robe is removed from the trunk, a female voice can be heard, as if at a great distance, faintly chanting. A large viper slithers from beneath the bed. The whistle can control it. If slain, the chanting voice vanishes. A doorway leads into a warren of various storage rooms that connect also with the cook’s rooms (AI4 and A15) and another scullery maid's quarters (A16). Two secret passages allow one to pass between A13 and A16 from one set of storerooms to the other undetected.

Room A14: Chief Cook's Quarters

(35'x24'x30'H): This long-abandoned room is dark. When entered, the candles on nightstand and dressing table abruptly sputter to life, and a voice can be heard laughing at some secret delight. The light reveals a surprisingly clean room of simple but sturdy furnishings, all decorated with lacey-edged coverlets or doilies, and vases of withered, long-dead flowers. Incongruously, the walls display an impressive collection of knives.

Sudden movement in the SE corner is that of an animated broom chasing what little dust has collected out of a corner. On the dressing table sits a diamond ring (actually fake, worth 15 gold), with a cunningly fashioned poison-chamber hidden inside.

Room A15: Cook's Room

(30'x24'x30'H): The furniture in this room is of similar style to that in other rooms in this area, but the bed-linens and such are so simple as to seem coarse by comparison. The candles are already gleaming when you enter the room.

The candles abruptly go out 1d8 rounds after the party enter, followed by an hysterical high-pitched tittering. When light is restored, a scimitar, matching some of the blades seen in the other room, is now embedded in the headboard of the bed. An empty pair of boots abruptly rushes out from under the bed and out the door (only to begin following the party when they leave the room, as far as the doorway into the Clanking Hall). An examination of the west wall reveals a doorway bricked up solidly, hidden by the wall-hangings.

Room A16: Scullery Maid’s Room

(30'x28'x30'H): The doorway to this room (from A15) was bricked up years ago. If one listens closely, one can hear muffled moans and sobbing from beyond the wall.

Anyone brave enough to break through the doorway must then make a saving throw (Fort DC 20) against the noxious stench that rolls out of the dark passageway. Within is a cold, dank chamber, empty except for a filthy straw pallet, long-emptied platters on the floor, and a silver holy-sigil now half buried in the rubble where the brickwork was knocked down--and a human-sized bundle laying mummy-like in the center of the floor! If a torch is thrust into the opening, the room appears to be alive with hundreds of tiny spiders crawling everywhere. The flames will also ignite cobwebs hanging thickly from the ceiling far above, creating a roaring blaze for a few moments, abruptly ending in a shower of sparks as a huge spider (nothing but a carcass now) drops from somewhere in the mass of destroyed webbing.

Room A17: Scullery Maid's Room

(20'x40'x3D'H): These quarters belonged to three serving wenches of the household. Seated at a small table, the three (now zombies) pantomime a tea-party. There are four places set at the table. Cobwebs cover a silver cross on the east wall.

The zombie maids will pay no attention to the party until the fourth place at table is disturbed. They then attack, attempting to force their "tea" upon the intruders. This fourth cup, covered with a rotting napkin, contains a dust similar to that which pours from the teapot, shimmering oddly. The zombie sisters keep returning their dust to the pot. If a PC should sample the dust, it will impart an incredibly beautiful appearance for 8 hours - but then the character begins a hideous transformation into a Zombie. The effect can only be dispelled by a Neutralize Poison type of spell before the transformation is complete, or a Remove Curse spell once the change has taken effect. The chests and wardrobe in this room contain only clothing and a few cheap baubles. The cross is worth 6 gp.

Room A18: The Minor Gallery

(20'x95'x30'H): The musty oaken paneling of this vast hall displays many portraits of the Rump clan, bracketed by ornate silver candelabra mounted along the walls. Cobwebs festoon the candelabra in faintly fluttering streamers.

Every 10 minutes, illusory phantom flames envelope the room with a frighteningly convincing roar, then vanish again, having done no damage whatsoever. Oblivious to this phantom fire, a female ghoul (Rozetta Rumpula) goes about her grisly task. What may once have been a very beautiful woman now hacks away at an unsavory looking haunch of "mystery meat", using a +2 dagger to aid her. The Minor Gallery leads southward to a staircase up to the Playroom, or around a corner into the Corner Gallery (B3) and B section beyond. To the north and east, a maze of other rooms connect to A17 and A19. The room north of the gallery features a weed-choked but still flowing fountain.

A single picture has fallen from the wall (portrait 77) and broken. This is the portrait of Rozetta which must be replaced and her body buried to end her curse.

Room A19: Bedroom

(45'x4G'x30'H): Beyond the fountain-chamber, an oaken door opens upon a suite of rooms. The first is clearly that of a former lord of the manor. Hunting scenes fill the tapestries which decorate this room. A brace of hunting spears stand in one corner, along with an ornately carved crossbow (the mechanism of which has rusted, and the string gone rotten). Still lying in the velvet-canopied bed is a corpse clutching a hunting horn to its breast.

The former resident of this chamber was presumably an accomplished equestrian in life - and loathe to give up the chase in death. As soon as the party lights any candles in this richly-appointed room, a hunting horn sounds and a fearsome pack of hounds, closely followed by mounted riders, charge through the western wall and vanish through the east wall. If any are alert enough to note in the midst of this chaos, the Master of the Hunt strikes at the wall with his riding crop as the troop vanishes, and a gong-like tone sounds from the seemingly empty space struck (Spot DC20). An examination of this spot will reveal the Rump ceremonial riding armor, hidden by invisibility. Not much better for defense purposes than light chain +2, but magicked to grant superior riding skill to the wearer. "A Rump never loses his seat” and the old boy who just thundered through has been trying for years to get someone to use it!

Room A20: Bedroom

(40'x30'x3C'H): These quarters seem to be a continuation of the first room, paneled in dark walnut and draped with the same wine velvet, frosted with a heavy layer of dust from years of disuse. Gracing the wall opposite the entry is a huge coat-of-arms displaying the Golden Hind of the Rump family dormant upon a wine-red field. The shield so blazoned is of purest silver. A visored suit of armor stands to one side beneath the coat of arms. Two goblets stand on the table in the center of the room with a small keg of wine between them. Reclining in the canopied bed is a form clad in livery like a page or young squire, but obviously female.

The armor is equipped with a trap for the greedy: a spring-mechanism brings the visor's razor- sharp lip down on the hand or arm of the unlucky party nosy enough to grope around inside the helm, with enough force to take fingers completely off! (DC 20 to detect trap). The small keg resting between them is a fine medicinal wine--it neutralizes poison, but tastes so bad after all these years, that one will think quite the opposite. (Fort Save DC 15 to avoid severe nausea.) The squire has a peculiar sallow appearance because the body is actually a sleeping wight, just waiting to be disturbed.

The two built-in "wardrobes" along the east wall help to mask two secret passages, one to the Mead Hall and one into the corridor to A21 and A22. The third cabinet is a privy.

Room A21: The Secret Study

(40'x30'x30'H): A desk of walnut is covered with scrolls, books, and writing paraphernalia. An "Ordinal of Alchemick Arts" lays on an adjacent reading stand, open to a formula for converting 1000 CP to 1000 GP with powdered Basilisk eye and the gall bladder of a Gargoyle! Wrought iron floor-standing candelabra flank the one comfortable chair in the room, while the walls are covered to twice a man's height with shelves of books. A ladder is braced against one set of shelves.

A Listen check (DC 20) detects a low humming from the NE corner of the room, masked partially by faint sounds of organ music, indicates the presence of a one-way portal from E9 Laboratory). A doorway in the west wall leads directly into A22.

One secret passage lets entry to the corridor outside this room, but strangers to this narrow hall must find yet a second secret doorway to enter the study. Here, carefully hidden from prying eyes (until now), are arcane tomes of mystic lore, forbidden knowledge, and perverse pleasures. The writings including: A Manual of Bodily Health, and a Scroll of Mass Cure Serious Wounds. One book has a Geas (primed to act upon the first person who reads it-the old boy didn't like snoopers!-it says "Kiss a toadl") – DC25 Will save.

Room A22: The Game Room

(90'Dia. x 10'H): The ground-floor level of the "Brother's Tower" is a vast entertaining center, though given its peculiar lack of accessibility; one wonders who is to be entertained here. Wild organ music, only faintly heard in A21, swells and falls like an ocean of sound, played by an unseen hand, as phantom shapes whirl about in a frantic dance. Gaming tables edge the dance floor, with chessboards, games of chance and skill decorating their lacquered surfaces, most covered in undisturbed dust. Around a table, four shadows are engrossed in a game of chess (two merely watch). Elsewhere in the room, luxurious velvet couches and cushions have been spread, separated into smaller areas by folding screens of now-brittle fabric and rotted wood. Curious moans and sighs can be heard occasionally.

The shadows move to attack. On one table is a deck of tarot cards that gives off a strong aura of magic. It will produce random magic items or effects, some beneficial, some not, but the last always being a nasty surprise for the owner of the deck - which is a Deck of Many Things.

Room A23: Secret Room

This room contains a small writing desk and chair tucked against the far wall. An inkwell, pen and sheaf of parchment are sitting on the desk. Two passageways lead out of this room.

The sheaf of parchment is actually the first chapter of the Book of the Djinn, 20 blank pages. The pages radiate a slight aura of magic and cannot be written on by any ink or implement. Any marks made on them merely fade in a few seconds. The pages are also immune to fire.

Room A24: Maid’s Nursery

This room has a single crib in it, covered by a large blanket, long rotted.

But what is that noise? At first, there is only a sighing, so faint only elves would notice it, for 1-3 rounds. It gradually becomes a sound like normal breathing, for another 1-3 rounds, as the walls faintly quiver. This then becomes a loud panting sound for 1-3 rounds as the doors latch and walls begin bulging in and out 2'. Next, comes a deafening gasping noise for 1-3 rounds, as the walls now move in and out. Finally, the noise is a stunning (Fort DC 20) roar for 1-3 rounds, as the walls close in to suffocate players in 1d8 rounds if they do not win free.


Skeletons (12)
Stirges (9)
Specter (1) – Racy Rawley
Animated Cutlery (5)
Dire Rats (6)
Zombies (6)
Giant Spiders (4)
Gray Ooze
Violet Fungus
Zombies (3)
Ghoul – Rozetta Rumpula
Shadows (4)


30 Goblets – 12 gp
Silver Halberd – 60 gp
Pearl Handled Sword – 120 gp
Small Amethyst – 600 gp
Racy Rawley’s Black Book
50 gold pieces
Silver Service – 40 gp
Silver Goblet – 30 gp
60 copper pieces
Silver Dagger – 6 gp
60 copper pieces
6 gold pieces
Opal Necklace – 600 gp
240 gold pieces
Opal Ring – 900 gp
Bakery Utensils – 3 gp
6 copper pieces
Gold Whistle – 6 gp
Copper Knives – 12 sp
Diamond Ring – 15 gp (with poison chamber)
Silver Cross – 6 gp
Dagger +2
Chainmail +2 (Riding Armor) – ride +25%
Silver Shield – 240 gp
“Ordinal of Alchemical Arts”
Manual of Bodily Health +1
Scroll of Mass Cure Serious Wounds
Tarot Deck
Chapter 1 of the Book of the Djinn

Brother's Tower

Second Floor: Guardroom

(90' D x 10' H): Approached by the narrow, curving staircase that climbs from the secret corridor, this level is a great guardroom with racks of sturdy though unremarkable weaponry (12 heavy crossbows, 14 short bows, 10 swords, and 25 daggers--most salvageable) and armor, tables and cots to accommodate a company of watchmen, and mostly-spoilt foodstuffs stored in the pantries. It would appear that some of the iron rations are still on hand, and as edible as they ever are (which isn't saying much). Windows are little more than arrow-slits looking out over the road and countryside below Tegel Manor, though one balcony opens northwestward to look out toward Tegel Village.

The cressets along the wall flair to light as the party of adventurers ascends this level, and three wights snap to attention, along with 34 disreputable looking skeletons in rotting leather armor. If an enterprising character thinks to say "At easel" the company of undead will settle back in their previous positions. A command of "Fall in!" will make them literally fall apart. Otherwise, attempting to "inspect" the room without first giving the password ("Look alive, men!") will result in having to fight the guard. The good news is that, if the wights are defeated, the skeletons collapse--and they won't all be able to crowd in on your party at one time.

Third Floor: Bedroom

(90' D x 10' H): You find yourselves in a room lavishly bedecked in silken draperies, intricately woven tapestries and Tang rugs, all made more vividly colorful by the light pouring through stained-glass windows (if it is daylight outside). Everywhere along the walls ornate wrought-iron cressets burn brightly. The air is thick with the smell of exotic incense. Furs and velvet cushions are scattered abundantly about the floor. All that appears to be missing are the dancing girls--and the chests along the wall indicate that they would be here, filled as these are with flowing garb of airy fabric and rich design, soft slippers of leather, and jingling jewelry (worth 320 gp). But the jingle has been replaced by a sound of chains dragging across the floor above.

The only access to this floor is by way of a trapdoor in the center of the ceiling in the "Wight company's" guardroom below. An armed trap mechanism guards the access: If tripped, it causes a spear-rack along the guardroom wall to tip outward and launch ld3 spears at the center of the ceiling. Once opened, the trapdoor turns out to be covered by a heavy carpet on the floor above.

A Listen check (DC 20) will discover a low muttering sound betraying the presence of three homunculi. Two are fumbling with bits of costume, while the third is mumbling its way through the Moonwort Scroll of Creation (stolen from the study below) trying to create more of itself. (It has succeeded twice already, since losing the master that created it, and, if not stopped, will overrun the manor with little nasty critters).

Fourth Floor: Laboratory

(60' D x 10’ H): The sides of this stone chamber are ringed with barred enclosures containing stalls full of filthy straw, others with a mock environment of a dead tree or swampy pool. The enclosures appear to be empty. The center of the room has a number of heavy wooden tables strewn with glassware. Four statues ring the room, each depicting one of the four elements: water, earth, fire or air. The fire element radiates a slight heat which warms the room.

Access from the third floor is only by means of a central trapdoor to this floor. Once through, one finds the odor that the incense cloaked, and the reason for the dragging chains (see room above).

A faint hum from the SW side of this room reveals a two-way portal to J4 (The Hunter's Room in the East Wing). Getting there is easy...

Fifth Floor: Brother's Tower

(60' D x 10' H): The three corpses tumbled about the floor around the adventurers had been on top of the trapdoor (trying to get out?). There is no light in this chamber except that let in by two high narrow windows to north and south, and the heavy drapery of this chamber seems to soak up that, leaving only gloom. Across the chamber from the entry can be heard the rattle of heavy chains, and heavy, gulping breathing.

The trapdoor permitting access to this floor is off-set to one side of the ceiling, and not trapped. It is, however, difficult to lift, for reasons that quickly become apparent when opened.

Light will reveal this to be "Brother", Rabury the Recluse, whose chains will let him no closer than 10’ to the trapdoor. Despite the filth and rags, there is no mistaking the Rump family resemblance--but don't look too closely. His touch causes a vile wasting disease.

The moldering draperies at one end of this floor conceal a chest with a gold ring (worth 540 gp), plus 480 silver pieces and 1200 copper pieces, bizarre batlike golden figurine (worth 1200 gp), and a sheaf of blank parchment. Burying Rabury will cause his curse to be broken.

The sheaf of parchment is actually the second chapter of the Book of the Djinn, 20 blank pages. The pages radiate a slight aura of magic and cannot be written on by any ink or implement. Any marks made on them merely fade in a few seconds. The pages are also immune to fire.


Wights (3)
Skeletons (34)
Homunculi (3)
Mummy - Rabury the Recluse (aka Brother Rump)


Dancer’s garb and jewelry – 320 gp
Gold ring – 540 gp
480 silver pieces
1200 copper pieces
Bat-like golden figurine – 1200 gp
Chapter 2 of the Book of the Djinn

The Playroom

Second Floor

(50' x 50 'x 30'H): Up the stairs from the Minor Gallery is a gaily-decorated child's fantasy, gone to ruin. Oak-paneled walls draped with tapestries of faerie landscapes have dulled to a sickly pallor, and cobwebs festoon a cradle, two small beds, and the toys that litter the room. A distant, tinkling music plays, as if from a faraway music box, while a rocking horse sways back and forth to its rhythm.

A snake is coiled guardian-like about an ornate "piggy bank". The piggy bank contains 6 gold.

The toy box contains a demon doll and a rather toothy teddy-bear guarding a cache of marbles fashioned of genuine moonstones (36 @ 10 gold each).

A tiny troop of nine toy soldiers patrols the hearth with their tiny swords. Whatever they were set to guard is no longer here. The soldiers can’t damage characters, and they stop moving once touched. Only a command word of “stand guard” will get them to work again.

To one side is a beautiful statue, like an elven princess with wings. It is two feet high and made of alabaster. It is extraordinarily heavy. It radiates an aura of magic. If a character picks it up and comments on its beauty, the will have their charisma raised for one day. The statue takes one month to recharge.


Viper Snake
Animated Toys (2)


6 gold
Moonstone Marbles (36) – 10 gp each
Toy Soldiers (9) – 1 gp each
Elven Princess Statue

B Rooms

The B Section of Tegel Manor is one of several later additions to the original keep. Most of this structure was fashioned of much finer stonework than the keep itself, its sturdily-beamed ceilings being lower overall than those of the keep. The rooms in this wing were, at least originally, less grim-looking than those of the keep, with oak wainscoting and leaded-glass windows throughout. Candle sconces provided illumination.

Room Bl: Bedroom

(30'x20'x30'H): This bedroom must have at one time belonged to one of the more studious children of Tegel Manor. A small desk and reading stand are accompanied by a hand-painted Realm-globe and shelves of books befitting a well-rounded noble-child's education. Atop the nearby chest at the foot of the bed sits a reddened skull asking an endless stream of questions.

The skull never gives any answers. Nor will it answer questions placed to it. If attacked, it sprouts an odd pair of wirigs and flies away. The chest contains only a child's clothing of high quality. The desk and reading stand are similar to those in A21.

Room B2: The Nanny's Room

(30'x20'x30'H): Inside is a quaintly-appointed room with a canopied bed and a rocking chair. The mirrored dressing table and polished woodwork reflect the ever-changing colors of a merrily blazing fire in the fireplace. There is a doorway in the east wall.

Every two minutes, the color in the fireplace changes again. The blue flames will heal 1d4 pts. of damage; the red will cause 1d6 pts. damage; the orange absorbs magic; yellow melts even plate armor; and green will restore magic. If anybody sits in the rocking chair, they will hear a faint crooning lullaby. This will act as a Sleep spell with DC20.

Room B3: The Corner Gallery

(50'x20'x30'H): From the foot of the stairs at the end of the Minor Gallery, one can hear the sound of a child singing upstars. Southwards around the corner, the Master Gallery stretches away. Portraits of the Rump family line these walls.

Every 10 minutes after the phantom flames flare in the Minor Gallery, silently screaming phantoms will race through the Corner Gallery and vanish around the south corner.

Room B4: The Master Gallery

(20'x200'x20,H): As you enter this gallery, the candle sconces between portraits flair to life, only to extinguish 20' behind them. The entire passage is rnazed with heavy cobwebs, and the floor is littered with dead insects and gnawed bones. The bones are piled deepest near the one statue that graces the gallery along the east wall.

A scampering noise, as of children running up and down the hall may sometimes be heard.

A half-dozen large spiders scuttle through the debris.

Room B5: Storeroom

(20'x30'x20'H): This out-of-the-way storehouse has bare stone walls, faintly luminous with moldy slime. Jars and urns of various sizes, most sealed at the top with beeswax, are ranged about the room, with smaller ones stacked upon a shelf. Tan large urns, each 5' in height, contain various monsters packed and preserved in oil. Along a shelf with newts eyes, powdered batwing, jars of various types of blood (all sealed).

A huge wine-barrel, if opened, reveals the pickled body of a foppishly-dressed nobleman in what had been an excellent vintage. A gray ooze waits in this room for visitors.

Room B6: Bedroom

(15'x20'x20'H): This modest room, far smaller than most such accomadations in the rnanor, seems designed for late-night researches. A simple bed and washstand are located in one corner. Nearer the doorway sit a scrivner's desk and small worktable with oil lamp and various tools (mortar and pestel, small knives, pincers, etc.) Two small, but man-shaped, cocoons dangle from the ceiling.

The door opens and slams shut again every 30 minutes.

Two dead orcs are in the cocoons.

Room B7: The Altar Nook

(15'x20'x30'H): Behind a heavy oaken door in the Master Gallery is a closed, musky enclosure, heavy with the scent of ancient incense clinging to the velvet draperies that cloak its walls. On a marble pedestal stands an intricately worked copper idol of a griffon (60 gp). Similar craftsmanship is apparent in the three beast-mask heirns--a falcon, a tiger, and a wolf--which sit on the broad altar-stone beneath the pedestal.

The falcon mask gives the wearer hawklike distance vision. The wolf gives command over wolves (20% chance of also commanding werewolves, but with a 50% of becoming one also if successful). The tiger mask grants its wearer +2 strength and +1 dexterity. All the masks are cursed and cannot be removed once donned. All the masks are cunningly wrought in precious metals (120 gp each).

Room B8: Bedroom

(25'x16'x20'H): This room would appear to have been trapped, and to have claimed a victim already. The door stands ajar, and an orc corpse sprawls partway out into the hall, with an arrow protruding from its skull. Two more arrows are lodged in the wall beyond.

The wall opposite the door is entirely covered by a vast depiction of a fearsorn battlescene--and the picture is alive. Not only does it continue to move, but every 20 minutes another arrow flies out of the picture in a random direction. The other walls of the room bristle with arrows stuck in the woodwork, the bedding, other pictures (one of which--a portrait--is bleeding).

Room B9: Bedroom

(25'x24'x20'H): Entering this room, one is immediately overcome by the strong animal musk that clings to the chamber. A stuffed elk stands in one corner, while heads of boar, dire wolf, great cats and other fierce beasts fill the walls, along with hunting bows and spears, all heavily layered in dust.

The eyes of all heads seem to glitter and follow you around the room.

Room B10: Trophy Room

(25'x20'x20'H): Candles in wall-sconces cast eerily flickering shadows from a grisly assortment of trophies: a dwarf, turned to stone, with a glowing dagger standing forth from his skull; a gigantic snake skeleton, suspended from the ceiling; a giant's axe and shield, mounted on the wall below his head; and an octopus-like monstrosity whose body-sac twitches occasionally.

In the octopus are two huge spiders. The dagger is a +1 dagger.

An inner storeroom displays an impressive, if unsettling, array of shrunken heads of various beings. Some mutter and moan through sewn lips. If allowed, they will bite. A bite may cause Mummy Rot.

Room B11: Butler's Room

(25'x25'x20'H): This room apparently served as both a custodian's quarters and miniature repair shop. The smell of alcohol and other preservatives is still strong in the corner where a work-table and bench face an array of pickled portions of anatomy along shelves on the wall. A wizened corpse lies shrivelled in the bed.

The corpse has a bandaged finger suggestive of its misfortunate fate--it would now make an excellent addition to the exhibits. There is a 30% chance that the combination of noxious fumes in this room will combust in the presence of a lit torch, causing flammables to ignite explosively for 6d6 damage.

Room B12: Butler's Room

(45'x30'x20'H): At the end of the Master Gallery, this suite accomodated a butler and his wife, in some comfort. The canopied bed, while not so grand as a lord's, is well-fashioned, its carvings somewhat marred by claw-like gouges in the woodwork and the shredded remains of its fine curtains. The dressing table and chair, rnirror, and other furnishings, have all been overturned as if by a violent upheaval.

Helmets and hats, if not secured, float up to the ceiling. Intermittent screams and muffled choking noises emerge from the fireplace (there is a skeletal corpse stuffed up the chimney, with a baronial signet ring stuffed in its mouth).

Room B13: Bedroom

(20'x40'x20'H): In marked contrast to the other bedrooms of this wing, this one has been decorated in dark walnut wainscot and somber shades of deepest brown, now mottled by mildew and mold. The entire room is heavy with a damp mustiness, and the floor swarms with tiny frogs. Sitting impassively in their midst is a huge frog. Three partially-devoured giant rats suggest that the head is all this frog is interested in.

The frog’s flickering tongue can seize and choke a man in ld6 rounds, having first pulled him off-balance and drawn him headfirst into the frog's mouth. A two-way secret passage opens a narrow, seemingly dead-end corridor, with more frogs on the floor. It actually leads to the Laboratory. Another doorway opens into a second bedroom. A key is inside the frog that opens B14.

Room B14: Bedroom

(40'x20'x20'H): The door to this room is locked. Inside, the room resembles the outer chamber in atmosphere, although this chamber retained the lighter oaken decor of the rest of the wing. The faint light filters through stained glass if it is daytime or the candlelight if night, reveals a pathetic monstrosity tied to the bed, frozen in mid-transformation from human to frog. A corpse next to the bed has had his throat ripped out by some large animal. A partially chewed scroll is beside the bed.

The door requires a Strength DC30 to open. The key is in the giant frog in B13.

Every 30 minutes, a phantom stalker drifts through the SE corner wall (at the location of a hidden passage out to the grounds) and passes on through the room to the outer bedroom where it disappears.

The scroll dropped beside the bed is partially chewed, destroying the sense of the incantation written thereon.

Room B15: The Armory

(40'x30'x20'H): Though no window opens upon this room, there is a spectral breeze through the chamber, and a frosty chill has dusted all the weaponry with ice crystals. A vast array of weaponry (52 spears, 23 shields, 4 halbeards, 6 daggers, 2 bows, 10 arrows), along with two suits of armor befitting a warlord fill the room.

The door to this room will freeze shut in 5 minutes. At the same time, all illumination by candle or torchlight will be extinguished. The temperature then drops 5 degrees per minute, as hollow laughter echoes from both sets of armor.

Plate Armor +1, Proection from Frost Plate Armor +1, Frost Damage to Attackers

Room B16: The Laboratory

(30'x35'x20'H): When opened, the stone above the door emits a loud whining noise. Inside is a concealed laboratory, from which the frogs seem to have originated, for the place is covered with hundreds of them – most of the tiny variety. Many of the jars and crocks of exotic ingredients and components are spilt and spoilt. An eerie blue stone provides the only illumination to this hidden room when the adventurers enter. A book open on the laboratory's desk has a formula for "How to Achieve lmrnortality", but the bottom half of the page has been ripped out, revealing part of "How to Call a Plague of Frogs" spell description from the next pages.

Eerie Blue Stone of Illumination - the stone has no other properties, but does a rather good job as a light-source.

Keogtum’s Ointment for healing ld6 worth of wound damage (6 applications) Vial of Spider Venorn Amulet of Proof Against Poison +4

The only entry to this room is by means of a secret doorway in the secret passage off of B13. An enterprising rnage may still find some items of use among the remains which line the vast shelves.

Room B17: Bedroom

(40'x30'x20'H): The doorway to this room is cold to the touch. It resists opening with a sound like crunching snow. The room revealed when it is opened is decorated all in palest, icy-blue velvets and silks, from the great canopied bed, on its raised dais, to the cushions atop the chest at its foot and those upon the window-seat and dressing table chair. Great, white-furred pelts carpet the floor. A faint dusting of frost lays over all. A wintry scene portrayed upon a painted screen is echoed in the designs of the stained-glass window. An elegantly gowned figure reposing on the bed is crowned with a wreath of holly and bayberry.

The figure proves on closer examination to be a wax effigy. Anyone touching the effigy must make a DC20 Will save or succumb to the compulsion to kiss the wax-maiden. Each kiss drains the victim of 1 point of constitution.

Room B18: Bedroom

(40'x3G'x20'H): From beyond the door, a noxious stench suggests decayed remains. When the door is opened, the source of the smell becomes obvious: a gleaming black oily mass dominates the room. Beyond this loathsome mess is a magical statue, the only object in the room not slimed by the oil.

The resemblance of the statue and the wax effigy in B17 is unmistakable to even the least observant (as is the resemblance to portrait 79, if any have seen it). All viewing the statue must make a DC20 Will save to avoid being drawn to the statue, monsters or no monsters. Any who kissed the effigy in B17 are at -1 to resist for each kiss. If someone actually reaches and touches the statue, Rhian the Remorseless will attempt to exchange places with the unfortunate party-mernber by force of will (Rhian’s will is +5). The loser gets put upon a pedestal.

Room B19: Bedroom

(40'x30'x20'H): This room inspires a feeling of warmth, in its vibrant hues of red and rust on the furnishings. It also inspires nausea, as one sees the remains of an orc, dangling from a noose slung from the chandelier, providing challenging sport for two very hungry giant rats. There is a jeweled dagger on the floor beneath the orc.

The PCs may appear to be easier eating--or maybe not, but rats aren't too bright. The jeweled dagger on the floor beneath the orc is worth 50 GP.

B20: Small Iron Chest

A small unlocked iron chest contains a sheaf of parchment. The sheaf of parchment is actually the third chapter of the Book of the Djinn, 20 blank pages. The pages radiate a slight aura of magic and cannot be written on by any ink or implement. Any marks made on them merely fade in a few seconds. The pages are also immune to fire.


Spiders (6)
Gray ooze
Spiders (2)
Giant Frog
Black Pudding
Statue – Rhian the Remorseless
Dire Rats (2)


Copper griffon – 60 gp
Masks – 120 gp each (Falcon, Tiger, Wolf)
+1 dagger
Baronial signet ring
Key to B14
Plate Mail +1, Protection from Frost
Plate Mail +1, Frost to Attackers
Eerie Blue Stone of Illumination
Keogtum Ointment
Spider Venom
Amulet of Proof Against Poison
Jeweled Dagger (50 gp)
Book of the Djinn – 3rd chapter

Whistling Hall

The Whistling Hall leads away from the rooms in the B Section toward those of C Section, added by the very military Sir Ritark Rump, called "the Rat-Hearted" (something of a bully and a coward). A double-doorway, now barred, opens outward into the Vestibule, and a path which leads to an outbuilding, sometimes called the Outhouse. Whistling Hall then continues until it intersects Footsteps Hall, which leads back into A Section as well.


Those who wander out of doors into the Vestibule will find a former garden gone to rank vegetation, thorny shrubs and creeping vines. If any should stray off of the paving stones that mark the garden path of old and the path to the Outhouse, beware the graven skeletal hands will sieze hold of such wanderers and attempt to drag them down into the gravel-pits (ld4 hands, each STR 8; it takes 10 rounds to drag a victim in).


This is not what it sounds like (after all, the manor has its own privies). This "out-building" was designed as a retreat from the rest of the manor when overrun by relatives. Designed in a more rustic mood than the Hermitage, one could comfortably play at being a peasant in its "woodsy" atmosphere, with sturdy rough-hewn and simple furnishings.

A black pudding has made itself comfortable here now, resting on a bed of rotted clothing, and eagerly awaiting the next caller.

C Rooms

Room C1: Mess Hall

(60'x40'x20'H): This dining hall reflects little of the cheer of the Mead Hall or the Great Hall, having been designated by Sir Ritark to be the common soldiers' mess. The long tables and benches are of coarser construction than those in the Great Hall, and the cressets along the wall between the shields and banners are of wrought-iron. Wine spatters and runs across the floor from where six skeletons armed with broadswords sit drinking the health of departed comrades. They've spilled about a half a keg this way. The side storerooms are largely rotted out, though at least one or two smaller casks of wine are still good, as are some of the iron rations.

They won't be drunk if disturbed at their cups. They will attack.

Room C2: Bedroom

(30'x30'x20'H): The spartan spareness of this room is only slightly relieved by the richness of the purple drapery at the far wall and upon the massive bed. This indicates that these were an officer's quarters. Now-tarnished armor gathers dust in a display stand, while the leather of scabbard and harness hung on the wall have dried and cracked. There is an iron-bound warchest at the foot of the bed.

The chest contains a few personal items, war mementos (including a sinister black dagger whose blade is partially eaten away), a black wool great-cloak and a magnificent phoenix-hilted sword (+2) with one jewel conspicuously absent from its hilt. The drapery conceals an inner chamber with a writing desk, maps and various documents. If someone pushes the drapery aside to enter the room, it animates and enfolds the victim to suffocate in rounds unless someone else can get them out.

Room C3: Bedroom

(30'x20'x20'H): As soon as the door into this room has been forced open, it creaks with a squeal to put one's teeth on edge. From within the room a cold mist seeps out around your ankles, and a low muttering mumble of several voices can be heard. Inside, the musty, extremely cold mist hangs over everything: the shredded hangings, the shattered furniture and burst chests. The mumbling issues from mouths here and there in the walls of the room, while eyes similarly scattered along the walls watch your movements.

The clothing scattered by the burst chests will begin to whirl about the room in a mad dance 1 minute after characters enter, as the mouths begin singing (badly). A vanity in a small dressing chamber has a necklace of small gems sitting on top. This is a Necklace of Strangulation.

Room C4: Bedroom

(40'x20'x20'H): This room has only two iron cressets upon the wall to provide dim illumination. The two beds and other furnishings (table and chairs, chests and wardrobe) are all of small proportions but massively heavy in their construction. The walls are thick with dustladen trophies, all of goblin origin. One chest contains a dwarf-size mail-shirt and a helmet with a growling bear on the crest. The handle of an axe pokes out from underneath one of the beds.

Anyone donning the helmet will hear the sound of a dwarven war-chant briefly. (Thereafter, so long as the helmet is worn, the wearer will hear the chant whenever a battle is about to begin, and must make a DC15 Will save or immediately become berserk.) The axe is a two-headed antique weapon, and the shirt is dwarven mail. They are not magical.

Room C5: Bedroom

(50'x20'x20'H): This room is thick with dust in the air and cobwebs hanging from its beams and candle sconces. The reason the dust does not settle is readily apparent: While phantoms whirl about the room, apparently searching for something, the furniture keeps moving. Rugs curl and uncurl repeatedly, making footing hazardous, while a chair paces the length of the room, flips over and marches back again.

If touched, the chair transforms into a wight. It will then drive off the phantoms (2 rounds), before attacking the furniture (ld3 rounds) and then turning upon the intruders.

Room C6: The Guards' Room

(40'x30'x20'H): If entered directly from either hall, you first encounter outer dressing alcoves where armour, cloaks and weaponry are stored (most of the metal has rusted, the leather and wool have rotted). The middle of the guardroom is ranged with long tables and benches, while iron-bound chests for stowing gear are set along the walls between the doors of each cell. These individual alcoves are partitioned from the main room with heavy curtains of coarse wool. Each contains two bunks with room beneath for a small chest, and a single wrought-iron cresset suspended from the ceiling. The chests contain common gear, most of it now badly worn.

In the most NE of the cells, a locked chest beneath one bed contains a heavy-wrought silver necklace. In the common room, the two large kegs of wine are both poison (nasty stuff: does ld6 pts. damage each round for 1d10 rounds unless neutralized). If anyone makes a move to drink from either keg, a battleaxe mounted upon the wall above the kegs flies toward the ceiling and then attacks the drinker. (The battleaxe is actually an illusion, though it will feel "real" enough if not disbelieved.)

Room C7: Bedroom

(20'x20'x20'H): Behind the heavy door of this room is a chamber almost fussily neat for all that it is heavily cobwebbed and musty with disuse. Though filmed with dust, the ornate breastplate and helmet on their stand are obviously highly polished even now. The cloak and other clothing in the campaign chest are rather fine material for soldiering in, and richly embroidered, as are the bedclothes (the sheets are silk). Behind a similarly rich hanging is an inner cell, with a small cot, a dressing table and mirror.

Hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe is a small box containing a necklace of 10 exquisitely-mounted amber gems (120 gold) and a "Jealous Heart" (carved from a single enormous blood-red gem, worth 650 GP), wrapped in a fine gown of sarnite. The Heart causes discord if given as a gift to a loved one (DC 25 Will save).

Room C8: Bedroom

(20'x20'x20'H): Behind a narrow hallway is a grim little nook sparsely furnished with a small cot, a washstand, a chair and a table. Upon the table, a dried-out inkwell and quill keep company with a set of ledger books and a single brass candlestick. Another candle-sconce is mounted upon the wall above the desk (SW corner of room).

If the sconce is touched, a ghastly moaning is heard from somewhere overhead. (The sconce, if properly turned, opens the secret passageway that leads to D8, the Vault.) Behind the entry to the secret passage is a skeleton in tattered finery, and signs of desperate clawing at the inside of the wall.

Room C9: Maid's Room

(45'x20'x20'H): Despite the gloorn and sense of long disuse, this room is dominated by a clean, slightly soapy aroma, and a strong hint of spices. Three modest but beautifully carved beds are set along the west wall.

The one in the northwest corner animates if approached, and lashes out with carved dragon-feet. The bed will attempt to force victims backward into the wardrobe in the northeast corner, which then locks them in. A broom lazily cruises about the ceiling, occasionally dipping below the beams and circling the room.

Room C10: The Baths

(70'x30'x20'H): No oil lamps burn in their brackets along the walls of this chamber. Instead, the bright-colored mosaics sparkle eerily with reflections of the blue glow from the vast bathing pool that fills the room. The air is heavy and humid, filled with the scent of perfurned oils, and vaporous, vaguely enticing shapes which rise like steam from the waters, only to fade into the ceiling far above. Along the west wall, overlooking the bathing pool at its greatest depth (15') is an enchanted statue: A marble nymph pours an endless stream of water from the jar she carries into the shimmering pool.

The tiled floor about the pool is slick and slippery (DC15 Reflex save) to avoid slipping and failing-with appropriate penalties for heavier armor. Anyone failing into the water vanishes from sight as soon as they disappear beneath the surface even though the water appears clear all the way to the bottom of the bath. Such a victim remains invisible until rescued.

Water taken from the jar (but NOT from the pool) will act as a Potion of Healing, although it will last only 1 hour.

Room C11: Bedroom

(30'x20'x20'H): The massive door of this chamber does not appear to be locked, but is nevertheless nearly impossible to budge. From beyond it can faintly be heard a low, incredibly deep-voiced moaning and mumbling, accompanied by a noxious stench.

If the party forces the door (DC30 Strength check), they burst into a disheveled room devoid of much more than scraps of furniture. The charnel reek is coming from a vast mouth in the floor. Once every minute it yawns wide (like a 20' circular pit!), then snaps shut belching forth foul gases. Trapped victims must make a successful DC20 Reflex save to escape. If unsuccessful, the DC increases by 1 for each additional round trapped. If trapped for the full 10 rounds, they suffocate in the foulness. Fire can force the mouth open, but the scream from it will deafen for 10 minutes.

Room C12: Bedroom Suite

(60'x25'x20'H): Behind the oaken door is an apartment with intricately carven leaves and vines decorating the panelled walls. The complex motif, barely disguised by veils of cobvvebbing and dust, repeats on the pillars of the canopied bed, the legs of chairs, vanity, and tables, and the cabinetry. The pattern also echoes in the tracery of grapevines in the stained-glass windows facing the vestibule. Faded draperies of violet shot with silver frame the window arch and the canopy over the bed, and rich cushions of the same color cover the window-seat and vanity chair. Seated at that vanity, its empty sockets still fixed upon the mirror, is a skeletal figure in regal finery. Its flowing gown is of lavender silk, chased about the hem and sleeves with cunningly-wrought vines entwined with threads of silver. Finely linked chain of silver studded with crystals form a girdle, bracelets, necklace, and even a chaplet draped upon the pale hair which still crowns the skull.

The necklace is cursed to be a choker. It will strangle any who wear it in 2d6 rounds unless its evil magic is dispelled. The jewelry is worth 650 gold. Behind the full-length mirror on the south wall is a secret passage into a 10’x15’ cubicle with a narrow side-passage into C14. The cubicle is filled with shattered human bones.

Room C13: Bedroom

(20'x25'x20'H): The door is of stout oak and seems proof against the strength of all comers.

The interior of the room is decorated in heavily lacquered wood and deep-red drapery, giving any light a bloody cast. The oppressive atmosphere is made more ominous still by the reptilian stench that fills the air. In the southeast corner, on a shelf adjacent the washstand, are four jars of mouldering liquids.

The reason, if the door is battered down in some fashion, is that it has been sturdily barred from within. Given the skeleton lying broken just behind that doorway, such defensive measures were too late. The top of the skull was shattered before the door ever gave way.

One contains a syrupy liquor with a bittersweet taste. It causes one who drinks it to fall into a gentle slumber filled with dreams of one's past. The other three jars all appear to contain blood. The first is a strength restorative, now only 60% likely to have its desired effect. The second is a "mind-poison" which causes permanent amnesia. Again, age has reduced the effectiveness to 60%. The third jar is blood. Hidden in the bottom of this jar is an amulet which prevents the wearer from losing any blood, no matter the wound.

Room C14: Butler's Room

(30'x40'x20'H): Only a portion of the room has been allotted as living quarters, simply furnished with a table and chair, bed and washstand, curtained off from the remainder of the room. That part is outfitted as a workroom for the many chores expected of the household staff. Here are boots to be shined, silver to be polished, candles to be trimmed and replaced, and the odds and ends of numerous other tasks, now gathering dust. A snake-pit odor is foul here and worse near the curtained recess.

Behind the curtains, in the sparsely-furnished nook, a child-like humanoid lies bound and mewing piteously. It is actually a snake-spirit (grick) which transforms into a serpent-like monstrosity, as the character who attempts to help free this "victim" will quickly learn!

This worm-like body has a body as long as a man is tall, with four tentacles a little longer than human forearms. The tentacles, located on its head along either side of its jaws, are segmented, as is the body itself.

Room C15: Antechamber

(30'x20'x20'H):. This room has an eerie blood-like hue. Once past the locked door (whose latch clicks and rattles ominously, but is not trapped), you witness a bizarre tableau. Spectral dancers, in glittering-eyed serpent masks, whirl and writhe obscenely. Some appear to be piping on curious flutes or beating tambours, yet no sound can be heard. Others brandish wicked-looking blades with which they slash wildly at one another and themselves, as well as at their terrified victims: two orcs.

This room is actually the outer parlor to bedroom C13. The frenzied orcs will charge the open doorway through the ring of phantoms--and the adventurers.


Skeletons (6)
Animated Bed
Snake Spirit
Orcs (2)


Black Dagger
Wool Great Cloak
+2 Long Sword (phoenix-hilted)
Necklace of Strangulation
Dwarven Mail Shirt
Dwarven Berserker Helmet
Antique 2-Headed Axe
Silver Necklace (20 gp)
Ornate Breastplate and Helm
Richly Embroidered Clothes
Necklace of Amber Gems (120 gp)
Jealous Heart Gem
Jewelry Set (650 gp)
4 Jars of Blood
Amulet of Wound Closure
Sliverware (60 gp)

D Rooms

The Whispering Hall that leads eastward through the heart of Tegel Manor takes hardy adventurers from the A and C sections of the manorial complex into the D section, the addition of Count Radu Rumpula (portrait 46 in A1), whose ill-fame has survived to this day--as, it's rumored, has Radu himself.

Room D1: Throne Room

(90'x6O'x40'H): The hall ends before a great but narrow archway, divided by a central pillar of black rnarble shot through with iridescent veins of color. Through a veil of cobwebs can be seen a vast cathedral-like gallery whose vaulted ceiling is supported by four similar pillars. The floor too is of veined black marble, while the distant ceiling is decorated like the northern sky of a winter's night. Hung throughout in funereal black velvet scatter-shot with arcane symbols in silver and jewels, the effect is of having wandered into the cold depths of Old Night. The entirety of the chamber from the westernmost pillars back to the entry-arch is separated from the remainder by an ornate silvered filigree-like immense network of spider-webs. The effect is heightened by the presence of several ruby-eyed silver spiders of great size scattered upon the barrier. Beyond the gate--and its spidery attendants-the throne room is lit only by its own "starlight". The great hearth on the south wall is cold and long unused. Statues flanking the eastern pillars may be recognized as resembling a Count and his Lady Ramatec both portrayed in high-court garb, handsome yet repellant even in effigy. At the eastern wall is a raised dais. Twin thrones grace the platform.

The statues are Count Radu (from portrait 46) and his Lady Ramatec (portrait 52). Sitting upon either causes weird piping music to begin to play from an unseen source. The velvet draperies serve to mask the archways of the Choking Hall (N) and Cranking Hall (8), a secret door behind the thrones (normally openable only from D7), and two secret passageways in the west wall: One leads to a staircase down to the underground levels and the other to the passage inside the fireplace in the Great Hall (A2).

Room D2: Bedroom

(30'x40'x30'H): Part of a grand suite of rooms approached from the Choking Hall, this innermost of three apartments echoes the decor of the throne room in its night-dark furnishings. Even the furniture is lacquered a glossy black. The faint bluish glow that pervades the room is like starlight. Shimmering eerily in that faint light is a gown, lying draped over the bedclothes.

The dress is spun entirely of spider-silk, which makes it both fabulously expensive and good armor.

Nearly invisible in the gloorn, a severed hand, gloved in black, prowls the room. Spot DC30. The rune-engraved ring it wears is only a silver ring worth 30 gold, but also contains the Curse which animates it. The hand makes an excellent "watchdog" if someone is searching through the wardrobe or bureau.

The draperies covering the west wall conceal two inner chambers. One is a private bathing and privy chamber. The other, curiously, is empty except for a layer of damp soil completely covering the floor.

Room D3: Study

(30'x40'x30'H): The walls of this room are lined with bookcases caked with the dust of long disuse. Volumes of all sorts fill the shelves, all leatherbound--though the hide on some of the more bizarre tomes have a disturbing texture.

One such volume is a spellbook devoted entirely to necromantic arts. Another explains how to increase one's weapon skills permanently but at the cost of having to let one's steel taste blood every time it is drawn. The scrolls on shelf and writing desk crumble at the merest touch.

A growing sense of unease affects all who stay in this room (DC 15 Will save). Could it be the faded tapestries with their disturbing scenes of depravity (which seem to move when glimpsed from the corner of one's eye)? Or perhaps the view through leaded-glass windows of the inner courtyard and its bizarre statuary? If overwhelmed by this "creepy" feeling (i.e., by failing the saving roll), characters will be at -1 on all other Will saves until they leave the Manor for a night’s sleep.

Room D4: Bedroom

(50'x30'x30'H): The outer apartment of the grand suite is a once-magnificent parlor now in ruins. The canopied bed has been broken, its wine-red curtains shredded, the mattressing gutted of stuffing. Tapestries are ripped from the walls and rumpled on the floor. The massive armoire has been toppled face-down into the room.

The cause of all this destruction is an owlbear with a strange, sickly green palor about it. The owlbear is now busily shredding scrolls to add to its "bed" of rags, horsehair batting, and other debris. It is tired and very, very cranky. Inside the overturned armoire is a skeleton dressed in leathers, with a ring still in a belt pouch (which was probably not the best place he could have left a Ring of Owlbear Control. It still has 6 charges, too.) If slain, the owlbear crumbles to dust.

Room D5: Bedroom

(45'x30'x30'H): Behind the iron-bound door and its intricate lack, this chamber echoes the grand suite (D2, D3 and D4). Its hangings are all of wine (or blood) red, its massive canopied bed, wardrobes and desk all of gleaming black-lacquerwork. There are no mirrors. Over all hangs a dank and musty odor of decay, and an earthy smell strongest near the bed. You are startled by a chill blast of air, a sudden flickering shadow passing across the walls, and a deep, jovial voice asking, "What uncouth peasants dare enter the Count's bedroom?"

There is a 30% chance that Radu Rumpula himself, and not merely his mocking message, may be present. Otherwise, he is at his second home in the barrows. The mattress is filled with dirt. Radu carries an ancient volcanic spider statue with moonstone eyes with him. BLUE SPIDER.

Room D6: Bedroom

(20'x20'x30'H): Entered from the sitting room, this chamber glows with ever-changing colors tinting the haze which overhangs all. Even the cobwebs seem to shimmer and change hue. The walls are covered with artfully executed fancies of all sorts, representing both real and imaginary beings of all types, some of improbable color.

Characters entering this room will find the effect bedazzling and disorienting (DC 20 Will save). Any who fail to resist the "bedazzling" will find their eyes drawn to one or another of these figures. A DC 20 Fort save must then be rolled, or a curious sensation follows: The PC will find the artwork blurring into a likeness of himself, and find that he has taken on the likeness of the person formerly on the wall: a female elf. The character so affected will find his stats unchanged, but the effect of the transformation is permanent unless a remove curse spell is used.

Room D7: The Sitting Room

(20'x30'x20'H): This parlor has been transformed into an artist's studio, its walls hung with several portraits of the Rump family and other subjects. The stonework of one wall has been plastered over and is decorated with a still-unfinished effort at a fresco. The worktable is covered with rough sketches on parchment, splatterings of paints and pigments. Everywhere are candelabra and candle-sconces in mismatched array, ablaze with candlelight. The room is noticably warm and heavily sooted (most of the candies are cheap and smoky). Four stone figures stand before a huge easel, as if posing; their frozen expressions are unnerving.

Behind the easel, an animated paint-brush is beginning a portrait of one of the party-rnembers. If allowed to finish (5 minutes), the chosen subject will be turned to stone If interrupted, the phantom paintbrush will "duel" with skill equal to its opponent, always aiming its stroke to get paint in the opponent's eyes (blind for ld4 rounds, no permanent damage).

The southern doors let into an odd "cloak room" filled with clothing and fanciful costumes, painted backdrops rolled and stored on dusty shelves, miscellaneous props, and (hidden in the west wall) a secret passage onto the dais in the throne room (D1).

Room D8: The Vault

Behind a stout iron door on this hallway is the vault-chamber. The door has been doubly trapped to protect that room. The initial trap is a simple poison "stinger" designed to jab whoever tampers the lock. While the poison is fatal in ld4 rounds, it is also easily circumvented by anyone with skill at locks and traps. However, a second mechanism is also set into action by tampering with or forcing the door: Once opened, it is counter-weighted to close automatically, and release a reservoir of liquid that quickly evaporates into a deadly poison gas filling the vault.

(30'x23'x20'H): The skeletal remains of previously-trapped thieves have been left as mute testimony to the effectiveness of the traps. The thieves lie atop a pile of coins. Shelves laden with wax-sealed documents, ledgers and other books, bizarre art objects and such line the walls. Partially blocked by the spilled loot is another massive door in the south.

A ghastly ichor has oozed from beneath (blood). This door resists all efforts at entry unless the proper mechanism is identified: the keystone of the arch must be depressed to release the latch. The door then swings wide, to reveal the mangled corpse smashed behind it into a solid wall of silver. After one minute, anyone between the door and that wall will discover the way that victim died, as the door slarns shut again. A secret passage in the north wall leads back to bedroom C8 by a narrow corridor.

Room D9: Bedroom

(30'x30'x20'H): This room is dark, no candles burning in its silver sconces. Dust - long undisturbed - films the mirrors, the dressing table, the reading stand and an ornate chess-table with intricately carved wooden chess-set. Fine velvet of deepest blue drapes the canopied bed, and faint music soothes and calms the listener.

Should anyone occupy the bed, the gentle atmosphere will prove to be a deadly sleep-spell for that person. Should they fail a DC25 Will save to resist and succumb, the canopy quickly descends to smother the sleeper in 2-8 rounds.

A false bottom in the chess table conceals 4 amethyst gems worth 50 GP each, and 35 GP beside.

Room D10: Side Chapel

(20'x20'x20'H): This room is a quiet retreat with a disquieting decor. Claw-like hands cup flickering votive lights over eight small niches spaced along the walls. Before each is a knealer with black velvet cushions. Within each niche rests a smooth black crystal on a silver tripod. And at the north wall, a black stone altar draped with grey silk bears a silver statue of a woman seated upon a spider-shaped throne. Flanking this figure are twin jade figures of owlbears.

If disturbed, the jade statuary becomes an owlbear with a sickly green palor about it. If slain, they crumble to dust. The central statue though is worth 600 gold. Although it weighs about 40 lbs.

Room D11: Bedroom

(35'x20'x20'H): The door opens to reveal pandemonium. A great dragon-footed iron bedstead thrashes blindly like a mechanical monster, while gargoyle-faced brass oil-lamps hiss and howl. A choking cloud of dust and grit swirls about in all the madness, and the air is filled with a bitter metallic tang.

The reason for all the distressed furniture will quickly become apparent to any party member wearing metal armor. A rust monster is feasting on anything it can reach. It can "meet" and consume a suit of plate in 10 to 20 rounds. Its special acid works at half that speed on non-ferrous metals, and will have no effect on gold, mithril-type metals, or nonmetallic substances (including flesh). The peculiar nature of its acidic blood will affect metal weapons which do any damage to the monster, quickly rendering them unusable.

A small rat hole is in the southeast corner of the room.

Room D12: Bedroom

(15'x24'x20'H): The door to this room opens outward, only to reveal a neatly-laid brick wall.

If the party breaks through, the room within is dark and the air sickly sweet with a smell of rot and ... something else.

Light will reveal a cluttered and merrily-decorated room, and the grisly sight of a skeleton in jester's rnotley lying on the bed, grasping a mason's trowel in one hand. Hardened mortar partially fills a bucket left by the bed.

If the golden candlestick on the trunk next to the jester's beir is lit, it will float lazily toward the ceiling, drifting past and lighting the other candle sconces. These in turn release a "laughing gas" into the room-the source of that cloying sweetness. The jester-thing emits a dry chuckle and comments "You should die laughingly”. As the party finds themselves having to save against the effect of the gas (DC15 Fort save, as if a poison) or else be rendered helpless and giggling for 2d6 rounds. As the effect of the gas fades, so does the skull's rnirth, and the light of the candles. At the end of 12 rounds the room is dark again and re-lighting the candles initiates the same effect over again!

Room D13: Bedroom

(20'x35'x20'H): Here the walls are arrayed with tapestries depicting a subterranean land of wonders, a fearie-land in stone, glittering with the light of sparkling gems and a spectral phosporescence (echoing the finds in E3). The other appointments of the room seem to reflect the artist's vision, for every fixture seems fantastically fashioned of stone as by a master sculptor. The only light comes from a luminous crystal surmounting a rune-carved pedestal.

If anyone reaches to move (or remove) the crystal, a glowing red hand appears to stop them. Gradually a dwarven phantom takes shape, and clutching the crystal tightly to him, paces the length of the room. Upon reaching the wall, he turns and proceeds up the wall and across the ceiling, descending the far wall and returning to the floor. He repeats this performance, unless interrupted, four times. If interrupted, or at the end of the fourth circuit, the dwarf and the crystal explodes in a red blaze for 3d6 damage.

The Dwarf is Rugose Red Ruhmkorff – the engineer from the Tegel Mines.

Room D14: Sanctum

(40'x2C'x20'H): Iron-bound doors of darkened wood incised with runes open upon an enclosure shrouded in murky mist, and filled with a weirdling effect like that of black-light. Inscribed on the stone floor is a sorcerer's circle, whose lines glow with purplish light. West of the circle have been set a great chair and reading stand, along with a pipe, slippers, and a small wine-table with a flagon and two goblets. The volume resting on the stand is opened to a conjuration that reads like love poetry, in characters that sparkle like the lines of the circle.

If the book is disturbed in any way, a spectral hound appears, growls and slavers ferociously, but does not attack. If struck, it splits into two such dogs of equal size. This feat is repeated until a maximum of 13 hounds appear--whereupon all promptly vanish. If a party-rnember reads the conjuration aloud, a spirit of unearthly beauty (and apparently the opposite sex) appears in the circle, crosses to the table, pours wine into the two goblets, and offers one to the reader paying no attention whatsoever to anyone else in the room. It then gestures to the inner sanctum behind the eastern doors, and takes the party-member by the hand. Both become intangible to other characters and float through the door. Once this spell has been set in motion, any interference by other group-members animates the magical statue standing between the two doors of the inner sanctum (east wall). The statue bears a glowing sphere in its hands that is the source of the "black-light" effect in the room. It will attack by throwing this sphere at the party. When it misses, the sphere returns to the statue. A direct hit paralyzes the victim. Anyone driven into the circle is also paralyzed. A DC25 Will save negates this for a round.

No other illumination will work within this room, though torches or candles will behave normally again once removed from the room. At the end of an hour, the missing party-member returns. They will have lost one point of Wisdom and one point of Intelligence, a permanent effect of the “tryst”. The spell holding any other characters vanishes, and all adventurers will suddenly realize they have been healed of any injuries they had when they had entered this chamber.


Phase Spiders (3)
Animated Hand
Radu Rumpula – vampire
Owlbear (2)
Rust Monster
Spectral Hound
Animated Statue


Rune-engraved silver ring
Ring of Owlbear Control
Gems (4) – 50 gold each
35 gold
Silver statue – 600 gold

E Rooms

South of the Crying Hall is a veritable warren of rooms whose arrangement seems somewhat confused. This is partially Sir Runic's fault, and well reflects his own confusion in the planning: Most of these rooms (though not all) were adopted as the "new" living quarters, as the manor was gradually surrendered to its host of haunts. Ultimately, Runy and his few remaining retainers beat a hasty retreat to the Hermitage, though not before they'd turned most of this wing into a maze.

Room E1: The Laundry

(40'x30'x20'H): The humid air here is heavy with the soapy-clean scents, welling forth from a huge, boiling cauldron nested upon a central pit of flaring coals. Ceiling-hung racks are laden with sodden, steaming linens. Ghostly shapes flutter in and out of sight among the wet-wash, as rags plung into the bubbling water and re-emerge to sail up among the racks again.

Across the Crying Hall from C9, this room explains the soapy-clean smell that filled the maid's chamber. Bundles of wet sheets and clothing will swoop at intruders, attempting to swathe victims in their folds and drag them into the cauldron. (Though wet, these rags will avoid fire. However, killing the fire under the cauldron will stop the entire cycle!)

Room E2: Stock Room

(30'x30'x20'H): Here you find a storeroom literally crawling with oddities. Amongst dust-laden shelves of exotic spices, bolts of (mostly moth-eaten) fabric, and exotic paraphernalia (snake spit, moles' teeth, crab eyes, and fortune cookies, among other things) creep all manner of vermin. Poisonous spiders have taken over a box of candied fruit and weevils have infested a barrel of flour.

A giant tick is interrupted while feasting on a keg of red liquid (basilisk blood). The tick, sensing fresher food, will heave its bulk at the nearest character.

Room E3: Bedroom

(50'x20'x20'H): The doorway from the corridor (N entrance) is so rnired behind cobwebs as to virtually smother anyone attempting to fight through. The room itself has remained undisturbed for long years. The the dust lies like a heavy frost upon the entire apartment. Intricate sculptures in stone contain jewels of rare color, each flickering like fireflies with an inner light: theirs is the only light in the room (they have no other magical properties). Though the canopied bed and the scriptoriurn-style desk are of wood, nearly everything else of the room's furnishings is cunningly wrought in stone, from the reading stand to the candlesticks. A ponderous chest at the foot of the bed appears to be entirely of marble. Next to the desk on a side-table rests a huge ivory drinking horn artfully decorated with a spiralling band of gold.

Within are kept scrolls and parchments, detailing many planned projects; a silver-chased short-handled war hammer (+2), a battered coat of dwarf-mail, and a single lock of red-gold hair.

This is the cornpanion chamber of bedroom D13, with which it forms a suite. Originally fashioned as private quarters for Rugose Red Ruhmkorff, the dwarven engineer who supervised the excavations below Tegel Manor (and whose ghost haunts D13). In a nearly inaccessible portion of the manor this room can only be entered from F3 (a kitchen) or the Nameless Corridor which only connects to one other room (the bath in E4). Unlike the bed in D3, this one is large enough for humans.

Room E4: Boudoir

(35'x 15'x20'H): The faded rose draperies of this room, festooned with black crepe, are echoed in the dried and brittle roses, strung with cobwebs, which fill the room. A casket is propped against the west wall and flanked by candelabra.

The casket contains a Ghoul. A secret passage hidden in the north wall conceals a narrow corridor leading directly back to the Cranking Hall. Therein are also the remains of the coffin's previous occupant!

Room E5: Bedroom

There is no doorway to this room. The two entries (E in the Nameless Corridor and S in the narrow hallway leading back to the Crying Hall) were sealed up many a long year ago, and in the main hallway, hidden behind a tapestry. A faint moaning and weeping heard beyond the wall are the only indication of anything beyond the wall to those who do not notice the subtle difference in the masonry.

(30'x35'x20'H): If broken into, the space beyond is like a tomb, relieved by only one small glimmer of light: a still flickering faerie-gem clutched in the withered hands of a mummy-like corpse. The body, laid upon an ornate bed, is robed in black and still crowned with flowing red-gold hair. At the foot of the bed, a floor-standing censer, though cold, still exudes a rich scent of precious incense. A small table near the corpse holds a volcanic pumice statue of a cat with moonstone eyes.

If the body or the gem are disturbed in any way, the corpse rises to attack its defiler. The cat is the orange moonstone cat.

Room E6: Bedroom

(20'x35'x20'H): This room is partitioned not by a wall but a heavy curtain depicting in its faded splendor a "garden of earthly delights". The chamber masked by this curtain bids fair to fulfill such promise. The air is warm, sweet and musky - the light of veiled lamps rosy. The figures reclining invitingly among the silks and furs appear to simply be waiting for the intrepid adventurers to step forward.

Room E7: Bedroom

(30'x20'x2D'): When the door is opened, no one is immediately visible in this room, though odd trails in the dust indicate something has been active here.

Before the door is opened, you can hear the sounds of thumping, cursing and a chair scraping across the floor.

ld4 rounds after the room has been entered, four heads come rolling out from underneath the bed (E wall) and wardrobe (W wall), charging at one another. They butt one another or the legs of any adventurer in their way, and will bite (1 -3 pts.) at anyone in their way. If kicked, there is a 10% chance the head will lose the gold coin under its tongue and become inert. The coin, however, has a Curse on it that will remain very active: whoever possesses the coin will be unable to sleep, losing 1 point of constitution daily unless released from the curse or getting rid of the coin, after which constitution recovers naturally. If constitution becomes 0, the victim dies, and promptly becomes a restless ghost.

Room E8: Utility Room

(30'x20'x20'H): This storage room is part of a burned out section of the manor never restored.

Perhaps the Rumps thought it would keep the ghastlies at bay. If so, they were wrong. Here, where the roofbeams gave way and left a collapsed chamber full of ruined supplies. Five ghasts have made their camp, sheltering amid the fallen beams and rubble, and bringing their tidbits on which to feast.

Room E9: The Laboratory

(70'x30'x20'H): This clammy stone sanctum has a perpetual damp chill which clings to this room and is scarcely relieved by the wan light filtering faintly through small, deeply recessed windows along the south wall during daylight hours, or the iron cressets widely spaced along the walls. And no fire has been set in the hearth in quite some time. Stone shelves and wooden cabinets house a vast collection of jars, jugs, bottles and vials, wicked-looking instruments, and disturbing displays. Among the specimens that have not been tampered with or destroyed are a brain (in brine) and a jar of eyes which seem to follow the party-members' movements. There is a faint humming in the SW corner.

A faint humnming in the SW corner is the only indication of a teleport gate from this room to A21 (the secret study). It is a one-way portal.

The following “treasure” will be found:

  • 500 gp
  • Potion of Healing
  • Oil of Invisibility
  • Censor cursed to summon a hostile air elemental
  • An alchemist's "harmonious" jug (which will convert water to wine, wine to lamp oil, or lamp oil to water--depending on what is poured into it--once per day).

Room E10: Bedroom

At the end of the Snapping Hall a door of black iron, incised with arcane glyphs, bars entry to the room beyond. The door has been warded by spells to prevent entry by any who do not know the "password"-- or know how to negate magic. Tampering with the door handle risks contact at a most inopportune time (10% chance): If the timing is wrong, the person touching the door receives a 3d6 darnage electrical shock and is thrown against the wall across the hall

(40'x30'x20'H): The room within is a windowless chamber hung in shades of deepest green brocades and fine silks. The four corners each hold a massive floor-standing wrought iron candelabrum. However, neither the furnishings (bed, desk, armoire, etc.) nor the rich tapestries can command the attention of the party as does the centerpiece of the room. The Cauldron of Willowman (druid artifact) bathes the entire chamber in a soft green glow from deep within its liquid-filled bowl.

The water therein is transformed into a potion of regeneration, which will restore anyone bathed in the cauldron (once in each week). Of more immediate concern to the party is the bolt of lightning that snaps forth between the cauldron and any other metal in the room, at random, every other round. Metal, including armor, which is brought within 10' of the cauldron, becomes 90% certain of receiving the strike (3d6 damage)! Destroying the magic that causes the lightning will also destroy the magic that gives the cauldron its miraculous enchantment. This is the Lost Druid Cauldron – the cauldron of regeneration

Room E11: Chapel

(40'x20'x20'H): The sweet fragrance of incense clings heavily to this abandoned retreat. The dust-laden prayer-cushions and altar hangings bear the Rump crest, while a statue (NW corner) representing the revered Bright Lady smiles benignly upon the empty chamber.

ld4 rounds after the adventurers enter, a faint mumbling sound swells into a full-voiced chanting, and a priest appears from the SW corner, approaches the party--and crumbles to dust at their feet! The small side chamber from which the priest seemingly emerged is an antechamber to the room beyond, containing ceremonial vestments of pale blue and gold. The other apartment, the priest's quarters, is furnished in utmost simplicity, and, like the chapel itself, radiates an aura of calm and security unlike the other rooms of the manor. The only "haunting" here is a faint sound of someone tunelessly humming, as though while working or deep in thought. It is the gentle but firm power of this chapel area that has held back the denizens of the Creaking Corridor (W).

Room E12: Bedroom

(30'x40'x20'H): Once this room was gaily appointed in bright silks and whitest linens, gleaming brass and sparkling crystal. Now a black, sooty dust coats everything. A black robe sprawls over the edge of the opened chest at the foot of the bed, trailing its hem upon the floor. From its sleeves and skirt, more sooty grit has spilled.

The western wall is clammy-cold and wet to the touch-and poisonousl If a character touches the surface, they must save DC Fort Save 20 or lose -1 Constitution per turn until either restored or reaching 0 Consitution. If a victim reaches 0 Constitution, the body crumbles to the same black dust as found in the robe! This poison will respond to normal/magical poison cures, or a curse removal spell. In the bottom of the opened chest, hidden beneath clothing and other items, is a vial of the antidote, with two doses left.)

Three smaller (10'x10') chambers lead eastward from the NE corner. The first, a wardrobe, contains rich garments and linens, all dusted with the same soot. On the floor, a single black glove lays half-filled with the dust. The next, a bathing chamber, contains a private tub, seemingly filled with India ink (more of the poison). The last door is hidden behind a screen, and opens on a small shrine to snake demon. Foully stained copper knives and an eyeless hood are arranged upon a table before a gruesome icon.

Room E13: Bedroom

(50'x30'x20'H): From the great canopied bed on its raised platform, to the curtains and tapestries, to the books on the shelves--everything is stained in shades of purple, and covered with wriggling slugs that glow cherry-red like hot coals.

The snail-like horrors spit their dye everywhere, up to a distance of three feet. If characters are splattered with this ichor, whatever it strikes (including armor) will be tinted with purple (the dye would last 3-7 days, but in this room it never gets the chance to completely go away). There is an unpleasant burning sensation on exposed flesh, and a strike in the eye will blind for ld4 rounds, but there is no damage done other than the peculiar stain.

A jeweled box worth 140 GP sits on the bureau. Like everything else in this room, it is entirely purpled.

Room E14 -The Bath

(30'x30'x20'H): A fountain fed by springs somewhere beneath the manor cascades an endless stream of sparkling water over marble stair-steps down into a luxurious bath, from which gurgling drains carry away the overflow. An "island" in the center of the bathing pool is topped by a box-like bench.

If inspected, the box proves to be the prison entombing Rank Rumpula.

Room E15: Bedroom

(50'x30'20'H): This oddly-situated suite in the south wing of the manor is devoid of cobwebs, dust and decay. Still it has a wan, pallid look to it, as even the finest of its accoutrements are of soft greys and muted silver. Lamps of frosted glass or cloudy crystal shimmer dimly here. Even the woodwork is of greyish-white tone. No portraits or tapestries decorate these walls, though mirrors are everywhere. The apartment is filled with gracefully-carved beds (three of them), cabinets and chests, dressing alcove and other amenities.

In five minutes, the party is joined by "doppelgangers". These fiendish mimics will randomly emerge from mirrors about the room, taking on the shape (and matching statistics) of each party-member in the room until all have been accounted for. Worse still, if a party-member has undergone a transformation by the magicks of some other chamber, the first doppleganger that imitates that individual will be joined by another wearing the previous form of the character! When one is slain, another will appear in ld4 rounds. The only way to prevent their return is to smash all the mirrors in the room (there are 24). The doppelgangers, of course, seek to slay their models and take their places.


Giant Tick
Mummy – Rustrum the Rabid
Animated Heads
Ghasts (5)
Vampire - Rank Rumpula


8 flickering gems – 120 gold each
Warhammer +2
Dwarven Mail +2
Ivory drinking horn – 350 gold
Silver censer – 180 gold
500 gold
Potion of Healing
Oil of Invisibility
Censor cursed to summon a hostile air elemental
An alchemist's "harmonious" jug (which will convert water to wine, wine to lamp oil, or lamp oil to water--depending on what is poured into it--once per day).
A jeweled box worth 140 GP sits on the bureau.

F Rooms

Originally built by Rinbak the Rich during the third expansion, these rooms retain more of their original flavor than the remodeled E section of the Manor.

Room F1: Bedroom

(30'x30'x20'H): This room is so deeply mired in a silken shroud that all about appears as though covered in spun sugar. The cobweb-like covering has enfolded two shapes on the bed.

And is evidently seeking more victims: The characters are not only slowed down to half-speed movement in this room while mucking about in the webbing, but are in danger of being enshrouded in the silken threads themselves. If a character falls in the mess, then they must make a successful DC15 Reflex check to rise. If unsuccessful, the next round's rolls are DC18, and so forth. The webbing will only take 4 rounds to completely wrap its victim!

Susceptible to fire, the silk combusts into a suffocating smoke that will overcome anyone still in the room after 1d6 rounds. One corpse upon the bed wears a golden necklace and pendant worth 250 GP. The other futilely clutches a small silver dagger.

Room F2: Bedroom

(30'x30'x20'H): This bedroom and the parlor between it and the other bedroom (El5) are bathed in a lurid yellow light, as the walls appear to dance continually with tongues of fire. The silken bed canopy and the draperies about the room hang in fluttering tatters themselves suggestive of flames, and move as though blown about in a breeze. A gelatinous, vaguely humanoid shape still reclines upon the bed, looking like some partially melted wax effigy.

It is actually a Gray Ooze. Despite the look of an inferno, PCs will note that the room is of ordinary temperature (slightly chilly, that is), except in a wardrobe, where a flame-hued cloak exudes a pleasing warmth (it actually affords protection from cold spells and natural cold, 95% effective).

Room F3: Kitchen

(40'x40'x20'H): This room looks more like a battle-zone than a kitchen. Work-tables are overturned and piled like barricades. The crockery and cutlery have been flung everywhere, or used as weapons in what must have only recently been a hellish brawl. The opened larders have been raided for rotted vegetables and other foodstuffs now splattered madly about the hall. Here a skeleton has had its skull bashed in with a vinegar jug, its ghoul-assailant having then had its head pulped with a cleaver. Something still dangles from where it was stuffed up the chimney of the great fire-place. The stench is overpowering. Seated about a small fire built in the midst of the ruin, a party of six ghouls are busily devouring the remains of a former opponent.

Whatever it was, it had excellent taste in jewelry, with rings and bangles worth perhaps 450 GP.

Room F4: Bedroom

(35'x30'x20'H): The door here opens to reveal a darkened room exuding a rank odor of wet earth like an open grave. The cream-colored furnishings are echoed by a thick carpet of similar hue--but the carpet is moving! The entire floor is a mass of writhing, wriggling flesh worms that crunch disgustingly under foot and emit hideous high shrieks that sound almost like voices, if stepped upon.

Room F5: Bedroom

(30'x30'x20'H): The open doorway to this bedroom is like a wall of inky velvet darkness. A torch thrust into the opening will seem to be swallowed in the dark, only to emerge still burning normally when withdrawn.

However, thrusting one's arm through the darkness requires a DC20 Fort save or loss of -1d4 STR. The room has been magicked to resist any but magical light, the better to protect its two occupants: two shadows. The effect is maintained by their treasure, a Pendant of the Black Star, its faceted stone containing power to darken a 30' area; whoever wields the stone can see inside the area so effected, but not outside it. Others cannot see into or through it except with magic, and magical light dispels the shadow.

Room F6: Bedroom

(30'x20'x20'H): The air within this chamber is rank and humid, and the furnishings are coated with mold and mildew. A break in the south wall exudes steamy vapor from a shaft beyond.

Once the party has entered the room the doors seal shut magically (both the door from F5 and the hallway). Any torches flair and extinguish. Players then find themselves in fetid surroundings illuminated only by the sickly phosphorescence of the mold. Scattered bones in the room begin drawing together to assemble themselves into a skeleton. At the end of a minute, the skeleton, now fully assembled, begins drawing the mold and fungus to itself, until, by the end of the two minutes, it is a fully-assembled Shambler! If the party has not figured a way out, or destroyed the creature before it reaches this state, they face a slimy, omnivorous heap of rotting matter.

The shaft leads to hot springs under the manor.

Room F7: Linen Storage

(20'x20'x2D'H): Behind the bedroom (E15) is a large "closet", feeling somewhat close and confined for all that it is a good-sized room. After all, the walls are filled with shelves, and those shelves filled with sheets of linen or silk, blankets of wool, rich velvet and brocade coverlets, and yard upon yard of fine stuff yet to be fashioned to use. A body completely wound in a tight shroud of satin lies slumped on the stone floor.

A faded red silk cloak unfolds itself and swoops batlike at a party member, seeking to drape itself across his shoulders. A DC20 Reflex save to avoid. Once it has done so, that character must save by rolling a DC25 Will save to avoid being obsessed with seeking out and slaying Sir Runic Rump and proclaiming himself the new lord of Tegel Manor. If the obsession takes hold, a remove curse will be needed to break the spell. Others attempting to stop the cloak will find themselves battling with more animated satin. In all, there are perhaps 1200 GP worth of exotic finery stored in this room (one would need a cart for it all!). Hidden in the south wall of the chamber is a secret passage in and out of this room onto the grounds.


Gray Ooze
Ghouls (6)
Shadows (2)


Golden necklace – 250 gold
Small silver dagger – 6 gold
Cloak of warmth – billowing flames
Rings and bangles - 450 gold
Pendant of the Black Star

G Rooms

East of the Master Foyer (Al) granting entrance to Tegel Manor, the Screaming Hail leads into G section, that arm of the manor supervised by the sadistic beauty Lady Rubienna Rump-Rumpula (portrait 78), sister of Count Radu, and his equal for depravity. This section is also approached, by those foolish enough to do so, by way of the inner Court or the Whining Hall (E).

Room Gl: Bedroom

(30'x30'x40'H): Artfully decorated in silks of deepest blood-red, the ornate beauty of this room is given a sinister cast. Perhaps it is that choice of color, yet even as you watch, the tint drains from drapery and coverlet alike like water, leaving a pale cream hue. The flowing stain pools together on the floor, coalescing into a single oily mass of putreseence. This pools flows into the Torturer, a demon, who moves to attack.

Room G2: The Room Of Fear

(30'x30'x40'H): Walls panelled in dark walnut gleam dully beneath the light of iron candle-sconces. Revealed in the light are hideous paintings, grotesque masks and sculpture. The central chandelier creaks ominously.

The pictures are so vile as to cause a powerful fearful reaction DC25 Will save and violent nausea DC25 Fort save if viewed directly. The chandelier crashes to the floor. It does 1d20 points to all within 6’ diameter area in the center of the room. DC25 Reflex to dodge.

Room G3: The Torture Chamber

(70'x70'x40'H): As dark and damp as any cavern, this vast hall of horrors resounds with phantom screams, sobs and moons, strange gurgling and grunting, coming from apparently empty tables and cages hung from the rafters. Gruesome mechanisms litter the benches where torturers and inquisitors plied their craft, and cold braziers contain the tools of their trade. From the south wall a grotesque statue seems to leer at the remembered torments of this room, even while writhing in some agony of its own. Even the fireplace in the north is hung with locks and chains.

A yawning (8' wide) pit in the middle of the floor abruptly sprouts a tentacle-like assortment of animated chains (capable of reaching into any adjacent 10' squares to grapple victims like a 4 HD monster. Victims will be dragged into the pit (to end up in Underground Level 2, Room 13).

An inner chamber littered with the desicated remains of various portions of victims conceals a secret passage leading to a small altar on which sits a sheaf of parchment. The sheaf of parchment is actually the fourth chapter of the Book of the Djinn, 20 blank pages. The pages radiate a slight aura of magic and cannot be written on by any ink or implement. Any marks made on them merely fade in a few seconds. The pages are also immune to fire.

Room G4: Bedroom

(20'x30'x40'H): This cheerless place offers little comfort to any fleeing the terror of the arcane gallery. Of the same grim aspect, cold and darkness seem to cling palpably to the very walls--and nowhere more noticably than the SW corner. There a great armoire stands open, its impenetrably dark interior exhuding a frigid vapor.

Should any attempt to investigate this cabinet, the inky gloom solidifies into the form of a demonic fiend.

Room G5: The Cells

(50'x30'x40'H): Beyond the iron-bound oak door that guards entry to this room an inner iron grating bars the way to two cells. A skeleton lies pinned beneath the gate, its back cleanly broken. Ghastly remains of prisoners left here to rot dangle in the cells visible from the entry. Sounds of fiendish shrieks and cackles come from somewhere further back within this prison. In those dark recesses, a flickering light shows the way.

The door to this room bears a triple-lock mechanism DC 30 to open.

The counterweight with which this barrier is balanced makes it hard to lift, and gives it sufficient force to break as many as four iron spikes (it drops down again three rounds after it has been opened).

You find a band of six ghouls gathered around a "campfire", some busily feasting in their accustomed fashion, while others gleefully torment a still-living victim. Their silent prisoner is as fantastic a sight as the ghoul-feast: manacled with chains of purest silver, her muffled face entirely obscured by a mask of shimmering spider-silk (like the gown in D2), she is obviously humanoid, though her blue-black skin and snow-white hair are like no human! The ghouls pluck at her ragged gown, pinch at her or pull her hair, yet none has bitten or clawed their helpless captive.

She is actually the Banshee of the Rump Clan: Her gaze pierces through illusion, and her voice can kill simply by speaking the victim's true name. Originally trapped by Count Radu and Lady Rubienna, who she had come to claim, she will befriend the party if freed, and restore their dead--or grant one resurrection later--while seeking their help to locate her quarry.)

Room G6: Bedroom

Part of a suite of rooms located behind the cellblock (G5) and accessible only through the prison or by means of the secret passage (SE corner) that connects to the Moaning Hall. From the cells, entry is by means of a heavy wooden door of lacquered oak. Within it is reinforced with silvered iron.

(40'x40'x40'H): The room itself, though shrouded now by dust and spider-webs, is decorated in a wealth of color and texture hinting at decadent self-indulgence. And amidst the finery of exquisite tapestries and silver appointments, sinister touches intrude jarringly: Hooks and chains dangle along the wall or from the ceiling.

DC15 Spot: The sides of the chest at the foot of the bed are pierced with several small, evenly-spaced holes, as is the false back within the wardrobe (though it is hidden behind fine gowns, cloaks and other items bearing the Rurnpula monogram). And not all the finely-wrought implements upon the vanity are for rn'lady's grooming. One of the two great canopied beds is enclosed not by curtains, but by folding doors (and the canopy can be lowered by means of a crank). In a crystal decanter on the table between the beds is a cherry liquer that is actually a potent elixir capable of restoring all lost STR and CON in a single dose (contains six more)--hovvever, ld4 rounds after imbibing, the drinker is racked with spasms of pain for 1d10 rounds (no permanent darnage).

Room G7: Den

(20'x40'x40'H): This room is a bizarre study. A writing desk sits beneath a stained- glass window (N wall), the original subject of which has been altered into a travesty containing sigils of the Pit Fiend. On the desk itself, and lining nearby shelves, are scrolls made of skin or anirnal hide, all of which radiate an aura of evil.

DC15 Spot: The books upon those shelves all appear to be bound in human skin--and there is a space where one has been recently removed, disturbing the dust. Next to the desk, a second chair is outfitted with hasps and shackles. Next to the inkwell and quills on the desk is a small basin with bloodletting knives. A small serving table contains a flask of spicy, sweet liquid that prevents fatigue for ld20 hours (at the end of which the imbiber must roll a CD25 Fort save to avoid immediately failing asleep for ld4 hours).

At the end of the room is a portrait 77, which is a random teleport in the dungeon.

The door in the NE corner opens into an inner cell serving as both a bathing and dressing room. The cabinet herein contains two elegant gowns and a dramatic black cowled robe decorated with the same sigils in the window, as well as a sinister assortment of leather accoutrements. Beyond a second door (S wall) is a chamber of equal size, containing only a catafalque surmounted by an ornate coffin, whose lid has been secured by magicked locks of precious metal (it doesn't quite look like silver ... )

Imprisoned within is the intended victim for a sacrifice in G11, held in a sleeping spell by a ring of the same metal as the locks (and worth perhaps 500 gold).

Room G8: The Sitting Room

(30'x20'x40'H): This room is in stark contrast to the morbid hall without. A clean (albeit dusty) and simply furnished chamber of warm colors, set with comfortable chairs (and one couch with shackles). A chessboard on one table provides diversion, its playing pieces deftly wrought in sometimes disturbing detail. One figure still occupies a chair next to the inner door (E wall): a decaptiated corpse wearing a scimitar in a bejeweled scabbard (worth 240 gold), and sporting a jeweled silver hairpin (worth 40 gold) between its ribs. An iron chest rests beneath his chair. The inmost alcove seems to have served as a dressing room, containing a few personal effects, pegs for hanging clothing, leather aprons and several black hoods. Three severed heads on the rear shelf have had their mouths stuffed with garlic.

This room was used for the staff of G3 and selected "guests". The iron chest beneath his chair is unlocked and filled with skulls. If it is removed, they begin singing raucously, causing the decapitated corpse to come shambling in (with its scirniter, if that was not already taken.

Room G9: (Secret) Alcove

(20'x20'x40'H): Skeletal remains littering the floor give mute testimony to previous victims of this prison. Rats startled at their foraging will disappear down the rathole in the NW corner.

The only way into this disguised chamber is by means of a secret doorway hidden in the Moaning Hall. The weighted door will snap shut again hard enough to break up to three spikes, and leave no purchase to grip the door again from inside.

Room G10: Bedroom

( 20'x30'x40'H): The wooden door which faces the Whining Hall has been skillfully carved with a scene of huntsmen bringing down a wild boar. The room beyond faintly echoes with the musical jingling of chainmail and the song of fine steel clashing, seemingly from the scenes of hunt and combat pictured in tapestries lining the walls. One such tapestry has fallen to the floor.

The fallen tapestry conceals a gold-chased saddle (175 GP) and a curious loin-girdle fashioned of a great-cat's pelt. It has been magicked to give the wearer the speed and agility of a jaguar, and acute senses--but will turn the wearer into a were-cat at nightfall. A curse removal will stop that, but also dispell the other magic.

Room G11: Temple Chamber Behind a secret passage hidden in the N wall of the Moaning Hall lays the only entrance to this sinister assembly-hall.

(50'x40'x40'H): A temple it certainly appears to be, but one reeking of blood and sulphurous stench. Stained-glass windows portray a twisted landscape beneath storm-wracked skies, skies filled with spirits of the damned. Above the black basalt altar-stone, a statue portrays a demon - ceremonial knife in one hand and the drooping flesh of a face hanging from the other. If it is daytime outside, light pierces the gloom from a single opening far above in the ceiling, directly above the altar,. A book, radiating a powerful aura of evil and magic, is hideously fashioned with the stretched skin of a once-human face for a cover. The remainder of the chamber is shrouded in draperies of deepest black and midnight blue, intricately worked with the demon’s sigils. Folding screens conceal alcoves with the masks, robes and paraphernalia of cultists. In the center of the temple, livid blue light shines from the depths of an immense vessel, the waters of which churn continuously despite the absence of any fire.

Anyone looking directly at this gruesome effigy must make a DC30 Will save against Fear.

If it is night, the moon will shine down the shaft at its zenith - and on thr night of the full moon that means a sacrifice to be performed (using the victim secreted in the coffin in G7).

The volume that was missing from the shelf in G7 (the den) will be found here, resting upon the lectern facing the altar. If opened, the book-face shrieks (roll again to resist the fear spell here). Within, the torne contains the ceremonies to be performed for ritual mutilation and sacrifice, and the summoning of a pit fiend. (A spelicaster will realize that this opens a portal within the temple-a veritable "doorway to Hell" in the NE corner of the hall. Destroying the book can thwart this, but the torne is fortified with spells to resist fire. Further, on a successful DC25 Will save, the spellcaster will realize that the book is also the only way one can escape from this portal if one has entered--otherwise, the victim must seek other means out again.)

The vessel is Rubienna’s cauldron, which turns those bathed within to become mindless zombies. If it is nighttime, there is a chance the party have reached this chamber before the sacrifice begins, and 30% that they enter after the proceedings have begun. If they arrive before the ritual begins, they are 50% likely to find the sacrificial victim already here, the coffin guarded by four of Rubienna’s "Cauldron Born" -and if the party earlier rescued the villager who was to be the sacrifice, the zombies will not have noticed that the coffin has been tampered with. As the time for sacrifice approaches, 1d10 acolytes enter. 1d6 rounds later, Rubienna herself arrives armed with sacrificial dagger +3. If the ceremony takes, place as scheduled, the sacrifice is placed upon the altar, veiled. The portal will be conjured in ld4 rounds. When the veil is removed, the victim's contorted face can be seen on it briefly before it is flung into the fiery portal. The featureless victim is then cast into the cauldron. If the veil is recovered and replaced upon the one sacrificed, before "zombification", and the portal closed, the unfortunate is restored to normal. The portal can only be closed by taking control of the book, if a spellcaster, or throwing either the book or Rubienna into the waiting gateway.


The Torturer
Animated Chains
Chain Demon
Ghouls (6)
Vampire – Lady Rubienna
Pit Fiend (if summoned)


Scabbard – 240 gold
Silver hairpin – 40 gold
Gold-chased saddle – 175 gold
Cursed jaguar artifacts

The Inner Court

This chamber is a strange retreat, open to the sky and over-run with rank vegetation. The statuary is of a uniformly unwholesome aspect, the subjects deformed or debased in bizarre fashions. A statue on the west wall appears to be that of a beautiful woman. The statue’s head has been broken off and lies a few feet away.

The statue is that of Radiant Rivona, who will come to life and smile at the party before disappearing. Upon doing so, the figures in the Inner Court revert to their normal state- fawns and satyrs playing in the forest. Note: if anyone has been charmed into questing after Radiant Rivona, she is now found. Buried at the foot of this statue is a small iron-bound casket containing 10 gems of 60 GP value, and a deep green colored key that unlocks all locks in G3 and G5 (the torture chamber and cells).


Radiant Rivona - statue


10 gems (60gp)
Deep green key

H Rooms

The Moaning Hall and the Whining Hall lead eastward out of the foulness of the G section into the H section of rooms, also reached from the south by the Choking Hall from D section or the Bony and Meowing Halls out of K section. This section of the Manor was originally built by Sir Rankling Rump. However, it was burned by Ransack Roscoe in 688 TA and rebuilt by Ritzy Rutorn Rump (portrait 95), perhaps the most noteworthy fop and fun-lover in the long line of Rumps. Ransack Roscoe the firebug started both the great manor fires in 686 and 688 burning areas C and H respectively. He was killed in the last fire.

Room H1: Bedroom

(20'x25'x20'H): The room is not remarkable in its furnishings--a simple bed, a washstand, writing desk and wardrobe--and the pastoral scenes hung upon the wall would be commonplace. However, the colors shimmer and pulsate before the eye, and seem “wrong" in every detail! The effect is disconcerting and ever painful.

Every third round, players mus roll a DC20 Will save. If the save is failed, that character is stunned, unable to concentrate or perform any other action beyond blindly groping for an exit for ld4 rounds. Stunned characters will hear voices chanting in chorus of mysterious "buried under the bones". This refers to Sir Ritark the Rat-Hearted’s treasure in H15.

A two-way secret passage connects this cell to H17 (servants' quarters).

Room H2: Parlor

(55'x35'x20'H): This room seems lost in deep gloom and feathery cobwebs.

As soon as the entire party has stepped into the parlor, it bursts into a riot of activity: Everywhere, candelabra spark and light, the spider-webs seem to shrivel in upon themselves and vanish, and dust-devils spring up, whisking away the dust in ld4 rounds. The light sparkles and gleams from fanciful suits of improbable-looking armor, ostentatiously fashioned with beast-heads, intricate silver or gold inlays, enamelwork, or surcoats and beldrics of high craftsmanship and brilliant color. Chessmen, cards and dice move about by unseen hands, and a vigorous (though invisible) darts game makes one corner of the room hazardous to traverse. As drifting lutes play spiritedly, six wooden balls juggle themselves in complex patterns. The only visible creature besides the party is a wraith decked out in a golden smock and vivid green surcoat, absently stirring the contents of a copper brazier supported by a stone toad.

ld4 rounds after the characters have entered the parlor, it will take notice of them and politely inquire "Your invitations please?" Offended when the party cannot produce invitations, the wraith will attempt to eject them, forcibly from the room. If the wraith is overcome, the candles extinguish, the floating miscellany crash to the floor, and the dust quickly settles anew over everything--including the party!--in the gloom.

Copper brazier – 24 gold

Room H3: Bedroom

(20'x35'20'H): A folding screen intricately patterned with carved arabesques forms the partition between this bedchamber and the parlor (H2). Within, opulence reigns supreme. Rich silks decorate the bed and chairs. The wardrobe fairly bulges with foppish finery in riotous colors, and cushions of similarly loud style litter the floor along with thick pelts of plush fur. From beneath a mound of such furs, two baleful yellow eyes glare.

If approached, a gangly mass of bony limbs, sallow skin and matted black hair scuttles out, gibbering and spitting: an insane wight. Clutched greedily in its claws is a Potion of Healing.

Room H4: Storeroom

(20'x20'x20'H): Tucked away in this musty, neglected corner and gathering dust is a bizarre assortment of paraphernalia collected from the far corners of the world, to no apparent purpose. A stuffed minotaur with glass eyes stands poised with a great axe over a hand-painted urn full of rotted pecans. A winged foot sculpted in marble sits like a paperweight atop a pile of dried, brittle parchment filled with truly reprehensible love-poetry. An elegant crystal goblet proves on close inspection to be a "dribble glass".

The entire room is a treasure trove of absolutely worthless junk (even the great axe is base metal). However, the hallway (E) beyond seems to offer possibilities, with its faint scent of jasmine and delicate sound of music…

Room H5: Bedroom

(30'x30'x20,H): Along with dampness and decay, this room drips family pride: The quilt upon the bed is elaborately worked with the heraldic shield of the Rump clan, while banners and awards of honor are displayed in faded splendor. Above a massive suit of tournament plate mounted for display is a jousting lance (S wall), trailing a blood-red pennant with the golden hind insignia.

As the party turn to leave the chamber, a gruff, challenging voice shouts "Dastard-hearted, cowardly curs!"

A quick Investigation would reveal that there is a skeleton--with plenty more insults to heap at intruders--immobilized within the rust-frozen armor.

The wardrobe in the NE corner has been pushed in front of the only door into H15. Scrape marks can be seen on the floor on a Spot DC15.

Room H6: The Ballroom

(60'x50’x20'H): You enter an antechamber separated from the main hall by a velvet curtain. In the antechamber, dancing slippers and all the accoutrements of a fancy-dress masquerade spill from open chests behind ornamental screens. Wild-spirited chamber music plays beyond the curtain.

Presided over by two statues representing Comedy and Tragedy, flanking the fireplace (E wall), the main room is ablaze with the light of crystal chandeliers, reflected by the many rnirrors flanking the hall. As phantom musicians continue their fevered play, fantastically costumed celebrants whirl about the room, drifting gradually upward to the ceiling until they fade through and vanish. Their festive garb rains down to the floor, abandoned. During this display, the statues appear to speak, though one must approach closely to hear what they are saying. Comedy is chuckling "This should be good for a laugh" while Tragedy sobs "How terrible, terrible."

The first character to hear this clearly must then roll a DC20 Reflex check to be quick enough to avoid the failing chandelier (6d6 damage)! When it crashes down and shatters, 20 gems (worth 50 gold each) will be revealed among the crystals. Hidden inside the fireplace is a two-way secret passage into a narrow corridor (which ends in a second such secret passage.) Doors at the rear of the ballroom lead down the Gnawing Hall (NW) or the Moaning Hall (SW).

Room H7: Office

(50'xl6'x20'H): Long banks of shelves stretch the length of the room on north and south walls, laden heavily with fabulously illuminated volumes and ornamental scrolls, not to mention dust. The huge scriptorium desk at the east end of the room is flanked by candlestands.

Rows of ink-pots and a rack filled with quill pens launch themselves like missles at the party as they enter the room.

Room H8: Nursery

(40'xl5'x20'H): A chill hangs over this room, and a heavy reek of alcohol and myrhh, as though the walls had been bathed with it. In the shadows, a cradle draped in gauzy black stuff rhythmically rocks to the sound of a woman's voice singing a lullaby. There is an occasional faint whimpering. In an inner chamber, a small silver casket sits open and empty. Seated in this funereal chamber, a ghostly figure enfolded in luminously glimmering robes of misty blue cradles a tiny form wound in black cerements.

When the party enters, the phantom holds the small bundle toward the party and looks pleadingly from them to the casket and the door. If the characters correctly interpret this silent plea for the child's proper burial, they will see the blue phantom again: When a party-member (preferably the one who first perceives the need to grant the ghost's wish) is danger of certain death, with no escape, she will appear to prevent that harm from touching the character (one time only).

Room H9: Bedroom

(24'x25'x20'H): That faint scent of jasmine fills the air. Here is a ghost, a petite young woman who sits before a vanity while sobbing softly. The mirror before her reflects not this room and its pastel tints, but rather a murky chamber in subdued hues of autumn.

She wishes "that nasty old woman" in the salon (H10) would go away and leave the manor in peace. If she cannot entice a hero to promise to make her go away, she will become decidedly unpleasant shrieking insults and wailing piteously. If the party beats a retreat, her mocking laughter follows them. If, on the other hand, the party undertakes to remove the offending individual, they are in for another surprise.

Room H10: The Salon

(25'x25'x20'H): A seemingly innocuous old beggar has settled into the quiet solitude of this room. The canopy-bed here has curiously split down the middle and collapsed, and has been adapted into a tent-like structure. The indoor-rustic effect is accented by the autumnal twilight of the room, the woodland scents that survive even the odor of stale tobacco, and the leaves scattered on the floor.

As the characters watch, leaves will seem to materialize out of the woodland scenes in ancient tapestries, and flutter to the floor. The elderly lady will ask alms of her visitors, specifically gold coin. If refused, she reveals her true nature as a night hag. She can still be bought off with gold, but the price goes up sharply.

Once in awhile, the beggar will go into the smoking room (H12), from which she has evidently been scrounging remnants of cigars.

This night nag is actually responsible for the hounds in H15 and Sir Ritark Rat-Hearted’s imprisonment.

Room H11: Stateroom

(30'x30'x20'H): Trash litters the floor and leaves blow in through the broken panes of the high windows in this ruined corner of the manor. Weather-stained draperies hang askew as the last reminders of the lost splendor of this noble's guestroom. In obvious imitation of such faded glory, zombie sits in an improvised throne before the cold fireplace, sporting a faded pink cape and a red-plumed cap. Four more zombies clumsily ape the motions of adoring courtiers.

Intruders will be assaulted with the intent of making them join the other "faithful retainers" in their adulation.

Room H12: Smoking Room

(43'x25'x20'H): What hangs heavily here is a perpetual blue haze of smoke and the stench of ancient tobacco. It clings to the massive leathern chairs and thick velvet hangings of the room, and makes the eyes burn. Phantom figures seated about this cloudy retreat shift and flow, spiraling through their pipes to form profiles in the smoke before melting away in the murk. The only object of any evident value in the room is a copper spitoon in one corner (6 gold).

Room H13: Music Room

(23'x40'x20'H): When forced open, one realizes that the entries had been sealed about with wax, from within the room music swells to fill the stale air with strange harmonics, punctuated with wild keening from the ornate pipe organ that fills the north wall. Its intricately carved pipes are of wood, with faces decorated with gold and ivory inlays--and these faces animate to sing their individual notes. A harp with silver strings plays counterpoint to the erratic melody of the organ.

Heavy doors seal this chamber, and mask any sound from within.

The doors, if left untended, will reseal themselves in ld4 rounds. The haunting strains of the music act to befuddle the mind unless a DC25 Will save is made. If the doors are not reopened or kept open, the air in the room will be unbreathable at the end of 12 rounds.

The harp is enchanted to bestow bardic skill upon its player, doubling it if the character is already similarly skilled. The organ pipes, while worth perhaps 10 GP each, each only know one note, and are relatively worthless without the entire organ. Besides, if one is vandalized for its gold, its scream with cause the entire organ to blast with such numbing cacophony that characters risk permanent deafness (40% chance), and the air in the room will give out twice as fast!

Room H14: The Tea Room

(23'x25'x20'H): Gaudy, lavish decor has gone somewhat to seed here, though the air is still filled with an intoxicating arorna of roses. A stunningly-fashioned silver service (60 gold) graces a table set as if for a high tea. The centerpiece to the arrangement is a massive silver bowl (20 gold) containing a pudding.

Room H15: Bedroom

(40'x30'x20'H): Once past the barriers, party-members find a ghastly tableau: A pack of hell hounds with baleful yellow eyes, circle about beneath a skeleton in a military uniform, hung by its heels from the chandelier. Leaping and snapping, they do not seem to notice you. One is already occupied with gnawing its prize, one of the victim's hands, on which a fiery opal ring still gleams. The remainder of the room gives evidence of having belonged to a devoted equestrian, whose favorite steed had evidently been stuffed and mounted after its demise. The carcass, like its roommates, is now a skeleton, the taxidermist's art having been shredded away as has most of the rest of this room's furnishings. A very large pile of bones is pushed against the southern wall of this room.

Hidden in the bone pile is an ancient volcanic pumice statue of a horse with moonstone eyes. BLUE HORSE.

The locked door into this bedroom has been hidden behind a massive oak armoire in H5.

Room H16: Bath

(35'x30'x20'H): Four sculpted nymphs astride dolphins form the fountains that feed water from subterranean springs into a great pool of rose-colored marble. The steam-filled air is redolent of lavender--and a faint undertone of meaty broth. Towels and fine robes lie unclaimed upon the benches along the stepped edge of the bath (N), and costly garments hang abandoned upon the folding screens before the east wall. The bottom of the pool is littered with bleached bones, and the occasional glint of jewelry.

And the water, already painfully hot, begins to boil when touched in any fashion.

Room H17: Servants Quarters

(30'x20',20'H): The stillness and simplicity of this modest apartment contrast sharply with the nearly tangible wave of hatred that can be felt radiating from the NE corner of the room. Although occupied only by one of three plain cots located in this room, that corner has an aura of evil and of magic.

If the secret passageway that connects to H1 is discovered, a spirit can be seen and heard-- a liveried lackey who mumbles over and over "...get them all, make them pay..." before it vanishes in the angle of the passage. Investigation will reveal a book of spells stolen from one of the other rooms, with the arts of light and heat conjurations. (The volume has been secreted away inside the mattressing of the cot.)

Room H18: Secret Room

This room contains a small writing desk and chair tucked against the far wall. An inkwell, pen and sheaf of parchment are sitting on the desk.

The sheaf of parchment is actually Chapter 5 of the Book of the Djinn, 20 blank pages. The pages radiate a slight aura of magic and cannot be written on by any ink or implement. Any marks made on them merely fade in a few seconds. The pages are also immune to fire.


Quill Pens
Night Hag
Hell Hounds (4)
Zombies (5)
Black Pudding
Sir Ritark Rat-Hearted –skeleton
Hell Hounds (4)


Copper brazier – 24 gold
Potion of Healing
20 gems @ 50 gp each
Copper spittoon – 6 gp
Magic harp
Organ pipes
Silver tea service (20 gp)
Silver bowl (20 gp)
Heartstone (mm. p. 194)
Opal ring
Book of the Djinn

I Rooms

The Knocking Hall and a twisting corridor from the Gnawing Hall connect the H section of rooms to the I and J sections, chiefly the design of the far-travelling Sir Rankling Rump. Hither he brought much of the rare and exotic goods and customs he found in his wanderings, adding his own chapter to the bizarrity of Tegel's history. Sir Rankling Rump toured the Tang Empire.

Room I1: Bedroom

(40'x30'x20'H): Curiously situated so that its only entry is behind the sauna (I4), this retreat is so festooned in gauzy draperies as to obscure its stone walls. The illusion is that of an exotic pavilion, piled deep in gaily-striped silken cushions and lush sleeping- furs. The heady smoke of cloying incense burns the eyes, obscuring vision. Intruders startle a vehemently hissing black cat, who abandons its cozy perch. Glowering at the party, it leaps to the floor, then fades away, the malevolent green eyes lingering until all else has disappeared.

Room I2: The Hothouse

The iron door which guards this entrance is rusted shut.

(40'x30'x20'H): Once it has been wrested loose, the blast of humid air from within the chamber is like a physical blow. An odor of rich, wet earth and swamp-like musk fills the air here, while hanging vines, creepers and outlandish blossoms run riot throughout. Here can be found stange plants with exotic properties: pollen that can induce sleep or hallucinations and madness; fruits that may be deadly poison or precious restorative; and leafy monstrosities that devour flesh.

One such strangler has taken root in the ashes of the fireplace (N wall) where its lip-like blossom has engulfed the head of an ancient victim, while the skeletal remains are twined with leafy runners about the limbs and through the ribcage.

Coins half-hidden in the soil give hint of the trove (80 gold) hidden beneath a thicket of wicked thorns which exude a hallucinogenic poison. If scratched, the affected will have mild delusions or phantom images flickering on the edge of one's vision for 2-12 rounds; then, drunken behavior and distracting mirages seen for 3-18 rounds; and then severely altered behavior and perceptions for 3-18 rounds. The plant is sentient: the coins exposed were forced to the surface by the roots to attract victims. Thorn scratches do little physical damage.

Room I3: Greenhouse

(20'x30'x20'H): This semi-tropical indoor garden is as meticulously maintained as it is oppressively steaming. The ordered beds of fantastic foliage are tended by a company of goblin-like sprites who have fashioned a home here next to the spring-fed fountain.

The four goblin-like sprites home is behind a trap-door covering a pit full of black pudding.

If the party has an herbalist, healer or member strong in nature-lore, they will find a beneficial plant here on a successful skill roll--chewing its leaves will provide 1d4 points of restored STR or CON, once daily. The leaves are only good while fresh, a maximum 6 hours after plucking.

Room I4: Sauna

(20'x20'x20'H): The outer alcove of this unique facility is lined with wooden benches and pegs hung with towels. The stone floor is cool underfoot, and radiates a neutral aura of magic. The door in the west wall lets into a small disrobing chamber and privy. The south door leads into the sauna itself, a stone-walled steam-bath fed by the hot springs below the manor.

As soon as the party enters this chamber, a pit of stones in the center begins to magically heat, and the water spilling over the rocks hisses into billowing clouds of steam. Unfortunately, this also serves to awaken the huge crab that is poised like a stone image at the west end of the pit! The steam makes the tiled floor slippery, which doesn't help. Party-members who exit this chamber through the alcove will discover the effect of the magic placed there. Immediately after stepping into the alcove, one is hit with a sudden icy blast of cold as if one had plunged into a snowbank (no physical damage, but a possibility of stun effect if a DC15 Fortitude roll is rnissed). It is considered a refreshing ritual, though not guaranteed to restore victims of giant crabs.

A secret passage in the SE corner leads into a narrow corridor, at the end of which is a sealed enclosure (5'x5') in which are heaped skeletons with broken necks or crushed skulls.

Room I5: Bedroom

(20'x30'x20'H): In a room thick with the aroma of incense, golden-maned twin sisters lounge langarously amid oriental splendor. They look up, smiling sleepily, as you enter, their air of dreamy detachment marred only by the fact that they are obviously bound by silver chains to a great ring sunk into the west wall.

Freed of the chains, they are revealed as Werewolves! A secret passage is hidden next to the ring in the wall, and opens into the harem (I6). The werewolves are wearing silver chains (30 gold) and an elven locket

Room I6: The Harem

(20'x30'x20'H): Lyrical cittern music and the aroma of cinnamon and sandalwood haunt the air. Graceful phantoms are only half-glimpsed obliquely, and never there to be seen when one turns to look. Instead, one might feel the gentle brush of warmth on hand or cheek, and faint echoes of giggling whispers.

At the end of 12 rounds, a powerful sleep spell begins to affect all party-members (DC25 Will save). If they do not leave the room, the spell overwhelms them (add +5 to the DC check each round). They awaken to the sound of tinkling bells and a scent of jasmine, to find themselves fettered with silver chains. They and all their gear are out in the passage between the harem and H4 (the storeroom).

Room I7: Bedroom

(40'x20'x20'H): This is a stark, monastic cell. The odor of burning wax is thick, as is the dust here, and the furnishings sturdy, simple and severe.

As the party enter, candles situated almost everywhere in the room ignite, throwing sudden briliance off of the gleaming holy symbols and polished saint's-effigy (set on a shelf in the room's odd NE corner, next the door), the only richness in the room's decor. One by one, the candies then extinguish until the room si s back into self-contained twilight.

Room I8: Temple

(50'x40'x20'H): Through a small hall thickly hung with long cords of tinkling brass and silver bells, you come upon a chamber outfitted with the equipment of a master weaver: pots of dye, hanging bundles of multi-colored yarns, looms and stretching racks.

One loom in particular is of interest, exuding a fading sense of magic long-time departed. The unfinished piece tells a sad tale. Worked into its central design is an improperly devised rune (Knowledge – Arcane DC15 to determine it is a fire rune), while the stool before the loom is nothing but a pile of ashes and a pair of spectacles.

The sound of droning music draws one back toward the hall, at the end of which is a secret passageway into a decidedly unfamiliar sort of temple.

A low, broad-mantled fireplace doubles as a sort of altar (N wall) between two graceful statues of rather sensuous angels. The entire chamber is filled with a pleasing aroma of exotic perfumes, and the harmony of unseen harps and droning flutes. Imagery depicting a paradisiacal garden decorates the walls in vivid colors and vivid detail. The dizzying patterns of the tile floor are partly obscured by exquisite prayer-rugs of varied design (many resembling in some fashion the artistry seen on the loom in the outer work- room). One carpet hovers off the floor in the corner of the room, just high enough to sit upon.

The eastern statue bears the inscription "Do you wish to live forever?" on its pedestal. If a character answers yes, they will assume a form like the statue, and an obligation to serve as a minion of the gods of earthly pleasures.

Carpet of Flying

Room I9: Dancing Room

(40'x30'x20'H): Shadows veil the once-vibrant arabesques decorating the panelled walls and tiled floor of this cold and empty room.

Any clapping sound, however, will dramatically alter the aspect of the hall, as brazen oil lamps cast sudden illumination on an entertainment fit for a sultan: The dust whirls up from the floor and coalesces into solid forms. Thirty dancing girls and musicians materialize, and begin an intricate performance lasting 10 minutes. On the last note, the troupe vanishes and the lights extinguish, leaving all as though it had never been disturbed.

The door in the northeast corner opens into a private retreat for a pasha's pleasure. The only furnishings beyond cushions and furs for reclining are a foul-smelling hookah and a small rosewood table. Upon that table is a miniature troupe of dancers and musicians, thirty in number, wrought of smoky crystal and faintly glowing with an inner fire.

The musicians have been trapped….

Room I10: Major Domo's Room

(30'x30'x20'H): Though simple by comparison with other chambers in this wing of the manor, these quarters still display splendid touches of Tang artistry, little dulled by the passage of time. The colors remain fresh--as fresh as the blood which drips from the ceiling onto the carpet.

Upon entering, the carpet then begins to rnove toward the party, its knotted fringe rippling like so many feelers. It is, in fact, harmless. If the fabric is cut, a virtual torrent of blood will well forth, and the room itself rapidly falls into decay around the blood-soaked intruders.

Room I11: Lounge

(130'x4D'x20'H): Brocaded divans accompanied by small tables and cabinets are carelessly arranged about this room, with diverse distractions such as books, chess-like games, here a lute, there a setting of wine and goblets. Surrounding all is a flowing design which, interwoven with geometric patterns, proves to be a narrative inscription detailing the Rump family history, covering the walls. Its centerpiece is the golden hind insignia rendered in the same eastern manner. Atop one carved chest is a miniature dragon, its red-gold scales seeming the exquisite work of a master craftsman.

The red dragon, if disturbed, proves to be very much alive. The decorated casket proves to contain sparklingly metallic blue flies, greenish-hued beetles, jewel-toned dragonflies and opalescent moth-wings-a youngster's imitation treasure trove.


Assassin Vines
Goblin Sprites
Black Pudding
Werewolves (2)
Miniature Red Dragon


80 gold
Silver Chains – 30gp
Elven locket
Carpet of Flying
Musician statues
Casket with jeweled bugs

J Rooms

Although originally attributed to Sir Rankling, the J section was much modified by his descendants, and disturbingly so in some aspects. There is even a section of the ground floor in the East Wing that has been sealed off from all other rooms, and can only be opened by breaking into the wall.

Room J1: Den

(20'x30'x20'H): A damp, moldy odor greets you as you enter. The dark walnut-panelled walls are flanked with wardrobes and chests, the finery within which has been corrupted by moth and mildew, and strangely besmirched with filth. Traces of the same slime smear the door-handles and catches, while the woodwork is already dusted with a sprinkling of mold. Seemingly untouched amid this foulness, a small keg sits upon a central table.

The keg yields a delicious golden wine with heady aroma. This potion heals 1-3 hit points of damage per mug quaffed but with a dire side effect: After a 20 minute delay, each imbiber must roll a DC20 Fort save (adjusted -1 for each mug of wine drunk). A failed roll ages the character 10 years for every mug drunk.

Room J2: Chamber of Reptiles

(34'x30'x20'H): The massive iron doors that enclose this room squeal open upon their hinges in protest, as if to warn away the foolish. The floor then descends three steps into the dark--a dark alive with peculiar slithery sounds and an unmistakable reek like a snake pit.

A light thrust into the room will reveal a churning ocean of snakes in continual motion. Its pedestal rising like an island in the flood, a serpent-headed statue with emerald eyes is languidly posed, at once both graceful and repellent.

If any essay to enter the room, a Spirit-Snake rears its head from beneath the turbulent mass of serpents. It will attempt to Charm (as a spell) its victirn (DC25 Will save). If successful in slaying a victim, it traps the soul, thus preventing any hope of restoring the dead unless the Spirit-Snake is destroyed.

One of the two north doors leads up steps into an inner chamber where rest a number of bizarre trophies, including dragon's teeth and a small cunningly carved box containing what at first might be taken to be exotic coins, but proves to be on closer examination a fistful of dragon scales! Before a mural celebrating the exploits of the fearless dragonslayer is displayed a suit of armor fashioned of dragon hide supple as leather yet strong as plate. Serpent-headed statue with emerald eyes (240 gold), dragon teeth and scales, dragon hide armor (one cursed to bond to skin).

Room J3: Bedroom

(20'x20'x20'H): The odor that permeated the den (J1) is here magnified to a gut-wrenching stench of decay. The furnishings are in ruins, the rot-weakened bed collapsed under its own weight, and the wainscoting in many places eaten through to the bare stone beneath.

The author of this deterioration is at first indistinguishable from the bed of debris in which it resides. A shambler raises its gooey, fibrous bulk, and heaves into the party, to add to its mass.

Room J4: The Hunter's Room

(30'x20'x20'H): The trophies of many a hunt had been mounted on the walls here. Now, whether still upon the wall or dragged down to the floor, each and all have been stripped to the skull, the sawdust stuffing and glass eyes of the taxidermist's craft now littered among the other filth. Worrying futilely at scraps of the hide is a twisted skeleton with a nearly human shape, save for its huge serpentine skull.

The rooms between here and the refectory (J7) are in shambles, anything that could be construed as "rneat"-the leather straps supporting a small cot, the upholstery of chairs, the covers of now-shredded books-having been seized upon for nourishment, without apparent success...

This apartment is accessible only by the two-way teleportation gate that links it to the zoo in the Brother's Tower, or by breaking into J5 through the sealed-off door.

Room J5: The Foyer

(30'x25'x20'H): This appears a quiet retreat, now neglected, with its comfortable couches, chairs and sideboard set with dust-filmed goblets and carafe.

No secret passageway or hidden door as such is to be found in this room, though any search for such will betray a peculiarity (in S wall), behind the sideboard. One section of the stonework has an oddly hollow ring to it, and is the now-sealed passage into the original foyer of the east wing.

Broken through, this aperture opens upon a near-duplicate of the chamber left behind, with its decor of rich velvets and brocades, all in hues of green. The first disconcerting detail that may startle some poor explorer is the huge ape with glittering yellow eyes, looming in the darkness next to the doorway just opened. It turns out to be a slightly ratty stuffed specimen with jewel "eyes" worth 10 GP. Far more unpleasant a surprise awaits any who sit down on the furniture, which emits a muffled crunching sound as the upholstery partially sinks in. Investigation will reveal that hidden within are various bones; the divan encases an entire cadaver, shroud-wound, with a leather pouch full of 60 gold coins stuffed into its mouth!

The hallway (N) between the den (Jl) and bedroom (15) enters a 20'x30' room, in which the only other doorway apparent is the iron barrier that locks away the Chamber of Reptiles (J2). To the southeast, a narrow hallway leads off into the remainder of the ground- level of this wing. Access to the upper floors is only by the staircase connecting to the carriage house (K2).

Room J6: Bedroom

(20'x25'x20'H): Beyond heavy curtains that serve in lieu of a door, the staleness of the air gives way to the cloying odor of musk and spices. The brilliance of the colors in this close and cluttered chamber forms a marked contrast to the cool greens of the sinister foyer. The garderobe (south wall, beneath the angle of the staircase), contains a hunting costume all in flame-colored silk, along with doeskin boots and a longbow. Wrapped in a gown of the same stuff is a small case containing silver arrowheads, and two pouches of coins.

  • Silk hunting costume, doeskin boots, longbow
  • Silver arrowheads (40 gold)
  • 2 pouches of coins (60 gold each)

Room J7: Refectory

(20'x40'x20'H): Though no fire burns in the grate, an eerie greenish glow spills out of the fireplace in the middle of the east wall, casting a lurid glare across the trestle tables that run the length of the hall, and the head table at the north end. The surface of these tables, the benches as well, and even the great banners hung down the hall, sparkle oddly in the emerald light. Thousands of flies swarm over every surface in the room, their combined drone rising to a whine that sets one's teeth on edge.

Any sudden movement will startle them into flight, filling the air so thickly as to blind and disorient the unfortunate party caught here in a stinging blizzard of emerald-shot blackness, all the while raising a buzzing so intense as to drown other sounds. Each can only sting for 1 point of damage, and can be killed with a slap, but there are thousands here, and the more stirred up they become, the likelier to sting they are. Only 10’ separates the door to the hall (W) and another doorway into an enclosed storage room.


Spirit Snake Shambler Fly Swarm


Serpent-headed statue with emerald eyes (240 gp) Dragon teeth and scales Dragon hide armor Lead flask – (see minor story lines) Jewel eyes (10 gp each) 60 gp Silk hunting costume Doeskin boots Longbow Silver arrowhead (40 gp) 120 gp

East Wing – Second Floor

The stairs to the upper floors of the East Wing are only accessed from the alcove at the end of the hallway leading from the carriage house (K2). The stern-looking warrior statue in the NW corner of the alcove appears to face the foot of the stairs in the expectant attitude of a guardian braced for action. (The statue, however, is not magical.)

Room EW1: Bedroom

(30'x25'x20'H): At the head of the staircase, a narrow hallway, cramped, dark and musty, leads past three doorways. The first, choked with cobwebs, masks the entrance to a bedroom hung in mourning black. Illumination reveals the tiny points of light reflected from dozens of spiders' eyes.

As the party proceeds through the small outer alcove into the room itself, two points of light swell into eyes bright with madness. An immensely obese woman appears, rushing the party while shrieking "Villain! Sorcerer! Tis thou hast slain my son!" The apparition passes through the party-members and into the wall, screaming pitiously.

This is Retakang Regelot, the mother of Rocci the Rogue.

The second doorway in the hallway leads into a linen storage area - the shelves of which collapse, dumping all their contents, as soon as a character has reached the rear of the compartment.

Room EW2: Dining Room

(20'x40'x20'H): A scent strangely like chicken soup drifts out of this room. A great oak banquet table in the center of the room holds a gold candelabrum (worth 600 gold). An oak sideboard, chairs and cabinets are strewn about the room.

Upon investigation, it proves to come from a kettle being tended upon the hearth very gingerly by a mummy. If disturbed at its preparations, the mummy will sieze the gold candelabrum to use as a bludgeoning weapon. Left undisturbed for 10 minutes, he will finish his concoction, and begin greedily consuming the lot. Immediately thereafter, the sideboard, chairs and cabinets will begin to levitate and move crazily about the chamber to the sound of the mummy's dry, croaking laughter. The effect lasts for 30 minutes, after which the mummy-if still left able to do so--wanders off toward the upper stairs.

Room EW3: Prison

Down the center of the second story runs a hallway, the only evident doors are in the south wall. The hallway leads into the dining room, the black bedroom, and a small cellblock.

(20'x25'x20'H): Entered through a cheerless "office" outfitted only with table and chair, a simple cot and a washstand, the iron-bound door which opens only reluctantly on its rusted hinges. Cells littered with rotting straw and filth stand empty now, save only the rearmost cell, the door of which stands open. In the open cell a dying werebear hangs in chains upon the wall, at its feet a tarnished helm fashioned in the likeness of a snarling bear.

Animated manicles snap open and shut as they thrust and lunge at party-members like striking snakes. If a victim can be snared, the chains will drag him into the cell while other fetters continue to attack the remaining adventurers. The serpentine chains then drag the helm to their captive. Once placed upon the head, the bear-helm places a curse upon the wearer, turning him into a werebear.

Room EW4: Library

The north wall of the central passageway seems devoid of doors along its entire length, leading away to the stairs to the third floor. However, there is a secret door.

(35'x25'x20'H): A disguised secret entry leads into a vast oak-wainscotted reading room. Deep, comfortable chairs, and a single writing desk, sit undisturbed in dusty neglect. The west wall, solidly faced with shelf upon shelf of books, is seemingly guarded by a "stuffed and mounted" saber-toothed tiger.

The creature, under enchantment, is more than a display. If books are approached, the enchanted tiger emits a throaty snarl. If any books are disturbed, it springs into immediate action, attacking the offender. The books being defended are an eclectic lot. On the desk is s journal. Studying the journal will show that it is from Rocci the Rogue, an artist, who is experimenting with “living art”, a concept that he found in an old book somewhere.

Room EW5: Studio

(30'x30'x20'H): This room is an artist and sculptor's workshop, light (if it is daytime) spilling in through leaded panes from the north. Revealed are work-tables littered with half-finished undertakings and the remains of discarded materials. Canvases are propped against the far wall or hung haphazardly about. Sculpting tools for stone and for clay clutter a bench along the south wall next to a life-sized but crude and featureless, unfinished statue of clay. A skeleton with brush and palette, is sporadically dabbing here and there at a canvas on an easel angled away from the door.

It the party interrupts, the skeletal painter looks up, drops a cover over the canvas and rushes the party, as if to chase them away from its work. So long as the painting remains concealed, the skeleton will pull itself back together from any damage done it--but the moment someone uncovers the portrait, the skeleton crumbles away to dust.

The clay statue radiates an aura of magic. The revealed painting is curious enough. It is a portrait of the unfinished statue. As the party discovers this, the statue animates, groping to find the palette and brushes dropped by the skeleton, then haltingly shuffling toward the party, holding forth the tools to them. This mute gesture is an appeal for someone to finish the portrait. If someone undertakes to do so, they will find that any lack of skill an their part is made up by the enchantment upon the materials being used, and the clay automaton will assume an appearance chosen by the player-artist. The finished figure will appear to be a truly-alive whatever-it-is, and "give its life" to its benefactor. The "statue" accompanies the party, and, in the event of the death of the benefactor, it will die in place of the character, who is fully restored to normal.

This is the cursed Rocci the Rogue. If he is painted, the curse is broken and the “blob” melts away. His fat mother will come and bless the party, healing 4d8 wounds, if any.

East Wing – Third Floor

Room EW6: Cook’s Quarters

At the head of the stairs, a short hallway grants access to this apartment, formerly the living quarters for the kitchen staff.

(30'x20'x20'H): The table in this room has been converted to a grisly banquet-board for three giant rats, busily feasting on bony remnants there. Elsewhere, belongings have been dragged out of cabinet and chest alike and savaged, while one cot (NE corner) has been overturned, revealing a rat-hole.

The rat hole connects this room to the maze of rats' tunnels under the manor. The rats scurry away at the first sign of intruders.

Room EW7: Kitchen

(30'x5G'x20'H): Had a tornado struck within this room, the devastation could not be more complete. Amid a cloying reek that mixes potent spices with rancid odors, one finds overturned work-tables and barrels, smashed crockery and other debris. Amidst the stench, the decay and the disorder, phantom chefs fuss over a pot simmering in the low fire, all the while engaged in a furious, if silent, argument, on some point of preparation.

Turning upon the party, their animated gesticulations clearly indicate a desire that the party step forward to help settle the debate by sampling the mixture. Any soul brave enough to do so will find himself oddly affected by the "soup" though able to vouch for its excellent taste. The odd effect varies: increased height; change in stat (random); hair grows one foot per minute for 20 minutes. The chefs, now satisfied, disappear, and the fire dies, rendering the soup no longer effective.

Room EW8: Dormitory

(20'x45'x20'H): The darkness of this room is scented with cedar and the gentle perfume of hyacinths, while voices, faint and indistinct but musical, echo in the gloom. The light of any torch or lantern seems to dissolve into glimmering sparks that scatter like fireflies about the room. In this enchanted illumination, phantom shapes are barely perceived a darkness-upon-darkness, swiftly darting and never clearly glimpsed. The chamber obviously once quartered several ladies: silken-sheeted beds along the west wall flank capacious wardrobes filled with exquisite costumes, while opposite stand dressing tables and mirrors. On the floor, large silver bars are layed in an intricate pattern. In the northeast corner, sitting slumped before a vanity is a figure dressed in sparkling black, a diadem of star-like jewels crowning long raven tresses.

When the party enters, the room will fill with shadows, each trying to grab a member to dance with.. The dancers will reappear if dispelled.

On the vanity is written a small verse, seemingly in blood, although it could be lipstick. (this is the matchstick puzzle)

Two have move, we know not which,
This change has made our dance bewitched.
Shift two bars to make squares four,
Three small, one large and our hearts will soar.

Attempting to remove the diadem causes this shadow to seize the character's wrists in her chilling touch. If the victim fails to resist a DC25 Will save (charm spell), he will be whirled away in a dance about the room for 10 rounds, all the while being affected by the shadow-dancer's touch. At the end of that time, the phantom will drag her victim toward the largest mirror (N wall) and into it. If solved, the shadows will disapper, and the woman with the diadem will lead the party to EW11.

A door (NW) connects to a bathing chamber, also accessible from the solarium.

Room EW9: Solarium

(20'x30'x20'H): The massive stonework of the western wall here turns to graceful arches, the space between which had been cunningly wrought into vast windows of a most unique sort, the dizzying patterns of jewel-toned glass flooding the room with sunlight each day. But filth has mired the windows as if to block the sun and bar its entry. An overpowering stench of decay hangs in the air, and the once-thriving vegetation that decorated the room has surrendered its beds to toadstools and fungus. The pipe which once brought water from the underground springs to this haven has disgorged stinking mud ankle-deep into the chamber.

Nearly lost from sight in the muck is a black sword (+2), fallen from the hand of a statue in the NE corner, inscribed with the legend "Slay Not in Anger". (The peculiar enchantment on this blade prevents it from delivering a killing blow if struck in passionate anger or bad temper.)

Room EW10: Loft

(16'x30'x20'H): The sawdust-strewn floor is splotched and splattered with odd stains of color, while hanging tattered and faded from the rafters are great swaths of coarse-woven wool, heavy linen and other fabric in diverse hues. Four large vats of dye and other kegs of pigment and such add their acrid tang to the air. Of more immediate concern is the piebald gargoyle leisurely soaking itself in one of the vats.

Two others will come in through the breech in the south wall to join him. In the bottom of the same vat is a sodden mass of wool underneath which a drowned victim had died mere inches from grasping a ring that is enchanted to command gargoyles. Its power is only 75% effective, unfortunately...

Ring of Gargoyle Control

Room EW11: Bedroom

(20'x25'x20'H): When opened, the door reveals a chamber of faded splendor, its centerpiece a great canopied bed hung with blue satin, surrounded by ornately carved chests, a garderobe and desk, all bespeaking great wealth. Even as the adventurers see this, the weight of years seems to fall away, the color floods back into the room, the dust vanishes--and a beautiful woman in indigo silk, strings of diamonds and sapphires wound in her black hair, steps into view. By her gestures it is obvious she is preparing to cast a spell.

This is Ritzy Rutorn. She will be here if the puzzle to EW8 has been solved. She points to a chest at the foot of the bed and disappears. The diadem is in the chest.

Dare this chest, if you will
If you fail, a quest fulfill
The treasure goes to he who knows
How this little puzzle goes.

9, 12, 21, 48

Buttons: 69, 70, 129, 144
Answer: 129

If failed, the woman appears from the chest casts a geas commanding "Take my place." Spells or missle weapons directed at her are absorbed by phantasmal shields of sparkling gold which vanish like soap bubbles. Once her conjuration has been made (or attempted, at any rate), the sorceress transforms into a black arrow that flies up, vanishing through the ceiling. If the casting was completed, the hapless subject can only be relieved of the glamour by a spell which will negate/dispel magic; not a curse as such, it will not respond to being simply removed as a curse would. In any event, the lady left a lot of belongings behind...

  • Silks, diamonds, sapphires – 4000 gp
  • Spool of Endless Rope
  • Greater Bracers of Archery


Statue – Rocci the Rogue
Shadows – Ritzy Rutorn


Gold Candleabrum – 500 gp
Werebear Helm
Diamond Diadem
+2 Sword – Slay not in anger
Ring of Gargoyle Control
Silks, diamonds, sapphires – 4000 gp
Spool of Endless Rope
Greater Bracers of Archery

Garden Grotto

Enclosed on three sides by the Meowing Hall, and separating it from the carriage house (K2), this tranquil retreat from the chaos of Tegel Manor seems to radiate calm. Amid its luxuriant foliage wanders a short "meditation walk" past marble statuary of fine worksrnanship. The only sign of life here is a small black kitten, which, upon seeing the party, bounces towards the newcomers at a run. If frightened or mistreated, the kitten metamorphoses into a gigantic feline. If befriended, it attaches itself to one particular party-member, and follows the group (saving its surprising alter ego for that which menaces its new friends).

K Rooms

From the north, the Bony Hall and Meowing Hall lead wanderers into the K section of rooms, reached also from the south and west by the Rattling Hall. This wing was built as the last phase of Rankling Rump’s aggressive expansions.

Room K1: Temple

(40'x35'x20'H): Within, cobwebs and filth have taken over this despoiled sanctuary. All that now remains is an elaborate circular pattern in the center of the chamber, delineated in the same curious blue as the doorstop (which appears to have been pulled out of the ring). Beyond it a hexagonal altarstone of blue-veined marble sits, its sides carved with blue faces. And presiding over the altar and its ruined circle is a statue of the same marble, a great figure of a man with the head and antlers of a stag, bearing a hunting spear in its hand. Within the blue circle, a band of ghouls have encamped to enjoy a grisly repast.

The door stands ajar, its massive carved-oak bulk held open by a paving stone painted an unusual shade of blue.

What the ghouls are eating is mercifully past identifying now, but that won't prevent them from enthusiastically protecting it from the newcomers! If the stone has been removed from the doorway, the oak portal closes, magically locked. The marble statue animates but stays in place, bellowing in helpless rage, while the faces on the altar likewise activate and wail piteously.

If the stone is replaced in the circle, from which it was removed, any ghouls inside the pattern will be trapped, while the statue will descend to attack the defilers of its temple. The altar-voices will begin a triumphant chant. The party-members are in no danger from the statue unless they choose to attack it.

If the party help the marble avenger clear out the ghouls, they will be able to freely leave the chamber, with a +2 spear from the hand of the statue) as a token of gratitude.

If they have cleared things out themselves before restoring the circle, they will be given the spear, transformed into a +2 weapon with a magnificent silver-chased steel head.

If they don't restore the circle, how they get out of the room is their problem...

There is an aura of magic about the statue, but it is faded.

+2 spear

Room K2: Carriage House

(30'x100'x20'H): Though dirt and leaves have been allowed to collect w ithin the gate, and the rank stink of rotted hay and long-neglected stalls is vile, there are fairly fresh tracks in the debris leading out through the iron double-doors.

By day, adventurers will find the tracks leading to a black, velvet-lined carriage parked inside the carriage house, its curtained sides concealing an empty casket with a layer of dirt within. Snorts and whinnying may be heard every 10 minutes from a random stall, but no horse is to be seen, unless one spots a great black beast running free across the countryside. By night, these same heroes will find no carriage, but the stalls will be filled with luminous phantom steeds and a wildly-driven spectral coach-and-four, shining like the full moon itself, will barrel in through the gateway, its skeletal coachman tipping his hat in mocking salute as the entire rig charges through the enclosure and vanishes through the north wall.

Room K3: Plant Room

(30'x30'x20'H): Within its doors, this entire room seems adrift in a dream, the air so hazy and shimmery that the walls seem to have vanished into rnist. The seasons seem to mean nothing here, nor the hour, as lotus and poppy, belladonna and night-blooms all have burst into full flower here, surrounding a fountain in what seems a meditation garden dedicated to sleep's more sinister aspects. The dreamy tmosphere is further enhanced by a low droning hum heard continuously here.

Each round, characters must make a DC15 Fort save vs. sleep.

The sound is soothing and somewhat numbing - until the source of the sound abruptly emerges from the rnist: an enormous wasp with the added effect of a paralyzing poison within ld4 rounds. Search, etc. modifiers are at -5 as the party is in a slightly benumbed state.

Room K4: Bedroom

(20'x20'x20'H): The aroma of the garden (K3) carries over into this cell, enhanced by fine, sweet incense. Amid the signs of long-disuse so prevalent in the manor rooms, this chamber is strangely immaculate, and sumptuously furnished in deep yellow throughout. A figure in long scarlet robes lies upon the bed, sitting up as the party enters. Its fleshless amber-tinted skull turns to fix an eyeless gaze upon them.

The figure inquires whether they have seen "the Keeper". If they say no, the creature sighs and goes back to "sleep". If they say yes (and are lying), the skeleton mutters "Cursed like me shall liars be." Whoever answered falsely will take on the appearance of a yellowed skull until the curse is removed. If a character replies 'Who do you mean?" or "Who is the Keeper?" the skull-face will only reply "That is not for me to say..." and lies down again, ignoring further questions. But if the party says "Do you mean..." and names a being they have met elsewhere (such as the lady in the East Wing third-floor bedroom), there is a 20% chance of being correct. The creature replies, "Very well and what is your wish?" The character had best answer very carefully, for a wish is exactly what he is being given! Whatever the outcome of that wish, the "sleeper" then vanishes for good.

Room K5: Gardener's Room

(30'x20'x20'H): A musty odor of rnoldy soil greets those who open this door. The darkened chamber within contains long workbenches carelessly scattered with rusted tools; planting pots; buckets of earth and humus, most of which have become nesting places for beetles or ants; and a couple of cracked leather aprons.

Two items have an air of magic about them: one, a coil of rope (30' long), is actually a Rope of Climbing which will rise on command and stand stiffly until commanded to collapse into ordinary rope again (responding only to commands from its owner). The other item is a bag of dust. Anything upon which it is cast is permanently turned a beautiful spring green (hair, clothes, skin, rnetal--anything).

  • Rope of Climbing
  • Bag of Green Dust

Room K6: Bath

(15'x20'x20'H): Beneath the light of silvered sconces, a modestly scaled bathing chamber and dressing room glistens. The marble basin of this chamber is no less impressive.

Room K7: Bedroom

(20'x30'x20'H): The tapestries, the silken canopy of the bed, and even the woodwork itself are richly patterned with representations of thistle, briar-rose, and heather. The delicate stitchary of even the tiniest flowers seems somewhat in contrast to the warrior's hammer and helm hung on the wall, and the round table whose ornate top appears to be nothing less than a giant's buckler.

Hidden in a compartment in the base of the table, where it might be inconspicuous, are Gloves of Dexterity +2

Room K8: Storeroom

(14'x20'x20'H): An outer workshop (14'x15') provides the only entrance to this room. The workshop is cramped, cluttered as it is with the workbenches and tools of both a cobbler and a leatherworker, examples of their crafts hung upon the walls and piled amid the dust on table and floor. Within the storeroom, with its single wrought-iron sconce for illumination, shelves bear rolled hides and splits, while exotic pelts from bear, wolf, and great cats have been either dumped or pulled down into a heap upon the floor.

Nesting within is a gigantic tick, along with a brood of the much smaller variety. Once rid of these vermin, the pelts would fetch a decent-enough price.

Room K9: Bedroom

(45'x16'x20'H): In the dusky gloom of this bedchamber, cobwebs hang from the roof beams like Spanish moss. It serves to heighten the effect of a forest glen given by the gnarled shapes of those beams, the peculiar "naturalistic" style of the furnishings all fashioned in dark wood and hunter green fabrics, and the branchlike candelabra thrusting forth from the walls.

Room K10: Bedroom

(20'x20'x20'H): This room is impossibly dirty. The room, from all appearances once the quarters of a gentleman of quality, also has a decidedly strong tang of ozone in the air. There is an ornate walking-stick with a sculpted wolf's head braced against the chair.

Dust kicked up from the floor seems especially inclined to cling, in an atmosphere that fairly crackles with static electricity. Sparks will leap (and sting smartly) when characters touch metal (door-latches, their swords, etc.) or one another. The smell is strongest from a pewter tankard upon the table, brimming with a nasty acid. The head of the walking stick will unscrew, revealing 20 amber stones worth 10 GP each hidden within. But do not grasp the stick and the tankard together, or the acid will violently burst forth from the vessel, doing 3d6 damage to any within five feet (DC20 Reflexs save).

20 amber stones (10 gold each)

Room K11: Bedroom

(20'x40'x20'H): The style of this odd suite makes one feel as though on a ship at sea. A row of bunks on the east wall is paralleled by a solid wall of small cabinets or lockers on the west. Two small tables with chairs provide the only other furnishings, though nauticia memorabilia decorate the walls liberally. An inner chamber (10'x20') is apparently the "captain's quarters", outfitted with a comfortable, though small, bunk and other characteristics of a cabin at sea, save for the presence of a small fireplace in the north wall.

Under a mermaid-figurehead mounted on the east wall, a table bears the log of "The Seaborne Sabre", opened to a description of the Tang Empire and recounting the legend of a "mountain of amethyst" said to be located there.

Room K12: Smithy

(30'xl6'x20'H): Cold stone walls are adorned solely by the assortment of iron rnongery that have emerged from this forge in times past. Many a sturdy blade or stout chain hangs from low beams which likewise support a flue over the oddly-shifting colors of the still-burning forge. Steel sings with the pounding of a hammer upon the forge, though no hand wields the tool.

As the party ventures into the room, the unseen smith hurls that hammer as though with a STR 18, and it will continue its animated attack, in sweeping passes back and forth through the room. At the end of 5 rounds, it returns to the hand of the armored form that draws itself up out of the rainbow fires of the forge: This construct is armed with the hammer. If defeated, proves to be an empty suit of armor--but armor of a marvelous lightness and strangely iridescent hue, showing no sign of the damage which stopped it!.


Ghouls (6)
Giant Wasp
Giant Tick
Animated Hammer


+2 Spear
Rope of Climbing
Bag of Green Dust
Gloves of Dexterity +2
20 amber stones (200 gp)
“The Seaborne Sabre”

L Rooms

From the Croaking and Rattling Halls the southeastern arm of Tegel Manor stretches out toward the Wizard's Tower, the contribution of Ridwick of the Relic (portrait 85) to the expansion of the estate. Perhaps because his foul influence has never yet departed from the tower, this wing exudes a sense of evil that grows more daunting as one approaches that sinister spire. The area and the Wizard’s Tower are the newest additions to the Manor, although they are over 100 years old.

Room Ll: Stable

Before they enter the stables, you hear what seems like a thunderous clashing of arms and a horse's scream.

(50'x30'x20'H): Upon opening the door, you are greeted with a sulfurous stench, a wave of heat and of fear (DC15 Will save). The sounds of the conflict revealed here echo resoundlingly from the stone walls. This enclosure is as dark and dank as a cave, even the partitions between the stalls having been fashioned in stone--and the chains in some indicate that they were meant for other than horses. Locked in deadly combat are four Nightmares and a small group of orcs, the last of which is about to die.

A secret passage at the back of one of the stalls (south wall) conceals a narrow corridor some 40' long, at the very end of which is a set of 4 bridles with a flame red thread wound between them. The bridles can be used to tame the Nightmares if a clever adventurer throws them over the beast.

Bridles of the Nightmares

Room L2: Barracks

(20'x40'x20'H): A blazing log crackles in the grate in the west wall, casting weird shadows upon the walls. A mocking parody of the Rurnp arms, in the form of a skeletal deer, hangs upon one wall, as moth-eaten as the blankets covering the bunks of this otherwise unadorned barracks. Seated before the fire, seemingly oblivious to anything but their game, six skeletons are engaged in a "lively" hand of cards with a nice pot of gold. The smell of death hangs over all, as does another skeleton in full armor strung up from a rafter. Ignored by its comrades, the dangling deaths-head is babbling about not being a cheat. If examined, an Ace of Spades flies out of its mouth!

Room L3: Bedroom

(20'x20'x20'H): This room may once have been bedchambers, but the furnishings have been stripped and piled to one side like so much firewood. The doorway into the stables is barred and partially blocked by the crates and barrels now stacked along the wall. The cobwebs and dust are undisturbed, save for a well-worn pathway into the inner bedroom-turned-storage. Here four zombies are stacking barrels.

Upon noticing the intruders, one drops his burden, spilling a foul combination of frog legs, snakes, and featherless birds pickled in brine onto the cold stone floor. Upon defeating the zombies, any brave souls who wish to examine the other long-unopened containers will find a cornucopia of wizardly spell components, much of which has gone to its reward quite some time ago.

Room L4: Armory

(14'x40'x10'H): The walls of this martial gallery are neatly arrayed with gleaming weaponry sparkling in the light of bright-burning torches. From behind a long bench displaying various blades, Raconteur Roi, the ghostly keeper of this hall, offers to display the "high impact" delivered by one of his weapons. Before their eyes, a battleaxe detachs itself from the wall and, flying past the party, cleaves Roi neatly in half. As he reassembles, the phantom quartermaster assures the party that it will be a cold day before they can beat that. Whereupon the torches flame blue, and the temperature suddenly drops sharply, forming frost on the weaponry.

A detailed count would reveal 10 various battleaxes, 23 spears, 13 assorted swords and 27 daggers, amongst other armament. If grasped with unprotected hands, the weapons do 1d6 of cold damage.

Room L5: Rumpus Room

(70'x30'x20'H): Where the Rattling Hall, the Croaking Hall and the Chiming Hall converge, a great open gallery is formed, overlooked by portraits flanking the great fireplace in the north wall. Chairs and tables lie in complete disarray, and the statue in the southwest corner has had its nose and one arm broken off.

Crashing and thudding noises sound randomly from different corners of the room every 1-3 rounds, often with no visible source for the sound.

A blizzard of sparks belches forth from the hearth every fourth round to a distance of 20'.

The furniture randomly launches into the air and goes flying every sixth round (roll ld4: 1 = foot- stool, d6 pts. damage; 2 = side-table, 2d6 pts. damage; 3 = chair, 3d4 damage; 4 = table, 3d6 damage).

Room L6: Lich's Laboratory

An iron-bound door incised with arcane runes and sigils bars entry to the ground-floor of the tower. This is the stronghold of Ridwick of the Relic, evil liche lord of the Rump family tree (portrait 85), and it is viciously guarded! The door itself contains two separate trap mechanisms, one of which causes the wrought iron bracings of the door to reveal their true nature, snapping shut like twin bear-traps on the unfortunate soul who tampers with the lock. The second trap triggers a poisoned bolt launched from within the latch itself. Even if these traps are thwarted, the danger is far from over.

No less than five pit-traps have been laid in the floor near the entry (consult map for locations). That nearest the door gives way beneath the weight of an intruder, causing the victim to pass through its gluey substance and become coated with a suffocating slime before failing to the bottom of the pit (12'--a possible 1d6 damage from the fall, plus suffocation in 1d8 rounds).

(70'D x 10'H): This chamber contains many books of alchemical lore, not a few of which have been pilfered from the other libraries of the manse. Most are ranged upon shelves filling the wall below the staircase to the second floor in the southeast quarter of the chamber. However, several are piled upon an enormous desk, and one massive tome is sitting open on a lectern next to a throne-like chair. An elaboration of workbenches are covered with the paraphernalia of alchemical and magical experimentation--mortars and pestles; curiously contrived glass containers, some situated over charcoal burners; stoppered ceramic jars and pots; a small crucible; and a plethora of powders, potions and peculiar ingedients. A conjuration circle partially obscured upon the floor was evidently being redrawn with chalk when the operation was interrupted for whatever reason. A broken stick of chalk and an emaciated finger lie together at the point the relaying stopped. An inner cell in the northeast of the room is flanked by a staircase going down. In the cell itself, a rack on the west wall contains richly ornamented robes. Opposite these sits a vat-like bath thick with pungent herbs. Emerging from this soup as you enter the chamber is a cadaverous monstrosity.

The passages to which that tome has been opened deal with immortality and regenerative elixirs. Labelled flasks include one proclaiming simply "Immortality" and another "Longevity". Both have serious drawbacks: the "Immortality" offered by the one is that of a liche, undying perhaps, but not truly alive either. "Longevity" is not so severe, adding as it does 10% to the normal lifespan of the being who drinks it, but at the cost of a total insensitivity to touch--one may not feel pain, but one cannot feel pleasure either! The immortality-elixir is not truly permanent either, although once one has become a liche, one remains so "mummified" even if the immortality has worn off...

The stairway leads into a tunnel between DL2N and a faraway cave along the shores below Tegel.

Ridwick does not like having his rejuvenation bath interrupted. The north door out of this cell enters another wardrobe chamber with ceremonial robes and mask (see Room GI). Against the north wall, a mirror of black glass radiates detectable magic. If anyone concentrates on the mirror, by engaging in a contest of wills with it (DC30 Will save) one can either receive the answer to one question, or conjure a vision of the current location of a named individual being.

  • Bracers of Armor +4
  • Cloak of Resistance +1
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • Potion of Gasous Form
  • Scroll of Summon Monster 4 (8th level)

Room L7: School Room

(14'x40'x10'H): Twin rows of scriptorium desks face the south end of this hall. Unlit oil lamps decend from the ceiling above each pair of desks, rnatched by cressets along the wall, likewise unlit. Inkpots dry with disuse and brittle, crumbling parchment scrolls lie ignored upon the shelves on the east wall. The "class" which sits here now do not busy themselves with the material of copyists and illuminators that fill the oaken cabinets. Instead, some fifteen zombies give their unblinking attention to a wight. This instructor stands upon a small podiurn, busily pantomiming an explanation of how to strangle a victim. Behind the "headmaster's" lectern, is a door.

The door lets into an inner chamber, small but richly appointed in black velvet and silk. It has a night-dark opulence in its few furnishings with silver traceries. The locked doorway into the small wardrobe between this room and the "bathing chamber" of L6 is hidden behind a heavy curtain.


Nightmares (4) Skeletons (6) Zombies (4) Raconteur Roi, Weaponsmaster Animated Furniture Lich – Ridrick of the Relic


Bridles of the Nightmares 60 gold +4 Bracers of Armor +1 Ring of Protection +1 Cloak of Resistance Potion of Gaseous Form Scroll of Summon Monster 4

The Wizards Tower

From the Chiming Hall, a lengthy passage leads to the foot of the outer staircase of the Wizard's Tower. Near its base is the doorway into the Liche's Laboratory (L6) The staircase itself, with torches bracketed along the wall, winds up and around to the door of the guardroom on the second floor, then continues upward to the Conservatory. Access above that level is by means of a second staircase leading as far as the fifth storey. To reach the last levels, one is forced to climb up the rungs mounted inside a shaft to the seventh floor. No one in living memory has ascended to that floor--and returned!

Second Floor: Guardroom

A formidable oaken door opens from the landing at the second story onto a second landing within, from which a staircase leads down into the laboratory below. The door is not locked, but is equipped with a device that causes a gong to sound when it is opened (unless detected, as a trap, and deactivated).

(70'Dx10'H): Although rank with the odor of decayed flesh, the room appears to have been kept in a semblance of military order, its bunks neatly ordered (if rotting away), and even the ten ghouls sitting, armored, about the tables to do their grisly feasting, rather than crouching like animals on the floor.

Their commander, a wight, calls the attack with an unearthly howling war cry. If the gong sounded, they will not be surprised, but will be rising to attack when the party-members enter the guardroom. Otherwise, the party has the advantage of surprise initially. Half the ghouls will forget to grab any weapon other than a bone for bludgeoning; the others will have swords, but still be 50% likely to forget their discipline in favor of their more customary methods of attack.

Third Floor: Conservatory

The outer staircase ends its winding climb at the richly-carved door of this level. If the door has not been either checked for a trap-mechanism or had that device deactivated, an odorless gas will be released into the chamber and take effect on the party in 1d6 rounds after they have entered (with a chance to notice the effect after the tenth round).

(70'Dx10'H): Between the low stone beds of exotic herbs which make a mazy path spiraling about the room, fourteen thick glass shafts stand like pillars. Each is filled with an opaque gas obscuring the creatures trapped within to the merest silhouettes. At the west wall stands a statue, a dreamy expression on its face.

If the glass is broken, allowing the gas to escape, the being revealed will recover from its state of suspended animation in ld4 rounds. The prisoners include several villagers, several orcs and a harpy. The rest are empty except for the gas within.

If the party does not detect the gas trap that the door mechanism activated, and is overcome by the gas (DC20 Fort save), they will come to inside one of the empty cylinders (any additional party-mernbers in excess of that number will come to out on the landing). Those so trapped have 4 rounds to try to get out before they join the rest of the display. The gas is emitted by a pipe through the open mouth of the statue. The staircase that leads up to the next story is behind a stone door mounted to shut behind intruders, and strong enough to snap up to four spikes.

Fourth Floor: Lich's Quarters

At the head of the staircase to the fourth floor is another stone slab barring entry. It requires a total STR of 48 to open (meaning that the party must collectively put their backs into it to move the obstacle). If the door below has snapped shut, they had best hurry, for the air will give out in the stairwell within 8 rounds.

(50'Dx10'H): What may once have been a fine retreat indeed has become a disordered ruin. A stink of the grave clings to even the finest silks, now drab and filthy. Treasures brought here from elsewhere in the rnanor have been heaped carelessly like a pack-rat's trove, and left to moulder. Some semblance of a noble's quarters still remains, with the curtained bed, the writing desk, lectern and chair, but the indiscriminate litter of belongings piled against the outer wall spoils the image. An oppressive, "goose-flesh" atmosphere weighs down upon the party. An opening in the floor seems to drop into the conservatory below.

Anyone looking up will note that a Fear rune is inlaid in the ceiling and immediately have to resist the sight at DC25 Will save to avoid succumbing to its effects.

Anyone falling into the shaft instead finds himself within one of the glass "pillars" of that floor. The opening is easily enough avoided, ordinarily. However, there is a torne, the Labor Damhnar (Book of the Damned) upon the lectern. Any who attempt to read the book, unless skilled in high necromantic art, must resist its influence at DC30 Will save or succumb to frenzied panic for 1d10 rounds. This makes a body dangerous to himself and the rest of the party, and far more likely to send someone down the shaft.

The lectern is magically guarded against scrying, but a clever player will find a secret drawer (DC30 spot). This contains the phylactery of Ridwick of the Relic. This is a sealed metal box containing strips of parchment on which magical phrases have been transcribed. Tiny, 40 HP, Hardness 20, Break DC 40.

There is another danger lurking here: to the east side of the chamber is a one-way teleportation gateway, which will transfer anyone who enters it to DL2E, beneath the manse. Framed as a large black mirror, one must deliberately plunge (or accidentally fall) into the mirror to be translated to that other location.

Fifth Floor: Store

(50'Dx10'H): The staircase ends in a darkened chamber. All torches have been stripped from the walls. Depending upon the hour, a faint illumination may filter down through the dust laden air from the opening in the floor above. By whatever light available, the dismal scene is one of more wealth and goods in sad decay. Amid the debris, fine gowns and robes, and much other costly apparel, have been left to the mercy of moth and corruption. An ornate court sword with its bejewelled scabbard lies carelessly across a mildewed cloak. A rope hangs from a hole in the ceiling above.

An iron chest sits amongst the piles, mostly covered. When opened, it releases six shadows unfolding like black silk into the gloom. Locked in another chest are lanterns, and a silver dagger now black with tarnish. Beneath a heap of clothing is hidden a cask of lamp oil.

The way from this floor becomes more difficult. To ascend into the belfry, one must either reach the rungs mounted within the shaft overhead, or attempt to climb the bell-rope (it is too tattered to support more then 120 lbs.).

Court sword – 360 gold

Sixth Floor: Belfry

(35'Dx10'H): Directly above the shaft in the floor of this level hangs a huge silver bell, it wooden supports rotted and slightly bowed with weight.

The bell is worth 2,000 gold. It is so precariously set upon its rotting supports that there is a 10% chance of pulling it down upon oneself when attempting to use the bell-rope. Its ringing, or any sudden movement on this story, will startle the 20 bats who call the belfry home. If one rings the bell from the fifth floor area, d12 of the nasty critters will come down the shaft. If attacked while climbing up the shaft, one may have a DC20 Reflex save to avoid tumbling back down (with a possible 2d6 points of damage from the fall).

In the west wall of the belfry is a secret doorway that will permit one out upon the rooftop of the fifth level. From here one may view the surrounding countryside, and may approach the topmost level of the tower from outside rather then through the shaft in its floor.

Seventh Floor: Wizard's Belfry

If the party have been stealthy in their approach to the highest level of the tower, they will hear noises from above. On the other hand, if they've caused a fair commotion themselves, what waits above is very, very quiet.

The outer approach to the is easier, and far safer, then attempting the shaft, as the reasonable approach to the shaft would seem to be climbing up to it over the supports of the silver bell which will not take the weight. There is no rope attached to the copper bell worth 100 gold in the upper belfry, having given away at some previous time.

(35'Dx10’H): The seventh story is appointed with various equipment for making celestial observations (telescope, astrolabe, sextant, etc.), a shelf for books and charts, a small writing table and comfortable chair. There is also a mysterious black-glass mirrors here.

This level is also home to two harpies. If caught unaware of the party's approach, they will be indulging in an apparently fresh kill, their eyes wild with the pleasure of it. (An adventurer quick enough to make observation at this point may well wonder how they obtained such a feast when they obviously are chained here.) If, on the other hand, the party had no chance of approaching unnoticed, they will find the harpies waiting for them. (There is a 20% chance that the creatures will have taken advantage of the portal and their 60' of chain to slip throgh to the library for a few rounds before returning, hoping to surprise their prey. As soon as the party enters the room, the harpies, if present, begin crooning their singing. Gazing directly at their beautiful but emotionless faces means the intended victim must resist the song at DC25 Will save. If the bird-women have attempted to surprise the adventurers by using the portal, an observant character may readily notice that the lengths of chain upon the floor disappear into the mirror. (The portal, incidentally, cannot be broken like an ordinary glass mirror, though a spell to dispel magic may work, as will destroying the frame which contains the "mirror".)

The mirror is a two-way gateway to the library M12 on the second floor of the southwest wing of the manor.


Ghouls (10)
Shadows (6)
Bat Swarm
Harpies (2)


“Labor Damhnar”
Ornate Court Sword (360 gp)
Phylactery of Ridwick of the Relic

M Rooms

The second floor of the old Southwest Wing of Tegel Manor has for long years been approachable by only two means (other than attempting to climb in through a window, which hasn't worked out so well for previous interlopers). First, there is a two-way portal from the topmost belfry of the Wizard's Tower into M12. And then there is the hidden Spectral Staircase, at the end of a long 220 foot and exceedingly dark, narrow passage secreted behind a secret panel in the Clanking Hall. Small wonder few have ventured there. And little wonder either that fewer have returned!

Room M1: Waiting Room

(30'x20'x20'H): At the top of the darkened Spectral Staircase, festooned with spiderwobs, a doorway yields creakingly to open upon a comfortably appointed sitting room. The upholstered chairs which line the wall are empty save for the dust of many years.

A couch adjacent the entry in the north wall is home to a greasy grayish ooze overlaying an elaborate samits robe, a book of Elvish poetry (both ruined) and a golden brooch (worth 215 GP).

Room M2: Bedroom

(30'x30'x20'H): The doorway from the waiting room (MI) stands open, and one can see a lavishly decorated room done in the height of bad taste. Even without the advanced state of decay evident in the condition of rotting drapes and crumbling plaster, this would be an eyesore.

Small wonder if the great mirror on the south wall violently shatters when characters enter the room (only to reassemble itself in 1-3 rounds as though nothing had happened). If any character looks directly at the mirror, their reflection will be twisted by an expression of envy and malice. Then the mirror explodes again, flinging glass outward to do 2d6 damage if not avoided successfully (DC15 Reflex save). Given the garishness of the decor, it is almost a relief to the eyes when two shadows emerge from behind the folds of the motheaten curtains. But take care how they are dealt with. This room is a virtual tinderbox simply waiting the flame.

Room M3: Study

(10'x20'x20'H): So cluttered as to be claustrophobic, this office does not seem to welcome visitors. The air is filled with an annoying drone of muttering and mumbling. The desk in the north angle of the room has an assortment of goblin skulls and other assorted bones, all numbered, scattered upon it. It is from some of these that the angry noises emanate.

As soon as the party enters, the eastern wall bookcase comes crashing down on top of anyone nearby for 1d10 points of damage. It also knocks the door shut and serves to block it. As the party attempt to lift the bookcase out of the way and open the door again, the books will begin flying about the room, battering the players with repeated blows (make a DC20 Reflex save for each round until the case is removed and the door cleared (ld4 rounds) to avoid being pummeled by ld6 books).

Room M4: Bedroom

(40'x35'x20'H): Delicate traceries in subtle colors soothe the eye and spirit in this room, and though darkness seems to embrace this room, there is not the sense of age and decrepitude overlaying all as so obvious elsewhere. But there are disturbing details: All the candls in the room are black; the various jars and pots, seemingly of cosmetics, upon the dressing table, are filled with smooth creams and powders, all as black as midnight. There is a scent of night-blooming jasmine carried on a chill beath of air from the bed.

If lit, the candles seem to give off an eerie "unlight" not unlike the effect of modern "blacklight". Upon the bed lies a shadow, enfolded in a plum-colored robe. If approached close enough, it will retreat across the bed. The pillow is a trap. If touched, it bursts like a puff-ball, releasing a cloud of fine dust, a sleep-powder which must be resisted (DC25 Fort save) or else it will take effect in ld4 rounds.

Room M5: Sitting Room

(30'x40'x20'H): Everyhere one looks, upon the desk, the shelves of open cabinets, even used as a base for a candle by the most comfortable chair in the room, there are skulls of every sort, Some bleached white, some deep-stained with long years in the earth, some complete, some not. Beneath a banner proclaiming the sorcerous society of "The Brotherhood of the Skulls" a green-tinted skull sits atop a cabinet.

When the party enters the green-tinted skull emits an earsplitting shriek and flies as if flung across the room into the open cabinet there, which slams shut noisily, stirring up a considerable cloud of dust.

Room M6: Maid's Room

The door from the Whimpering Hall is locked. Beyond it one can hear the sound of scuffling, grunts and growls and the odd note of something very like childish laughter.

(30'x40'x20'H): The lock is not trapped, but the mechanism is so old that it requires some care to manipulate. Within the chamber, a strong animal musk pervades the air. Four small wolves have been tumbling about playfully, two on one of the dishevelled beds of the room, two more frolicking about the floor with one of three true wolves. From where she has been busily pulling forth linens out of a storage cabinet into a heap on the floor, a large female wolf turns as the sound of play abruptly ceases.

With a gutteral series of sharp cries, she stops the two wolves that are moving toward the door as it opened, and the lot watch to see what the intruders intend to do. If the young are threatened in some fashion, the mother attacks at 3x her normal ferocity.

Room M7: Bedroom

(30'x25'x20'H): In the midst of a well-furnished room luxuriously panelled in dark wood and suggestive of a woodland glade in both its colors and decorative patterns, and in the subtle perfumes that scent the air, a voluptuous maiden who could well be a nymph is lounging carelessly amid a thick bed of fur pelts. Looking up at you, she gestures invitingly to a cold haunch of beef, a flagon of wine, and other refreshments spread nearby, offering you a knife.

If he reaches to take it, she slithers up around his neck, and the furs slither up around her-so that he suddenly finds himself in the embrace of a werewolf.

Room M8: Store

(20'x20'x20'H): At the north end of the Howling Hall, a storage stall has been taken over and evidently maintained for the denizens of this wing of the manor. Within, barrels of salted and pressed meat have been joined by fresher provender hung from the rafters and filling the room with the odor of blood. The "proprietor" is a snarling, black-robed werewolf, seated behind an improvised desk--an overturned cupboard set across two fat kegs-and accompanied by his "pet" dire wolf.

Room M9: Bedroom

(30’x20'x20’H): This room is decorated in dark walnut, both wainscot and furniture. The upper portion of the walls about this room has been covered with painted scenes of hunting, both by mounted humans with their fine falcons or with bows and spears and by packs of wolves, in one scene bringing down a unicorn. The richness of the decor is little diminished by its film of dust and the wisps of cobwebbing hung in floating tatters, but throughout the apartments is the musky smell of a animal’s den.

Small wonder then that as the adventurers enter the bedroom, they find a werewolf sitting atop a brass, bound chest at the foot of the bed, partially accoutred in armor from one of the suits on display in the outer chamber, whining and fumbling with a hawk-crested helm on his head. One of the hunting spears that graces the outer room is fancifully outfitted with a tip spiraled like a unicorn's horn though fashioned in steel with silvery accents.

In the chest, sits a longsword with silver tracery upon its blade and 600 gold. A careful examination of the detailing in the west wall reveals a secret doorway out into the Howling Hall. There is a small alcove behind a curtain in the north wall. When the drapery is pulled aside, a sudden cold blast of air extinguishes all light in the room, and a hideous cacophony of shrieks and howls follows. There is, however, nothing there!

Room M10: Seance Room No door blocks the entry to this room. Instead a shimmering curtain of sparkling crystalline beads hangs in the arch. Still. one finds it necessary to find the strength of will and courage to enter (DC20 Will save caused by a magical aura about the room).

(30'x25'x20'H): As you enter, you are greeted with a heavy scent of perfumes. The smoke of incense hangs cloudlike in the air, causing everything to appear hazy. The light of a single monstrously thick candle upon a great floor-standing pedestal of bronze is dimly reflected from numerous crystal bottles and flasks upon the shelves which fill the south wall. A mask of emerald green is upon the mantel. Upon the table is a deck of cards, individually hand-tinted and kept in a beautiful carved wood box. There is a curtained alcove in the northeast corner. A crystal ball sits in the center of the table.

Examination reveals the vials to be labeled as containing trapped spirits, shadows and other phantasmal creatures. Picking up any container requires a contest of will with the entity within (opposed Will check) to resist a sudden urge to open the stopper and release the evil contained thereby. The mask has the peculiar property of making its wearer “invisible” to any attempt to detect or identify magic. The deck is a Deck of Fickle Fortune. The crystal ball, if touched, shows a woman’s head in the sphere, her finely-chimied features surrounded by a cloud of raven black hair. The dusky, heavy-lidded eyes seem to look right through the person to whom she speaks. This oracle will grant one straightforward and truthful answer to a request for knowledge per week, answering all other questions of that nature only in riddles and vague and mysterious pronouncements. She can also summon one Rump of choice/day.

The rear of the curtained alcove conceals a two-way secret passage into a narrow compartment behind the fireplace. Here, in a shroud of spider-silk, is the body of the woman whom spirit appears in the crystal, appearing merely asleep rather than dead, yet both as pale and as cold as alabaster. Her bier obstructs a second, one-way, secret door out into the Whispering Hall.

Room M11: Bedroom

(30'x20’x20’H): The second of a pair of bedrooms are a handsomely decorated suite, and you find the scenes of hunting that range the walls of the chambers beyond, only with the added imagery of the mortal riders merged with a mounted troop of phantoms accompanied by wolves, riding in the train of the Wild Hunt. Jutting forth from the east wall like the carven figurehead of some ship is the horned image of the Huntmaster and his mount, seeming ready to ride down the party.

Any who would dare risk taking their rest in this room will dream of the Wild Hunt, waking exhausted with no recovery of lost fatigue for having slept, but finding their riding and hunting skill increased by the experience.

The inner boudoir is occupied by two werewolves, evidently drunk and making odd crooning noises, while silting like a pair of pirates immensely pleased with themselves on a spilled at cache of fine silks, costume jewelry and a few genuinely valuable trinkets Just as the party enter the room, one of the furry felons "burns" himself on some of the silver jewelry, and becomes quite agitated.

  • Tiger-eye necklace worth 500 gold
  • Spilled casket of silver chains worth 120 gold

Room M12: Library

Access to this room is gained only through the maid's chamber (M6) or by means of the two-way portal from the Wizard's Tower Belfry. Because of that portal, there is a chance (20%) that the harpies from the belfry will be here and attempt to use their siren abilities upon unwary adventurers. They have a maximum of 30' of chain they can range into the room.

(90'x30'x20'H): This vast library is not only richly furnished in polished wood, with great candleabra and row upon row of leatherbound volumes upon its shelves, but has been scrupulously kept in good repair, clean and orderly. The only real disarray in the entire room is upon a great oak desk, where an enormous pile of scrolls and parchments overlay one another, a skull perched atop the lot like a paperweight.

The topmost of these writings appear to be an as-yet incomplete magical scroll. Attempting to move the skull or explore other items here causes the bony guardian to call out loudly, reporting the trespassers' actions. This immediately draws the unwelcome attention of a powerful (but quite insane) wizard. If not disturbed, the wizard will be found instead, ensconced in a comfortable high-backed chair, reading to four werewolf cubs), with which he is on the very best of good terms. The harpies also answer to him.

On one of the shelves in the library sits an ancient statue of a bee made of volcanic pumice with moonstone eyes. – RED BEE.

The secret passageway in the north wall conceals the spellcaster's private workroom and retreat, densely cluttered with ceremonial paraphernalia more like a closet then a laboratory, and most of it of no particular use by itself, The magical statue that overlooks the wizard's desk in the main room is a waxen man-sized figure. When animated by the sorcerer, it bestows its peculiar power: taking the likeness of the first person whom it touches. Any damage done to the effigy then appears immediately on its living model. This life-sized "voodoo" doll is susceptible to spells which dispel or negate magic or remove a curse. It can be destroyed by fire, but the chosen victim will share the damage!


Gray Ooze Shadows (2) Animated Books Shadow Werewolf Pups (4) Werewolf Adults (6) Dire Wolf Reparoc the Raider (lich wizard) Werewolf Pups (4)


Golden brooch (215 gold) Silver Sword of Speed 600 gold Tiger-eye necklace worth 500 gold Spilled casket of silver chains worth 120 gold Green Mask of Cloaking Deck of Tarot Cards Crystal Ball – 300 gold

Elsewhere About The Grounds


(35'Dx10'H): This old ornamental structure outside the East Wing of the manor is fallen into disuse and decay, its latticed screens overrun by vines.

The Hermitage

(30 x 40'x 15 H): A modest little outbuilding uncomfortably close to the shadow of the Wizard's Tower, this simply furnished structure has served as Sir Runic's final retreat on the estate grounds, containing what little he and his remaining retinue could remove quickly from the manse when they fled it in terror late one night Its current state is rather like trying to turn a third-rate inn's few rooms into a gentlemen's lodgings-and the strain shows.

Runy and his retainers have grown almost blase about the one spirit that haunts even this sanctuary, a ghost of a dishevled old man who mutters imprecations, causes mugs to hurtle at intruders, and then sinks through the floor. He shows up almost like clockwork every night to the point that Sir Runic is getting quite good at catching--or dodgirg--the crockery.

The cistern near the Hermitage is still a source of pure water, though no one will go near it at night because of the sorrowful weeping and plaintive moaning that echoes from its depths from dusk til down. A crawlspace opens in it some 30' down, connecting eventually with the beach-tunnel from DL2. And at the bottom of the wall 20' further down is a golden wedding ring.

Wedding ring (20 gold)

Sir Runic the Rump, Paladin

  • +3 Sword
  • +3 plate
  • +1 Ring of protection
  • 255 GP
  • 160 SP
  • 24 CP


A marble facade decorated with rather too pious or heroic images of Rumps depated opens into a mausoleum where those few Rumps who have been naturally buried and accounted for now rest. A pair of trapdoor are in the floor.

The trapdoor openings give access to the subterranean levels beneath the manse. The trapdoor on the left descends to DL2H. The right-hand passage leads down to DL3K. The dead who remain here, remain here. Everyone else is still moving about the estate somewhere else.

Crypts Left trap door leads to chamber on Level 2. Right trapdoor leads to chamber on Lovel3.

Tegel Graveyard

The ancient resting place of the lords and ladies of Tegel Manor, the graveyard is surrounded by an ancient stone wall. Twisted trees grow nearby, overshadowing the place. A single entrance lies through a rusted iron grate. In the trees an owl screeches. Inside, the graveyard is a jumble with a vast assortment of headstones. Some are large stone affairs with statues, benches and shrubbery, now long overgrown. Others are simple headstones with a name and date. Many are worn almost smooth. As you enter the graveyard, an overwhelming sorrow washes over you. Looking around, you notice that a number of the graves appear to be freshly dug. Faint lights, like distant will-o-the-wisps, flicker around some of the headstones.

The open graves have seemingly exploded from within. The dirt around these graves, in some cases, appears to be quite old.

Terrible Tombstones

Here lies Ritiena Rump, Stuck in her head, Pulled back a stump.
This is Rolf, His life was full, Till he tried, To milk a troll.
Ruptur learned with great regrets, Beholders don't make good pets.
Reckless Rump R.I.P., Tried to dance with a Chimerea.
Racey hitched his wagon to a dragon, now he does no more braggin'.
Roget's gullet went awry, While eating at the Balrog's Eye.
Razzle met his term, Haeldng at a Purple Worm.
Roderick-Q-uite a eager, Till he failed to pay a wager.
Ramie wished he hadn't been born, Hanging on a Gargoyle's horn.
Ravenbeard-Insulted a Roe, Showed no fear, Broke an egg, Wound up here.
Rook -wound up on a fork, Buried him with the belching Ore.

Abandoned Slave House

In the field west of Tegel Manor (hex 1706) lies an abandoned slave house. Taken from their village in a raid, three ghosts of former slaves dwell here. These slaves swore an oath to avenge their loved one who died in the raid. They are bound to this location and never travel more than 30 feet past its perimeter.

If approached at night, an eerie white glow will come from within. This is the glow of the Sword of Ghost Slaying +2. It is active because there are ghosts at home.

In a large field at the bottom of the hill west of Tegel Manor lies a simple one room building with a long-collapsed stone roof. The house is unremarkable except for the iron bars, now long rusted, in place of a front door. Inside, six small cots and bits of several tables are all that remain of very poor quality furniture. Poking from a pile of refuse, you can see the point of a magical weapon which is glowing brightly.

Underground Level One

Map-tegel manor rat5.jpg

The evil and decay that pervade Tegel Manor have sunk their roots deep into the earth beneath the manse, in a labyrinth of tunnels, dungeons, and other chambers. There are many ways by which these passages might be accessed, some deliberate, some accidental (and too often, one way!).

This warren of rat tunnels not only runs under the manor, but often up inside the walls of the old estate. Not all the passages connect to one another, either, so it is possible to find oneself lost or trapped in dead ends.

And this maze is home to gigantic rats. Most of these ratholes are 3' in diameter, and all have a 20% probability of blockage by a rock or cave-in. Removing such rocks will usually require at least a DC15 Strength check, and digging through debris will require 2-8 turns to win clear.

Once down in these holes, the characters discover that all of this level is made up of the rat tunnels, 3' wide/high. There is no room for medium-sized characters to turn around. Only small, hand-held weapons can be used effectively in the cramped space. The rats' lairs are foul places to visit, with piles of filth, linen shreds, table scraps or other less wholesome provisions, pretty rocks--and perhaps a modest treasure trove, to boot. At any given time, a good portion of the rats are out and about, scavenging for food or for more shiny baubles.

The Level One map shows where specific ratholes entering the various rooms of the manor are located for example, D2, indicating a rathole in that bedroom. The various major chambers within the maze include:

Room UG1

Eight rats are found in this outpost.

Room UG2

Eight rats are eating and snoozing in this room.

Note this room is the receiving end of a Teleport from Room A2 (Great Hall)

Room UG3

As one of the chief warrens, there are usually 20 rats here.

Room UG4

Six rats are found here.

Room UG5

This is the stronger faction's headquarters, with 30 rats present plus a rat king.

Underneath the pile of rocks which form his "throne" is hidden a precious treasure indeed: a magic sword and scabbard worth 4000 gold. The scabbard is the real magic! So long as it is worn, any other weapon will do half-damage to the wearer. However, if wounds are not properly tended to at the first opportunity, the wounds will appear the moment the belt and scabbard are removed.

Room UG6

Eight rats are found here.

Room UG7

Twelve rodents are here, along with a considerable quantity of filth and debris. A careful search will find a discarded Potion of Healing.

Room UG8

There is a 60% probability that this chamber will be found empty save for filthy blankets and other "furnishings" dragged down here. It is the home of a wererat named Haredrir. If he is in here, he's not easily surprised (adjust any attempt down to compensate for his acute senses). He is a master of surprise. His favorite subterfuge is to pose as a lost, bewildered human, and attempt to lead the party away from his small treasure trove (cached in an invisible strongbox).

Room UG9

Six rats are here. They are very frightened of the Mongooses in Room 10.

Room UG10

This is the lair of four giant mongooses introduced some time ago, in an attempt to exterminate the giant rats.

Room UG11

A small hole in the floor (pencil-sized) drips a noxious green liquid.

Three “special” rats will be here. They have weird powers as a side effect of being located beneath the Liche's laboratory (L6). They glow a sickly green, and any victims they bite do this as well.

Underground Level Two

Map-tegel manor 2.jpg

Stone staircases from the Footsteps Hall and the hidden corridor between the Great Hall (A2) and Throne Room (D1) lead down to subterranian passageways of well-fashioned stone and scant illumination. Torch brackets spaced some 50 feet apart are mostly empty. Partway down the Footsteps Hall stairway, a rat-tunnel from Level One intrudes.

Room UG12

An unfinished, rough-hewn recess, this chamber is empty.

And it is safe - for all that there is a continual scraping, grinding sound coming through the walls from an uknown source.

Room UG13

This roughly finished natural cavern clearly was excavated but never finished. A shaft in the southwest corner of the room ends in a grate. Amid piles of bone and refuse, an angry ogre is here.

This room is conveniently located just under the torture chamber above (in G3). Thus, the ogre has little more than to wait for what is dropped to him through the open pit. Though this cavern and the ones beyond give evidence of many a grisly feast, deliveries have been few lately, and this boy is hungry. Through the maze of lightless caves, one can find a sloping passage down to the third level from here.

Room UG14

This small, natural cavern seems to have been discovered when two hewn hallways broke into it. Several columns of stone are scattered around the room, and a number of stalagtites hang from the ceiling. A faint wailing can be heard from this dark cave.

Here in squalid surroundings lives Renorok Rump, a ghost of a simpleton. He seems distressed as the orcs down the hall have stolen his bright bauble (a continous light stone which glows in colors that constantly change). He is afraid of the dark, you see. His gem is in Room 24.

Room UG15

This hexagonal room is intricately decorated with what wuld appear to be flowing calligraphy on all walls, penned in gold against the dusky blue. On a central pedestal is sits the head of an ancient man.

The head is the oraclular skull of Raps Redaxe, which appears to sleep most of the time, and, if roused, still remains so drowsy that it only manages one riddle before failing asleep again for several weeks.

A Knowledge (Philosophy) check will be able to understand enough of the writing to realize that it is all graffiti, philosophical or metaphysical, and filled with dry wit, but graffiti nonetheless. Raps favorite is the question of the Alchemist who presented his king with a vial of liquid that would eat through any substance known to man, and was immediately put to death for it. The proper answer to this puzzling situation was that the man had to be a liar, or else the liquid would have eaten through the vial.

Any character touching the oracle must roll a DC20 Fortitude check to resist being stunned for ld6 rounds. A second attempt will result in a save at DC25 for 9d6 of damage.

Beyond the pedestal a stairway descends from the NW side of the chamber to the third level.

Room UG16

Three gargoyle statues sit around the edges of this otherwise empty room.

This chamber remains empty most of the time since it is the incoming teloportation gateway for the Liche (from the fourth floor quarters in the Wizard's Tower).

Room UG17

This cubicle, secreted behind a hidden door appears to be a storehouse for a large horde of copper pieces (3000 at the moment). A set of ancient juggling cubes sit on top of the pile of copper pieces.

The door is sealed by a magical spell (animation) which will activate three gargoyles in Room 16 unless a successful Disable Traps (DC20) roll is made. These are the juggling cubes of Reckless Rory in Room UG27. The hidden door is trapped, so that a missed attempt will “glue” the thief to the doors – while the gargoyles pick him apart.

Room UG18

This is the wine cellar, located at the foot of the staircase from the Throne Room secret corridor. The north, east and south walls are lined with cubbies that hold hundreds of bottles of dust-laden wine. The smell of this room is damp and musty. It is cool here.

A secret door in the southeast corner can be opened by pulling out a bottle of Rumpole Red from the rack. There it a 10% chance of finding a poison vintage if anyone goes sampling.

Teleport from A2: Great Hall.

Room UG19

This elaborate burial vault is filled with a number of sarcophagi decorated with marble effigies of those buried here.

In this last resting place are two wights which will attack if any of the lids are raised from the crypts. If the pirate attack allows, the body of a human sailor can be found here.

The body is that of one of the pirates who were tasked with assaulting Tegel Manor. This room can also be reached by the stairs descending from the mausoleum above on the grounds of the estate. The pirates have “raided” the mausoleum to find treasures.

Room UG20

This room is ancient, with a dank smell of evil. On the south wall, a number of slabs each contain a withered corpse.

Careful examination will show that six have been carved: Rabid the 9th, Raging the 5th, Rampant the 8th, Reckless the 14th, Redhot the 10th, and Ruthless the 13th If the party encounters Raoul here, he will tell them, “I am bound by my Order.” If they say, “Raoul the 19th”, then they will gain control over Raoul.

This remote crypt is the final resting place of Raoul the Reformer. A fine sword is half pulled from its scabbard. Runes on the sword read “Drink deeply if you draw my fang!”. DC19 Will Save.

Room UG21

This oblong cell is unoccupied and contains 4 niches each with a small statue: a lion, bull, eagle and serpent.

When the statue of the serpent is touched all characters in the room are teleported to Room 36.

Room UG22

The barred door to this enclosure reveals a dungeon. Cells at the far end of the room are shut. A table sits in the corner of the room surrounded by three chairs. A cask of stale wine sits against the southern wall.

Room UG23

Behind the lair of the orcs, this room waits at the end of a narrow, cramped passage. Sitting as though entombed here is a huge cocoon-like lump.

Behind the lair of the orcs, this room waits at the end of a narrow, cramped passage. Sitting as though entombed here is a huge cocoon-like lump.

Within is kept the accumulated loot of the orcs various sorties, heaped carelessly about the chamber. The cocoon is a giant spider acts as the guardian here, That narrow alley keeps her out of the main hall.

Room UG24

This large octagon-shaped room has a number of sleeping pallet around a central, crudely made fire pit. A table at the end of the room appears to be a common mess. A small table in the corner holds a single sheet of paper torn from a book. A very finely crafted pen and inkwell are on the table.

This large chamber serves as headquarters for the orcs sent here to loot the manor for treasure. There may be a giant here with them. Right now, they are terrified to go any further since they have had several members of their party wiped out by undead.

The paper appears to be lists of watches and a list of treasure found: magical chainmail, spear, 1200 gold, 400 silver and several “pretty” gems.

The pen and inkwell are those of Riddles Rellwood – part of his curse in UG47.

Room UG25

This room appears to be a simple stone cell with two large iron portcullises. A wheel on the north and south operate the gates - which are both currently down.

This outpost guards the entry from the caves out by the beach beyond Tegel. It is routinely guarded by three orcs.

Down the path towards the beach, the party will discover a small niche in the wall holding a sheaf of parchment - Chapter 6 of the Book of the Djinn, 20 blank pages. The pages radiate a slight aura of magic and cannot be written on by any ink or implement. Any marks made on them merely fade in a few seconds. The pages are also immune to fire.

Underground Level Three

Map-tegel manor 3.jpg

The well-fashioned stone staircase from the Chamber of the Oracle (Room 15) leads downward into a progressively roughhewn series of twisting passageways to the third level, also reached also via the sloping descent from the caverns beyond, which enters the third level through coarsely finished funnels.

Room UG26

This dark room is lit by torches which create flickering shadows which crisscross in continual motion. The room is empty and there appear to be no exits from this room.

The spell that has interwoven these phantom shapes can only be penetrated by magically-induced light which then reveals the three sealed doors in the western wall.

  • The first (SW) reveals an antechamber leading to the passage connecting Rooms 28-31.
  • The second (middle) door yields only to great strength before opening upon a well-paved corridor leading away into the darkness.
  • The third (NW) opens upon room 27.

Room UG27

Locked away behind an iron-bound door, this dank and musty compartment appears to have been stripped of all furnishings, save only a massive trunk with gold-plated handles (worth perhaps 20GP). A stained cape of leather and a shattered helm lie behind the trunk. The chest itself is not locked, and if opened, reveals a jurnble of bones.

In 1d4 rounds after the trunk is opened, a partial skeleton in the ragged remains of jester's motley pops up from among the bones like a macbre jack-in-the-box, to sieze the the throat of the nearest character and attempt to strangle him.

This is the body of Reckless Rory Rump. He seeks his magical juggling cubes from sowewhere inside the manor.

Room UG28

The door to this room is rotted and has fallen off its hinges. Inside, a strange circular room is piled with debris. A foul odor can be detected here.

A large pile of rock mostly blocks this passage. There is enough room for a small human to squeeze over the rubble at its top.

Three ghouls have fashioned a "comfortable" retreat in this circular cell, though it lacks any provender for their current hunger. When the party encounter this lot, one is futilely picking at the skeletal remains of a great bow in the center of the room, while the other two are already heading toward the door to go hunting. How lucky can one get?

Room UG29

A door hangs mostly off its hinges. Peeking inside, just within the door of this circular rough stone room, you are met by the ghostly sight of a partially cocoon- rapped corpse that had evidently nearly struggled to freedom before dying. Hundreds of little spiders are scuttling over the body and elsewhere.

The little spiders did not do all this vast amount of weaving. The mother spider lives in Room 30. The babies will come to the aid of their mother and vice versa.

Room UG30

This circular alcove guards the way to a maze of caverns beyond. The way is watched by a giant spider which is approaching the party.

Room UG31

This passageway is treacherously narrow, forcing you into a single file line until you reach the yawning darkness of a natural cave. Bats flutter and squeal in the gloom, while a putrid pool spreads before the opening that leads beyond.

That oily "pool" is actually a ochre jelly which attacks by flowing over its prey, paralyzing and suffocating the victim before absorbing the blood (which takes ld6 rounds).

Room UG32

Deep within the recoms of these caverns sparkling in whatever light is available is a vein of pure mithral. Four metallic looking eggs lie nearby.

The catch is that this has become an ideal nest for a Rust Monster. Four apparently metal eggs, out of which hatchlings will eventually come are scattered nearby.

Room UG33

Though the walls of this chamber are rough stone, the whole has been appointed like a high-state burial chamber (or perverse shrine). Four skeletons guard the centerpiece of this bizarre retreat, a dirt-filled coffin.

At the bottom of the coffin is a small figure of a moonstone bat. The statue radiates magic and is part of the reliquary. It is the red bat. Four Skeleton; 1/2 HD, 1-1-3-3 HTK, AC 7, 1-6/sword; guard dirt filled coffin. Its master will track the party if the bat is taken.

Room UG34

The yawning space which greets intrepid explorers here has been fashioned like a macabre faerie-garden: its "flowers" and "trees" are many-hued clutters and branchings of delicate crystals, with pools here and there fed by "fountains" of icy water gently weeping from the spectacular stone formations overhead (a consequence of waters seeping through from those underground springs which feed the manor above).

This garden is not without its serpent, though, and a big one it is, too. The giant snake is entwined about one of the "trees", beneath which it guards eight eggs. Care must be exercised here to avoid causing the more delicate formations to come crashing down

Room UG35

Here the air is muggy and rank, the combination of the steamy mud-bath along the S wall of the chamber (fed by the springs), and the collection of filth and debris that makes up this "pig pen".

The pit in the W recess of this sty will unceremoniously dump the unwary into Room 39, while a misstep in the mudpool could result in a nasty slide into the hot water belching up from Room 36.

The passage from the north of this room slopes roughly down into the fourth level of the underground.

Room UG36

Stifling hot and a heavy fog of steam greet any who wander here. You find yourselves in the center of an island surrounded by a ten-foot wide moat of boiling water, continually replenished by serpent statues spewing scolding streams from their mouths.

The whole pit is nourished by hot springs below, the boiling pressure of which forces the water up into this chamber. All that maintains the fairly constant level of the deadly tide is the passages which carry away superheated water to both the mud-baths of room 35 and eastward to some unknown point. If one can reach the tunnel leading to room Room 35, it offers treacherous footing but a way out. The only other approach is the narrow passage back to the corridor between the stairs. The footing everywhere is slick and slippery, while the heat will quickly do double normal fatigue damage to anyone dressed in armor. After a few rounds a Fortitude DC15 (and increasing) roll should be made to avoid being overcome by the heat.

Underground Level Four

Map-tegel manor 4.jpg

Aside from the unpleasant surprise of failing into the pit trap in Room 35, the way to approach this bottommost level of the chambers beneath manse is down the sloping passage on the north side of the third level. Or descend the staircase in the western passage, near that which led from the second to third levels. Here the stonework of most walls is little better than hewn rock (the workmen may have been in rather a hurry to finish and get out...).

Room UG37

The sloping hall which descends to this level ends outside a cavernous gallery, the original purpose of which is somewhat in doubt. From the ruined appearance it may have been used for vast assemblies --but as a theatre, a temple or what? The prospect is sinister in any event, for why would such a place be hidden this deep below the manor? Whether it was intended to edify, entertain, or inspire terror is unknown.

Room UG38

Great vats of noxious brine range the north wall of this chamber, their acrid tang penetrating the air and stinging the eyes. Elsewhere, tables ranged ith diverse implements suggest that elaborate burial preparations were performed here and the costly finery stripped from various subjects, and still left collecting dust on one table, suggest personages of notable station were the subjects-though they must not have been given very dignified disposal. Indeed, the four niches in the southern wall contain heavily swathed corpses.

The bodies in the niches are the source of the four wraiths who angrily descend upon any who begin to rummange through their elegant belongings.

Room UG39

This room is clearly an old storeroom, as there are discarded crates and barrels strewn throughout. At the door in the south two hobbit statues appear to be trying to pick the lock. Outside of the room are two small tables. One has several lamps on it.

Two basilisks attack any who enter. There is a passage “lovers walk” leads to the Cliff House. A chest contains 360 gold.

Room UG40

In this crypt-like compartment, six zombies guard a coffin in a small niche to the west of this room. The remains of humans are revoltingly littererd about the chamber.

The tomb appears to empty. It contains, however, the body of Rosienna Romancer. There is the heart puzzle here.

Heart puzzle.jpg

Room UG41

Arranged upon a patterned stone floor oddly at variance with the rough walled character of these precincts, five sarcophagi radiate outward from a central point in the room, echoing the star shape layed out beneath them.

Three contain mummified remains. The other two sarcophagi contain just dust.

There is a hidden passage in the SE corner concealing the way into Room 42.

Room UG42

Beyond the hidden entrance, a most unusual burial chamber lies concealed. Here, laid to rest in a manner most unlike the custom of the Realm, a giant of a man has been entombed. His prized possessions are here, rare books, cunningly wrought works of art, and opulent finery from far lands, The mummified body is enshrouded in a deep indigo cloak spangled with stars and dragons, about its neck a silver band (ensorrcelled to turn/reflect spells) and across the breast a magical great sword covered with intricate silver tracery. Statues of knights stand like sentinels before either archway (E and W).

The first who touches the man will have a banshee appear next to them. She will acknowledge her victim and vanish, to reappear whenever the character is in a potentially deadly situation. If they die, she will claim their soul.

This is the body of Rigat Rump the giant who died in 701 TA.

The inner chamber appears shimmer like wet water on the walls and floor. Entering the room will teleport the characters to Room 43.

Room UG43

At first glimpse, this may seem to be a familiar site in the dank recesses of the dungeon, burial chambers and haunts of the dead. A number of coffins line the edges of this room. Atop them, shrouds and windings are piled as if awaiting bodies.

As the party enters the room, the shrouds and windings begin to slither and move, seeking to enfold the characters and drag them into the open crypts. The most ornate of the crypts contains a bejeweled death maskiworth 300 gold which likewise launches itself at the nearest potential victim.

Behind a secret panel is that teleporting space that connects with Room UG42.

A tiny enclosure similarly hidden in the S wall conceals a delicate jar of black glass containing a single large opalescent gem cowed in the shape of a heart (and worth perhaps 4400 GP). Cursed it is with a "creeping madness" and dark magicks besides, whoever first sees it must make a Will DC25 roll to resist its influence or end up desiring to possess it above all else. All others must make a Will DC20 roll or they will be driven by sudden avarice to wish to take the stone at whatever cost.

Breaking it will cause the room to go silent and the curse to be broken.

Room UG44

Where the lengthy passageway comes to an end, a gruesome sight greets the wanderers. Here in the gloom hang strings of skulls like grotesque temple bells, dangling amid the jagged stone formations of this dead end.

The clapper in each "bell" is a gold-piece, except for one which hides a 600 GP opal gem. One finds a fat little spider too - but these are harmless, for a change and should make nervous heroes just that much jumpier.

The entry to Room UG43 is skillfully hidden, awaiting the clever, to find it.

Room UG45

This room is filled with debris, mostly broken crates. In the center of the room is a locked trunk. Over the trunk, ten dead orcs hang upside down from ceiling. A silver hand bell sits on top of the trunk.

DC15 to pick. The trunk filled 560 daggers. A secret compartment contains a gold mace worth 90 gold.

Room UG46

A red-hued curtain hangs unsettling in the entry of the chamber.

Pushing past, advetenturers find themselves stained with what is evidently still-fresh blood. The sides of this chamber have been walled with rough-hewn timber, all of which bristles with silver daggers. Perhaps five hundred are around the edges.

Every few seconds, twenty of them randomly launch themselves hurtling back and forth across the room to stick into another wall. None ever appears to strike a circle near the center. Atop a trunk in the midst of that circle rests a golden sickle (worth 90 GP), while within the chest are ornate robes decorated with entwined dragons of red and black, underneath which rests a cold-ron mace. All this must await discovery after one deals with what evidently kept the all creatures out of this room.

Suddenly, apparitions start to fly down the hallway into the room. They act as gusts of wind which blow the party into the room. The appartions dissipate when entering the room just to reappear down the hallway a few moments later.

Room UG47

The western doorway of this chamber has been barricaded by piles of wood, apparently from benches taken from the room beyond. Peering out of the tangle of wood are two zombies. The footing here is treacherous, littered as it is with the bones and less pleasant remnants of previous feasts.

A ghost is here who will attack if the zombies are threatened. He is the ghost of Riddles Rellwood, a famous Rump playwright, who was poisoned by the family. He seeks his magical pen and ink from Room UG24 to be at peace.

Room UG48

Unlike most of the chambers found on this level, the walls of this enclosure are curiously smooth and polished in appearance. There is a definite aura of magic to be found here, and the south wall is peculiarly hot.

An invisible barrier keeps the party from entering this room.

This chamber is just slightly north of the moat-trap Room UG36 above it, and the hot springs must be beyond but a thin layer of rock. If the well ruptures, it will fill the space with boiling water from the hot springs; this takes ld4 rounds, and ld6 after that the barriers vanishes and this chamber becomes uninhabitable thereafter.