Teufeldorf Manor and the Belreg Family

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Teufeldorf Manor and the Belreg Family
Type Dungeon
Status Explored August 825 TA
Location Teufeldorf Manor
Hex 0812
Campaign Teufeldorf Manor
Adventure # 14

Located in the small, dark, tangled forest known as Teufelwald, immediately south of the city of Teufeldorf, lies an ancient manor house. Now abandoned, and rumored to be cursed, this spot has significant historical value. Archaeological evidence shows that a structure has stood on this spot since the First Age. The last known inhabitants, the Belreg Family, occupied the manor until August 825 TA when an expedition led by Lord Treadway, Condor the Cleric, Father Guido Sarduici, Count Demoney III, and Ikcin Namffoh was lost adventuring near the site. Shortly thereafter, the structure fell into disuse. It is rumored to be haunted.

The party made several visits to the weird and reputedly haunted Teufeldorf Manor, where they were the guests of the Belregs, a strange family of vinebrothers. Few tales remain of The Party's exploits in the manor.

What follows is the account of the adventures in Teufeldorf Manor as outlined by Lord Treadway, grand-uncle of Nils Treadway, the current Baron of Huntingdon. While extensive maps exist for the manor, Treadway's account only describes the extent of the manor explored by the expedition.

The Belreg Family and Staff

The Belreg Family are a group of plant people know as vinebrothers. Each has the tint of their parent plant. They attack by weapon type or belching a cloud of berry gas with stains and smells.

The Belreg Dogs are harmless little dogs with big fangs! Friendly and playful unless a scent is on you.

The Belreg Family
Shaal Father blue (bluberries)
Liirna Mother red (cherries)
Cyyra Daughter yellow (bananas)
Kreen Uncle purple (plums)
Soold Son orange (peaches)
Gluum Son green (grapes
The Staff
Garth the Younger Butler Carries a cane and wears domestic dress. He has the ability to rearrange molecules 4x day. His memory is failing, and he forgets everything in 4 rounds unless reminded.
Gertrude the Buxom Maid Wants to earn 1000 gp she needs to buy her freedom
Rachel the Blithe Maid Will lead party into the tunnel with the dopplegager to gain wealth
Lena the Delectable Maid Wants a good time
Carrie the Licentious Maid Wants someone to kill Soold for crimes against her
Bertha Cook Cruel
Beatrice Cook Quiet
Bonnie Cook Nice, talkative
Barbara Cook Nice, talkative
Cora Maid Harsh, carries a bullwhip
Gertrude the Elder Maid 93 years old, deaf
Margaret Maid Kind
Laurie Maid Bitter

Teufeldorf Manor

Teufeldorf Grounds
Teufeldorf Manor - Level 1
Teufeldorf Manor - Level 2
Teufeldorf Manor - Levels 3-6
Teufeldorf Manor - East Tower
Teufeldorf Manor - West Tower
Teufeldorf Manor - Great Tower 1-2
Teufeldorf Manor - Great Tower 3-4

Room A

Two flower pots - no flowers, only soil. Creeper vine on east wall. Two 8' tall potted shrubs.

Carnivorous Shrub (named Marvin) will grab an unsuspecting victim and pull them into its jaws.

A small aquamarine gem (100gp) can be found in the planting soil.

Room B

Marble entrance foyer. Large mirror along east wall.

There is a cockatrice here.

Room C

There are two glass frogs here. One will come to life as a giant poisonous frog if touched. The other is just glass.

Giant boar

Room D

Plain stone room is filled with 2 feet of mud on the floor. There is a statue of a diamond boar on the pedestal (illusion). Garth will greet after battle.

Room E

Six skeletons around table in full battle armor and dungeon equipment. Including a small strip of paper.

Teufeldorf manor clue.jpg

Room F

The portcullises and four ice toads guard the famous Belreg wine cellare. Many rare wines.

Room G

This is the fireroom. There are crossed axes on the wall. Two fire snakes will move to attack.

There is a Potion of Growth (antidote to Diminuation for Room M. One of the axes is a +2 Axe.

Room H

Locked Storage Room. Armor is not permitted in the house, and it will be stored here. In addition to the party's stuff, the room contains one set of plate, one set of dwarven chainmail, and one set of hobbit leathers.

Room I

Bedroom. There is a desk with pen and paper here, a large unlocked metal-bound chest, an empty suit of antique armor, and a door knob on the bed.

The doorknob can be used as a +1 dagger. The chest contains a Manual of Pursuant Skill at Arms.

Room J

Bedroom contains a large, metal-bound, unlocked chest. A secret compartment contains a shrunken head and convex crystal lenses. These are eyes of petrification.

Room K

Bathroom with two cold/warm tubs, two semi-private pots, and two stone basins. There is a 25% chance that a maid will enter while bathing. There is a stray piranha in one tub.

Room L

Bedroom with a a desk, metal, unlocked chest, closet. Moaning can often be heard here coming through the east wall.

Room M

Bedroom with a flying pen. The command word is "Write!". There is a metal-bound, unlocked, chest.

Hidden within the closet is a small 3" high person - Sam the Mighty - captured by Gluum as a pet. He escaped and was chased here by a rat. Can be fed a potion of growth (antidote behind sofa in Room G (fireroom).

Room Q

A giant tick lives here.

Outdoor Encounters Near the Manor

  • 24 zombies - works the fields day and night
  • 2 brown bears
  • 5 carrion crawlers
  • 1 shambling mound
  • 2 trolls - lair in rock slide
  • 1 giant wolverine
  • 2 giant scorpions
  • 7 boring beetles
  • 8 dopplegangers
  • 4 hell hounds
  • 2 owlbears

Side Notes from Lord Treadway's Journal

This eerie mansion held the plans for the Moon Blaster, which was later constructed at great expense and to little avail by Sir Zachary.

On one adventure, Sir Zachary plotted with a maid of the manor, Carrie the Licentious, to kill Soold, one of the Belreg sons as a revenge for past misdeeds. The plan went awry when the plant father, Shaal, caught Zachary as he crept up on Soold in his sleeping tank. In his anger, Shaal belched a cloud of stinking blueberry gas which turned Zachary blue.