The Family Pact

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The Family Pact
Type Dungeon
Status Explored April 906 TA
Location Wolfshaunt
Hex 7916
Campaign The Wolfshaunt Campaign
Adventure # 120

DM’s Notes

This adventure is actually in three parts:

  • The Lamp - Bennett & Sons in Everblack
  • The Summit with the Grandfathers - peace or war, meet Great Grandfather
  • Sealing the Wolfshaunt - new lantern, personal items from each, place in the swamp

The factions are:

  • Grandfather Josiah, Grandfather Bela, Unfettered Wolves - Fuzzwort has Josiah's Ring
  • Lycurgus, Talbot - saved kin at the Chapel of the Lamp
  • Radu, Great Grandfather - has his 100 tokens
  • Mr. Sly - killed his brother, stole his tokens
  • Storm Lords - pretty much dead since Whitlock is dead and the army is leaving. The humans of the Wolfshaunt will have no protectors!

Josiah and Bela's Plans

  • The vampires fear an invasion of the Wolfshaunt by the forces of the Eastern Reaches.
  • They know that Sandal, the Orc Nation, and now the Tang Empire have all been forced into submission from the aggressive forces of men, elves and dwarves.
  • The Grandfathers sent an emissary east across the great continent four years ago - when the Valley Gate was first re-opened. There, they sought a pact with the Old Kingdom.
  • Two years ago, now desperate, a deal was struck for a one-time invasion of the Reaches by the Old Kingdom forces. The price was high - one million gold pieces - paid to the Overlord. The invasion is underway - only the final payment needs to be sent to insure full cooperation. Tonight, this sum will be pulled from the darkest and deepest vaults under the mostly-deserted city of Everblack. The terms are simple. The Old Kingdom gets the fertile Western Reaches. The Wolfshaunt gets the tangled woods and sandy fields of the Eastern Reaches. The Shadowyarn Mountains will be the border.
  • You must protect us from the Families. Now, that we are unbound, the Grandfathers will ally with the Unfettered Wolves and seek to kill our packs, exterminating us without conscious.


U-Gene scowled.

It has been five long years since the Wolfshaunt was awakened by breaking the Wolfshaunt Seal in the bowels of the Forbidden Library. Who would have thought that freeing a single werewolf could lead to a full-scale war? At least most of the tokens of passage have been secured. While that may stop the armies from coming over the mountains for awhile, how many other ways are there for Grandfather Josiah and Grandfather Bela to escape with their cursed families? They are powerful, determined and immortal - a dangerous combination. The Wolfshaunt must be sealed.

U-Gene scowled again.

The Second War of the Reaches should have ended last year. The Orcs, Sandal, and the Tang pose no threat. Securing the Wolfshaunt would eliminate that threat to the Eastern Reaches. Dammit. Why did the Old Kingdom get involved in the war? For a million gold piece bribe? Maybe. But there must be another reason. Last year's conflicts were a disaster - with the City-State of Teufeldorf under the control of the Overlord's troops. Now, the demand has come in for the return of Teufeldorf to the Crown - five million gold. A true king's ransom. It will deplete the treasury, but the price might be worth it. Or, U-Gene mused, we could mobilize the Fleet of the Reaches. Invade Rembia. Hit the Overlord hard enough that he will think twice before attacking the Reaches.

U-Gene looked up.

Standing before him, Fuzzwort shifts from foot to foot, his nose buried in a large, iron-bound tome. "Have you ever heard of the Overlord's Undercroft beneath the Celestial City of Rembia? Some say it doesn't exist. If it does, it's one of the most guarded buildings in the Realm - its secrets protected by the Collegium Magicium. Legend holds that the source of Overlord's power over the nobility and military - Alfric's Scepter - is guarded in that vault. Certainty of death, small chance of success, what do you think?"

The Family Plot

You are sitting in a clearing in the forest southwest of Everblack. It is the evening of April 2, 906 TA. The last two days have been a whirlwind, and you are recounting the adventure as you enjoy a brace of rabbits around a campfire. The cold, dreary drizzle of the Wolfshaunt continues. Everything is damp and sodden and dark.

  • You have just returned from destroying the giant mechanical spider that served as Mr. Sly's bank. Minus the 100 tokens that you gave to Radu, you have what must be most of the tokens in the Wolfhaunt. These should keep the armies from traveling through the Crypt Gate and into the Eastern Reaches.
  • What of Mr. Sly? Is his power destroyed or will he seek revenge in his ever-so-hospitable way? With the bank crashed south of Everblack, it should take him awhile to recover.
  • And what of Radu? Perhaps giving him the tokens he needs to start a family in the Reaches was a big mistake. He is powerful and unpredictable and filled with secrets.
  • And Lycurgus Baneback and Talbot Blackwolf and their kin. They are unbound, but you need to help them. How can you protect so many from the Grandfathers.
  • Ah, Josiah and Bela - they are the real problem. So careful, so cautious. Yet, they are the ones that hold the real power in the Wolfshaunt. Josiah wants his ring back, and they both want to leave the Wolfshaunt.

The remains of the lamp from the Chapel that imprisoned the wolves lies in pieces near the fire. At least the wolves are free. As if bidden by your thoughts, a wolf howls in the distance. What to do?

Give them the puzzle box as a template for the lamp.

If they are slow, have Talbot come by to check in. The pups are safe in the forest southeast of the Chapel of the Lamp.

Encounter 1: Bennett & Sons, Lampmakers

The town of Everblack appears almost empty. Lights flicker here and there, but the streets are devoid of people. The central hill, once the bank of Sly & Black, is now a crater. Eight trenches where the legs of the spider were are furrows in the dark earth. Having stepped over the buildings, the ring of shops, pubs and home around the bottom of the hill are undamaged.

The ramshackle long building at the base of the hill in Everblack looks as if it has stood in the location for a thousand years. A black sign with bright gold letters reads "Bennett & Sons, Lampmakers". Windows at the front of the shop glow with warm, yellow light - several dozen well crafted brass and steel lamps flicker invitingly. Several light stones are on a small shelf, and a sign invites shoppers in - WELCOME.

The other shop that shares the building with Bennett & Sons is "Holyrood Maps". It has a single window and wooden door. The store appears to be empty. In the front window, a hand-illustrated map of the Wolfshaunt is proudly displayed, illuminated by a small lightstone. A small placard beneath proclaims the price: 500 gp.

Bennett is a rail thin man with dark hair and hawkish features - most prominent is his long nose. His eyes are bright and his teeth are bright white - straight and even.

Bennett's son is actually a daughter - very pretty with brown eyes and hair. She is wearing an apron over leather armor. She looks bored and watches the exchange intently.

Bennett will try to interest the party in a lamp of mundane make. If they show him the magical lamp, he will deny making the lamp, try to make the party leave - glancing about furtively - slipping them a coded note to meet him in the wine cellar of the Pawn & Castle pub.

Meet me at the wine cellar of the Pawn & Castle pub at 10 oclock. Don't be followed.

Nvvg nv zg gsv drmv xvoozi lu gsv Kzdm & Xzhgov kfy zg gvm l'xolxp. Wlm'g yv ulooldvw.

Bennett will tell them that the lamp must be made from a personal item - gathered within the last few days. (Remind the party that the wolves had been tasked with just that for the party.) Bennett will ask for 100 tokens for his family and friends. And a place in Dragonsford to open a lamp making shop.

His daughter is Wilamena who is looking for adventure.

Encounter 2: Willamena's Offer

After he leaves, they will notice that a thin, cloaked figure is following them. It is Will - Willamena - will tell them a secret for a token.

I overheard a whispered conversation once that the secret of the grandfathers is hidden in Josiah's Library. And there's a poem.

I have a heart that never beats,
I have a home but I never sleep.
I can take a mans house and build anothers,
And I love to play games with my many brothers.
I am a king among fools.
Who am I?

The answer is: The King of Hearts in a deck of cards.

Encounter 3: The Exploding Spider (Mr. Sly)

The party will learn that the town is empty because everybody has gone south - with carts, horses, bags, shovels and picks. The rumor is that the spider bank has crashed and broken open and there are piles of gold, gems and magic for the taking!

Coming upon the tangled remains of the giant mechanical spider, the activity of the townsfolk is easy to see. Torches have been staked to the ground, and several large bonfires burn crazily nearby. Several elderly townsfolk stand near the fires warming their hands. Swarming over the hull of the machine are a number of small children. The holes created by the Sphere are brightly lit, and several carts have been backed up to the orifices. You don't see any adults - although it is a fair guess that they are inside.

As you travel the central room of the bank, you notice that the wall are of a bright silver - not the dull sheen that you saw on your last adventure. The room still feels as if it has been milled from steel - as it has a solid, polished feel. The four glass windows and three of the four glass doors stand are closed. The metal, spiral staircase entrances are sealed.

The sounds of the pickaxes are deafening. Men and women are working to break down the remaining three doors. Inside the room, the glint of coins piled on tables beckon the townsfolk onward. The only new feature is a large silver metal cylinder in the center of the room. The cylinder is about 5 feet in diameter and 5 feet height. Several townsfolk are watching the top. They think it is a treasure chest and will fight to protect it.

A counter on top is counting down - 600 seconds to go! Put the digits 1 through 9, each used exactly once, into the circles so that the total of the numbers in each rectangular box is the same.

Puzzle-family 01.jpgPuzzle-family 02.jpg

Encounter 4: The Dragonsford Solution (Mr. Sly)

At some point, Radu will let slip the plans of Mr. Sly. It seems Mr. Sly is recruiting 40 independent vampires to go to Dragonsford and convert the entire population to vampires.

Well I do believe it is time to teach those Reaches scoundrels a lesson they will not forget. They have ruined my bank, killed my brother, and despoiled the very soil of this good country. I wonder how they will like it if I do the same to their homes and loved ones. I do hate to take the path of revenge, but the propriety and the good manners of our kind be damned. I am forced - forced, I tell you, to make this ledger balance.

Upon a quick return to Dragonsford, the party finds: NOT TAKEN

Encounter 5: March of the Dead (The Storm Lords)

The path to the Crypt Gate winds its familiar way up the side of the mountain to the small cave leading to the long hallway. While normally dark and shrouded in the mists of the Wolfshaunt, the scene this night is far from tranquil.

A massive storm has pushed up against the mountains rising as far as you can see into the dark skies and stretch for miles along the front range of hills and mountains. Lightning flashes are impossibly fast illuminating the area. Within the lightning storm, the now-familiar protean shapes of huge jellyfish are silhouetted in their unearthly splendor.

On the ground, the army of the Storm Lords is arrayed. A sea of men five hundred strong - knights bristling with steel swords, plate armor and longbows. They are arranged in long snaking columns lined up to assault the mountain. The sound of thunder, no, wait, for the sound is much too rhythmic to be thunder - the sound of drums beating in time can be heard.

At the base of the mountain, the men are getting drinks from a several sets of large wooden barrels - it seems like most have already been served.

The barrels contain a bitter purple poison which actually kills them but allows their reanimated bodies to move forward to the beat of the drum.

The drummers are the key - they are alive and each carrying two tokens of passage. They will lead the dead army to the other side of the long tunnel. There, a group of 30 priests are armed with magic staves that will revive them. This, of course, is a ruse. The men are being slated to walk the Sands of Time to the Tomb Kingdom - for the priests are actually the lich priests and their leader Nightshade is in the Wolfshaunt, having persuaded Edmund Blackwolf to slay Master Whitlock in his castle and flee the Wolfshaunt before it is sealed forever.

Encounter 6: The Proposition (Grandfathers)

A lone figure sits on the trail.

A wiry, thin man with alabaster skin sits atop a large, black warhorse. The man is dressed in flowing black robes. He does not carry visible weapons - his hands conspicuously sitting atop the pommel in plain view. His only visible adornment is a twisted silver ring on his left hand, and a small white gold ring on his right.

"Welcome again and congratulations. As you know, I am Winston - emissary of Josiah. My master has lived for generations by being cautious. You hold a ring that can take his life. I do not expect you will meet him while the ring is still in your possession."

This is a way to gather a personal item from each to put into the Lamp.

Ring Bound to Josiah.
Ring of Memory Manipulation.

If the party attacks, Winston will flee - if possible.

Encounter 7: A Meeting At Grandfather Josiah's Castle (Grandfathers)

This massive stone room is cold and uninviting. A fire has been made in a large stone fireplace, but it gives the room little warmth or cheer. Two large overstuffed red leather chairs sit in front of the fireplace. A staff leans against one chair. A large table is set in the center of the room.

Two men sit at the table.

One is a frail-looking man dressed in red robes. His grey hair has mostly fallen out. He leans heavily of a black staff made of a shiny wood. His hands are festooned with rings - 10 to be exact.

The other is a striking man with silver grey hair, chiseled features and straight, white teeth. Middle-aged man - thin with grey short beard and close-cropped grey hair dressed in a black cloak and red-lined cape. He has no weapon, but has nine twisted rings on his fingers.

Grandfather Bela is the frail-looking man. Grandfather Josiah is the striking man.

The proposition is simple.

We will drop our attacks into the Reaches and establish a peaceful relationship with the Eastern Reaches. We will eat only prisoners and enemies of the Three Kings.

You will drop the wall that requires the use of the Gates to travel outside the Wolfshaunt - allowing us to establish a small trading village in the Hornwood. From there, we will establish normal trade relationships with the Reaches.

And, you will return the ring that you stole.

Encounter 8: The Library of Josiah (Radu)

This ornate room is lined on all four sides with bookshelves soaring to the 20 foot ceiling. The wood is dark, old and well oiled. There is a smell of leather mingled with the mustiness of parchment and vellum.

The bookshelves are full - neatly arranged volumes - mostly novels and works of fiction, most are unfamiliar to even Fuzzwort. A number of painting are found in niches throughout the room.

A large, empty table is in the center of the room, and overstuffed green leather chairs surround the perimeter of the room.

The puzzle from Will - the King of Hearts - is the answer.

One of the paintings show the illustration for an entire deck of cards. Others are a seascape, a ship traveling stormy waters, a huge moon hanging over a moorish landscape, three beautiful women - a mother and two daughters - smiling in a formal room, etc.

Pressing the King of Hearts will cause the panel to slide silently aside.

Encounter 9: The Secret Passage (Radu)

The bookcase slides back into the wall before sliding aside to reveal a man-sized niche. Just inside the niche is a suit of armor - clearly empty. The armor is plate mail etched with runes. The helmet has been fashioned into a crown. Both gauntlets have been fashioned into razor-sharp talons. The boots have been fashioned into claws. Even empty, the armor radiates a powerful aura of magic. You are slightly awe-struck by its presence.

The suit of armor blocks a passage beyond.

Moving the crown will cause the armor to step aside - allowing passage beyond.

The stone-lined passageway slopes down into the bowels of the castle. There is a very strong smell of ozone here. The passage ends in a hexagonal room.

Encounter 10: The Gateway (Radu)

The hexagonal room has a large ornate crypt in its center. The crypt is made of a heavy black stone, the surfaces are traced with a flickering blue lightning. The smell of ozone is very strong here.

Around the crypt - on the other five walls tapestries hang. As with everything in the castle, these appear to be ancient. Each depicts a man never-aging dressed in garb of the First and Second Age. Each shows a growing family - also not aging.

On the top of the crypt is a stone effigy of the never-aging man. The carving is remarkable in its detail - although the effigy is missing a staff that should be in his hand.

The party needs to "borrow" one of the grandfather's staves.

Placing the staff in the hands will cause the party to teleport (with the staff) to the Great-Grandfather's room.

Alternatively, U-Gene can place the Staff of the Wolfshaunt here.

Encounter 11: Great-Grandfather's Chamber (Radu)

You find yourself in a 20' x 20' room. There are no apparent exits from the room. The room has a large ornate bed in one corner - the curtains pulled closed. A fire burns in a fireplace - although the room is cold. An overstuffed chair faces the fire. On a small side table, a bottle of wine, glass, and a book sit. Another table has a chess set - the pieces arranged mid-game. The walls are filled with pictures - several dramatic landscapes and a number of paintings of young women in various stages of dress.

Several smoke rings float up from the chair.

A wizened man - his parchment thin skin wrinkled and grey - smiles from bright white teeth. His eyes are old and rhummy, watering and bloodshot.

You recognize him as the man in the tapestry.

U-gene will immediately note that the party is several miles underground - clearly a magical space.

The great-grandfather's staff is leaning against the corner of the fireplace.

Encounter 12: The Challenge

The old man frowns and looks at the chess set on the far table.

"I have lived for so very many centuries. Immortality courses through my veins, but there is a price to pay for what may seem to you to be a boon. My sons, Bela and Josiah are both bores. They are driven and smart, but they lack any appreciation for the simple joys of life. Radu - my grandson - he is a pleasure - a man who enjoys all that his position in this world affords. Ah, Radu - who never asked anything of me. He brought me purebloods for my Hunger. And, our chess games... pure bliss.

Great joy and also great disappointment. Our last game ended very poorly. That set over there, the old man points across the room, worth more than all the gold in the Reaches. Magical - plays against you when an opponent cannot be found. Radu stole the black queen. Why? Anger? No, to pay a debt to Tobalth - that damn dragon-folk.

You want my help? Bring me my black queen back. Go to the Cathedral of Dragons and take it from his hoard. The old lizard will never even miss it."

The old man doesn't care if he is bound. He is the proto-genitor of all the vampires in the Wolfshaunt. Binding him will bind them all.

The great-grandfather will give them two black beads - one to teleport them into the Cathedral of Dragons - very dangerous place. Don't linger or you will attract their attention. From there, he says you merely need to touch the statue of Tobalth to be taken to his hoard. Once back in the Cathedral, break the other to return.

Encounter 13: The Cathedral of Dragons

A small chess board sits in front of the statue.


If the party takes too long to solve the puzzle, they will notice other dragon statues starting to move - every so slightly - the opening of an eye, a puff of smoke from a nostril, et.

Encounter 14: Tobalth the Collector

The air in this vast cave is fetid and cold. The walls are lined with thousands of small niches. Each contains an item - some are gold and gems - clearly valuable. Others are of questionable value - a crudely formed doll of straw, a piece of coal or a simple comb of bone. All are neatly arranged - although no pattern can be discerned.

In the center of the cavern is a huge statue of a dragon - carved from black basalt - eeriely life-like and sized as an ancient specimen of the beast. The dragon is curved, as if sleeping. The gem-like eyes from the dragon glow with a warm yellow light.

You hear the footsteps of a man-sized figure approaching. The clicking of a staff is the only other sound in the cave.

I am Tobalth the Collector. How do you like my little collection?

Can be bargained with - but will ask the party for an artifact of theirs for his collection. Will want something else of the grandfather. And something from Radu.

If attacked, he is a Vampire Dragon - breath weapon drains life. Also, the party must solve another puzzle to leave if the party attacks.


Encounter 15: Back to the Grandfather

Returning to the great-grandfather, the party notices that there is now some soft moaning coming from the bed - which is still behind the curtains.

The smoke rings coming from chair - just as before.

However, when the figure turns around, it's Radu.

I have snuck my great-grandfather a snack. He was getting so weak and depressed. Even our elders need to satisfy the Hunger from time to time.

Encounter 16: Splitting the Hoard

Returning, both the great grandfather and Radu are waiting by the fire. The chessboard sits between them, and both are deeply involved in a game. The great-grandfather is now much younger looking - resembling the man in the tapestry.

Radu and the Great-Grandfather will give the party their reward - the finger of the great-grandfather.

Time to make the Lantern!

ALTERNATE: Do you want to wager tokens on a quick game?

Place 4 bishops and 4 knights on a 4×4 chess board so that each bishop attacks 2 knights, and each knight attacks 2 bishop.



Encounter 17: Gaining the Lantern

Mr. Bennett meets the party as a designated place. His shop?

He will exchange the Lamp for 100 tokens.

This was a tricky one - that I can tell you. You'll need a great power source in order to run the lamp. Only place I know with that much raw power is the Lonely Haunt - where the last Lamp was placed. Just hang it from the tree atop the ancient ruins on the moor. That should do it.

Encounter 18: The Moors

The moors extend for miles - a vast undulating morass of bright green swamps and thick tangled grasses. The ground is moist - impassable for horses or any heavy creatures. Near the center of the mire is a small stone hill - unassuming and unremarkable. On the hill, an ancient stone circle lies crumbling. From its center, a single large oak tree stands starkly. The tree appears to be dead - leafless - with branches shooting in different directions.

As you approach the stone hill, there is a sense of death here. You notice a single chain hanging from the branches of the tree.

In Oblivion, the tree appears to be a living creature - with tentacles where the branches are. This is an Ancient One. This is the real source of evil in the Wolfshaunt.

Ancient one.png

Mr. Sly and Mr. Black to intercept in giant spider - detect on the tokens that were stolen.

Encounter 19: The Lonely Haunt

The tree - known as the Lonely Haunt - is actually an Ancient One. It stands slumbering. Hanging the lantern on its branches will activate it.

If the lantern is complete - the puzzle box put back together, then the ceremony is simple.

If the lantern is incomplete - the Ancient One will activate and must be subdued.

The Lantern hangs from the ancient tree for a moment. At first, no light can be seen. Opening the shutter puts forth an impossibly bright light - creating a sphere of brightness several yards in diameter. As the shutter is opened more, the light spreads out quickly - hundreds of yards, a quarter of mile. As it moves out it gets dimmer, although clearly visible against the dreariness of the Wolfshaunt.

Fully open, the light extends as far as you can see in all directions. The evil seems a bit less oppressive - although it is still twilight compared to the sun-drenched lands of the Reaches.

The Wolfshaunt has been sealed once again.

Cast of Characters

House Josiah
Grandfather Josiah see bio
Father Joseph Killed 903 TA Dark-haired man who looks strikingly like the Grandfather - they are blood kin. Killed/sacrificed in Hodor's prision.
Uncle Jonah Killed 904 TA Dress in robes, a large cowl pulled up over the back of his head. A braid of long, black hair snakes down his chest. His hands are thin, alabaster, and adorned with a large silver knotted ring and a single silver band. Killed at Conclave.
Nephew Wycliffe With 12 brothers in Reaches Broad, toothy smile. Encountered at Forbidden Library (902 TA) masquerading as Booth and released. (bond broken)
Nephew Mikhail Killed 904 TA Imprisoned, released and killed in Tween.
Hermit Killed 904 TA First met and released in 903 TA. Killed giving out lightning rods in 904 TA.
Marcus Darkmane Killed 904 TA Wolf and scryer. Killed with the Hermit.
Loomis Killed 903 TA Cult of the Shattered Moon - tried to open Forbidden Library (902 TA) - killed at Grandfather's Castle.
Vvrrak Unvisited Doing experiments on lightning (bound) (904)
Coggle Wiseseer Unvisited A gnome (bound) - communications (904)
Myrrah Unvisited A seeress (bound) (904) a spirit form of a young woman bound to Josiah. Capable of extreme intelligence gathering. Preternaturally observant in all planes. The fifth figure is more insubstantial that not - more of a black mist. Vaguely female in form, it is unsettling to watch her for more than a few moments. No details of her appearance.
Lucian Dragonsbane Killed 904 TA Killed at Moon Hollow. Blue, black dragon armor.
Winston Emissary 905 TA A wiry, thin man with alabaster skin.
Uncle Nichademis
Uncle Nicholas
House Bela
Grandfather Bela Fled the Conclave (904 TA) A frail looking man dressed in red robes. His grey hair has mostly fallen out. He leans heavily of a black staff made of a shiny wood. His hands are festooned with rings - 10 to be exact.
House Baneback
Lycurgus Freed during the Mustering (905 TA) A large man, clearly a werewolf from his shaggy appearance. On his back is a wicked serrated sword which glows with a dull reddish light. He is dressed in leather armor. Fled from Conclave in 904 TA
Liam Swarmslayer Leader of the pack in Tween.
House Blackwolf
Talbot Freed during the Mustering (905 TA) A burly, hairy man - clearly a werewolf. He wears a simple ironmonger's apron. In his hand, he carries a massive blacksmith's hammer which flickers with a blue-black lightning.
Benedict Blackwolf Killed at Conclave (904 TA) A fighter - dressed in shining plate mail with a helm adorned with large wings. His tabard is green with a great black wolf on it. He is very large and extremely powerful looking. Despite his ornamental trapping, his weapons look well tended and sharp. His hawk nose and beady eyes make him look like a predator.
The Storm Lords
Master Whitlock (leader) Killed by Edmund Blackwolf (906) Oldest living granddaughter (Arielia) given to Radu. Wife and youngest granddaughter (Roshena) imprisoned in the Wolfshaunt.
Edmund Blackwolf In Reaches Commander of the Storm Lords (902 TA); Led the attack on the Library (903 TA) in conjunction with the Grandfather. Armor with Black wolf on Grey Background. Killed Master Whitlock (906 TA) and led his remaining men to the Tomb Kingdom.
Barton Blackwolf Killed 902 TA Son of Edmund. Killed on the plains of the Wolfshaunt.
Sturm (originally Fenneman) Killed 903 TA Emissary to the Ithaqua - engineer struck by lightning - killed by party at the Needle.
Leggerman Rain Emissary 905 TA A formidable knight who will ask for help on Master Whitlock's behalf.
Shades of Dumbarton Visited 904 TA Wolfshaunt Seers
Udolf Free in Reaches Originally guardian of the Crypt Gate
Duncan Blackwolf Exchange Attacked party to regain the Heart. Presumably trapped in the Wolfshaunt.
Radu Free in Reaches Radu is a pale, thin young man with a small black pointed beard and long willowy fingers. His smile is disarming. He wears a single ruby ring. His dress is a night shirt over which he has thrown a red velvet smoking jacket.
Mr. Black Killed in attack on Everblack Bank (905 TA) Impossibly fat and quiet. Rumored to be the younger brother of Radu. Banker for the Wolfshaunt.
Mr. Sly Free in Reaches Rail thin and is the face of the organization. Rumored to be the younger brother of Radu. Encountered in 905 and 906 TA. Banker for the Wolfshaunt.