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Radu's Return


It is October 15, 903 TA. The soothsayers are telling of a harsh winter, and the cold leaden skies of late October bear witness to that possibility. You haven't seen the sun in weeks, and the city seems lifeless - colors muted and even sounds of the day are muffled.

The citizens of Teufeldorf are in a similar foul disposition. The kingdom is again at war, and the Second War of the Reaches is going poorly. Teufeldorf was sacked in June 899 TA by the Tang and the Orc Nation. Even though the Crown was able to retake the city by the end of the Summer, the damage was extensive. So too was the damage to the Crown's reputation. Even now, the "Three Kings" are out on a mission. Hiding, some say. More likely lining their coffers with other people's gold - wartime taxes. Bah. And now rumors swirl that the Eastern Reaches have been overrun by werewolves and vampires. The doomsayers are out in force, and their message is resonating. And then there is this damn, soaking drizzle. Days upon days of endless grey and cold.

You are kids, and you are bored.

Tonight is the Third Harvest holiday and bonfires are being lit across the city. You have gathered at the Wickham Estate to "play games" with your friends - just waiting for Baron Wickham to go to bed - which is usually about 10pm.

Your real goal for tonight is the Redcap Freehouse in New Town. According to the local gossip at the Wickham House School, the pub is having a contest of wits called the Redcap Two Step. The prize is a free evening smoking moondragon root, eating legs of roasted mutton, and drinking all the wine you can stomach. And, they say winners get free run of the upstairs lodgings of the freehouse. It might not be true, but you have to check it out - just in case.

You hear the clock at the end of the hall strike ten chimes. Surely, Baron Wickham is asleep. Time for action!


Eretria - Elf Rogue (Kate)
Gildor Sundarion - Elf Wizard (Neil)
Hrasnkel - Gnome Barbarian (Rowan)
Llwelyn Wyckham - Elf Warlock (Tim)
Masilda - Elf Cleric (Kimberly)
Salamander - Human Monk (Jeff)
Sven - Dragonborn Figher (Alan)

The Ranger's Gate

The Ranger's Gate - Second Age oil on canvas, artist unknown, displayed at Treadway Manor

It is dusk on March 1, 908 TA. The sky is overcast. It is damp and cold, a breeze comes from the west blowing through the leafless trees of the city. It is the night of the New Moon.

You have found yourself drawn to the ramshackle old townhouse at 9 Nightingale Way. Nestled between the Military District to the north and the Poor Quarter of town to the south, the house itself was once quite elegant - probably the home of an army officer. Its facade is three stories made of stone with three stone gargoyles still sitting on a small ledge under the eaves. The stonework is crumbling in places, but the structure appears sound. The upstairs windows are boarded over.

You note with some distaste, the tang of iron in the air. Several wolf carcasses have been piled at each end of the street - undoubtedly leftovers from the Shepherd's Day celebration the previous night.

In your hand, a ragged flier reads, "Lodgers sought - 9 Nightingale Way. Room and board in exchange for light housekeeping duties. Apply after dark." You cannot remember when you picked the flier up or even coming to the house. But, here you are. The sun is setting, and you have heard rumors that a monster has been seen in this district. The details are sketchy, but it always appears after dark, and it grows more ferocious every day.

There is a note tacked to the front door. It reads "ENTER and wait in the Entrance Hall".


Spring - Half-Elf Fighter (Kimberly)
Korag Blackice - Human Monk (Bruce)
Neptune Ganymede - Human Rogue (David)
Jerak Stonewall- Hobbit Cavalier (Ryan)
Vance Goodwood - Half-Elf Ranger (Alan)
Malika Salem - Human Cleric (Zeb)
Telek Eiy Netic - Gnome Kineticist (Ty)

What Has Gone On Before

Logbook of Jerek Stonewall - Entry Number 1 (November 1, 2019)
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See The Siren's Song for an Interlude (January 10, February 7, February 21, and March 6,2020)
Campaign Suspended - Hope to be around the table again soon.

Portsmith Cryer

Volume 27, Number 1 - Conversations with CJ, Blackfire-Slayer

Past Adventures of the Irregulars

For many years The Irregulars have adventured in the Realm. From the early days of the Rice Irregulars (1981) to the most recent adventures aboard the Wanton Wench by the Lyons Irregulars, the tales of these characters - great and small - weave the fabric of the Realm. Unlike the long-running high school campaign which predictably meets once a year at Matcon, irregular adventures include everything from one-night stands to five-year, fifty plus session mega-dungeons.

Characters: The Irregulars (1981-present)

These are the stories and tales created by the most diverse and eclectic cast of characters ever assembled. Below are some of their best.

The Siren's Song (2018-2019)
Voyage of the Wanton Wench (2017-2018)
Journal of Farnsworth: The Happenings at Hookhill (2010)
Ronic's Registry - The Return to Tegel Manor (2005-2009)
Return To Tegel Manor: Adventure Script (2005-2009)
Rump Rap (2009)
DM's Tent (2009)
Journal of Our Journey to Havelock's Keep (1999)
Dragonsford Campaign Player Notes (1999)