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The Siren's Song

The Siren's Song

The Wanton Wench rolls in the storm tide as the newcomer stands at the head of the wardroom table. The officers and patrons scrutinize their visitor.

"I have some news from Portsmith," he stammers. "I thought it might be worth some food and ale. It concerns this ship."

Now seated and speaking through a mouthful of stew and beer, the visitor continues. "I escaped Portsmith about a week ago on horseback. It's strange the storm has been raging over the city for more than three weeks, but it stops about 50 miles down the road - damnedest thing I've ever seen."

"Now, I'm trying to avoid any entanglements with Jana Blackfire's followers - if you know what I mean. But, I'm real hungry, and I run across three soldiers heading west along the road - well provisioned and not dressed like Crusaders. Human, but with strange accents. They are scouts looking for a ship, The Wanton Wench. Work for some Overlord and seem to be in league with Jana Blackfire."

"Well, any friend of that bitch is my enemy. So, I discover the soldiers are heading for Haggelthorn. But, they are taking the long way round - down the Greater Farthing Road through Middlefield. Hell, it will take them 6 or 7 days to get here. So, I decide to do my part against the Crusader of Portsmith and peel off real friendly-like along an old trader's shortcut. Made it here in a day and half. Had to go through that damned forest, but I'm hoping you might be willing to help out a fellow rebel."

"Oh yeah, and the ship they came in on is The Siren's Song."

Suddenly, Wendy is behind the newcomer. A look of fear and loathing on her ghostly face. "The Siren's Song? Have my nightmares finally come true..."


Java (Kimberly)
Chironomous (Bruce)
Wrane Wrathborne (David)
Nomed Oppenheimer (Ryan)
Finnegan Shadowwhisper (Alan)
Christof Jonah Purifoy (Zeb)
Scylla (Tyler)

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Past Adventures of the Irregulars

For many years The Irregulars have adventured in the Realm. From the early days of the Rice Irregulars (1981) to the most recent adventures in Tegel Manor and Hookhill by the Lyons Irregulars, the tales of these characters - great and small - weave the fabric of the Realm. Unlike the long-running high school campaign which predictably meets once a year at Matcon, irregular adventures include everything from one-night stands to five-year, fifty plus session mega-dungeons.

Characters: The Irregulars (1981-present)

These are the stories and tales created by the most diverse and eclectic cast of characters ever assembled. Below are some of their best.

Voyage of the Wanton Wench (2017-2018)
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