The Journey to Teufeldorf Manor

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Journey to Teufeldorf Manor
Type Dungeon
Status Explored August 825 TA
Location Teufelwald
Hex 0911
Campaign Teufeldorf Manor
Adventure # 13

The party decided visit the weird and reputedly haunted Teufeldorf Manor. The journey there took them through the Dead Man's Forrest (Teufelwald) where they encountered numerous dangerous men and beasts, including treacherous wereboars and chaotic minotaurs. At one point, they discovered a group of renegade lumberjacks led by a brooding shaggy man named Jack. The group was holding a young maiden, Madeline, hostage. The party was forced to slay Jack and his sinister companions in order to free the young woman.

Later, the party reached the Slaughtered Turkey Inn, where they were the guests of James Lostsoul, a ghost, and Lex the Trollsmith. Ickin Namffoh desired to have his horse shod by Lex, who supposedly could make a horse run faster with his special horseshoes. Unfortunately, the trolls had recently stolen his tools. The party declined to help Lex recover his equipment, but did stay at the Inn for the night. Treachery struck after midnight when carrion crawlers, which were kept in a secret room, were allowed to roam into the quarters of a member of the party. Fortunately, the crawlers were slain before anyone was eaten by the foul myriapods. The perpetrator was never found, though the party suspected James Lostsoul.

Slaughtered turkey.jpg

The party proceeded on to Teufeldorf Manor without further incident.