The Life of Brian

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There he was, cowering in a nearby tree. All Art could do was watch as Sir Brian du Bois of Wentworth tried with giantish strength to save to save the party from the advancing displacer beasts....

Scenes similar to this would be repeated many times over the coming years. After each battle Art would climb down out of whatever tree he had chosen to observe from and begin his incessant, arrogant boasting of what a great fighter he was. That was the side of Art Bucheroni that most people knew. What few people knew was that Art also had a humble side to him. Before beginning his boasting, Bucheroni used to pull Sir Brian to the side, look up at him and say with that cute little lisp of his, "Thanks for thaving us, thir!"

But Art Bucheroni's personality is not the topic of this article - his age is. The debate of which character (Art or Sir Brian) came first has been raging for years. An examination of the lineage of both characters can leave one with no other conclusion than that Sir Brian du Bois did in fact precede Art Bucheroni. As we all know, Bill and I began playing in Chris' world at the same time. It is also common knowledge that whereas Sir Brian was my first character ever, Bill had several before Art. Arthur Bucheroni was preceded by his uncle Archie, and Art was the son of cousins Arnold and Beatrice Bucheroni. Therefore, it can be stated with 100% certainty that Sir Brian came before Art.

Just to make sure everyone remembered it the same way I did, I called everyone up and here are the responses I got:

Chris - "You're definitely right big guy."
Neil - "Oh long and arduous question which has been...."
Mike - "You're even more right than Bill is even."
Tim - "Phmptt."
Blake - "I'll say anything for $5."
Jeff - "Give me a break, Bill's a wuss."

I rest my case.