The Vampire Mystery

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The Vampire Mystery
Type Dungeon
Status Explored November 907 TA
Location Dragonsford
Hex 7412
Campaign The Siren's Song
Adventure # 130
Map dragonsford.jpg

Return to Dragonsford

The storm over Dragonsford darkens the sky with periodic flashes of blinding yellow light. Rain comes down steadily making the roads muddy and the seas choppy. Still, it is calm compared to the fury of the Great Storm. The streets are empty with occasional townsfolk dodging from building to building to avoid the rain.

At the Docks

Paul Verrier, the dock hand, greets you with a bit more enthusiasm than normal. It appears that you are minor celebrities in town - credited by none other than Morgan the Enchanter for bringing down the Great Storm. Maybe if you need a deckhand, you might consider me.

Suddenly, he gets a glassy look in his eyes (the result of a latent Suggestion spell). He tells the party in a somewhat mechanical way that a letter has been left at the Wicked Lady Pub for the patrons of the Wanton Wench, if they should return. He said to bring along the magical glasses to read it. Suddenly, he snaps back to normal - unable to remember what he was taking about....

A Little While Later

A hour after your arrival, a small group of guards led by a large man - fat at first glance - but really just a solidly-built soldier of middle age comes down the dock to the Wanton Wench. The leader has close-cropped gray hair, and his face - while not a scowl - is serious. He wears leather armor and carries a composite long bow and a plain, but wickedly sharp, sword.

I am Sir Roland Withers, Commander of the Garrison and Captain of the Guard - the latter since the demise of Sir Randall Highgate. He eyes Wrane. I have one request from me and one from Morgan the Enchanter. My request, let's call it a demand, is that we have a bit less bloodshed than the last time you were here. I will be watching all of you very closely. Morgan's request is that you join him for dinner tonight at his Wizard's Tower. He has a very important topic to discuss.

As You Wander Through Town

The town is wet and overcast but relatively unchanged since your last visit. One thing that stands out are a number of posters hung about town.


When asked, the townsfolk don't remember much about them being hung up. A few might remember a wisp of a young woman in a long dress or a tanned, young man with a bright white smile dressed in cotton trousers and shirt. But, nobody quite knows where they came from. There does seem to be some interest in the revival however.

NOTE: This is actually a set up to bring Chironomous and more importantly Finn in for an ambush by Mr. Vabsley.

Letter at the Wicked Lady Pub

When you walk into the pub, you are greeted by Dugal Whistlerock. The first round is on the house. "It's the Storm Slayers!" Huzzah!

When the letter is first mentioned, Dugal goes stiff and says in a monotone, "Why yes, there is a letter for you. It is right here on my person for safekeeping." Handing the letter over, he snaps back, not able to remember what he was talking about.

If the party has the glasses, the letter is readable. Otherwise, it is blank.

My dear and unfortunate companions,

I, my wife and the twins thank you for rescuing us from Portsmith, as our presence there was too soon discovered.

As you have no doubt surmised, we flee from Mr. Sly, a vampire of most powerful and devious plotting. He is the most dangerous vampire outside the Wolfshaunt save Radu and the Great Grandfather, if the latter even exists. Mr. Sly is rebuilding his organization, allying with unbound werewolves that escaped the Wolfshaunt and the shadier elements of the Reaches. I know not what their final mission is, but my knowledge of Mr. Sly's past has marked me for elimination.

The Eastern Reaches is not safe for us, and we seek the sanctuary of the great city of Teufeldorf. There, amongst the twisted streets and mass of humanity, we hope to find hiding and, perhaps, sanctuary. By the time you read this letter, we will be gone - our route is best left secret. It will take the winter to reach the city, but I am certain that our departure will pull Mr. Sly along in its wake. But Dragonsford is still not safe for you.

Your presence here will be quickly discovered by a Mr. Vabsley, a vampire in the employ of Mr. Sly. His sole mission is to recover the glasses lost to Finn by Edwards and Dabs, the town guards. Now, Edwards and Dabs are both dead - torn limb from limb, and I know not of any new human accomplices of Mr. Vabsley - although he may consign others quickly.

Since you are reading this letter, you must still have Mr. Sly's glasses. Wear them at all times, as they will reveal Mr. Vabsley in plain view. But do not expect that his attack will be obvious. He is a clever and ruthless foe. I wish only that this letter could be more helpful.

Safe travels.


NOTE: It is possible to get the ink to display with some DC 30 Alchemy checks - a trip out to get some garlic and wolfsbane, etc.

Vampire Mystery

The Merchant Docks

A wooden gazebo of sorts has been built on the edge of the sea. The stage is about 20 feet in height with the sides of the wooden structure painted with swirling sea scenes in blue and green. A set of wooden stairs along the southern side allows access to the stage, a small wooden area large enough for a single individual to address the crowds with a stunning background of sea and sky. A large conical megaphone has been mounted to the stage to amplify the speaker.

The Revival

Sea Flower and Brine are in the park just at sundown. They are putting out torches in the field in a circle. Under the large tree, a number of barrels of beer and ale have been opened and a large pile of mugs sit nearby.

"Come and listen to the Gyre."

They are planning on talking to the crowds - and then the Gyre will come - we know he will. (NOTE: The Great Pumpkin).

When they see Chironomous, they are beside themselves - showering him with praise. "He has returned. Our high priest. You must preach the gospel to the masses. There are so many unbelieving in Dragonsford. Now, they will listen."

The Trap

Map of Caves Under Dragonsford
Mr. Vabsley

NOTE: The floor of the stage is actually a trap door which drops straight down to the vampire's lair below. It can only be activated from below, and there are no levers or buttons on the floor. When sprung, it will snap back into place with a resounding clunk.

You fall 20' into a recently dug pit which quickly gives way to a slippery stone slide - following the slopes of a natural cave. After a few moments, the slide comes out in a dark cavernous room. You figure that you are at least 60' underground. You can hear the sounds of droplets falling into a large pool of water in front of you. It is completely dark.

A deep voice comes from a few feet away.

Greetings. I'm glad you could drop in on me, Master Chironomous. I am Mr. Vabsley. Don't worry, you are safe for now. You are, pardon my pun, bait - for undoubtedly Finn (oh, that is a delicious name for a fish) will come swimming along shortly. Place your arms by your side and allow me to bind you, and I promise that nothing will happen to you. What I want, only Finn can deliver.

And in case you are thinking about making a run for it, no patrols go this deep into the cave. You are a long way from the main cavern. And, I have a few guardians along the way to keep this place undisturbed.

Ties and gags Chironomous. Hefts him by a rope suspended from the ceiling over the water. Mr. Vabsley will then turn into mist and go up the shaft to wait.

  • Two sleeping areas have been placed here. These are for his two acolytes - Sea Flower and Brine. These are the figures that have been seen around town. They are orphans taken from Goblin Fork. They are totally dominated by Mr. Vabsley - who they call Gyre.
  • There is a small table, two chairs, and a candle. Several pots of blue and green paint are nearby along with ink, quills and parchment. Some bread, cheese, and dried meats are also on the table.
  • Sea Flower and Brine bought lumber and tools with gold from Old Cadmar Wraight the Carpenter at Straight Edges - who delivered the goods to the site.
  • The cave is protected by Cavelight Moss at the entrance to this room.
  • Xorns will appear if a large battle is fought here.