The Wild Coast

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Wild Coast
Shield-wild coast.png
Founded c. 600 TA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Governor Slatsbury

The eastern shores of Tormod Bay have long been called the Wild Coast, for the region has been a haven for malcontents, dissidents, and the outcasts of other states. It is a fair but not particularly fertile area, rolling countryside interspersed with woodlands, fens and scattered clusters of dwellings. The Wild Coast remains a free territory comprised of petty nobles, robber barons, guildheld towns, fishing and forest villages, freebooters, mercenaries, and displaced persons of all sorts. This is due to the remote and isolated position it holds, its lack of resources, and the fact that it has never been a desirable position strategically. There is no question that the Wild Coast is known throughout the Reaches as a place of sanctuary, albeit a highly dangerous one, filled with adventure at the very least.

Interesting Places Nearby

Tormod Bay

These warm, deep blue-green depths are dangerous in the extreme, for many creatures haunt this sea. Some are large enough to carry a ship to the bottom, and vessels going into the Tormod Bay are said to chain themselves together and have men with pikes and bows ready to fend off the monsters.

The eastern shores of Tormod Bay is known as The Wild Coast.