The Wyrmwyld Staff

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The Wyrmwyld Staff
Type Dungeon
Status Explored January 918 TA
Location Old Kingdom
Hex 2829
Campaign The Old Kingdom Campaign
Adventure # 149

Alfric's Amulet, Part 6: Wyrmwyld Staff

From Ginger Beddington's Research: The final stone is hidden behind/within the statue of a dragon. While there are a number of dragon statues and relics in the Palace, "the" dragon statue is the life-sized Bahamut in the front Entrance Hall. I have found a number of recorded "disappearances" associated with this piece.

Encounter 1: Antone Graves

The Entrance Hall to the Palace is magnificent. It is 80' long and 50' wide. The walls are made of polished black and white marble joined by gold. Black alabaster columns stretch up to a magnificent ceiling - gold capital are carved to resemble giant leaves. Low benches of black marble and arched windows of fine stained glass give the room an almost cathedral-like quality.

Although ornate, the room is mostly empty except for a large platinum dragon hanging from the ceiling. The creature fills the room and undoubtedly makes first-time visitors gasp as its visage. Several hallways and a set of stairs lead off this room.

Sitting on one of the benches beneath the dragon is the figure of Antone Graves. He is still dressed in a black cloak with a staff resting against his legs. His distinguishing jet black hair has some streaks of grey, but his eyes are still bright, a piercing green. He wears the emerald ring and matching necklace, as before. As usual, he is reading a slim book, which he puts into a pocket of the cloak as the party approaches. Graves is a dark sorcerer who leads the Order that is currently occupying Teufeldorf.

"Greetings gentlemen, kings and the wizard errant. It has been ten years since our last meeting. King Goodfellow, I assume that you remember your promise to aid me when called upon?"

NOTE: Ernie made a deal with Antone Graves. For a future promise, he provided a distraction for the party to get into the painting while the guards searched the throne room.

"Well, a small bird told me that you are seeking parts of Alfric's Amulet. I know one of the legends - of a piece that lies behind the Wyrmwyld Dragon. I am a bit of a dragonophile. Fascinating creatures. I would love to ride one some day. Well, my research and yours seems to be a crossroads. Your path is going to take you past old Bahamut here. And, it seems that I need something from this portal as well. So, I will consider your obligation to me paid if you retrieve my artifact. It's simple really."

"I am looking for the platinum piece of a multi-part staff. The item should be about 2" in diameter and about 12" long. One end will be threaded. It should be plain, although it is possible that it will have etchings on it. Don't worry about breaking it, the artifact is indestructible. It is part of the historic Staff of the Io, the Dragon King - as it is commonly known. Controls dragons and such. I'm not sure if it is true, but I need it to complete my collection."

"Agree to my terms, and I will tell you how to get past this beast."

Antone tells the party that Bahamut, like many of his kind, was fascinated with riddles. To activate the portal, simple whisper a challenge to him in his ear. A riddle will appear in your head, whisper the answer and then trick him with one of your own. If you win, you will be teleported to the Cathedral of Dragons - you've been there before. But, if my research is correct, you will be in the Storm Room - a very dangerous place. Our treasures will be behind the locks of Bahamut's vault - but don't linger. Tobalth is after you, and won't take him long to find you in the Cathedral.

Over fire and over stone,
Over water and over bone,
Shining out like jewels of light,
On a sheet of purest night.

The beginning of eternity,
The end of time and space,
The beginning of every end,
And the end of every place.
The letter "E"

Encounter 2: Storm Room (Roof)

You enter into a room - although it is vast enough that you can't see the walls or ceiling. In fact, it appears to be outdoors - except for the odd echoes of breathing and movement magnified by walls unseen.

Above you, a storm rages. Thunder cracks and periodically lightning fills the space with a strobing white glow.

As you stand there, it starts to rain. Except that the rain is bouncing off four large shapes that surround you - dragons that cannot be seen. You can hear dragon's breath - not amplified by walls but by proximity. You are surrounded by four large, invisible beasts.

"Why come you?"

"Be gone."

The dragons move to attack. You see the clouds roiling above you as more invisible dragons begin to descend from above. The rain is coming down hard now, running along the smooth stones of the room's floor.

Following the path of the rain will bring the party to a huge grate - through which small humans can pass easily. A set of iron rungs form a ladder leading down - although the spacing is much too wide.

The party will eventually discover a large metal door on the side of the shaft. This will open up into the Long Hall.

Encounter 3: Long Hall

You find yourself in a large underground room carved from rough volcanic stone. The roof of the cavern is several hundred feet high. While only sixty feet wide, the room stretches as far as you can see in both directions. The room is quiet except for the deep, rhythmic breathing of many giant creatures.

NOTE: The party can find the lair of Tobalth to the south of where they enter.

In front of you is a huge statue of a dragon - carved from black basalt - eeriely life-like and sized as an ancient specimen of the beast. The dragon is curved, as if sleeping. The gem-like eyes from the dragon glow with a warm yellow light. A sign on the front of the dragon reads, "Tobalth the Collector".

A small chess board sits in front of the statue.

Puzzle 6 2.jpg

If the party takes too long to solve the puzzle, they will notice other dragon statues starting to move - every so slightly - the opening of an eye, a puff of smoke from a nostril, et.

Encounter 4: Tobalth's Lair

The air in this vast cave is fetid and cold. The walls are lined with thousands of small niches. Each contains an item - some are gold and gems - clearly valuable. Others are of questionable value - a crudely formed doll of straw, a piece of coal or a simple comb of bone. All are neatly arranged - although no pattern can be discerned.

In the center of the cavern is a huge statue of a dragon - carved from black basalt - eeriely life-like and sized as an ancient specimen of the beast. The dragon is curved, as if sleeping. The gem-like eyes from the dragon glow with a warm yellow light.

Tolbath is dark-skinned lizardman with gold serpent eyes. His cloak is actually fashioned to look like bat's wings. If attacked, he is a Vampire Dragon - breath weapon drains life. He is angry that the party stole his chess piece.

Encounter 5: Bahamut's Entrance

If the party heads north, they will encounter Bahamut's Lair.

In front of you is a huge statue of a dragon - carved from black basalt - eeriely life-like -and sized as an ancient specimen of the beast. The dragon sits upright - looking forward - its gem-like eyes eerily watching the party. A sign on the front of the dragon reads, "Bahamut".

NOTE: Bahamut is actually a good dragon.

By touching the dragon's statue, the party can enter into his chamber.

Encounter 6: Bahamut's Lair

Unlike the dark, fetid cave of Tolbalth, this space is bright and orderly. The cave, although natural in formation glistens from an unnaturally polished surface. The room is dominated by a large square "pit" area in the center - approximately 60 feet across. Stairs into the pit descend about 10' - although it is hard to determine the actual depth because of the large piles of gold and silver (actually platinum) coins found here.

As the party enters, a number of figures approach. They are dressed in white robes. They appear as ancient elves. They call themselves the Platinum Weyr. They are here to clean and protect Bahamut's Lair. They are lawful good and will only attack if provoked. Their leader is Ersandoral, the Talon of Justice. They will try and persuade the party to leave the treasure. They will try to incant to summon help, although they are adaptable En Cor spellcasters themselves.

Set into the steps are a number of crystal cases each with a flickering rune on it.

The party can quickly locate the items that they are seeking which are locked with the following puzzle:

Puzzle 6 1.jpg

The case contains: Alfric's Amulet Shard #6, Platinum Staff of Io, Boots of Stomping, and Ring of Kalen.