Theodric XIX

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Theodric XIX, Overlord of the Old Kingdom

Theodric the XIX is the current Overlord of the Old Kingdom. As such, he is the absolute ruler of the largest and most powerful kingdom in the Realm. Humankind is claimed to have begun along the Sapphire Sea some four thousand years ago, and Theodric is claimed to be a direct descendent of the first Overlord Alfric I who ruled in the fifth century of the First Age. Whether his claim is legitimate or not, Theodric wields absolute power over the many kingdoms of Rembia from his palace in the Celestial City on the holy island of Serapherum.

Theodric is a large, balding man with a flowing white beard. Despite the enormity of his position, he is known to have a keen wit and a love of practical jokes. Comfortable in his position, he enjoys many exotic hobbies - although art and music are his passions. The palace is said to house the largest and most valuable collection of paintings and sculptures in the Realm. Many of these are displayed for visitors to the isle to enjoy, and a number of museums are open to the public. Unlike his father and grandfather, Theodric XIX is not interested in the study of magic and the arcane. His primary focus is on commerce and the well-being of the people of Rembia. As such, he is a popular ruler with the people.

Theodric is a man who holds honor in high degree, and many of his retainers share those values. When crossed, however, the Overlord is ruthless to his enemies and any challenges to his rule. Executions are common in the Old Kingdom, and the vast standing army often uses overwhelming force to quell rebellions and unrest. As Theodric does not travel outside of his island, very few have ever met him personally. Even prominent noble houses only hear from the Overlord via gold-gilded letters delivered by courier. Most requests for an audience are respectfully declined. Those who are granted a meeting are required to wear a Guest's Collar while on the island.

Queen Jocelyne is Theodric's current wife, although she is seen only at state affairs. Described as young, beautiful and silent, she is an accomplished painter although her works are not displayed publicly. Little is known of the queen, her background or her offspring. Royal proclamation holds that Theodric has several heirs to carry on his line, but all information about them is restricted.