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Valdemar, Deposed Baron of Sandal

Valdemar, Deposed Baron Sandal

There is no history or reports of Valdemar before his appearance in 555 TA in the southern Reaches during the War of Stone Rain.

Valdemar appears to be human - although his prodigiously long life points towards an elven or dark elven bloodline. Others believe that Valedemar is a necromancer kept alive by dark rituals and exotic elixirs. This rumor led to a common nickname for Valdemar - the Black Lord.

Whatever his origins, Valdemar was a powerful wizard and master diplomat when he entered into the War of Stone Rain - forging a truce and later an alliance between the humans and Large Folk in the southern Reaches. Stories tell of Valdemar using magical fire from his staff to burn through ranks of ogre infantry one day, and then summoning dragons to terrorize the human armies the next. Valdemar eventually won the trust of both sides in the conflict, bringing the War of Stone Rain to a peaceful end. He was named "Baron" of Sandal in October 555 TA and would rule unopposed until the fall of Sandal in 902 TA during the Second War of the Reaches.

Long the arch-nemesis of the Crown, the list of his entanglements with the heroes of the Reaches is long:

  • One of the Brotherhood of the Seven which brought about the short-lived Shadowland Empire