Voyage of the Wanton Wench Postlog

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Wanton Wench Figurehead

In the hours following the breaking of Whitlock's Storm Staff, the maelstrom begins to dissipate. The Wanton Wench, after her brief maiden flight, settles back into the stormy seas to ride out the gale. Glendower Banes, one of the gnomish engineers, reports that the ship is functioning perfectly - all the mechanical components have survived the storm without issue. The acid damage to the hull and the tattered sails will be easy to repair once back in port, although it will slow sailing for next few days.

After several days of increasingly calming winds, the Wanton Wench pulls into the harbor at Haggelthorn in the early afternoon of November 11, 907 TA. The skies are overcast and grey, but the ominous clouds from the storm are gone. It has been exactly one month since your escape from the Vault in Portsmith. It has been quite an adventure.

Neal Goodbread, the dock hand, seems surprised that the Wanton Wench is making port at a reasonable hour. Reports are that yours is the first ship to return to Haggelthorn after the storm. Elias Haggelthorn has left a message that he will have a feast awaiting you at the Hall this evening. The message also speaks of special gifts for each of you. Elias also mentions unloading the Mad Monk Ale so that the barrels can be loaded quickly onto the next trade caravan to the Reaches - assuming you are happy with the price (250 gp each vs. 120 gp each in Dragonsford).

Lucky Lulu quickly sets about making arrangements to fix the damage to the ship's hull and repair the rigging. She asks if she can bury the body of Layla at sea - Layla's corpse had been on ice in the Gyre sanctuary since the harpy attack at Sorrowsong.

Glendower Banes shifts nervously from foot to foot. His gnomish companions, Gradbell Gwilliam (archaeologist) and Glynis Tew (tinkerer ) are leaving to head north via horseback to their homes in the Land of Bogs and the Little People. Glendower, however, would like to join the crew of the Wanton Wench. He has asked Lulu if he can start on the Night Watch, replacing the dead Isabella. His real interest, however, seems to be in the engineering of the ship - a task he seems well-suited to undertake.

As you dress and preen for the evening's meeting with Elias Haggelthorn, your mind wanders to the stories untold and the plots yet to be discovered. Revenge on Jana Blackfire in Portsmith - for Jareth, Miranda, Sienna, Lord Winsworth, and the others would be sweet. And Stormcrow and the Sea Barons will stop at nothing to gain the Wench - although you know some of their secrets. The gnome has warned you that Grixana, the copper dragon mother of Galbraith, will undoubtedly be hunting you. And of those unsolved mysteries - the Mirror from Blisworth Chapel, the Shard of the Glacier Giant Munro, the key to the Ranger's Gate - so much adventure to come.

For now, however, a feast and a long night's rest.