Wanton Wench Log Book - Volume 3 (April 30 - May 7)

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Figurehead of the Wanton Wench

Logbook of the Wanton Wench - Volume 3 (April 30 - May 7, 907 TA)

April 30, 907 TA. We arrived at Haggelthorn late in the afternoon with plans to stay for about a week. It is good that the ship's wings fold so nicely under the water. Our ship wasn't given a second look by the locals.

May 1, 907 TA. My initial meetings with Elias Haggelthorn were cordial. Although he has no interest in military uprisings in the Eastern Reaches, he is very interested in establishing trade routes with the Old Kingdom. He is an odd man, and I find his manor disquieting. He has given me a letter of introduction to Oliver "Three Fingers" Winters, Sea Baron of East Winds and told me of his castle on Hidden Skerry to the north (Hex 7307).

May 3, 907 TA. We have concluded a contract with the Haggelthorns. He has given us a large chest of unusual treasures to be presented to the Overlord as an opening salvo in the trade agreement. He told me that the chest is magically sealed and warded so that he could see its location at all times. We will put it into the smuggler's hold for safekeeping.

May 5, 907 TA. York and Bell returned last night from a "mission" that they undertook from a posting at the local Haggelthorn pub, The Druid's Head Inn. They said the posting was to help a local priest, Father Robert, who paid them with a gem-encrusted mirror made of black wood. Well, they returned with the mirror - although, I'm not too sure of their story.

May 6, 970 TA. After we set the mirror in my stateroom, a strange image appeared in it - a skeleton of sorts. I'll keep an eye on the situation.

May 7, 907 TA. We set sail northeast from Haggelthorn. The plan is to avoid the coastal shipping lanes until we are due east of Dragonsford. Then, we will use the Wanton Wench's flying and invisibility to gather intelligence on the castle for the Overlord. We will set back to sea just south of the Land of Bogs and the Little People and continue our journey north.