Wanton Wench Log Book - Volume 4 (May 8 - May 19)

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Figurehead of the Wanton Wench

Logbook of the Wanton Wench - Volume 4 (May 8-19, 907 TA)

May 8, 907 TA. At midnight, a figure appeared from York and Bell's mirror. I know it sounds crazy, but the figure was me. It attacked, and I would have surely died but the night watch was changing shifts and the men heard my struggles. It was a harrowing experience. We threw the mirror overboard, but it reappeared in my cabin. Cursed thing. My cabin now smells of death. I have covered the mirror and the crew avoids it like the plague.

May 10, 907 TA. We continue to the northeast, although the winds are oddly starting to calm. The seas are empty and we haven't seen sight of another ship for almost two days.

May 11, 907 TA. Entry lost.

May 12, 907 TA. I have decided to engage the wings of the Wanton Wench to see if we can find an air current to take us out of these doldrums. Upon rising into the air, we spot a strange long island - barely more than a reef several miles away. The center of the island is obscured by a strange black cloud with a single peak poking out. My maps show nothing even remotely resembling this lost island. Our lookout reports that a bit of the black cloud has detached and is approaching.

May 19, 907 TA. My career is over. I'm not even sure what day it is. The crew has "awoken" from what must be a magical slumber. We cannot remember what happened. Each of us remembers getting drowsy. When we woke up, we are no longer near the lost island. And, the wings of the Wanton Wench are gone. Not torn from the ship, but carefully removed. Why? And, what to do? The Overlord will have my head. How could such a thing happen?