Wanton Wench Log Book - Volume 5 (May 21 - June 3)

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Figurehead of the Wanton Wench

Logbook of the Wanton Wench - Volume 5 (May 21 - June 3, 907 TA)

May 21, 907 TA. We head west towards land. The crew is unsettled, although the winds have picked up.

May 23, 907 TA. We make landfall just south of Dragonsford (Hex 7413). With our wings gone, we decide to use our invisibility to gather what intelligence we can about Dragonsford Castle for the Overlord. We do not dock at the town, and our information is limited.

May 28, 907 TA. We passed the ruins of Havelock's Keep (Hex 7510) heading north today. There were clearly some squatters in the old ruins, but there doesn't appear to be any town or docks.

May 29, 907 TA. Entry lost.

May 30, 907 TA. The storm is severe, and we lower the sails to ride it out. We are approximately 150 miles out to sea (Hex 7609).

June 2, 907 TA. The storm has passed. Even without her magical wings, the Wanton Wench is a solid vessel. We head north and spy a small unidentified island. The island was clearly inhabited at some point as there is a castle at the headwaters of a creek which dumps into a large cove. After our last encounter, we circle the island and send a small dinghy to explore.

June 3, 907 TA. The away team reports that the castle is mostly a ruin, although there appear to be lights in the stone towers still standing in the keep. The rest of the island appears deserted, although it is wooded and filled with game. Several fresh water streams are easily accessible. After more than a month on board the ship, we decide to take an extended shore leave. We will avoid the castle and its denizens.