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Although the Wilderlands were discovered during the First Age by both explorers from the Tang Empire and Rembia, it is doubtful that any permanent settlements were established during this time. If they were, no evidence exists today. This vast stretch of plains, rivers and forests reaches as far south as the Oily Sea and as far north as Balinshold. While bounded in the east by the great forest of the Evenwild, human settlements are principally along the coasts and riverways, and there are only a few settlements near the forest.

The people of the Wilderlands are principally descendants from the settlers of the Great Prison Exile (see the Great Prison Exile). While unified in their hatred of the Western Empire of Rembia, the villages and towns of this area are governed locally without any overlord or king. The majority of the settlements in the Wilderlands are near the equator where warm summers, mild winters and an abundance of rainfall make for ideal farming conditions. Open to trade, the peoples of the Wilderlands use Tang merchants to export fine smoking weed, coffee, sugar cane, and ivory.