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(Pushed from realm.)
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|Matcon 32
|Matcon 32
|[[Awakening of the Wolfshaunt|Awakening of the Wolfshaunt]]
|[[Four Front War|Four Front War]]
|[[End of Turn Sheet 903]]
|[[End of Turn Sheet 903]]

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Introduced at Matcon 23 in 2004, Witenagemot is a board game designed to simulate the movement of troops and provide a high-level model for the economics of the Reaches. While smaller battles in Witenagemot are determined by a roll of the dice, strategic battles are fought using the Warmaster system. It is expected that one campaign year will be concluded during each Matcon.

In case you were wondering, Witenagemot is an Anglo-Saxon council made up of a varying number of nobles, prelates, and influential officials and convened from time to time to advise the king on matters of commerce and warfare.

The Prize

This game is worth 100,000 experience points in the Realm. Participation in either the game itself or working on the nasty coded message will qualify you to share the points, and the experience pool is divided up accordingly.

The Rules

Witenagemot Rules Version 7 of the rules updated after MatCon 32
Witenagemot Map The game board as of 904 TA.

Past Results

Event Year Narrative of Events Turn Summary Sheet
Matcon 34 905 Invasion of the Tang Empire End of Turn Sheet 905
Matcon 33 904 Turning The Tide End of Turn Sheet 904
Matcon 32 903 Four Front War End of Turn Sheet 903
Matcon 31 902 The Invasion of Sandal End of Turn Sheet 902
Matcon 30 901 Battle of Dark River End of Turn Sheet 901
Matcon 29 900 Runebound Warrior Invasion End of Turn Sheet 900
Matcon 28 899 The Tang Invasion End of Turn Sheet 899
Matcon 27 890 Siege of Teufeldorf End of Turn Sheet 890
Matcon 26 889 Burning of Teufeldorf End of Turn Sheet 889
Matcon 25 888 Taming the Southern Reaches End of Turn Sheet 888
Matcon 24 887 Dwarven Lightning End of Turn Sheet 887
Matcon 23 886 Dwarven Thunder End of Turn Sheet 886