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Founded c.1100 FA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Bartel, King of Balinshold

The capital city of Settlestone, whose construction is said to have been overseen by Balin himself, is rumored to be built of every color stone imaginable and is a true wonder of the world. Settlestone sits high in the mountains at the nexus of a vast labyrinth of mines and tunnels that stretch from one end of Balinshold to the other. Merchants and others who are friendly to the dwarves can travel safely underground through this maze of halls, caverns and mines known collectively as the Stone Hall. Enemies of the dwarves are forced to cross treacherous mountain passes and narrow defiles to assault Settlestone. As such, this dwarven stronghold has never been successfully attacked.

The House of Balin trades today with the Eastern Reaches across the Inner Sea and along land routes to the elves and the men of the Wilderlands. Stone dwarves can be found throughout the Realm as the artisans and masters of construction for great cathedrals and fortresses.

Nearby Areas of Interest

Houndstooth Mountains

The vast mountainous region between the Inner Sea and the great forest of the Elven Nation of Elothian boasts some of the highest and most inhospitable peaks in the Realm. Known as the Houndstooth Mountains, this is the land of the Stone Dwarves who settled here late in the First Age.