Barony of Timberway

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Barony of Timberway
Founded 409 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Ruler Everett Oldcastle, Baron of Timberway

When Teufeldorf was created, a further outpost was desired, and the human banners pushed northwards as far as the Timberway. A military commander was appointed to see to the establishment of a secure territory and lumbering was gotten underway, as the great pines of the area were highly desirable in shipbuilding. The active commander soon sent such a stream of riches southwards, accompanying them with detailed reports of successful actions against the orcs of the area, the king took notice. The king elevated this general to nobility, creating the Barony of Timberway. Thereafter a succession of his descendants have ruled the fief, bravely combating orcs. The Baron's forces are able to defend Timberway, but they are not strong enough to dislodge the orcs from the surrounding plains.

Timberway was sacked by the Tang Armada in 903 TA and 904 TA during the Second War of the Reaches. With no long-term interest in the stronghold, the ratfolk ransomed the castle back to the Baron in exchange for most of the accumulated wealth of the Baron's treasury which had been hidden away in the forest before the 903 TA siege. The depletion of the stores made the winter of 903 TA particularly harsh for the people of Timberway. Advanced planning by Everett Oldcastle the following year insured that hidden stores of food would keep his people fed in the winter following the 904 TA siege.


The current leader of Timberway is Everett Oldcastle. Although he appears human, Everett, born in 766 TA, is over one hundred years and still quite vigorous.

Everett is the fraternal twin of John Oldcastle of the Rangers of the Wilderlands. Everett and John's parents, the Baron and Baroness of Timberway, were remarkable in their partnership. The Baron focused on military matters and the constant threat from orcs. The Baroness was a successful merchant and controlled a fleet of lumber trading ships. Everett is the uncle of Falstaff of the druids.