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Most fey of the Evenwild and forests of the Realm are very reclusive and territorial living their whole lives in the same glen or hollow. Of the fey, brownies are most likely to be found adventuring in the human world. A rare few brownies act as emissaries or ambassadors for their circle. Favoring elves as companions, brownies are honest to a fault and are less inclined to wild fey antics.

Brownies stand barely 2 feet tall and weigh 20 pounds. When facing danger, brownies rarely engage in combat, preferring instead to confound and confuse their attackers in order to buy enough time for escape. Content with honest toil and the love of their kin, brownies maintain a pacifist nature, only harassing creatures to run them off or punish them for an insult. Despite this nature, all brownies carry a blade. They refer to their swords with a hint of disgust, and jokingly call their blades the “final trick,” using them only in the direst of consequences.

Brownies make their homes in the trunks of hollow trees, small earthy burrows, and even under porches and within the crawlspaces of farmhouses. Often attired in clothes that appear to be made of plants or leaves, brownies wear belts lined with pouches and tools. Whatever language they choose to speak is often is riddled with odd pronunciations and colloquialisms. Brownies take freely, but always repay their debt through work or leave something behind as an offering. They may eat an apple from a farmer’s orchard, but will harvest the entire tree as repayment.