Dark Path

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Dark Path
Shield-dark path.jpg
Deity Moloch, God of Murder and Poison
Domains Charm, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery
Races Any
Classes Any
Alignments Neutral Evil
Holy Days Days of Murder
Place of Worship Moloch's Tomb
Holy Symbol Green Dart Frog
Guildmaster Foster Uncle
Hideout Monastery of the Dark Path (Teufeldorf)

While The Family focuses on theft, burglary, smuggling, forgery, and the like, the Dark Path undertakes the more sinister and distasteful tasks of torture, poison, and murder. Because of this, the Dark Path - although a much smaller organization - is more feared throughout the Reaches. The Dark Path maintains its own strongholds and hierarchy apart from The Family.

Most outsiders think of the Dark Path simply as the Guild of Assassins - filled with twisted rogues who enjoy torture and murder. While there are many rogues on the Dark Path, few know of the deep religious roots of the organization. Some Clerics of the Dark Path tend the Tomb of Moloch while others research and perform rites for the order. On rare occasions, a cleric is sent into the Reaches on a mission requiring special skills and divine magic. The Monastery of the Dark Path is supposedly a fortress and walled town unto itself, although its whereabouts is unknown.

Several hundred years ago, a grandmaster assassin, Jillian Blackrose, came into possession of the Amethyst Dagger and went into service for the Dark Elves. In 888 TA, Blackrose was implicated in a plot to kill King Fleetwood of Teufeldorf (see Blackrose and the Amethyst Dagger).

The Dark Path is organized in small cells of assassins, such as the Invisible Blades and The Ghosts. These cells often operate on highly specialized missions. Killing is not their only task - as many missions are motivated by greed and secrets. Assassins are reportedly hiding as trusted advisers or henchmen in many courts and castles in the Reaches, spying for their master and ready to strike. Within The Family, the leader of the assassins is known as the Foster Uncle with his henchmen known as Nephews and Nieces.

Those wishing to hire or join the Dark Path should do so through Brill, Master of Stealth, for The Family.

The Story of Moloch

The patron of the Dark Path is Moloch, a First Age madman whose string of crimes exiled him from the Old Kingdom to Teufeldorf. Once in the Western Reaches, he established a murderer's stronghold in the city and sought immortality from a coven of witches who specialized in poisons with rare and exotic effects. It is said that Moloch, after imbibing a particularly nasty brew, grew a thick, black leathery skin that was impenetrable to weapons and allowed him to move through the night invisibly. It is also said to removed the last bits of sanity from Moloch - causing his henchmen to seal him alive in a tomb beneath the streets of Teufeldorf. His followers say that he can still be heard, issuing orders and commands from his tomb. When leaving, worshipers leave a poison green dart frog as a sign of reverence to their patron - and a trap the next visitor must defeat.