Dor Daedeloth

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Dor Daedeloth
Founded 787 FA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Asmodan

The island of Dor Daedeloth is the homeland of the displaced Dark Elves. While their origins are oftentimes traced back to the terrible winter of 787 FA (see the First Dream of the Elven Queen), it is doubtful that the dark elves settled on the this wooded island until much later. Dor Daedeloth, literally translated into the Land of Shadow-Horror, is a mysterious island of which little is known. Although the dark elves enjoy the long lifespan of their brethern, the island of Dor Daedeloth is sparsely populated and is still filled with wild and untamed jungles. Despite their small numbers, the inhabitants of Dor Daedeloth are fiercely protective of their privacy. All of the handful of exploratory expeditions to the island have failed to return. Rumor holds that a large capital tree-city is located in the tangled center of this densely forested realm.

Trading with the outside world is allowed only at the port city of Dier Drendal. Much of the commerce done in that port is of a questionable nature. Slave trading is common, and Dier Drendal is the port-of-call for many pirates that sail the Great Sea. It is said that if one seeks forbidden or dark arcana, then this sinister port on Dor Daedeloth is your best bet. It is rumored that Asmodan, the immortal leader of the Dark Elves, was released from his prison in 885 TA by the Brothers of the Dark Path (see Asmodan and the Dark Elves). Shortly thereafter, tales of Asmodan's arrival at Dor Daedeloth began to circulate.