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Deity Dagonis, Goddess of Dreams
Domains Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Travel
Races Any (Humans)
Classes Any (Clerics)
Alignments Chaotic Good
Holy Days Traditional
Place of Worship Bed
Holy Symbol A Sleeping Lion
High Priestess Caris the Dream Mistress
Major Temple Den of Dreams (Teufeldorf)

Dagonis has long been a figure associated with dreams, travelers and the stars. Her ability to take her partners on wild, adventure-filled dreams is legendary. Her Den of Dreams has been the preeminent courtesan service in Teufeldorf for over five hundred years, and her Brothers and Sisters of the Closed Eyes - now called the Dreamkeepers - are highly sought after and handsomely paid for their services.

Beyond the mundane practices of her temple, the Den of Dreams employs a number of clerics and others to continue research and experimentation into the dreamlands unlocked by Dagonis. Her operation is Teufeldorf is run handily by Caris the Dream Mistress.

Legend of Dagonis

In the mid-eighth century of the Second Age, Dagonis was one of the more successful courtesans in Teufeldorf. Her patrons claimed that her methods allowed them a more restful sleep than they had ever experienced. They also claimed dreams which foretold great future happenings. Unknown to these "lucky" men and women, Dagonis, through the use a combination of special drugs and spells, studied the effects of different potions on her subjects. Sometimes the dreams proved true and others revealed themselves as delusions wished for by an eager clientele. The stories of success were retold, and the failures quickly forgotten. Soon, an evening with Dagonis cost a king's ransom.

While Dagonis' methods were playful and wild, few injuries or deaths resulted. In fact, it is well known that Dagonis often included herself in the experiments she conducted. On one of those nights, she and her client were adventuring in a shared dreamland - a mystical land that existed only in the deep, drug-induced sleep found by smoking the moondragon root. The lovers were frolicking in an idyllic world of sunlight-dappled meadows surrounding a placid lake when suddenly, the skies darkened with an impossible storm of rain and lightning, the lake began to boil, and a tentacled creature exploded from the lake - grabbing at Dagonis and her comrade. The two escaped to a strange hollow stone pyramid filled odd artifacts and rubble nestled in the forest surrounding the meadow. Inside, Dagonis found a small golden lion statue which she held onto for safety - huddled against the rain. As the effects of the moondragon root wore off, the lovers awoke, their bed soaking wet with rainwater and the sheets shredded by large suckered tentacles. Impossibly, Dagonis found the small lion idol still clutched in her hand - brought impossibly back from the dreamlands.

In the days that followed, Dagonis announced that she was taking some much-needed time off from her business. She disappeared for several months, returning a wealthy woman - buying a large temple and proclaiming herself a goddess. Hiring a number of young men and women - the Brothers and Sisters of the Closed Eyes - Dagonis created the most successful courtesan business in Teufeldorf. It is said Dagonis found a secret that allowed her appear in the dreams of many patrons on the same night. Her powers also included the ability to manipulate the dreams of others - allowing her to place powerful suggestions upon her sleeping victims. Fourteen hundred years later, Dagonis still appears in the dreams of the men and women of Teufeldorf.