Dutchy of Middlefield

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Dutchy of Middlefield
Founded 830 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Eastern Reaches
Ruler Commandant Bracken
Hex 3015
Map-middlefield 2.jpg

Middlefield is a small kingdom roughly 60 by 120 miles located southwest of Haggelthorn. The current ruler is Commandant Bracken. Bracken is a hard-edged soldier with little tolerance for evil or chaos.

Middlefield is based upon a military-religious order of knights, the Order of Crusaders. These zealous fighters quickly subdued the warring inhabitants of the area in 804-808 TA, established a small keep, and conscripted all fit males into worker and infantry regiments. Under the knights, the lands between Haggelthorn Forest and the Bandon River became productive and peaceful, but the rule of these first Commandants was repressive and harsh.

When, Berklyn, then ruler of the keep, was slain in a hunting accident, the populace rose in rejoicing. The Middlefield knights reconsidered its policies thereafter, and allowed the people to elect their own Commandant from amongst their ranks. This strengthened the ties between the knights and the people.

In 830 TA, Middlefield was granted a Dutchy by the Crown. Eschewing to name a duke, Middlefield has retained its military-religious Commandant as its leader, although he holds the ducal rank in matters of the Crown. The army of the Commandant relies primarily upon its mailed cavalry.

First War of the Reaches

In August and September 886 TA, Middlefield was sieged and sacked during the First War of the Reaches by an army of goblins, black orcs, and carrion birds led by General Truk. In late September 886 TA, an army of elves, dwarves, and giant eagles led by William Markinghamshire routed the exhausted orcs in the Battle of Middlefield.