Evil Eye Warband

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Evil Eye Warband
Banner-evil eye.jpg
Founded xxx TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Ruler Ronak

The warband of Gruumsch before he claimed the title of Supreme Warlord of the Orc Nation, the Orcs of the Evil Eye can be found on both sides of the Shadowyarn Mountains just north of the River White. They are constant threats to the Ashen Forest, Rivershaw Castle, and the dwarven clans of the Axeworthy. The Orcs of the Evil Eye are the most prestigious warband, and almost all Black Orcs belong to this tribe. It is rumored that they have found a vast underground passage through the Shadowyarn Mountains via the caves and abandoned dwarven mines in their realm. The warband is led by Ronak Axethrower, a black dwarf of immense size and power. Ronak was chosen by Gruumsch and has survived many battles to carry on the warband's honor.

Nearby Places of Interest

Ashen Forest

The Ashen Forest runs along the eastern and southern edges of the Plain of the Beast. It is mostly ash and cypress trees in the south turning to pine trees in the north. At one time, the forest was said to be a place of high magic. A group of druid-like men lived in the forest and were said to speak with the trees and animals. Their power was great, as was their need for secrecy. Even the trees were thought to walk like men. Rumor has it that the men had a found secret power within the forest. One stormy night, the heavens exploded over the forest and a great storm ensued. When the storm cleared, the forest was empty. The men and their secret were gone, and trees were silent. Very few wander through the Ashen Forest now, and those that do keep pretty much to the trails.

Plains of the Beast

The Plains of the Beast is bounded by the Ashen Forest in the south, the Shadowyarn Mountains in the west, The Wilds in the north, and the Dreadwood in the east. The land here is mostly unsettled due to harsh winters and a long history of orc raids. There are many rumors as to the source of the name of this area. Some say that it is because of the myriad of caribou, antelope, and other wildlife which live there. Others claim that deep within the central depths of the plain lies a monster which was spit up from the bowels of the earth when Mount Terrak exploded. Nobody knows for sure.