Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan

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The Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan
Type Dungeon
Status Explored Second Age
Location Great Sea
Hex 0519
Campaign Second Age
Adventure # 4
Map tamoachan.jpg

Adventures in the Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan

On a small tropical island off the coast of the Western Reaches lies the ruins of the village of Tomoahan. This village was known to have build the Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan. Now your group comprised of the greatest adventurers of all times has met in the small village of Obeah. You are confident that you will be the one to find the Ring of Knowledge, but can you trust your party???

Your party is lost! You should never have left the village without a guide, but you wanted to keep your explorations secret, so you struck out into the marshes - it seemed the only way. Stumbling onward through the fens, your party makes for higher ground ahead. As you cross the ridge, the sun sinks below the horizon and night comes. Breathless, the party drops to the ground, and you try to catch your wind with the welcomed rest. Somewhere behind you comes the sound of distant shouts. Scrambling back to your feet, you force your way further into the brush, past great cawed stones which lie overturned on the ground.

A full moon rises, sending moonbeams and ghostly shadows to flicker through the branches. Ahead in the woods a light glows and seems to beckon - perhaps a shelter for the night. Though thorns tear and impede your progress the source of illumination is reached at last. Before you is a clearing. There is an ancient ruin - a worn and overgrown pyramid fills the courtyard, shining in the moonlight, seeming almost brighter than the moon itself. A refuge? Perhaps; tomorrow with daylight the party may explore, but tonight you must have rest.

The sun has risen, and after hasty counsel and preparation the party gathers up their equipment and starts towards the pyramid temple. You tread carefully across cracked and overgrown flagstones, stepping over fallen and shattered pillars, pushing aside vines and briars. As the party approaches the temple the sound of crashing through the underbrush comes from behind you. Turning around, the party glimpses men moving through the woods towards the clearing. Then the earth shudders and gapes open beneath the party‘s feet and you are falling amidst the roar of collapsing masonry. Dust fills the air and the sunlight disappears as the darkness swallows you.