Hold of Stonefist

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Hold of Stonefist
Founded 803 TA
Size Castle
Leader Stonefist

The hill giant Stonefist founded his chiefdom in approximately 803 TA. Cast out by his own people for banditry and lying, a small number of warriors and their families followed him as leader. For several years he hung around the fringes of his homeland, raiding and stealing form everyone without prejudice. These minor successes attracted a growing following of fellow outcasts, bandits, criminals and like unsavory types. Yet with this strange mixture of fighters, he mounted a highly successful raid into Dourmoor and recruited more followers. Riding unmolested through the lands of his former people, but not caring to test their fighting ability, Stonefist established a fortified settlement as permanent camp. As Stonefist's infamy spread, malcontents from many nations have come to his standard.

Nearby Areas of Interest


The trackless waste of Bramblewood stretch for over a hundred miles from just beyond Crooked Burn to the Torrent. Beneath these woodlands are the prairies of the Barrens and Vile March. Orc nomads often roam Bramblewood seeking sport. They do so at peril, however, for little-known savages dwell in this vastness, and they lurk amidst the thick trunks to attack by stealth and surprise. Reports state that these tribes of hunters are orcs themselves, who live in small huts made of green boughs in the summer and in burrows dug into the ground in the cold months. They hunt by means of pits, snares and with bows and spears, using huge wolves to locate and corner or bring down prey. Such inhabitants would have to be tough and strong in the extreme in order to survive the harsh temperatures of winters in Bramblewood and live amongst the creatures who dwell within.