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Java, Parrot Illusionist

As a young bird, my home was at a coffee plantation near Keelhaul in the Wilderlands. I have always been fascinated by sounds. One day, I was eating coffee beans (my favorite) from a tree near the humans when I heard a young man whistling a tune in many pitches at the same time. Intrigued, I followed him back to his home - an old tower filled with books and things.

The young man fed me - which was nice. But, most importantly, he made the most interesting sounds - not just human speech, but strange sounds. He could sound like any creature - or many creatures. He could also make things appear out of nothing. It was a wonderful time.

In time, the young man, named Jareth, undertook an ocean voyage with barrels of coffee, and I eagerly went with him - the sounds aboard ship were breathtaking. After many ports, I arrived in Portsmith.

Two nights ago, Jareth was reading in our room at the Inn. The door burst open and five armored men grabbed him. Their leader, a woman dressed in blue and silver robes - gaunt, pale, and silent - ordered his possessions taken. I tried to spray her with color, but it didn't work. Suddenly, I felt sleepy.

I awoke in a stone room. A silver chain has been put on my foot, and a strange clip in my wing makes flight difficult. I must escape.