Order of the Silver Acorn

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Order of the Silver Acorn
Shield-silver oak.png
Deity Eldevira, Tree of All Branches
Domains Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather
Races Elves
Classes Clerics
Alignments Any (Neutral)
Holy Days Lunar
Place of Worship Silver Oak Groves
Holy Symbol Silver Acorn
Priest Elre Evergreen
Major Temple The Grove at Berwyn

Elves are the caretakers of the land. They revel in the harmony of nature - the forests, rivers and plains of the Realm. Since the earliest days of recorded histories the elves have worshipped Oakentree. The Society of Druids and the Rangers of the Wilderlands are both orders dedicated to Oakentree's service. While neither is a strictly elven - with humans and other races joining their ranks - many elves are drawn to the worship of Oakentree through these organizations.

The Order of the Silver Acorn is a much smaller religious order within elven society. At the highest ranks, the elves of this order - and only elves are allowed to join its ranks - are the protectors of Eldevira, the Tree of All Branches. They live a secretive life amongst the tangled trees of the Evenwild. However, initiates and acolytes in the Order of the Silver Acorn are the clerics and protectors of the elven people - sent throughout the Realm to learn their craft. On occasion, these acolytes - and in rarer instances non-clerics - are given missions in the Realm serving the greater need of Elothian, the Elven Queen and the elven folk. In the Reaches, elves interested in joining the Order of the Silver Acorn can seek out Elre Evergreen in Berwyn (north of Teufeldorf) or Andwen in Ravenswood (south of Dragonsford).

The temples of the elves are found in groves of silver oaks which can be found throughout the Realm. While elves rarely gather in large numbers for formal services and ceremonies, all elves - even the Dark Elves of Dor Daedeloth - hold Oakentree and Eldevira in reverence.

Legend of Eldevira

According to ancient elven legend, the beginning of life in the Realm was marked by the sprouting of a single tree which grew from a seed which fell from Oakentree's table during the Spring Festival. This tree, imbued by the power of the heavens, grew into the most wonderful of creations: Eldevira, the Tree of All Branches.

From ancient passages in the Elven Histories, a description of Eldevira has been formed. "Her trunk covered in a golden bark reflects the sun and warms the land. Each of her branches is made of a different wood. Low to the earth, each of her massive boughs is hardwood, with such variety that is would be impossible to count: oak and maple, hickory and walnut. Higher are the softwoods such as dogwoods and aspen, and at the top branches of pine and spruce. And from these primary branches, smaller limbs reflect smaller families of trees: striped maples and silver maples, black oaks, and pin oaks. A marvelous collage of all the trees of the world, beautifully blended into a natural being whose presence radiates peace and tranquility."

A brief passage from the Elven Histories says that before the time of man Eldevira dropped seeds of all the world's different trees onto the wind, and they traveled throughout the Realm. Where they fell, forests grew, animals came, and the natural balance of the land was established. For centuries Eldevira watched over the forests, spreading her seeds when needed. With the arrival of humans, Eldevira's job became more difficult. Forests were cut for villages and fires raged near the humans. Finally, Eldevira could not keep pace.

She formed an acorn of pure silver which hung from the largest oaken branch of the tree. Shortly thereafter, an elf arrived who had been drawn to the tree by an overwhelming urge, Eldevira's Calling. The acorn dropped into the outstretched hands of the chosen elf and was carried to a place of great need within the Realm. There, the acorn was planted, and shortly thereafter, a sacred grove of silver oaks grew. These groves, hundreds of which are now scattered about the Realm, are the sanctuaries of druids, rangers, elves, and other champions of Eldevira's cause.

Although the legend of Eldevira has never been substantiated to outside travelers, scholars generally agree that the tree exists somewhere in the great forest of the Evenwild. This tree is tended by a very select group of elven priests known as the Order of the Silver Acorn, although there is much lively debate about the existence and structure of the Order and the location of Eldevira.