Order of the Silver Throne

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Order of the Silver Throne
Shield-silver throne.png
Deity Paulus, Goddess of Justice
Domains Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War
Races Any (Humans)
Classes Any (Clerics)
Alignments Lawful Good
Holy Days Traditional
Place of Worship Cloister of the Silver Throne
Holy Symbol Silver Coin
High Priestess Sister Gabriella
Major Temple Crusaders Temple (Teufeldorf)

While the Order of Crusaders are the paladins and cavaliers of Paulus, the Order of the Silver Throne are the clerics - bolstering courage and valor among the knights, advising rulers, and dispensing justice off the battlefield. Each cleric of the Order of the Silver Throne takes vows of honor and honesty - striving to meet the ideals of their Goddess and uphold the laws of their calling.

The clerics of the Order of the Silver Throne hold many powerful positions in Teufeldorf. Some are judges and councilors. Others leave the city, traveling throughout the Reaches. It is common for villages and towns to seek a member of the Order of the Silver Throne to preside over local trials or important town meetings. It has become tradition for those seeking council from the Order to cover a chair in silver coins to honor Paulus and provide compensation for the cleric.

Some clerics of the Order of the Silver Throne take a more adventurous path - seeking to root out evil and depravity in the dark corners of the Realm. These seekers follow the same tenets as their founders - a fair trial for those accused, redemption for those who deserve it, and the pyre for those who do not.

Clerics interested in joining the Order of the Silver Throne can seek guidance from any cleric of the Order. The Order is headquartered in the Crusaders Temple under the watchful eye of Sister Gabriella.

Founding of the Order of the Silver Throne

In November 169 TA, the Battle of the Silver Throne ended with Paulus, now Goddess of Justice, shattering the Crystal of Conversion in the great plaza of Teufeldorf - thus converting all those caught in its explosion to her cause. While the plaza was mostly filled with villains drawn to the area by greed for the silver throne or from a desire to watch Paulus die, not all those in the plaza were evil.

A group of twelve sisters had journeyed to Teufeldorf seeking Paulus' council. Their village had come under attack from bandits, and the sisters had fled seeking help in the city. Following the crowds to the plaza, they watched in horror as the events unfolded. As the waves of magic from the shattered crystal washed over the crowd, the sisters were caught up in its transformation. Doubt, weakness and cowardice fell away. The sisters were filled with courage and valor - the dangers of a few bandits no longer frightened them.

With Paulus destroyed in the battle, the sisters recruited a small group of recently-converted paladins to return with them to their village. There, they subdued the bandits. Instead of putting them to immediately to death, the women held a trial for each. It was discovered that the bandit leader had coerced several members by taking mothers and sisters hostage. Those found guilty were burnt. The coerced were freed, and with the help of the paladins rescued their loved ones from danger.

This was the humble beginnings of the Order of the Silver Throne. The Order has grown many times over the centuries and is now one of the largest organized religions in the Reaches. Its followers are known to wear a silver coin on a chain with the heraldry of the Order emblazoned on it.