Red Axe Warband

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Red Axe Warband
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Founded xxx TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Ruler Gager Ratcutter

The most common raider into the Western Reaches are the Orcs of the Red Axe. This warband is the largest in the Orc Nation with settlements spread throughout the Sunderhelm Plain and Shamblefield. One of the oldest warbands, the Orcs of the Red Axe are led by the Supreme Warlord Gager Ratcutter whose four year tenure has set a new mark for longevity among this fierce tribe's leaders. These orcs are primarily foot soldiers using sheer numbers to overwhelm their enemies. Recently turned back at Rivershaw Castle during the Hastur Rebellions, the Orcs of the Red Axe are rumored to be gathering en masse in the lands just north of the River White.

Nearby Places of Interest


Trees older than memory grow from the River White northwards. Within the precincts of these ancient trees roam many elves and treants, for Loftwood is virtually a realm apart. The orcs do not cut timber or otherwise disturb the natural balance of the forest, except to hunt. The inhabitants of the region include a small human town, Timberway, populated by hunters, woodsmen, and the like who dwell along the protected coastline. The folk of Timberway at one time made concerted efforts to clear Loftwood, and managed to drive its verge back several miles. Due to the disappearance of timbering parties and the threat of marauders, such operations are no longer conducted, however. A lost, ruined city is said to be hidden somewhere in Loftwood, but few dare to venture on such a quest. The humans and elves guard the forest ways from invasion by hostile orcs coming down from the plains to the east and using the timber as cover. Although some outlaws will be encountered in the Loftwood from time to time, it is not a healthy place for their ilk.


The most southern of the Orcish plains, Shamblefield has been a constant battlefield for generations. Nominally held by the Orcs of the Red Axe, this area has been under human in the past as the ruins of Craghorn Castle attest. Despite its bloody history, the mild weather and moist growing conditions make Shamblefield home to large numbers of wild deer, boar and cattle.

Sunderhelm Plain

Named for the myriad of bloody confrontations between orcs, humans and dwarves that have taken place here over the years, the Sunderhelm Plain has seen a vast increase in orc population during the last fifty years. Mild winters, rich soil and abundant wildlife has made this area much desired by orcish settlers.