Return to Portsmith

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Return to Portsmith
Type Dungeon
Status Explored December 907 TA
Location Portsmith
Hex 7814
Campaign The Siren's Song
Adventure # 136

Return to Haggelthorn Hall

As you trudge up the winding path from the docks to the old Manor, the wind is howling and bitter cold. The lights are on in the Manor, and three carriages are parked in front of the main doors. The carriages are black with an emblazoned "H" on the door. They appear to be well-crafted and built for long-distance travel. Each is drawn by a single, large black horse. As you draw nearer, the distinct smell of sulfur hits your nose. As one of the horses moves, its hoof strikes the ground and a small shower of sparks appear. Three figures, cloaked in black, sit in the seats of the carriages. They appear to be asleep - each is hunched forward holding a nasty-looking whip in one hand.

Frederick Morrow, the butler, greets you at the door:

  • Frederick is an impossibly tall and thin man with thin lips and haughty expression. He wears a fine suit of excellent weave, albeit a design that went out of fashion some decades ago. He wears a simple silver necklace with a set of small stones set in a circle about his neck. He is exceedingly old and slow.
  • "This is quite the night for guests. Young master Mortimer is visiting as well. Now, now, the master is going to be surprised...."

Mortimer Haggelthorn, the youngest son of Elias:

  • Mortimer is tall with a slightly elven appearance. He is fair complected. He is dressed in a luxurious robe of red and black velvet with an intricately woven dragon on its back. He wears a ring with three stones set in gold on one hand. The other is a signet ring of the Family.
  • Mortimer is currently tending to family business in Teufeldorf.

Mortimer greets you with a flashing smile - radiating warmth and deadly power simultaneously. You realize that you have seen his portrait - along with his older brother Maxwell and late mother Henrietta in one of the upstairs rooms.

  • Haggelthorn, Henrietta - (late wife of Elias Haggelthorn) - Described as a short stout woman of human descent, Henrietta died many years ago, apparently of poisoning.
  • Haggelthorn, Maxwell - (elder son of Elias Haggelthorn) - Unlike his parents, Maxwell is tall and dark with a slightly elven look about him. Maxwell is rumored to be on a Tang Trader on the Great Sea on family business.

So, you are the famous patrons of the Wanton Wench that father has been gushing on about. You seem to have captured my old man's attention - which is no small feat. My father and I were just talking about Family business, but that can wait. Sit, let's have a visit.

  • He warmly greets Finn as brother. Father sees great potential in you. If you are ever in Teufeldorf, look me up. Now, to be clear, the Family is run by Brill from the Enclave in the old city, but I am not without my influences. The Haggelthorns are active in many areas of trade. Yes, we should meet for coffee.
  • And speaking of coffee, this must be Java. I am honored to make your acquaintance, young bird. What a fine parrot you are - from the Keelhaul area of the Wilderlands, if I not mistaken. Have you ever had coffee beans roasted at my favorite coffee house? It's called The Trident, and its down by the dock in Teufeldorf. The beans are so rich and deep and smoky, you can almost taste the plant they were plucked from. I've brought you one.
  • To Wrane - ah, yes, father I see what you mean.
  • To Nomed - and this one too, fascinating. There's rumors of your types roaming about the City-State.
  • Brother Chironomous - I heard you have found our town unfriendly to the Gyre. A pity. But I hear you have made followers elsewhere on the Inner Sea.
  • And you Brother Syllia - what is one from the oldest religion doing with one from a new religion - you two must have interesting talks. Sea and land - you have it covered.
  • C.J - ah, yes, we trade with Greenvale - you are from there, are you not? I'll be passing by the March on the way back to Teufeldorf. Any message you would like me to pass on to your kin?

Elias will provide the following information on Portsmith:


  • Jon Singleshadow has gone missing. Our spies around town have been unable to provide us any additional details. We know he is not dead, but we cannot find him. We have sent two reconnaissance missions to his estate and neither have returned. There are three suspects for his disappearance:
    • Jana Blackfire - if which is true, he is undoubtedly held in the newly-fortified Barracks. Too bad they didn't put him into the Vault - that place is a sieve from which even novices could escape.
    • The Brotherhood - our constant enemies, although Gabriel Gloommantle has also disappeared, so he seems less likely.
    • Juju - your traveling companion came to me with an interesting story about your treachery and how you were intent on betraying the Brotherhood. I sent him back to Portsmith with a "valuable" package for Jon Singleshadow - something of a test of honor. That was a few days before everything went dark. He didn't seem powerful enough to do anything, but maybe he is responsible. He has certainly failed the test. <this is a lie>
  • Either save Jon or confirm his death.
  • Equally important, you must retrieve for me six items of staggering importance to the Family. These are items that cannot be lost if Jon is overthrown. They were entrusted to him and kept in his safe. Since we cannot scrye them, the safe must still be closed. Jon was a collector of artifacts. NOTE: the Bricklebon (p. 40) will know if he has the bottle.
    • A small leather purse with a simple gold clasp in the shape of a sea serpent - the bag may wriggle a bit. Don't open it.
    • A large jewel-encrusted gold chalise that emits a faint light. The bowl would hold a gallon of liquid, so it is easy to spot.
    • A large jade stone - egg-shaped - the size of a small fist. A cut black sapphire in the center makes it appear similar to a large eye. It tends to roll about by itself. You might not want to touch it directly.
    • A set of ancient theives tools rolled in a plain leather case. To all except Finn, the item will simply look like a roll of leather
    • A small stringed lute with four strings made of inlaid mahagony and rosewood. The design on the back of the lute is that of labyrinth maze.
    • A set of very strange shaped dice - twenty in all of different numbered sides. They appear to be made of lead or some other dull, silver metal.


  • Your pact to kill Jana Blackfire is still in force. You must kill her, although she seems to have retreated from public view.
  • I give this coin to you as a means to determine when your contract is complete. For now, the face is shiny. When Jana is dead, this coin will transform into a dull, black object.

Elias will not provide:

  • Juju left the Wanton Wench during the night of November 11, 907 TA as the other members of the crew were at the party at Haggelthorn Hall. Watching the manor house, he saw the others leave during the wee hours of the morning. He went to Elias and talked deep into the night. At the end of the meeting, Elias provided him with a high-level anti-scrying amulet to keep his whereabouts unknown to the party. A rider and horse were sent north from town as a decoy. Juju has been left to guard the vault of Jon Singleshadow - and to make sure that Nemod doesn't take anything he shouldn't. If Juju can get the ship for Elias, maybe he can replace Jon as the head of the Family in Portsmith.
  • Elias thinks that Finn is a good, young lad - not terribly imaginative and creative, but faithful.
  • Elias strongly dislikes Nomed - who has stolen a bag of rubies from him. While the rubies themselves are not that important, Elias hates being taken advantage of. He has put Juju on the task of watching him and recovering the ship, if possible.
  • Elias has bound Finn to slaying Jana Blackfire and returning the Singleshadow jotter. The party must come back to Haggelthorn to get the jotter. So, he will know when they are going to Portsmith.

NOTE: If Elias learns of the bottle (by being in with the Bricklebon), then he will try to get word to Juju to acquire the item. The party may overhear his communication.

Other rumors Elias will confirm (or not):

  • (confirm) The Siren's Song has arrived in Portsmith. The ship is spectacular, and the town is awash in rumors of the ship's capabilities. The Captain is Hugh Edge.
  • (confirm) Jana Blackfire has taken ill and is recuperating in her keep. In order to assist in her recovery, the Old Kingdom leaders are staying at the estate as well. This includes Tillamun and Tobyn the Quiet. The party still needs to kill Jana.
  • (confirm) The City Guard have been rounding up all "undesirables" and putting them into a special prison constructed in the bunkhouse of the Barracks.
  • (not known) This includes Sienna Bell. Miranda Clay is under house arrest.
  • (not known) use the Bricklebon. Jon's home has a collection of antique nautical artifacts - including the Impossible Bottle.

On Jotters

Singleshadow Jotter

We call these items, the Family Jotters. They appear as simple wooden writing desks, like those used by travelling monks. A compartment below the writing surface holds ink and paper securely, and several have folding legs for easy transport. What is unique about these desks is that each has a slot near the top. Any note written on the desk can be sent by simply dropping the parchment into the slot. The note then appears magically beneath the door of the recipient within a few hours.

Using the Haggelthorn Family Jotter, I can send a message to any Jotter or anyone who voluntarily wears the Elderberry signet ring. As you can imagine, the Jotters are central to running the Family - a network that stretches across the Reaches.

There are some peculiarities to using the Jotters. One such oddity is that a copy of all messages are sent to the nearest Jotter. We are not sure why this happens, but we have incorporated this feature into our operations - security against rogue elements, so to speak.

My Jotter is connected by proximity to Mycroft Mistsworn's Jotter in Dragonsford. So, Mycroft should have received a copy of all my messages to you, Finn. After the first message, however, Mycroft's Jotter stopped receiving my messages.

From this, we concluded that another Jotter has been moved near Haggelthorn. After some trial and error, we have identified the missing Jotter as that of Jon Singleshadow of Portsmith.

Return to Portsmith

Portsmith is on high alert. The names and images of the crew are posted on every lamppost (complements of Juju) - even Java. A reward of 1000 gold for each individual - living or dead, in part or whole is offered. 10,000 gold for the entire party. No mention of the Wanton Wench.

A town patrol (hexmen) consists of:

  • Cleric (Order of the Silver Throne)
  • Paladin (Order of Crusaders)
  • A Knight of Rembia
  • 3 guards
  • Usually, they are mounted on horseback

Town is under military curfew. Everybody is to be in by 10:00pm. Pubs close then. Anyone found outside after 10:00pm will be brought to Amelia Wood for questioning.

Blackfire's Keep Overview

Blackfire's Keep - Exterior View

The current structure is stark against the grey skies. The lone bits of color come from the banners of the Order of Crusaders and North Province which fly from either side of the main entrance. The building has two floors and is filled with windows.

Jana banners.jpg

RUMOR: With the arrival of the Siren's Song, Jana Blackfire has retreated to her Keep. She is rumored to be very ill, although she has been seen several times in the house. In her place, Amelia Wood, Paladin Knight of the Holy Order of the Crusaders, has been left in charge. Amelia has been given very limited access to Jana.

The Old Kingdom nobles have taken up residence in Blackfire's Keep. They are currently in the process of "replacing" Jana Blackfire with a duplicate - a woman who is fanatically loyal to the Old Kingdom. Right now, they have three candidates. Afraid of magical detection, they are undertaking this "replacement" the old-fashioned way.

Blackfire's Keep, as the old building at the top of the road is now called, is more of an estate house than a defendable fortification. The house has been the private residence of the Governor of North Province for the last 80 years. Before that, the house was the home of a wealthy iron ore trader, a dwarf named Steelhorn, who built the home for his human wife, Esmae. Esmae was a patron of the arts - especially music - and enjoyed spending money as quickly as her husband could make it. The home boasts a magical organ that dominates a central music room. Esmae enjoyed an unnaturally long life and outlived her husband by many decades - during which she continued to entertain as the grand dame of Portsmith. Upon her death, the house was seized by the Crown for use an official residence.

Current military residents include the Old Kingdom diplomatic party from Broken Teeth, the original contingency of eleven from the Old Kingdom, some borrowed crew members from the Siren's Song, and the doctor and fake Janas teleported in by Tobyn.


  • Commander Timothy Featherstone - leader killed at the Giant's Castle.
  • Captain James Jambel (Haggelthorn squad) - currently an anti-paladin (knows only of Featherstone, Band and Martin)
  • Scout Charles Band - killed at Blisworth Chapel
  • Scout Hayden Martin - killed at Blisworth Chapel


  • Tillamun of the Old Kingdom - diplomat and diabolical charmer
  • Tobyn the Quiet - miliatary leader. He is a mage, who, like his name, does not speak much and never above a whisper.
  • Captain Patrick Likeman (Dragonsford squad)
  • 2 Dragonsford Scouts
  • Captain Erza Cobb (Broken Teeth squad)
  • 2 Broken Teeth Scouts
  • 16 Guards from the Siren's Song


  • Doctor + 3 Assistants
  • Jana Blackfire
  • 3 Duplicate Jana Blackfires

Blackfire's Keep - Ground Level

Blackfire's Keep - Ground Level

NOTE: There are statues throughout the house that can be activated via the organ. Roll each hour to see if a new statue appears.

NOTE: When an evil (or demon) character enters, the general alarm will go off "Evil in the house. The angel pillars are activating!"

Room 1: Rose Terrace

This stone terrace is commonly called the Rose Terrace for the abundant and beautiful roses that Esmae kept in continual bloom here. Jana Blackfire ordered the roses removed and burned and the terrace is now used for weapon's practice. Two racks of mundane weapons are near the main door.

Room 2: Reception Room

This room is well appointed. Several rich rugs, a small table and a fireplace with comfortable armchairs greet visitors who are shown to this room when entering the house - at least in Esmae's day.

A small locked room off this area has coat racks, a bureau and other places to stow guest's hats and coats.

Room 3: Library

Once a library, the bookcases of this once-grand room are empty. A long reading table has been converted into a banquet space - although the common settings show that this is used for feeding troops, not visiting dignitaries.

Room 4: Angel Room

This room is filled with statues of young men in various stages of undress. Most are carved as servants, although a huntsman and a strongman are quickly evident among the crowd. The statues appear to be made of alabaster and are cool to the touch. They are not engraved.

In addition to music, Esmae Steelhorn loved young men - scantily clad and waiting on her every whim. Her husband thought she was crazy but indulged her anyway, as he was busy building his fortune and his wife's parties were quite spectacular.

When Jana arrived, she moved most of the statues to this room. However, they randomly reappear throughout the house. Recently, the staff has given up trying to put them all back.

Room 5: Stair Hall

This room holds the main staircase to the second floor. Mined of the grey stone from Portsmith, the stairs are intricately made - a testimony to their dwarven master. Two windows illuminate the stairs and an open area allows visitors above to look down on the room. The floor of this room is made of alternating white and black tile squares.

Room 6: Vestibule

The front door is made of silver with each panel sporting the likeness of an angel - one male and one female with weapons thrust over their heads in triumph.

This room is large with vaulted ceilings and lots of open airiness. There is a warm, safe feeling to the space here - for those who are lawful and good. Others may feel a slight cold, bitter tang to the air.

Four pillars of silver are adorned similarly to the front doors - each is wrapped with an angel, wings raised, looking skyward.

Careful examination will show that the pillars are carved with a checkerboard pattern of silver and gold.

NOTE: If a demon or evil character has entered, then the pattern on the pillar will be glowing - slowly increasing in intensity.

Very strong aura of conjuration (summoning) radiates from the light - which will be bright white. When the creatures come, they will appear in an explosion of light.

Music - as if voices singing can be heard. 4 per 15 minutes.

Portsmith puzzle 01.jpg

4 (each pillar) - Choral Angels - This shimmering being looks like a miniature human with broad, iridescent wings and hair that slowly ripples through the air.

2 (front door) - Planetar Angel - Muscular, bald, and tall, this humanoid creature has alabaster skin and two pairs of shining, white-feathered wings.

Room 7: Loggia

White rectangles on the walls of this room show that it was once a portrait gallery. The paintings are missing, although a broken pile of picture frames near the fireplace show the probable fate of the artwork. The room was probably a loggia at one point, with small concerts and art exhibits. A pile of musical instruments in the corner are mostly junk. A harpsichord is crushed here with its lid and sides most likely long-burned in the fireplace.

Room 8: Breakfast Room

This elegant breakfast room now appears to be a guardhouse. Several utilitarian chairs and tables are flanked by a number of suits of armor and piles of swords in various stages of repair. The tables have tools for metalworking, woodworking, and leatherworking - but none appear to be exceptional. Most of the tools appear to have seen significant use on the battlefield.

There are always guards here.

Room 9: Organ Room

The far end of this room is filled with an impossibly elaborate mechanical device. A central leather bellows is connected to a series of trackers - rods running into the far wall that connect the bellows to the keyboard. Behind the bellows are a number of tubes for carrying sound to the various pipes. Ancillary pieces of equipment appear to be used to keep the organ in tune.

A desk on the north wall is filled with tools - soft hammers, various screwdrivers, wood planes, a tuning fork. A manual on organ maintenance - well annotated but quite old - sits open on the desk. (opened to tracker action adjustment nut installation)

NOTE: The Organ is used to control the "statues". Esmae Steelhorn would play (or have played) music to entertain her guests and herself with the young men dancing, cavorting, or doing whatever. The house is filled with statues of beautiful young men in various stages of dress. These are posed in real-life situations (i.e., carrying a tray of glasses, gardening equipment, etc.).

Nothing needs to be done here. The organ works fine. It can be disabled or destroyed, however.

Room 10: Dining Room

This room appears to be a formal dining room. A fireplace at one end of the hall is elaborately carved with scenes of a hunt. The dining table has been pushed to one side, and six cots have recently been erected - mostly like a short-term sleeping arrangement as there are no signs of permanent inhabitants.

Room 11: Kitchen

Once a large kitchen for a wealthy home, this room and larder are now filled with crates of foodstuff and barrels of beer. There is some order to the chaos, but it is clear that the capacity of the house greatly exceeds the capability of this small space to provide food.

Room 12: Music Room

Overlooking the terrace outside, the Music Room was once one of the most sought-after locations in Portsmith - filled often with dancing and concerts. The prized possession of Esmae Steelhorn was a magical organ, the pipes of which are in the corner of the room stretching to the ceiling 20' above. The organ itself sits against the wall - now covered with dust.

The largest pipe was named, Angel, for her dwarven husband. She used to stand and stroke it and talk to it after his death.

Sitting on the organ's music stand is an old piece of parchment entitled "Dance of My Hard Men".

Hidden in the seat of the organ is a second sheet of music entitled "Extreme Orgy".

Solving either will allow the party to play the organ - Performance (Music) DC 10 for Hard, DC 15 for Extreme. This will cause all the statues to come to life. They will attempt to grab the nearest person and dance with them. Missing the DC will cause them to attack.

Portsmith puzzle 02.jpg
Portsmith puzzle 03.jpg

Blackfire's Keep - Upper Level

Blackfire's Keep - Upper Level

Roll each hour to see if a new statue appears.

Room 13: Tillamun's Room

This room was once Esmae's master suite. An ingraved "E" above the door and a private entrance to the stairwell (now propped open) open onto a richly furnished room. Carvings of angels adorn the crown molding of the high ceilings. Several small soapstone statues of angels are pushed carelessly to one side of the mantel. A bed, dresser and rocking chair are about the room.

Tillamun of the Old Kingdom is staying in the NW room. He is the diplomatic leader of the mission overseeing Jana's "transformation".

NOTE: This used to be the bedroom of Esmae. Her rocking chair rocks whenever music is played. Moving the chair just brings it back. Esmae is here and can be hear gently humming to the music. She hates demons. She loves angels. Elderly woman dressed in green velvet and lace. She has an emerald necklace and ring that appear to be part of a set. Her eyes are green.

Room 14: Organ Chamber

This room appears to have been a room used for private functions. The floor is clear of furniture and carpets - showing a beautiful marble inlay. The scene is that of animals dancing in a circle. Three large silver columns have fluted shafts and capitals showing carved angels holding hands and dancing around the pillar.

NOTE: Slits in the columns allows the music upstairs!!!

Room 15: Sitting Room - War Room

This sitting room has been stripped of its finery and lace and converted into a working war room. A large table near the fireplace has a scattering of maps of the Portsmith area and the Inner Sea. A number of small wooden ships are laid out on the map. The far end of the room has a scattering of leather chairs and small tables clearly used for meetings.

There is always a guard here.

Room 16: Stair Hall

The upper stairway room is a masterful blend of grey stone and rich wood. An open balcony overlooks the room below. A door in the west stands propped open. The passageway to the south shows signs of significant use as muddy boot prints mar the usually pristine stone of the floor.

Room 17: Green Dragon Room - The Doctors

This room is neat and tidy. Three beds, all freshly made, are along one wall while several dressers have been push along another. While now more of a dormitory, this room was once opulent, maybe a child's room or a fanciful guest room. Running along the walls is a finely done portrait of a green dragon its tail extending almost 15 feet. The head of the dragon stretches near the window in the north.

The possessions contain three white butchers gowns which tie in the back and completely cover the front. Pockets for tools are at waist level. The gowns are clean but well-worn. One of the gowns is sized for a child, the other are medium-sized.

This is the doctor's rooms - Karver White and his wife, Zero Willow, are surgeons who are making "adjustments" to the girls. Liudolf Langham is a hobbit who is a linguist who is attempting to adjust speech patterns from the Old Kingdom.

Room 18: Stateroom of Adam Gnash

The door to this room is locked. DC 30: The slightly acrid odor of the dead is coming from beneath the door. It is subtle and slightly altered as if mixed with sea water.

This room is furnished like others on this floor. This room has a sumptuous bed in the corner - piled high with pillows and blankets. A desk and dresser are neatly arranged but without personal effects.

Sleeping in the bed is the figure is of a man, dressed in the clothes of a noble. He wears a small emblem of the paladin Order of Crusaders. He has brown hair streaked with grey, and he has a wicked, jagged scar across his face.

The crushed remnants of an emerald are on his chest.

The man is actually dead. This is Adam Gnash. Adam was a cleric/paladin of Portsmith - and the personal doctor of Jana Backfire. He was also secretly a priest of Heh. Like his brethren, he was sent here to send ships to the temple - which he did via subtle suggestions planted in her brain. Since being "imprisoned" here, he has been totally forgotten - mostly because of a spell that he cast to allow him to be ignored by the guards.

He was killed by the party at the Temple of Heh.

Room 19: Hallway

This hallway is opulently furnished with several large murals. One depicts a battle between angels and demons - the former dressed in white and glowing with the fire of justice. The losing side are stylized demons with pitch forks, red scaled skin and pointed tails. They do not look like real demons - more like the fanciful versions of demons found in popular books.

NOTE: Outside room 23 the party will have "disadvantage" on all rolls.

Room 20: Operating Room

This room is filled with tables of instruments: scalpels, tweezers, small clippers along with a variety of flasks, beakers filled with chemicals of all types. The instruments are neatly laid out and very clean. A small basket contains a few bloody bandages. A chair in the center is surrounded by unflickering magical lights. It is hinged to allow the chair to be tilted back.

Other than the lights, nothing in this room is magical. The instruments and chemicals are all of mundane use.

NOTE: Some of the chemicals are bleach, hair dye, and permanent tatoo ink.

Room 21: Blue Kraken Room

This room is neat and tidy. Three beds, all freshly made, are along one wall while several dressing tables have been pushed together - clearly gathered from other rooms of the keep. While now more of a dormitory, this room was once opulent - running along the walls is a finely done portrait of a blue kracken its maw on the west wall while its tentacled tails extend around the east wall.

Fake Janas are staying in the second guest room.

A table near the windows is filled with books - literature and school books - many on Eastern Reaches history and nobility. Several books on grammar and writing can also be seen.

DC 20: There are three piles of papers - all duplicates of each other near the chair nearest the window. This is where Langham "tutors" the girls.

The girls are: Bethany Hughes, Kara Ward, and Isabel Webb. They are all young noble daughters from the Old Kingdom - chosen for their loyalty to the Overlord and their close resemblance to Jana Blackfire.

Room 22: Jana Blackfire's Room

Jana Blackfire

Trap Springer’s Nightmare Trap - This trap wipes out novice adventurers and leaves experts waking up in cold sweat with the memories. A simple and almost-impossible-not-to-find javelin trap hides a devastating heightened symbol of death. A single Perception check (DC 34) is enough to find both traps and identify the danger of disabling the first trap.

This room is dark (no windows).

A series of curtains just inside the door partition the main part of this room. Slits in the curtains allow for easy spying into the south end of the room without being seen.

The main part of this room contains a single bed - heavy, wooden and canopied. From the four posts, chains can be seen dangling down - although the manacles at the end are empty.

This is where Jana sleeps. She may be here - or one of the girls may be here.

Room 23: Burnt-Out Room

Traces of the smell of smoke can be detected here, and while the door to this room is sealed, the door is charred around the edges.

The door has been sealed with a number of iron spikes driven into the stone frame of the door. Although burnt, the door appears to be structurally sound. The lock on the door is closed but simple to open.

The ceiling of this once-ornate room sags from an intense fire that gutted it. There are scorch marks everywhere and small piles of ask and blackened rock (fallen from the ceiling). The remains of wooden furniture shows that this room was once a bedroom. The windows in the southern wall are destroyed, but fresh wood has been used to seal them - however a gap at the top of the frames where the windows arch to a point is open - letting in light and a slight breeze.

What went on here? This was once the room of Jana's priest - Brother Zachariah - who was a priest of the Order of the Silver Throne. His room mysteriously caught on fire a month or so ago. While the blaze was contained, the priest was killed, and room sealed.

Brother Zachariah is buried in Portsmith. He can tell you that he was murdered by Stormcrow after discovering her "secret" room next door.

This room now contains Gremlins. The gremlins will retreat to the secret room if threatened - leaving tiny footprints.

Secret Room

This room is accessed only via a six inch ledge that runs along the southern facade of the house. The window here has been missing - maybe for decades. The room is empty except for a nest of stormcrows which relay messages to their mistress of the happenings at Blackfire's Keep.

Room 24: Storeroom

This room appears to be storeroom - with large crates and barrels filled with woolen blankets, fine pillows, and the other necessities for running the upper floor of a grand estate. There are also "replacement" items for the house - pitchers, bowls, mirrors and the like. The style of the items reflect those found throughout this level of the home.

Room 25: Tobyn's Suite

This room was once a day room. The walls are painted a bright robin's egg blue and traces of silver thread can be seen glistening in the sunlight. The furniture in the room has been removed, and it now appears abandoned.

This room is actually warded to appear abandoned.

When revealed: A bed has been hastily pushed into the corner making the room into a makeshift sleeping quarters. Chairs, desks and tables are sparse but make the space functional.

Tobyn the Quiet is staying in the room. A half-written letter to the Overlord sits on the desk.

December 7, 907 TA

My Overlord.

There have been no sightings of the Wanton Wench since the disaster at Hidden Skerry. I have pulled some of the crew from the Siren's Song to help with duty at Blackfire's Keep and to patrol Portsmith - much to Captain Edge's consternation. I remain confident that the Wanton Wench will return to Portsmith, and we are ready.

While those preparations are completed, the training of the new Jana Blackfire nears its conclusion as well. All three subjects have progressed nicely - they are smart, articulate and fast learners. Already they are able to fool Jana's staff from a distance. I have decided to keep all three alive and continue their education and shaping for the time being. Kara Webb appears to be the most promising of the lot.

Once the Wanton Wench is back in your possession, I will depart with the others and turn the governance of Portsmith back to Blackfire.

Room 26: Living Room

The door in the south is locked.

This room was once a hall - most likely a private dining room. A large fireplace in the corner is carved with two pillars of alabaster in the shape of angels. A winged sword hangs above the mantel - covered with dust.

Eight cots have been set up in this room in hospital fashion. The room is warm and smells of sweat and human stench. Blankets, pillows, clothes and other debris give the room a dormitory feeling.

There are always four to eight guards here.

Room 27: Old Dwarf's Quarters

A set of sliding walls are slightly ajar allowing a glance into the room beyond. While very small, the room appears have been carved out of solid mahogany. A fine leather chair and simple stone table complete the room's furnishings. The room is masculine and the furniture is more proportioned to dwarves than humans.

The walls are actually bookcases and are jammed into their current position - too narrow to allow passage into the room.

This is Steelhorn's private quarters. The shelves are lined with books on stonecutting and ledgers of his old business 90 years ago. There are a number of carved statues here, but the odd gaps on the shelves show that items have been removed.

DC 20: The stone table next to the bed is actually a cleverly disguised chest with a mechanical lock.

The chest is empty.

Room 28: Bath Room

This room is a heated bath room. A large tub - capable of holding six adults comfortably - is empty. The lack of dust shows that it has been used recently. A pile of fresh towels sits near the tub. A bottle of bathing perfume sits on the edge of the tub.

The outer room of the bath has a fire pit - now cold - and a large rug - presumably where bathers would dry after a long soak. Even unused the room smells fresh - like sandalwood incense - although no source of the smell is initially evident.

This room may have one or two of the girls in it if approach early in the evening.

Singleshadow Estate Overview

The Singleshadow Estate was raided by the Crown. Jon was tossed into the Barracks. Janet Meekson is his go between. She is looking for a way to break him out of prison.

Jon released a monster, the Confounding Bandersnatch, as he was being taken that is now guarding the estate. He has also summoned a darkness about the house which has resisted all attempts to remove. This six-limbed beast stalks forward with a fluid grace. Barbed quills run along its back, and its eyes glow with a blue light.

  • Return to the Singleshadow Estate and find out what happened to Jon.
  • Jon is in love with Janet Meekson - daughter of Henry Meekson - Justice of the Order of the Silver Throne.
  • Return the blotter.
  • Return six artifacts to Elias.
  • Juju will be here lurking.
  • Slip - tapwoman for the Family
  • Sternbrew - Lantern & Gargoyle - is loyal to the Family

Impossible Bottle

Unknown to almost all, Singleshadow collects naval oddities - artifacts from early seafarers to remnants of strange marine life.

One the prized items in his collection is an Impossible Bottle made in the seventh century of the Third Age and attributed to the merfolk wizard Alaric Bond. Alaric was notorious for capturing and sinking ships in the Inner Sea during the expansion of trade during that time. The Impossible Bottle was rumored to be able to suck in a ship - crew and all - creating a still life miniature scene within the glass confines. A cork stopper is marked with a rune that must be traced in order for the stopper to be removed and the ship exchanged.

Impossible bottle.jpg

The Impossible Bottle is in the library (Room 10) of the compound.

Portsmith puzzle 04.jpg


A young man dressed in the green robes of the Order of Druids, but wearing an insignia that you do not recognize approaches you. He is clearly elven, although large for his race. He bows and addresses you.

Scyllia, you have done well in your mission to spy on the crew of the Wanton Wench. From this, Falstaff has learned many things of great importance to the Realm. And while you must give your final report to Lefty and Faldar in Dragonsford, I have been sent here to get the wooden ring from you. When you saw it, we knew immediately that it was one of the old Druid artifacts, long missing from a theft at Vendredi Hall.

In exchange, I can give you six small pebbles. You can break these, as needed to summon, what I call the Feyward Trees - animated guardians that can help you. While intelligent they can be given only simple commands. But, they may prove valuable in your upcoming missions. Do not use them unwisely. Each is a living creature which will die at the end of its service. Good luck, Scyllia.

Wooden Ring sought by Druids - the Ring of Equilibrium. Sycilla will be approached in the woods outside Singleshadow's residence to steal it.

The Old Man of the Sea

Was watching the execution of Sienna Bell - and saw you appear. My heart leapt with joy at the sight.

I am Vanoal. Wellspring of the Gyre. An elderly man with a deep and enigmatic gaze from piercing blue eyes. He is wearing a swirling cloak of green and blue. There is a slightly salty smell to his clothing and he appears to be damp. He wears simple sandals and no visible jewelry.

I had a dream. And while your role is not yet clear, I have been commanded by the Gyre to set up our church at the Island of Mad Monk - far from the prying eyes of the land lovers and near the Netted Gate which holds so much promise.

If we can rescue our followers from the prison that would be great. Otherwise we need to find a way to send them to a watery grave - lest the heathens simply cut off their head.

Singleshadow Estate

Singleshadow Estate

Five low buildings are huddled together at the end of the street. Unlike most homes in Portsmith which are built with large windows to let in the precious sunlight that falls this far north, the Singleshadow Estate has no windows. A large tree fills a courtyard. Shadowed doorsteps surround the compound and create an overwhelming sense of gloom here.

Room 1: Taproom

This room looks more like the local tavern than a personal residence. The wood is ancient and radiates an ancient aura. Six tables are scattered about a taproom. In the northeast corner, a private meeting area occupies a nook near the fireplace. In the south end of the room, a long bar has been constructed behind which is a small open kitchen. There are signs of a struggle here. Claw marks in the floor, overturned chairs, and a table with a large bite taken out of it point to very large animals.

Two giant snapping turtles have come up here from a breach in the tunnel which has led to a freshwater path to the river below.

Giant Snapping Turtle

Room 2: Storeroom and Tunnel

A narrow hallway leads between doors. The hallway is lined with barrels and crates. An earthen and stone spiral staircase leads down into the darkness. The smell here is musty. Several of the barrels, once containing beer, have been broken open at the north end of the area - their contents spilled on the ground.

The staircase leads to an earthen tunnel of questionable construction. The tunnel runs east-west and is only about 5 feet high. In several places, the tunnel's ceiling sags. Near the middle, there is a place where the tunnel floor has collapsed into a larger sinkhole. The sinkhole is filled with water, and a number of amphibian claw marks show several very large creatures have recently exited the water and moved to the west.

Room 3: Kitchen

The stench of rotting meat comes from this large kitchen area. Barrels of ale, wheels of cheese and strings of sausage hang here.

It appears as if some sort of wild animal has been through this area by the general chaos.

Room 4: Lookout

A set of wooden stairs lead to an elevated room beyond the landing. The walls of this room appear to be glass with visibility out on the surrounding area. This is odd since there was no glass visible from the outside, and the building appeared to be a single story.

The room itself is empty. Dust on the floor show no footprints or other signs of habitation.

Room 5: Guardroom

This is clearly a guard room, although it is empty. A table and chairs are in the center of the room, and a stove with a empty pot, a bucket of water, and several tins of ground coffee sit on the stove shelf.

There is a good covering of dust on everything. Four flagons of ale and a deck of cards lies scattered on the table - perhaps signs of a hasty exit by the room's former occupants.

Room 6: Wine Cellar

NOTE: This building cannot be entered from the outside - only via the secret passage to the bar (see Room 2).

This room is unnaturally cool, although the muffled sounds from the outside suggest the walls are thicker than normal - protecting the contents of the room from the elements. This room is filled with barrels and crates of wine, beer, spirits, and valuable foodstuffs. Some of the bottles are quite old. The room is in good form and doesn't look like it has been sacked. A single table appears to be used for inventory and sorting, although no ledgers or other written materials are present. A prybar, scattered packing straw, hammers and nails sit in an open box near the table.

A set of earthen spiral stairs in the corner lead down into the inky depths of an underground passage.

Room 7: Common Room

This room is well appointed and simple. A fireplace, oven, cupboard and small kitchen table appear perfect for a small group of two or three. The room is neat and tidy.

The bandersnatch will be here waiting for any movement towards this room. It has been sent to guard the library specifically but will venture out of the building to respond to outside threats.

Room 8: Jon's Room

This room reflects the outer room. It is clean with a large bed, desk, chair and bookcase. The bookcase is filled with adventure novels of the type popular in the Western Reaches. There is a sense of power and stability about this room. The bed is made, and there is a layer of dust about the room.

Room 9: Janet Meekson's Room

This room is clearly a woman's room. Bottles of perfume, a jewelry chest, and other items are neatly arranged on a single desk. A dress is laid out on the bed. The initials "JM" are clearly marked on the dresses' tag.

A sheaf of blank paper is on the desk along with a fine charcoal pencil.

Rub the paper to get, "My love has been taken, and my father is to blame. I will do what I must to get Jon back. Damn my father to hell, the self-righteous bastard."

Room 10: Library

This room is the source of the building's power. It radiates several different auras most likely coming from dozens of small glass cases and objects set neatly among a collection of old and very rare books - many of which appear to be business ledgers.

Sitting in the chair in the corner is Juju. Waiting to see if the party can solve the puzzle....

The box containing the Impossible Bottle trapped with a puzzle.

Portsmith puzzle 05.jpg
  • A small leather purse with a simple gold clasp in the shape of a sea serpent - the bag may wriggle a bit. Don't open it.
  • A large jewel-encrusted gold chalice that emits a faint light. The bowl would hold a gallon of liquid, so it is easy to spot.
  • Knee-high boots are made of a soft, supple leather. Appear to be almost weightless.
  • A large jade stone - egg-shaped - the size of a small fist. A cut black sapphire in the center makes it appear similar to a large eye. It tends to roll about by itself. You might not want to touch it directly.
  • An ancient roll of leather.
  • A tiny metal rodent with a command word written on the bottom.
  • Delicate circlet of spun gold is adorned with four crystal 'stars' that shed a soft sparkling radiance.
  • A small stringed lute with four strings made of inlaid mahagony and rosewood. The design on the back of the lute is that of labyrinth maze.
  • A set of very strange shaped dice - twenty in all of different numbered sides. They appear to be made of lead or some other dull, silver metal.
  • A set of crystal lenses.
  • An exquisite dagger, perfectly crafted, from weight and balance to its intricate detail. To say that its impossible-to-dull edge was razor sharp would be an insult
  • A helmet crafted from the skull of some monstrous minotaur etched with goblin runes and adorned with odd, crude totems made from exotic feathers and bits of bone.
  • Business ledgers from businesses around Portsmith and the Inner Sea.
  • A set of old treaties between the Sea Barons.
  • Adventure novels (very popular in the Western Reaches).
  • A set of books on picking locks, cutting glass and other rogue skills.
  • A very large set of History of the Reaches books - written in 810 TA. Seem to focus on the Western Reaches nobility.

Room 11: Servant's Room

This room is a common room of sorts. It is well-maintained although of a common quality. The room has two round tables near the front door and a sitting area with chairs near a fireplace in the back.

There is a thin layer of dust over the room's contents.

Room 12: Bedrooms

These small rooms have several bunk beds in each. While sparse, they are clean. Several of the beds are recently made. Footlockers hold a variety of common items - blankets, clothes, bed sheets and the like. The footlockers are unlocked. Several contain daggers of nice, but mundane, quality.

Confounding Bandersnatch

Barracks Bunkhouse

Barracks Bunkhouse

From the outside, this building appears to be a low one-story affair with a flat roof. The walls are of a shiny black stone - almost polished. A single iron door leads into the side of the building.

NOTE: It is actually a cube that has a "fake roof" attached. The iron door is also fake. When touched, it teleports the person into the jail at Room 1.

There are six "alternate" jails here.

The Barracks is run by Monmax, the Constable of the Dungeon. He is a labyrinth minotaur shrouded in a black cloak. Jailer's key - black stone passkey (slab). Terrible memory. The jail will teleport away

Room 1: Hallway

The area inside this jail is not typical. The air seems fresh and clean. The floors are immaculate - made of a shiny black stone. There are no obvious light sources, but the area is lit with a strange, yellow illumination. The ceiling here is 10 feet high.

DC 25 Fort save - or be Shaken: -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks and ability checks. Feel like you have slammed a few too many beers.

Room 2: Baths

This room has six tubs of what appear to be hot fresh water. The water is inviting with wisps of steam rising from the surface. The baths smell of mint. A rack of towels and a long bench are on the far wall.

The bath radiate an aura of enchantment (charm). They are used to keep the prisoners docile - although still alert.

Room 3: Cells

The cells here are typical in layout of those of the type found in the Reaches. An iron cot fastened to the floor, a thin mattress of straw, a pillow and blanket, a basin of water, and a bucket for refuse.

However, these cells are immaculately clean - looking freshly swept and mopped. There is a fragrance of lemons that can be detected on the air.

Room 4: Teleport

Against the wall are six patterns that glow slightly. One appears to be complete. The others are missing many marks.

The solved puzzle is Level 4 - where Sienna Bell is kept.

Portsmith puzzle 06.jpg
  • Level 1 - Ayden, Clara and Erin Rees (rebels), Niko (assassin), Oliver Burton (noble), Gabriel Gloommantle has escaped and is looking for Juju and the crew!
  • Level 2 - Father Cannon, Kiara Bradley, Aaron Holmes, Jenson Shaw, Nadia Hill (blow up barracks), Hattie (drunk)
  • Level 3 - Jareth, Leila Lane + Frederick Harper (song against Jana), Vincent Woods (spy - Dragonsford)
  • Level 4 - Catherine Hill (master bomber - sister of Nadia), Miranda Clay, Sienna Bell, Bluntbrew, Orehead, Hornfall (Balinshold Stone Dwarf traders)
  • Level 5 - Noak Bailey - only one on this level - Jana's Ex-lover
  • Level 6 - Jon Singleshadow (left), Montgomery Walsh (barkeep at Long Star Inn), Four townies were converted - they led a revolt on the prison. Jana had all of them killed including the priests that you were to meet. However, the old man is here (who first gave you the coin). He wants to install you as a proper high priest. Snow Alder and Oakbeard - druids

Labyrinth Minotaur