Rotting Hand Warband

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Rotting Hand Warband
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Founded 855 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Ruler Vok Humanhammer

The scourge of the Orc Nation, the Rotting Hand warband represents the lowest offering of the tribe hierarchy. No orc or goblin has ever been denied entry into the warband. Without a proper homeland, the Rotting Hand orcs are soldiers of fortune seeking employment in other warbands oftentimes taking on the most unpleasant duty. The warboss Vok Humanhammer was rumored to sell one particularly unsavory lot of his fellow warriors to Gruumsch as targets for practice in developing his rock lobber artillery.

Contact can be made with the Rotting Hand Warband at the Blood Creek where a Vok has set up temporary residence just south of the Pass of Lar.

Nearby Places of Interest

Blood Creek

A small mountain tributary that eventually dumps into the highland lakes of The Wilds, this river is notable only in its significance to the orcs of the northern reaches. It is said that the shaman of the great orc tribes meet at the headwaters of Blood Creek in the dead of winter each year to honor the passing of the spirits of orc heroes into the afterlife. It is during this ceremony that the heroes' weapons, often bloody from battle, are thrown into the hot springs. The water of Blood Creek has a slightly red tinge. Some say this is rust from large deposits of iron ore that are common in the hills. Others say that the waters carry the vengeance of the fallen orcish heroes.

Thunderland River

Rushing down from the foothill lakes of The Wilds, the Thunderland River churns its way north to White Fang Bay. Impassable during the spring and early summer except at the monsterous Troll Bridge, the Thunderland River provides much needed water for the surrounding forest and is a frequent watering hole for creatures of all descriptions.

The Wilds

Running ostensibly along the Thunderland River and the southern coast of White Fang Bay, the Wilds have long been a refuge for the beasts of the plains. The highland aspens are prized by orcs for their straight trunks which are made into spears and javelins. The northern end of this pine and cedar forest is home to a large, carnivorous race of spiders. Rumors persist that the spiders are ruled by a queen arachnid with magical properties who holds court in a massive tangle of threads called the Cobweb.