The Bright Orcs

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The Bright Orcs
Races Orcs
Classes Any
Alignments Any
Leader Whitetooth the Clean
Location Rivershaw Castle

Even before the Orc Nation was conquered in the First War of the Reaches in 886-900 TA, it is rumored that a secret cabal called the Bright Orcs existed. Drawing its members from all the warbands of the Orc Nation, the origins of the Bright Orcs remains a mystery. It is likely that the organization was formed by an alliance with the Druids of Oakentree in the middle of the ninth century TA. The Bright Orcs initially recruited members that believed in striking a balance between nature and orcish expansion into the forests of the north. After training with the Druids, the Bright Orcs would return to their warbands - often infiltrating the leadership councils and providing valuable reconnaissance back to the Druids. It is certain that stolen war plans and intercepted intelligence led to the defeat of the orc armies in the battles of 889-890 TA. The symbol for the cabal is the stone fish - known for both its ability camouflage itself among the rocks and the toxicity of its poison skin. The banner of the stone fish of the Bright Orcs is still used today, although more from historical legacy than its symbolic meaning.

In the decades following the fall of the Orc Nation, the Bright Orcs have slowly become more visible - acting as agents of integration between the warbands and the human kingdoms in the Reaches. Trying to change centuries of distrust and hatred is a slow process, but the Bright Orcs recruit like-minded orcs into their ranks to continue their mission. It is said that some Bright Orcs become druids and rangers, and most find a reasonable acceptance into human society. Some Bright Orcs are sent on secret missions for the order.

The current leader of the Bright Orcs is Whitetooth the Clean and can be found most days in the training barracks at Rivershaw Castle.