Troll Fens

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Troll Fens
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Founded c. 720 TA
Size Village
Ruler Unknown

The lands between the Cold Run and Nether Ghyll including the Dim Forest have long been the domain of the northern trolls. As evil and voracious as their southern cousins in Sandal, few travelers have ever attempted to enter the domain of these creatures. For centuries, the trolls of this frozen region ranged south to hunt orcs and goblins for food. Most recently, an accord between Gruumsch and the trolls has been reached. The trolls provide troops, few in number by devastating in power, to Gruumsch's army in exchange for magical items, gold, and human, dwarven and elven food.

The chill mists of the Troll Fens, located against the shoulders of the Shadowyarn Mountains at the head of the Nether Ghyll, cloak a place of unnamable horrors. The orcs carefully hedge the place with watchtowers and keeps, and strong patrols constantly ride the verges of the southern end of the Troll Fens to watch for unwelcome visits from the monsters within. As its name implies, the fens are infested with particularly huge and vicious trolls in numbers.

Nearby Places of Interest

Cold Run

The Cold Run is the largest of a number of frigid northern rivers that flow south from the Shadowyarn Mountains along the northern rim of the Orc Nation. After traveling through the Dim Forest, the Cold Run joins the Nether Ghyll at the orc village of Drodden before ending its journey in the Silent Shores. The Cold Run is famous for its trout, although the river's remote and dangerous location keep most anglers at bay.

Dim Forest

The huge old trees of this vast forest are so broad and leafy as to make the ground beneath dim on the brightest and sunniest of days. No tracks are known, but some certainly must exist to allow passage through the miles of woodlands. It is said to be inhabited by ents.

Nether Ghyll

This swift flowing river marks the southern reaches of the Troll homelands in the northern Orc Nation. It is rumored that crystal caves lie beneath a waterfall along the northern waters of this river.