Wanton Wench Interlude

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Wanton Wench Interlude
Type Dungeon
Status Explored March 908 TA
Location Teufeldorf
Hex 5211
Campaign The Ranger's Gate
Adventure # 144
Map-teufeldorf city 2.jpg

Wanton Wench to Teufeldorf

You are cold. It has been a long three months aboard the Wanton Wench. The ice skids created by Glendower Banes worked wonderfully with just a few stops to repair and do routine maintenance. By all accounts, a successful experiment, although the gnome has already come up with a number of improvements - including the plans for a retractable skid that can double as a way to set down on land.

After clearing the Shrouded Straits and Gull Cliff, the ice shelf quickly gave way to open ocean as the warm currents from the Great Sea met the cold water from the Frozen Sea. Several hundred more miles, hugging the coast, and the Wanton Wench made landfall at Timberway.

The first ship of the season, the Timberway locals assumed that the Wanton Wench was coming from Teufeldorf with supplies. Instead, the crew took stock of everything the locals would sell them. The town, still rebuilding from the Tang sieges of 903 and 904 TA seemed well-ordered under the command of Everest Oldcastle.

A lone passenger, a middle-aged woman dressed in a heavy fur parka with several steamer trunks booked passage on the ship - paying 200 gold for the trip to Teufeldorf. She stayed in the Dourmoors bunkroom, rarely coming on deck or interacting with the crew. Going to see family, was all she said.

It is closing in on the night of March 3, 908 TA when a cry from Naomi in the crow's nest hailed the lights of the city ahead. Knowing that ships did not enter the port after sunset, the sails are unfurled and the ship leaps forward. Lucky Lulu calls the officers and patrons to the wardroom for a conference to discuss the docking.

Suddenly, there is a sizzle in the air followed by a popping noise and the smell of pipeweed smoke fills the room. In front of you stands a wizened gnome.

The Demon Search

You are in the City-State of Teufeldorf. It is March 3, 908 TA. The Second War of the Reaches ended three months ago. A treaty signed between the Crown and the Old Kingdom returned the city to King Fleetwood's control on the New Year. With calls for his removal now a distant memory, the King's focus is turned towards walls and ramparts - Teufeldorf Castle is undergoing extensive repairs. With the exception of a modest town guard, the army has been disbanded allowing soldiers to return to their homes, families and livelihoods. What is left of the town guard are war-weary veterans back after nine years of fighting and now doing their best to quell any major problems but letting the citizenry sort out the small stuff.

After occupation by the enemy and nine years of war, the city's economy is in shambles. Merchants are scrambling to come out of hiding and rebuild their trade. Supplies are low and prices are high. The Family is ramping up business amidst the chaos. For the enterprising merchant, this is a time of great promise. While the wealthy still live in their mansions by the sea, the citizens, crippled by war-time taxes, are seeking normalcy and prosperity. The churches of Teufeldorf are full once again. Likewise, the pubs are doing a rousing business. It is a grim time, but also a time for hope. There are no threats to the peace. At least, none that are commonly known.

What Hylax Knows

News has come to Hylax that the 11th Covenant of Demons has been opened by the crew of the Wanton Wench at the remote Tegel Village, although Morgan believes it to have been done by accident, he is suspicious of Nemod and Wrane - both of whom are tainted with demon blood. The giant raver Sineater has been released along with his minions.

The bulk of the demons have been spotted in Sandal, near Valdemar's old castle. To date, they have not engaged any Reaches citizenry. They may be looking for Foultooth who has been in hiding for decades.

There have been some reports of minor demon encounters in Teufeldorf - mostly urviles, barrow wights and cave wights. Hylax now knows that these incursions have been made into the city to provide a distraction. The public has been told that there are wild bears in the city and to stay off the streets at night. The real motive seems to be a series of break-ins at prominent shops and homes. Nothing has made it to the general rumor mill about these happenings. The demons (or the agents of the demons) appear to be searching for something or someone or some place. To date, there have been no deaths and nothing has been taken.

The Battle of the Stairs to Nowhere: Part 1

The lair of the demons currently harassing Teufeldorf has been found southeast of the city. Vince has decided to take them out with military force. He has summoned a few Nightwing dragons to help. Hylax believes this is the wrong strategy since the demons have clearly not found what they are looking for. He advised instead to study the demon's motives. Against Hylax's advice, Vince has decided to strike tomorrow at dawn with some commando knights and the dragons.

Hylax needs two things to happen:

  • Convince the Wanton Wench crew to attack and stop the Crown's raid on the demon's camp. Yes, attack the good guys. Hylax can't intercede since this would be going against Vince's orders and undoubtedly be discovered. What Hylax needs are some fresh-faced nobodies to do the deed - what perfect timing! Now, Hylax can make sure that the attack is not reported back to the Castle since he has been tasked with providing scrying on the event.
  • And, Hylax needs the crew to also ally with the demons to find out what they are searching for and give that piece of information back to him. If they can stop the Crown attack, they should be able to gain confidences. Hylax can also work to befuddle any investigations into the current location of the demons from the Castle, but the crew will be on their own.

Now, if the Crown or citizenry figures out that the Wanton Wench is in league with the demons, all hell will break loose. Hylax might have some explaining to do if he is tied back to this plot.

The Stairs to Nowhere

As you come over the area, you are looking down on a hillock the top of which is a ruins vaguely in the shape of a circular tower. Inside the tower a wide set of stone steps lead down into a subterranean area. An abandoned set of stairs at the edge of the hill lead nowhere.

There are three groups of men at the site. Led by Captain Lexie Pendleton.

  • A group of 12 armored Knights of the Western Reaches wearing the gold dragon on blue of the Western Reaches sit encircling the bottom of the hillock. They are intently watching the proceedings at the top of the hill.
  • Inside the ruins, a group of 8 knights have encircled 2 demons on the stairs leading down. Four fallen comrades and what's left of two more demons are at the top of the stairs. The knights appear to be pressing to go down into ruins.
  • Four men dressed in black cloaks are walking slowly around the ruins, just outside the wall. Each has a large bag strapped to his back.

In addition, three dragons can be seen circling the area at a distance of 150 hundred feet or so from the ruins (just off the edge of the map). They are evenly spaced and circling slowly about 100 feet in the air. They are intent on watching the scene below.

  • 3 x Nightwing Dragons
  • 4 x Wardstone Inquisitors are clerics of the Church of the Hearth - creating a demon's circle to keep them in.
  • 20 x Knights (12 x Lancers, 8 x Footmen) - originally 24 but 4 are dead.

The Basement

A wide set of stone stairs leads to an underground room, roughly circular with a rough dirt floor. Although mostly destroyed by the fighting, the outline of a circle with some symbols can be seen.

Teleport circle.jpg

A crevice in the center of the room drops some twenty feet into a pit lined with jagged, sharp rocks. The room is filled with urviles and cavewights fighting against the knights.

Gaining the trust of Jelraan, the leader urvile, the party will learn the following: The Master (who is a Lore Master) - Xaphan who has told them to find the painting of the stairs by causing havoc while the "sneaky demons" - Barizou Demons are out and about.

The room contains a Grovewalker Stone - which appears like a rune-carved stone. It can be given to the Grovewalker for one teleport.

Grovewalker stone.jpg

The Smell-Bad Hole

The Smell-Bad Hole

Room 1: Smell-Bad Hole

NOTE: The demons will complain about the "smell-bad" hole. This is a small shaft leading down into the inky blackness. The demons will smell of newly-cut grass which the demons equate with evil. Only the druid will smell anything - which is an ancient fey power, although somewhat tainted.

In the rubble, a small hole drops some 40 into a hallway of cut stone. It will take awhile to clear the shaft wide enough so that humans can enter.

A faint red light can be seen as the character descend. The hallway has a 10 foot high ceiling and appears to be of ancient craftsmanship.

DC 25: You hear the faint sound of a human mumbling - in old elvish. It's a spell.

NOTE: The hallway used to continue in the other direction as well, but it is clear that the ceiling has collapsed (leading to the crevice in the basement of the old tower above).

Room 2: Pool of the Grovewalker

This room is filled with a red light - like sunlight at dawn or dusk.

The most notable feature is the red pool in the center of the room. Lined with stones, the pool is lit and is the source of light for the area. The surface of the pool is still. The red water is opaque giving the appearance of blood. Poking from the surface of the pool is a large white stone - only the top five feet of it can be seen. The only other noteworthy feature of the pool is a ladder that leads down into its crimson depths.

Behind the pool is a large tree. It appears to be a willow tree with bright white leaves at the end of each willow. A hatchet leans up against the trunk of the tree. This room is very humid and cold. Several passages lead off from this room.


  • The tree's leaves are pages of stories (written elven) - most appear to be adventure tales. This is a storybook tree named Winterwillow.
  • The pool is tainted. If the water is cleansed (or drained - there is a small drain in the center), then the grovewalker will come to life.
  • The hatchet is a Feywild Hatchet - which will cure Winterwillow.

If entered, the tree will attack as a Witch Tree. Tell it a story (and new leaves will appear) to make it stop. If studied, the tree looks somewhat like a female willow ent. Her hair forms the fonds, her arms are large branches. She has thick dark skin resembling that of a northern willow.

Room 3: Meeting Hall

This room appears to be meeting hall, as it is filled with tables and chairs. Several bookcases are pushed up against one wall. The covers of the books remain in a pile near the bookcase, but the pages are missing.

Several sconces in the wall hold torches that glow with a yellow light.

DC25: All the spines are identical and appear to be written in elvish - Book of All Creatures Wild and Natural.

Room 4: Common Room

These rooms appear to be common rooms - a kitchen, dormitory and storeroom. The rooms are dilapidated by time but appear to have been left orderly and clean.

Several sconces in the wall hold torches that glow with a yellow light.

Room 5: Collapsed Lair

This room is mostly collapsed with all the walls piled with rubble. A lone spot in the center of the room is clear of debris. In the center, a fire has been built that is slowly smoldering. A pile of blankets are heaped near the fire.

NOTE: The fire is filled with half-burnt story pages.

This is the home of Carvedir (carva - to talk + dir - male). Carvedir is now quite mad. He was the forestal in charge of telling stories to Winterwillow. Was here for a month - not a lifetime. He will cast a few defensive spells and then use Creeping Doom to capture the party.

He babbles on about stories, tell me another story, etc. He also babbles about his oath, the curse, seeing the sunlight again, etc. He will try and persuade someone else to take his curse - at which time he will turn to dust.

NOTE: Carvedir is missing a finger.

There are three things hidden in the heap of blankets: Gaea's Umbra, Twig of the Woods, and the Mandrake Snake.

In the fire is Carvedir's Oath - discarded but not broken.

Battle of the Stairs To Nowhere 2

NOTE: This adventure occurred after the Treadway Manor adventure where the key to the Stairs was found behind the painting in the study.

Hylax comes to the party, praising their ability to quickly find the "key" to the Ranger's Gate. A second mission is given: retrieve any covenants and soil from the Ranger's Vault. The location and means of entrance through the gate have been lost to history. So, it is up to the party to figure out how to accomplish the mission. The rewards from the mission are beyond the imagining of the crew of the Wanton Wench.

The Stairs to Nowhere (Part 2)

This area has significantly changed since your previous visit. A clear line of toppled trees lead southwest from the Orc Gate to the hilltop. The path of the destruction is several hundred feet wide, and, while not complete, the damage is extensive.

The hillock clearly shows signs of battle as the earth is trampled in the area that was once the tower. The stone of the ruins does not appear to have been further degraded by the storm or battle. Inside the tower a wide set of stone steps lead down into a subterranean area. An abandoned set of stairs at the edge of the hill lead nowhere.

Three items of note are obvious.

  • First, a camp has been set up on the hillock just outside the walls of the tower. A campfire is glowing, and four Ranger cots are set around it. The cots are piled with blankets and shapes of sleeping rangers can be seen under the covers.
  • Second, a flickering light can be seen coming from the stairway.
  • Third, two large iron archers stand inside the crumbled tower walls.

DC: 20

  • The area around the stairs appears to be untrampled.
  • The bodies are fake - just pillows under the blankets. The rangers are all shaped as trees. (Two are underground)

Rangers: Alderfury, Ironelm, Oakbellow, Elmblade, Beechlock, Bitterbirch, Pineroot, Willowthorn.

Stairs to Nowhere

An ancient set of stone stairs lead into the air, the building that they were attached to long fallen into disrepair. The stairs radiate a subtle but powerful aura of conjuration. The stone while covered with centuries of debris are still mostly intact.

DC 25: Some close cleaning shows that the stones are each carved with a single number on the left-hand side and a single number on the right-hand side.

Rangers gate puzzle 2.jpg

NOTE: Stones were hauled over to make the tower which has also long ago fallen into rubble.

Stepping on the red stones causes the air to shimmer and the aura of conjuration to become stronger with each bound.

As you reach the top stair, a glistening portal appears. A tree with an eye in the center shimmers. Seven keyholes along the right edge of the doorway. The top lock glows faintly.

If the key is inserted and turned clockwise, the eye will blink several times.

"Welcome Wayward Brothers. It has been a very long time.
I expect that you will want to check on your students."